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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 20, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
vegasbuc: What has happened to Greg Peterson? He seemed to be coming on earlier in the season and now he has dropped off the face of the Earth.
pewterreportsr: Hi, Bucs fans!
guest: Hi guys
pewterreportjf: vegasbuc – The Bucs still like Greg Peterson. Greg White has been receiving a lot more playing time, and Jovan Haye is playing much better now than he was in the beginning of the season. Patrick Chukwurah has also returned from his shoulder injury and could have an impact on the defense down the stretch.
rjs: yo
guest: Any more on Cato's problem?
pewterreportsr: vegasbuc – Peterson has hit a bit of a rookie wall. It's a big jump from NC Central to the NFL. Plus, Jovan Haye, Chris Hovan and Ryan Sims are playing quite well. Also, Kevin Carter and Greg White can rush inside in nickel defense.
pewterreportjf: guest – There's no new news on Cato June. We may or may not be able to talk to him at One Buc Place tomorrow. We'll see.
guest: Did Sims get in the Atl game?
rjs: Is Cato facing a league suspension? What's going on with Stevens and his incident?
pewterreportsr: June got arrested for a DUI. It's no different than anyone else getting a DUI, really.
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, Ryan Sims played vs. Atlanta.
guest: No stats for Sims Vs. Atl?
pewterreportjf: rjs – No, from what we understand Cato June will not face a suspension from the NFL since this was a first-time offense. He will also have to plead guilty to — or be found guilty of — the charges against him before he faces any discipline.
detroitbuc: can we beat the SKINS
rjs: oh thats a relief. Did June play well or what on sunday!
pewterreportjf: rjs – Jerramy Stevens appealed his DUI conviction in October. That's the latest news on that front.
pewterreportsr: Sims didn't record a tackle, but almost got a sack. He was held on that play.
yuccaneers: SRhave you had a chance to look at the QB position for the draft? if what do you think of Josh Johnson?
cbgb: what do you feel the chances are that the Bucs go 10-6, 5-1 in the division ?
rjs: Was Sunday Joseph's best performance of the season thus far? I certainly thought so
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – Yes, I think the Bucs can defeat the Redskins, but it's going to be a tough game. Washington needs to win badly in order to stay in the playoff hunt. The 'Skins are on a two-game losing streak.
guest: What's your opinion on the "other" running back at Arkansas? Forgt his name at the moment.
detroitbuc: what is the challange in beating the skins
cheveliar: have there been any rumblings about an extension for the coach yet?
pewterreportsr: I haven't seen film on Josh Johnson yet. Haven't heard any buzz from the Bucs about him.
pewterreportsr: cheveliar – I'll have some news on that front in my next SR's Fab Five.
cheveliar: Is there a good center prospect out there either FA or draftee?
pewterreportjf: cbgb – I think the Bucs can go 6-0 in the NFC South. Tampa Bay's game vs. New Orleans might not mean much if the Saints lose another game between now and then. The Bucs should beat the Falcons and Panthers at home. I think 10-6 or 11-5 is very realistic at this point. I see the Bucs winning the NFC South division, too.
yuccaneers: SR/JF I know back when Jared Allen was drafted you had him as a Bucs best bet, do you still feel the team will target him if he is not tagged?
pewterreportsr: guest – Felix Jones? He's got speed, that's for sure. I don't know about him being an everydown back, but I love him as a kick returner and a third down back.
rjs: Did Davin Joseph play his best game of the season thus far on Sunday?
guest: Yeah that's nthe guy. Hechuva KR
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Yes. Jared Allen is definetely on Tampa Bay's radar.
cheveliar: Hottness SR, looking forward to that. You must be planning on not incurring the wrath of Uncle Stan this week…LOL
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – 'Skins QB Jason Campbell is playing much better and RB Clinton Portis is a good running back. Greg Williams is a good defensive coordiantor and will throw a variety of blitzes at the Bucs offense. If the Bucs can pick those up they will be able to pick apart Washington's secondary. If not, it will be a long day for the Bucs offense and likely one that will include sacks and turnovers.
