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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 27, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportsr: What's up?
spiderman1314: kinda like a two birds one stone sort of thing
bucboy: holla holla!
nwinters40: makes sense… but the chat and House both deserve my full attention =)
bucboy: thank goodness for the D!
bucboy: and get well jeff!
cbgb: SR/JF, any new news on Plummer ?
pewterreportsr: I'm heading to New Orleans on the Buc Fan Tours trip this weekend, while Flynn and Gonzalez hold down the editorial fort. Anybody else going to N.O.? Flynn is doing the same thing the following week at Houston.
antcam: What's up BucNation
nwinters40: anyway… what's up with Garcia boys… SR/JF, did Carmella give Jeff the good rehab and he's ready to go?
bradentonian: you can carpool with bornabuc
bucboy: chris simms never looked so good
detroitbuc: Whats up with Quincey Black??
pewterreportsr: cbgb – Plummer is beering it up right now and playing handball. He's a non-factor in 2007.
pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans.
buc101: Is Garcia gonna start Sunday?
theshaz: Why havent we seen more of Bennett?
pewterreportsr: bucboy – You wouldn't say that if you watched him throw in training camp. Even if he wasn't on IR, I don't think Simms would be a factor right now.
mnbucsfan: Hey SR?JF well let's start with the question on eveyones mind hows Jeff doing?
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – Nothing really new with Quincy Black. He's playing behind a group of talented linebackers in Derrick Brooks, Barrett Ruud and Cato June. In the meantime, he's making an impact on special teams.
bucboy: i don't mean for this year. but i just don't think bruce has it. he could prove me wrong though
detroitbuc: we need more speed on blitzs
pewterreportsr: buc101 (the invisible man) – I don't know if Garcia will start. Probably won't know until Thursday. I think the Bucs will create some drama this week and make the Saints gameplan for Garcia, Grads and McCown.
nwinters40: after watching the NE/Philly game on Sunday… does anybody else think that our D could handle their O if we ever matched-up?
bradentonian: is this Brooks
pewterreportjf: theshaz – Jon Gruden said Michael Bennett needed to perform better in practice in terms of not making so many mental mistakes before he got back in games. Last week Bennett practiced better, but right now Earnest Graham is the featured back.
bradentonian: is this Brooks' final year?
theshaz: If Garcia cant starts who are you betting on starting? Luke or Grads?
pewterreportsr: bucboy – I agree. I don't see Gradkowski being anything more than a third-stringer at this point.
bucboy: i think bucs D could hold ne to 25-30, but could they O score enough
hit55fan: nwinter: when we are on the field all the time our D gets tired and wont be able to
pewterreportsr: theshaz – I think Garcia starts with McCown as the backup.
buc101: If we don't know if Garcia will start on Sunday then why did Gruden bring him back into the game on SUnday? Did the sack he get further his injury?
detroitbuc: they ran Graham in the dirt last week
pewterreportjf: bradentonian – We'll have to see. Derrick Brooks is playing better than he did in 2006, but he's not the same player he was in his prime. The Bucs will probably welcome Brooks back in 2008 unless they want to sign a free agent like Lance Briggs. If that happens, 2007 could be Brooks' final year in Tampa Bay. It's too early to tell. Hopefully Brooks is able to retire a Buc.
bradentonian: Are the ucs happy with Penn or will they look to upgrade in the offseason
nwinters40: I meant handle as in keep the game competitive… I don' think anybody can shut-down the NE offense…
antcam: SR/JF Could u please mention Josh Johnson to the front office everytime either of you get a chance. He cant be no worse than Grad.
spiderman1314: If Graham continues to produce, how will that influence what the Bucs do in free agency and the draft in the offseason?
