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    This is going to be a tough game but it would appear that Arizona is banged up a bit. If we win this I am officially on the band wagon and will give up my 8 and 8 season prediction. Winning early in the season is a confidence builder especially for a young team.

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    Yes, the Cardinals were one of the better teams last season while the Bucs were well…………the Bucs. But I know after watching this team for 40 years that anything can happen when a new season begins………good or bad. Why not another Worst to First surprise? Keep it close, keep hanging around, don’t get bullied, frustrate the red birds and win it in the end with a Winston TD pass to Luke Stocker. Bucs 20 Cardinals 17.

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      Johngruden would have to be revived if Stocker caught the winning pass LOL

      1. 2.1.1


        I agree. If he even gets one catch it will be something.

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    Nice dig, you must have a friend who lives in the desert. Every day is different, let alone every year. Why not us? Really, isn’t it about time a little luck rolls our way? Bucs win! Bucs win!

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    No reason we can’t win…we’re just as talented if not more so…any given Sunday! Go Bucs!

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    Malcolm Floyd should not scare the Bucs this week because he plays for San Diego. You got the wrong Floyd in your article. You meant Michael Floyd.

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    Going to listen to the radio broadcast with sound on the TV off.
    Can’t wait for Gene to scream “touchdown Luke Stocker, Bucs win, Bucs win, Bucs win”.
    Even better scenario, Gene screams ” 52 yard field is up and good, BUCS win, Bucs win, Bucs win.”
    Come on Eric and Zach, jump on the bus would you.
    Bucs 24 Cards 20


    1. 6.1


      I think we need journalist like Eric and Zach to temper some of this unbridled homerism. Expectations are now at atmospheric levels. Those of us who play the markets know that when everyone is euphoric and buying we should sell, sell, sell! I love my Bucs, but we’re not the 76 Steelers just yet; but we’re on our way.

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    I think the Cardinals are not the same team they were last year. At least not yet they aren’t. Loosing can become a slide real quick if your not 100% focused. I think the Bucs have a great shot at going in there and coming out with the victory. I don’t see Peterson being a problem for Evans. In fact, I think Evans is going to be a problem for Peterson with his height, and strength. I see the Bucs winning this one 28-24. Mike Evans has a big day!

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    I don’t see any reason that the Cardinals should be favored. I see the Bucs winning. I don’t see Palmer as being all that great. Go Bucs!

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    I’m 35 minutes into NFL Total Access and – despite our on-the-road-divisional win, featuring week one’s NFC Offensive Player of the week, the Bucs have not been mentioned – only “referenced” re the Cardinals’ needs to “bounce back week two.”

    Guess I don’t care (or care too much) what these show folks have to say, but I am SO ready for what will happen next week IF we leave the desert with a “W” my fountain pen’s leaking. Not just because my brother, my cousin and my brother-in-law live there – and all have statues of Larry F. in their plastic grass yards, but I’m just sick and tired of spending Sunday nite’s on the phone talking about their team, and reading Monday’s emails or being barraged by a week’s worth of inane texts covered in bird poop sarcasm.

    So please, Bucs, give me what I need to finally dump the dinner bills (we spend Mays in Scottsdale) on these people I call family and I promise to drop the descriptive adjectives in the address lines on their Christmas cards.

    Go Bucs!

  10. 10


    Bucs turnover the ball a lot in this one. Ariz 38 Bucs 10.

    1. 10.1


      Unfortunately I was right. What do I win? Pewter Report t-shirt?

  11. 11


    I think our Defense keeps it close. 24 18 Cardinals.

  12. 12


    I too think it will be a defensive battle, we win the turnover battle and it will be close , Bucs win, go Bucs!!!

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    We can win but emotions will have to be in check. No crappy start for Winston sailing balls. No stupid penalties, and no turnovers. If this young team can do those 3 things we have a decent shot. If not they will get beat. That simple. Ok so what do I say? I say the Buc’s have let me down for 10 years. I’ve picked them to win so many games and the laid an egg. Lol. Still I’m a glutton for punishment. 26-24 Buc’s win!!!!!’

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    Going out in a limb here. Bucs 34-27

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