pewterreportsr: rjs -I haven't had the chance to watch the film yet from the Bucs game. This has been a hectic week already. I had no argument with Joseph's game, that's for sure. Can't remember any mishaps.
yuccaneers: How is the rehab of Sabby Piscitelli going
pewterreportsr: Sabby is fine. He could probably play in a couple of weeks if he wasn't on IR.
cheveliar: re-watching the game as we chat…
rjs: Why did Clayton not get in the game at all on Sunday? was it purely injury related or as a means of getting Stovall on the field?
vegasbuc: SR/JF – Here's a blast from the past – Whatever happened to that $862,500 grievance Derrick Deese filed against the Bucs in regards to his "injury"? Did he win? lose? And, most importantly, did it have any effect on the salary cap?
yuccaneers: News was floating that Campbell was sporting a splint on his throwing hand, got any info ?
detroitbuc: the skins game will be another tight match up for sure
pewterreportjf: If the Chiefs do not franchise DE Jared Allen I completely expect the Bucs to attempt to try and sign him.
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – Alge Crumpler was nearly invisible on Sunday. I've got all the confidence in the world in Flip and T-Jack containing Cooley.
cheveliar: JF, ain't he kind of crazy?
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – No, we haven't heard anything about Jason Campbell's throwing hand being injured.
yuccaneers: Have any of the young defensive lineman step up in the way of being a big nasty or vocal leader that your are hearing?
cheveliar: I heard that on the radio this afternoon…
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – We're not experts on the Bucs and I don't dig too much into the upcoming opponents. That's more Flynn's responsibility. I'm nose deep in draft stuff right now.
yuccaneers: SR/JF with both Haye and White being restricted and exclusive rights at season end will Bruce try to lock them up long term or see how they play in 2008 before signing them long term?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I think Jovan Haye is really starting to flex his muscles a bit. Greg White is very popular with the players and has earned the team's respect.
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – Jovan Haye is certainly leading with his play as of late. Gaines Adams is a soft-spoken guy. I don't ever see him becoming a vocal leader. It will be tough for those young players to step up and be vocal leaders while veterans like Greg Spires, Chris Hovan and Kevin Carter are still in the locker room.
guest: Not experts on the Bucs??
rjs: Any preliminary injury news for the Redskins game?
pewterreportsr: guest – Check that. We're not experts on the Redskins. See … we have Bucs on the brain so much we want to type the word Bucs all the time. Bucs. Bucs. Bucs.
guest: Lol
pewterreportsr: Bucs.
pewterreportsr: Bucs. Bucs. Bucs.
cheveliar: What about a good center prospect SR? Got one for me?
yuccaneers: SR/JF Do you think the reason the Bucs kept Simms on the roster this season rather then releasing him was because McCown will be a free agent at season end?
cbgb: Buenning and Wade or Buenning and Lehr next season ?
rjs: Any scoop as to whether the Bucs will attempt to trade for either Ocho Cinco or Steve Smith…both seem pretty disgruntled about where they are?
cheveliar: Or are they putting all of their eggs in the Buenning basket next year?
guest: Who do you see the Bucs grooming as their "QB of the future?" Someone on the roster or will they need to draft a QB in the future?
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – Luke McCown is not scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after this season. The Bucs signed Chris Simms to an extension last year because at the time they were staring at the possibility of entering the 2007 offseason with only Bruce Gradkowski and McCown under contract.
yuccaneers: SR/JF What have the coaches been saying in regards to Penn play , anything about long term future at LT?
detroitbuc: is Gradcowski learning anything,LOL
pewterreportjf: rjs – If wide receiver Chad Johnson or Steve Smith are shopped I'm sure the Bucs will be somewhat interested.
pewterreportsr: chev – Not a great draft for centers. Wake Forest's Steve Justice is an interesting prospect, but he's a little light at 284. Gruden and Muir want bigger centers, which is why I think they plan on moving the 320 pound Buenning to center next year.
yuccaneers: SR what about Mike Pollak in the later rounds?
pewterreportjf: guest – Believe it or not, the Bucs still believe Jake Plummer can be their quarterback of the future. They have to get him to play for the Bucs first, though.
cbgb: Do you think the Bucs persue Bryant Johnson ?
guest: Steve Smith will be happier when they get a QB in Carolina.
pewterreportjf: cheveliar – The Bucs will be in the market for a center in 2008. John Wade is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent, and Dan Buenning is a candidate to replace him.