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – I think the Bucs will play Bennett this week to spell Graham. The only problem is that Gruden trusts Graham to the max right now. He's producing and he's got ball security. Bennett is still a bit of an unknown … and it's a delicate part of the season.
bucboy: brooks is getting old, but that 4th and 1 stop was LARGE!
guest: hello everybody
finnbucs: What are the chances of Pittman playing at least some part in the game this weekend?
nwinters40: speaking of potential QB's for the Bucs… I'm available to be signed…
pewterreportjf: bradentonian – The Bucs feel like they're set at left tackle. Donald Penn is a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker, but he's got a lot of upside. Luke Petitgout should return in time for training camp next year, so the Bucs will have depth, youth and experience at LT next year.
pewterreportsr: We'll save the Josh Johnson talk until after the season.
bradentonian: Will the Bucs bring Bennett back next year? Will Pittman be here?
pewterreportsr: bucboy – Brooks and Adams had a nice 1-2 punch there, didn't they?
guest: Hi guys, I'm here now!
buc101: When Garcia was brought back in, he was sacked. Did the sack further his injury?
detroitbuc: i just think we will need more Onext week
pewterreportsr: bradentonian – Too early to tell on Pittman and Bennett right now. Still five games to go.
pewterreportjf: finnbucs – We haven't heard anything about Michael Pittman since our story on his re-injured ankle last week. Jon Gruden was concerned that Pittman's injury could end his season, but he remained hopeful that Pittman would return at some point. I don't expect to see Pittman play vs. the Saints.
guest: SR – Do the Bucs see Greg White as a future permanent starter?
bucboy: sr – oh i jumped out the chair and threw the celing!
theshaz: I will say this…we knew for the begining that we lived and died on Garcia……I'm suprised he's lasted this long with the way he flings his body about
pewterreportsr: buc101 – Not really, but I don't think it helped that Garcia got sacked again.
bradentonian: are the Bucs working on extending White?
yuccaneers: SR/JF Why did Adams not start at LDE over Carter, with Adams finally looking like he is turning ther corner?
bucboy: amen shaz
pewterreportjf: guest – Greg White has been getting more and more playing time as the season goes on, and he's making more and more plays. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs signed White, who is scheduled to become an exclusive rights free agent in 2008, to a contract extension before the season ends.
buc101: Is there a chance of Tampa drafting a big name QB in the 2008 draft?
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think there is such a thing as a permanent starter under Larry Coyer. The dude likes to rotate D-linemen so much. White has been impressive and is certainly working his way up the rotation.
finnbucs: The Bucs currently have 3 players who would rather played RDE in Adams, White and Chuk. Given the logjam they have here is Adams gonna be groomed as a LDE with White looking so good?
guest: With White and Adams…Do you see them going after a high $ FA DE like Justin Smith?
theshaz: I can just hear Grunden screaming "Slide FEET 1st jimney-christmas!"
pewterreportsr: buc101 – Yes, there is a chance of the Bucs drafting a big name QB.
guest: Didn't Gaines Adams and Brooks make that tackle on 4th and inches
bradentonian: I think Adams is the LDE of the future
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – Don't read too much into who is starting and who isn't along the defensive line. The Bucs have a heavy rotation going along the defensive line, so even if a player like Gaines Adams doesn't start, it doesn't mean they're not playing. Adams spent the majority of last Sunday's game playing at left end.
buc101: Would Tampa be willing to trade up for a big name QB?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Adams started at LE and Carter started at RE, I believe.
cadillac 24: Now I'm really here!
pewterreportjf: guest – If Justin Smith or Jared Allen make it to free agency in 2008 I completely expect the Bucs, who are $30 million under the 2008 cap, to pursue them.
mnbucsfan: SR?JF nothing against Grads and Luke but does Gruden have any wish that Chris was available to the team?
bradentonian: Are Carter and/or Spires goners after this season?
yuccaneers: Is was white at RDE and Carter at LDE
pewterreportsr: bradentonian – I think Adams is better suited to play right end at this stage of his career, but the fact that he can play both is very appealing.
rook: Are we going to keep Kelly as a nickel?
hit55fan: you gotta love carter as a leader though
finnbucs: When will Spires be back playing?
pewterreportjf: The Bucs will attempt to lure Jake Plummer out of retirement in 2008. If not, they will attempt to get $7 million in bonus money he received while playing in Denver. A Bucs official told Scott and I last August that they felt there was a 50-50 shot Plummer would play for the Bucs in 2008 after he had a year off from football.
cadillac 24: First let me get this question out of the way, now that Rice has been cut for the third time, is he officially done?
buc101: Would Tampa be willing to trade up in the draft for a big name QB?
theshaz: SR/JF – does it appear to you guys that Adams is starting to pick up the pro game faster
pewterreportjf: finnbucs – Greg Spires told us he was about two weeks away from returning last week, so he could return for the Houston game.
guest: Guys – With Jovan Haye improving every week…how high would you say the need is to address Under Tackle next year?
bucboy: is there a sure thing qb in the draft? they are such a crapshoot.
detroitbuc: i think if plummer see's how good the D is going to be ,he will come
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I don't think Gruden is high on Simms. Let's face it. Chris has some real mechanical issues that neither Gruden nor Hackett have been able to get out of his system. Remember, Simms is 0-4 in his last four starts with 1 TD and 7 INTs.
yuccaneers: SR/JF have you heard anything about Jackson moving back to corner after this season or the following one depending on Piscitelli on field play ?
pewterreportsr: bucboy – No, there is no sure thing at QB in the draft.
finnbucs: Any more scoop on the Kiffin/Nebraska rumours other than the article that you guys wrote about the situation?
theshaz: IMHO Under Tackle is high priority – Even with Haye's production
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Simeon Rice sure seems like he's finished, and the Bucs sure seem like they knew what they were doing when they asked him to take a pay cut and then released him when he refused on July 26. The Bucs caught a lot of criticism for that move, but let's give credit where credit is due — the Bucs knew what they were doing with Rice.
cadillac 24: One more thing on Rice- What really did happen to Simeon Rice though? He had a great year in 2005, but he never really came around in 2006 and then he got injured. Does his lack of productivity have to do more with his injury or him just being older now and not being able to play like his old self? Do you think that if Rice was with the Bucs now and in our system he can still dominate or do you think he's done?
antcam: DONE
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Nope. Tanard Jackson was drafted as a safety and is playing dynamite at safety. Why ruin a good thing?
rook: Indystar said Rice looked slow. That is more than a shoulder
mnbucsfan: SR you are right on that but he has also won more games than Grads or luke have and frankly I still think hes the better of the three
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – No way. The Bucs love the way Tanard Jackson is playing at free safety. Why mess with a good thing?
buc101: Would Colt Brennan fit into Tampa's system?
buc101: is Tampa looking at Brennan any?
bucboy: i like simms, but he is not a west coast qb
cadillac 24: What are your thoughts on Sean Taylor?
bradentonian: Any chance of dealing Flip in the offseason if Sabby progresses
bucboy: very sad story
detroitbuc: whats the plan to beat the saints?
yuccaneers: SR/JF the defense the bucs jumped into right before the snap on the 4-1 do you know what it was called? they showed the same thing vs the falcons as well?
theshaz: Looking at the Bucs coaching staff – – who might we lose this offseason?
pewterreportjf: I really don't ever want to see Jon Gruden have a rookie operate his offensive system again unless the player has 2-3 years to develop behind a veteran. The system is just too complex and the adjustment to the NFL is hard enough, let alone trying to master the system.
cadillac 24: I was saddened by the Taylor story the whole day.
bucboy: detroitbuc – pray that jeff can play!
detroitbuc: i with you JF
pewterreportsr: I just think it's funny … sad, really, … that the local newspapers destroyed Gruden and Allen (mostly Allen) for getting rid of Simeon, who has now been cut from three teams and is essentially done in the NFL. Yet, where is the contrition? Where are the apologies? Allen got raked over the coals for cutting Lynch, yet cutting Rice was the right call. So where are the apologies?
cadillac 24: Would the Bucs go after Bob Sanders in free agency even with Tanard Jackson playing so well?
theshaz: 3rd Home Invasion of a pro athlete this season
rook: Could we get McNabb or Feeley as a backup?
mnbucsfan: Any word from the Saints if Bush is going to play / is healthier than last week?
buc101: cadillac- we could have both lol. some school of hard knocks
guest: If available, do you think the Bucs would make a play for McNabb even with Garcia on board?
pewterreportjf: theshaz – Monte Kiffin will be a free agent in 2008. The Bucs could also lose Raheem Morris to a defensive coordinator job in the NFL. Tampa Bay could also lose quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett, running backs coach/ asst. head coach Art Valero and offensive line coach Bill Muir.
pewterreportsr: theshaz – There is a slight chance Kiffin leaves. There is also a chance Bisaccia and Valero leave.
bucboy: no way does indy let sanders get away
theshaz: I say NO to McNabb
buc101: Is Kiffin and Nebraska a serious deal or is it just a possibility?
bradentonian: Any communication with Callahan yet?
mnbucsfan: Seems everyone want's a coach from tampa latley
yuccaneers: SR/JF the defense the bucs jumped into right before the snap on the 4-1 do you know what it was called? they showed the same thing vs the falcons as well?
cadillac 24: How about Jeremiah Trotter- Will they ever dress him this year just to play him on special teams or are they mad at him for falling asleep in the LB meeting room?
theshaz: Sombody buy Monte a new fishing boat like STAT!