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I do like Pollak. He's had a good year blocking for Herring and Carpenter. Playing for ASU this year has increased his profile. He could be a first day guy.
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – The fact that Bruce Gradkowski has remained the No. 2 quarterback behind Jeff Garcia for every week except for the first one is a good sign, but he's got a long way to go to be Jeff Garcia.
buc101: hey guys
yuccaneers: SR/JF with Nebraska looking for a new coach will, Grudens buddy Calhann, be coming to Tampa to take over the offensive line here?
guest: I think first day this year means Rd 1 or 2 according to the new draft sched.
pewterreportsr: rjs – I don't know if Gruden would want to deal with an ego like Chad Johnson. Steve Smith is a fierce competitor, but I don't see Carolina dealing him within the division.
buc101: why did Gradkowski play Sunday instead of McCown?
cbgb: Buenning and Wade or Buenning and Lehr next season ?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Regarding Penn, the Bucs like him and he's playing well. I think they would love to see Penn and Petitgout battle for the right to start next year.
detroitbuc: why did Garcia play instead of Gradcowski
rjs: Why did Clayton barely play on offense Sunday? purely injury related or Stovall related?
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – If Bill Muir gets fired at the end of the season Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan certainly would be a top canddiate to replace him. However, Muir isn't looking too bad right now with the Bucs having the 14th-ranked ground attack in the NFL with their third-string running back running the show.
pewterreportsr: cbgb – I've never been a big Bryant Johnson fan. I think he's a little overrated. I don't know what the Bucs think about him,
buc101: Why are Tampa players drving after drinking? Boston, Stevans, and now Cato.
rjs: because its fun :)
yuccaneers: SR/JF Have you heard any rumblings in the way of Kiffin resigning with the team? or was Morris brougth in as a safety net in case Kiffin is not back
pewterreportsr: guest – You are right, but I still consider first day guys being rounds 1-3. I've got to change the way I think now!
buc101: is Gruden having a meeting about drinking and driving after the many occasions?
rjs: sounds like the anonymous news guy from monday's press conference is back
detroitbuc: LOL
pewterreportsr: Clayton is not close to 100 percent. The Bucs value having him on special teams. Stovall is the number three right now and Clayton is the number four.
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – the Bucs have been very quiet on the Monte Kiffin front in terms of extending his contract. This is the final year of his contract. I think a lot of it will have to do with the future of Jon Gruden. If Kiffin goes, Raheem Morris would probably receive consideration to become his replacement.
yuccaneers: SR/JF with Stevens and Becth both being able to walk at season end do you think the team will target a TE in the draft or look else where?
pewterreportsr: buc101 – They emphasize it, but they are grown men who have to be accountable for their own actions. DUIs are a part of our society because people make bad decisions.
rjs: Scott Reynolds = politician :)
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I know that there are many within the organization that want Morris to eventually replace Kiffin. Whenever that is. They feel he has Tomlin-like qualities.
yuccaneers: SR/JF two corner backs Tracey Porter and Charles Godfrey any thoughts?
buc101: who are some WR's in the draft that Tampa is looking at?
pewterreportsr: rjs – I'm just saying what Bruce Allen is thinking.
rjs: copycat league
rjs: Is Bennett being considered at KR?
yuccaneers: SR/JF Adam Hayward what have you seen from him or heard throught the grape vine?