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, if Donovan McNabb becomes available I do believe the Bucs will attempt to sign him. He's well versed in the West Coast offense and is a seasoned veteran with some good playing years left. However, I think McNabb will want to go to a team that gives him a chance to start right away. I'm not sure he'd get that shot in Tampa Bay with Jeff Garcia here in 2008.
guest: (enter your message here)Re a high round QB, since a rookie would unlikely be played/successful in Gruden's system — a low 2nd or 3rgd rounder to develop seems like the most probable direction for the draft next year.
rook: Ruud will make Trotter stay asleep
pewterreportsr: pewterreportjf – I have to take issue with there, compadre. Remember, Morris is under contract and I guarantee you that Allen won't let him interview for D.C. posts.
bucboy: how funny if mcnabb backed up garcia? haha!
buc101: I say no to Donovan
buc101: CHicago will go after him more
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – It was an under front.
guest: Are there any good names out there for FA QBs next year?
hit55fan: think grossman could fit this system?
cadillac 24: rook, I'm not joking about that. They had candy in there just to keep Trotter awake.
detroitbuc: nope
bucboy: i would hate to see monte go, but may be the only hope of noty eventually losing raheem. and he is daddy
pewterreportjf: SR – This is true. Bruce Allen isn't known for letting asst. coaches out of their contracts early.
buc101: hit55fan – why did you type that? lol
pewterreportsr: buc101 – I'm not sure Chicago's system is right for McNabb. He's only played in the WCO in the NFL and thrived in it.
mnbucsfan: agh no on that hit55fan want nothing to do with him
hit55fan: buc: LOL he is on nfl replay right now thats why hehehe
bucboy: no to rex
finnbucs: Could one of you guys expand a little on the injury that Trueblood is playing through right now?
bucboy: unless hester comes with him!
pewterreportsr: hitfan55 – Didn't like Grossman at Florida, don't like him at Chicago. I hope we don't find out if he can play in this system.
pewterreportjf: Which quarterback would you like to see play if Garcia can't start on Sunday — Bruce Gradkowski or Luke McCown?
yuccaneers: SR/JF it was an under front but man or was it like it they were all in a gap so is their an actually term they use for the call?
buc101: Is Paris Warren's injury threatning next year like Cadillac's is? Or is it just this year?
detroitbuc: Luke
antcam: Luke McCown
theshaz: Luuuke
rook: McCown
hit55fan: IMO bruce gives us the best chance to win.
cbgb: Luke. give him a shot
cadillac 24: I would like to see Bruce Gradkowski vs. the Saints if Garcia can't go.
pewterreportsr: finnbucs – Trueblood has a shoulder injury. We'll find out more specifics tomorrow.
hit55fan: luke seems to gunshy
bucboy: it doesn't matter really. neither have looked good to me
bradentonian: McCown
mnbucsfan: JF…it's a toss up hard to say but Grads has played the saints and been effective so lets go with him even though it still dosn't feel good
antcam: I've seen ENOUGH of the B.G.
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – It's an under front, and in the under – the Bucs have all of the gaps covered in that particular defense.
theshaz: I rather see Luke fling it and risk the INT as opposed to 8
detroitbuc: Luke holds the dam ball to long
guest: Grads for me.
buc101: haha, SR -I hope we don't find out if he can play in this system.
rook: Bruce dump off passes to the backs were awful
bucboy: if not before, now we know why gruden wanted 85 qb's
guest: by the way people are talking on the radio this week you would think that we lost to Washington
theshaz: I think it's a moot point – Gracia will start (rubs the rosary beads)
yuccaneers: SR/JF whats your read on Mann this season?
pewterreportjf: Paris Warren should be ready to go for training camp, maybe even earlier. However, I am concerned that the ligament damage he sustained while dislocating his ankle could slow him down. Warren isn't that fast to begin with, so he can't afford to lose much speed and still be an effective receiver. Hopefully he picks up where he left off because he turned in one hell of a preseason.