guest: SR/JF – You guys mentioned in one of the insider articles/game analysis how Sammy Davis seemed to be coming along nicely. With Brian Kelly back, do the Bucs still like his future potential?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I've watched more Indiana than I have Iowa, so I'm more familiar with Porter than I am Godrey. I like Porter's game. He's fast and he has some return ability. He reminds me a bit of Buchanon in some regards. I've taped some Iowa games, but haven't had a chance to watch them yet.
pewterreportjf: rjs – Yes, Bennett has received some consideration as a kickoff returner in Tampa Bay, but he's never done it at the NFL level. I would prefer to see the Bucs use someone other than Michael Spurlock to return kickoffs. The Bucs need more speed at that position.
detroitbuc: will PR have more x's and o's on this weeks game
yuccaneers: SR/JF Barrett Ruud tackles seem to be slowing down, is he still nicked up?
pewterreportsr: buc101 – I'll be discussing a couple of them in the coming weeks. Houston's Donnie Avery is a guy to keep in mind for rounds 2-3 and K-State's Jordy Nelson could be an option in rounds 3-4. Also, keep an eye on Indiana's James Hardy if he comes out as a junior. The dude is 6-foot-7, is fast and fluid with great leaping ability. He's a TD machine.
rjs: How serious is Trueblood's shoulder injury>
guest: Yuc – I think the D-line stepping up has a lot to do with that too.
pewterreportjf: The Bucs need Brian Kelly to stay healthy. He will be entering the final year of his contract in 2008. They are happy to have him back from the groin injury.
buc101: didn't you think that the RB from Houston would also look good in Tampa? What is with these Houston players? lol
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Hayward is performing well on special teams. He's doing the typical "Bucs LB redshirt and play special teams" number. We'll know a lot more about how Hayward can play on defense during the OTAs.
bucboy: bk is huge
pewterreportjf: rjs – Jerramy Trueblood played through the shoulder injury vs. Atlanta, so I don't think it's too serious.
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – It all depends on whether I can watch the film or not. This week is tough time-wise with the holiday, plus we are wrapping up another issue of Pewter Report – the CHEERLEADER ISSUE.
bucboy: next 3 games are tough and will determine bucs season
yuccaneers: SR/JF The DT from Kansas McClinton I think seems to be a beast and a disruptor in the middle any thoughts?
bucboy: all 3 are losable
guest: jf – don't bother wrting much in that issue. Just give us the right pics
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – I will publish the Enemy Profile article on the Washington Redskins tomorrow or Thursday.
detroitbuc: the D needs to play hard
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Ruud is playing quite well, but I think June has stepped his game up in recent weeks and is beating him to the ball. Good problem to have, eh?
detroitbuc: great
yuccaneers: SR/JF How is Paris Warrens rehab goings
bucboy: swashbucklers!
pewterreportjf: Paris Warren is recovering well. We've even heard he might be ready for OTAs, but don't hold us to that.
rjs: Do the Bucs have any 2nd Day Picks in the draft other than a 4th Rounder? Given all the trades its hard to follow
pewterreportjf: We've got to get going, room. This short week is a challenge to say the least.
bucboy: keep up the good work!
guest: thanks guys
buc101: thanks for your time JF and SR
yuccaneers: SR/JF Josh Gribbs from the Browns if he should hit the market would the team look to sign him as the main return even though they have stated they wont guys who can contribute in other areas?
bucboy: BELIEVE!
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the chat session. Have a great Thanksgiving!
guest: Thanks for all the great stuff!
guest: Good stuff as usual, guys, thanks.
rjs: thanks guys, appreciate your time :)
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – McClinton has certainly upped his stock this year with KU's high profile and media coverage. His measurables might hurt his stock. I think he went from 7th round-UFA to rounds 5-6.
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I believe Josh Cribbs will either be an exclusive rights free agent or a restricted free agent.
buc101: have a great thanksgiving everyone!
bucboy: word
yuccaneers: SR/JF dont mean to throw all this draft stuff out. but never to early i guess
pewterreportsr: Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Thanks for the great questions, as always.

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