pewterreportsr: I wouldn't be surprised to see all three QBs active (i.e. no emergency QB) on Sunday. That's an option no one has talked about. It will mean the Bucs must deactivate a position player, but hey, they can't afford to lose this game and might need all 3 QBs.
buc101: thanks JF.
bradentonian: have the Bucs spoken with Callahan
cadillac 24: When will the Bucs new indoor practice field be going up? A Bucs player told me this week of the Bucs plans to build an indoor bubble behind the black fence at the back of the 3 grass fields.
mnbucsfan: Any news on Caddy's rehab? I would still be surprised if he was able to go next year but how's it coming along?
theshaz: If the Bucs win this week – the Division is almost sewn up
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – My opinion on Mann hasn't changed since he got here. Gets the most out of veterans, does a fair job of developing young talent.
cbgb: yes, what about Callahan ?
buc101: SR – do you think Plummer will really come out of retirement to come play in Tampa where Garcia already has the starting job?
bucboy: i think they could lose this week if it meant well for the big picture. even with a loss, they would still lead the saints by a game and in div record
pewterreportjf: bradentonian – We don't know if the Bucs have spoken with Bill Callahan or not. I'm sure Callahan might wait until Senior Bowl to look hard for another job unless he gets consideration for a head coaching gig. By then, the Bucs will know if they are retaining Bill Muir or not.
cadillac 24: Like I said a couple of weeks ago, when I saw Paris Warren he was walking fine and he didn't have any crutches or anything.
theshaz: Ive given up on Jake the Mistake – – get the $$ from him
yuccaneers: SR/JF Peterson has his developement hit a wall of has Sims passed him by in his knowledge of the defense?
guest: We would almost have to try in order not to win the division if we beat the aints
pewterreportsr: buc101 – I really don't know what Plummer will do. I don't think anyone does. If it doesn't happen early – Feb. or March – I don't think it's going to happen.
bucboy: true, a win all but wraps it up
pewterreportjf: bucboy – A win over the Saints on Sunday would be huge for the Bucs. They would have a three-game lead, but technically it would be four since they would own the tie-breaker with the Saints. That means the Bucs would have to win just one of their final four games to win the NFC South division title.
bucboy: saints would need to win out and bucs lose out
bradentonian: are the Bucs looking at Sims as a nose or a three? Could he unseat Hovan next year?
rook: Or the Saints lose 1 out of 4
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Peterson has hit a wall, but credit Sims for really coming on. The dude is playing well, especially vs. the run.
bucboy: i want them to wrap it up. but what good is all but clinching the division if it means garcia is gone? one and doen for sure
antcam: Let's go BUCS
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – I think it's a little bit of both. The Bucs waited to put Ryan Sims on the field, and that decision is paying off as he's making some significant contributions in his spare playing time. Plus, the versatility of Greg White helps the Bucs in the rotation as well and allows them to make Peterson inactive.
cadillac 24: SR/JF: What are your thoughts on the Sean Taylor death?
pewterreportsr: bradentonian – I think Coyer views him as a nose, but he can also play 3. Both he and Hovan have played 3 on a few plays this year – just to mix it up.
cadillac 24: Would the Bucs go after Bob Sanders in free agency even with Tanard Jackson playing so well?
hit55fan: is sammy davis coming along under morris?
buc101: SR/JF – Do you know of the Pro Bowl status for the Buccaneers? Is anybody leading in votes?
cadillac 24: How about Jeremiah Trotter- Will they ever dress him this year just to play him on special teams or are they mad at him for falling asleep in the LB meeting room?
yuccaneers: Sorry about the caps guys
rook: Is Stevens is good as goneafter this year?
bradentonian: Becht better be
bucboy: how is caddy doing?
cadillac 24: When will the Bucs new indoor practice field be going up? A Bucs player told me this week of the Bucs plans to build an indoor bubble behind the black fence at the back of the 3 grass fields.
rook: Becht can block
dbucfan: Clayton was starting to come on prior to his injury – how is his recovery doing – it he 100%
antcam: Do they view Peterson, as a ut or a de?
bradentonian: Becht's blocking is overrated
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – I'm saddened by Taylor's death, but at the same time, it was pretty obvious to me that he was hanging with the wrong crowd down in Miami. I don't know if that played a role in his death, but I'm not surprised he died young with the way he lived his life. Also wouldn't be surprised if Pacman Jones isn't dead within 5 years, either.
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The death of Sean Taylor is unfortunate and indeed a tragedy. I'm sure we'll be talking to some Bucs players about it tomorrow, like CB Phillip Buchanon. It sounds like Taylor was a young man who was trying to turn his life around and start a family. Unfortunately he will not get that opportunity, which makes it a very sad situation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sean Taylor's family, friends and teammates.
detroitbuc: we will need all the help we can get on sunday
rook: Stevens blocking is not rated
dbucfan: Becht's performance is overrated.
pewterreportsr: antcam – Peterson is a UT in Tampa.
cadillac 24: bucboy: Cadillac is actually rehabbing his injury with Deuce McCalister in New Orleans.
buc101: Has Pittman said anything about the death of Sean Taylor?
bucboy: does garcia's injury remind anyone else of brad johnson's in the super bowl year? hey i can dream….
rook: Stevens is a receiving TElike Dudley
antcam: Well what's he going to be in N.O.? jk
hit55fan: is sammy davis coming along under morris? and are the bucs happy with coach coyer?
buc101: I"m sure we all know of his altercation in the playoff game
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Stovall has been starring on special teams. He'll get his opportunities at WR. I think he would have had a few chances on Sunday if not for Grads being in the game.
detroitbuc: yes bucboy
pewterreportsr: I think Stevens sticks around next year.
pewterreportjf: dbucfan – Expect Anthony Becht to test free agency in 2008. The Bucs have not been happy with the play of their tight ends as of late. The good news for the Bucs is there are several talented players at the position that are scheduled to become free agents next year, including Dallas Clark, Ben Troupe and Kris Wilson, who can also play fullback.
cadillac 24: Will Trotter ever get to play?
buc101: Has Pittman said anything about the death of Sean Taylor?
antcam: If he testes free agency, he'll fail miserably….
bucboy: thnaks cadillac 24 – i hope he is doing well
pewterreportjf: If he's available, we will ask Michael Pittman about Sean Taylor's passing tomorrow at One Buc Place. Today was the players' day off.
theshaz: At this point just hand Trotter a Pom-pom
dbucfan: I got here a little late – did I miss the explanation of Bennet not playing JF/SR
hit55fan: lol shaz
finnbucs: JF/SR, at this moment in time, what does Gruden have to do to secure a new contract?
bradentonian: Sean Taylor incident might cause the commish to crack down even harder
cadillac 24: Any word on the Bucs new indoor practice bubble that is scheduled to go up?
pewterreportsr: hit55fan – Sammy Davis is sticking around, so that's a good thing. He's getting some p.t. and Raheem is working his magic on him. We'll see. The Bucs are happy with Larry Coyer from what I've heard. I LOVE THE D-LINE ROTATION. Absolutely love it. Guys stay fresh and everybody gets experience.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – No word on the bubble from my end.
bradentonian: they weren't fresh last week in Q4
mnbucsfan: SR/JF so how's the Cheerleader issue comeing along…it's always one of the highlight issues
buc101: is Rachel in it?
hit55fan: Well you can tell Denver misses coyer.. if monte should go.. coyer or morris for D-cord?
rook: Is Kelly despite his high price staying?
detroitbuc: Can we win this weekend???
pewterreportsr: finnbucs – Get the Glazers to offer him one. My guess is that it will be discussed after the season. Remember, the Bucs could finish 7-9 right now or 12-4. Big difference between the two.
theshaz: SAR/JF said that Bennet is having a hard time reading Gruden's handwriting on the playbook – – or something like that
pewterreportjf: finnbucs – I think Jon Gruden deserves a new contract if the Bucs win the NFC South division title this year. That would give Gruden five division titles in 10 seasons as a head coach in the NFL, including three with the Bucs and two within the last three seasons. I think Bruce Allen would also receive a contract extension.
antcam: HEll YEAH
pewterreportsr: hit55fan – I think Raheem is the D.C. of the future in Tampa Bay after Kiffin hangs it up.
cadillac 24: A player told me that they are planning to build one and I wasn't sure if the Bucs had said anything about it. I remember them saying that they were going to build a new training facility or something like that.
bucboy: BELIEVE!
buc101: if Gruden doesn't make it as head coach for next year…who are the top candidates???
theshaz: IMHO -Gruden deserves a contract extension with what he has done with the injuries – – look at Miami – – we could be like that right now
pewterreportsr: buc101 – Yes, Rachel is in it. She's my girlfriend … err, favorite!
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – If Jeff Garcia doesn't start for the Bucs vs. the Saints I do not expect Tampa Bay to win in New Orleans. Of course, I hope I'm wrong and very well could be, but it will be a very tall order for either Bruce Gradkowski or Luke McCown to go into New Orleans and help the Bucs beat a desperate team.
dbucfan: Interesting about the extension thoughts – I was thinking the Gruden was in line for the extension now.
hit55fan: If gruden goes, does bruce stay? he has gotten the team out of cap hell and does great with the #'s
bucboy: save chucky!
buc101: haha, nice Scott lol
rook: Weiss will replace Gruden and Gruden will go to Notre Dame!!!!
bradentonian: is it possible that both Caddy and Clayton are gone next year
pewterreportsr: hitfan55 – I think Gruden and Allen end up staying.
buc101: she's my fav. too ;)
pewterreportsr: bradentonian – Possible? Yes. Probable? No.
theshaz: Gruden/Bruce are tied at the hip – keep them both
cadillac 24: How's Chukwurah coming along? Is he getting handed by offensiveline?
dbucfan: What are the qb options in FA this off season – pickings were damn slim last year.
nwinters40: can you imagine Gruden as a college coach? he'd destry a 19 year old's condifence for life!
theshaz: Pls say no to McNabb
cadillac 24: I mean handled offensive linemen.
pewterreportsr: buc101 – I hear ya. We have a new hottie on the cover this year- Britney Craine. Beautiful blue eyes and raven hair…
dbucfan: Gruden a college coach and me a brain surgeon.
pewterreportsr: dbucfan – Well said.
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Patrick Chukwurah hasn't played enough to get a good feel for what he can do. He's been oft-injured, but he is very fast. He just needs to work on his pass-rush moves — he needs more of them.
hit55fan: if we sign mcnabb will his deal come with a nice spot on IR?
buc101: is it a nice picture like last years?
pewterreportsr: buc101 – Believe it or not … it's a hotter pic!
mnbucsfan: SR…which Bucs cheerleader isn't a hotie…we have the best in the NFL
bradentonian: Will Carter and Spires be back next year?
buc101: o wow, I didn't think you could get any hotter lol
theshaz: SR/JF – where are all the idiots coming from at the Press Conferances last couple of weeks?
pewterreportjf: The Pewter Report Cheerleader issue will hopefully be printed and mailed within the next 10-14 days. It will include an in-depth look at Tampa Bay's free agent and salary cap situation.
nwinters40: anyone wonder what Aaron Rodgers would look like as a Buc? he's got the Gruden traits and he's had a lot of coaching…
buc101: how about Sara Tetzler? Anything with her?
theshaz: Doesnt securioty check press ID's?
pewterreportjf: theshaz – No comment. :)
cadillac 24: Yeah, how were those jerks at the press conferences? I heard they were from a Sarasota newspaper.
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the chat session tonight, Bucs fans.
buc101: only 18 and made the cheer squad. could be an interesting article
hit55fan: I hope carter stays a buc.. he is a good leader.. and ever hear him give an interview!? he is great!
pewterreportjf: Scott and I have to get going.
antcam: Plz dont go
detroitbuc: go bucs
buc101: come on Scott, answer my question lol
pewterreportsr: brandentonian – Possible, but I think either Spires or Carter is gone. The Bucs want to go through a real big youth movement on defense. So far, it's working (Ruud, T-Jack, Adams, White, P-Buc, etc.),
dbucfan: Staying away from the media stuff – good move.
mnbucsfan: till next week guys… thanks again
nwinters40: cheers! back to House…
buc101: wow way to steal my name for Tanard.
theshaz: Nobody :) Enjoy it
pewterreportsr: buc101 – All of the girls are featured.
buc101: awesome
antcam: 11-5 struggling to stay alive
pewterreportjf: theshaz – Pewter Report predicted 8-8. We'd gladly be wrong, but I will say our prediction was one of the more favorable ones the Bucs received during the summer.
pewterreportsr: Thanks for the great questions, guys. See you next week for the Tuesday Night Chats at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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