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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 6 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
detroitbuc: i know, i guess i will just clean up the house
detroitbuc: hey JF
mnbucsfan: Hi JF
pewterreportjf: How's it going?
guest: I'm lurking
mnbucsfan: So going to be a quiet week for you all with the bye?
bucboy: great to have bk and smith back
bucboy: even though he dropped the TD
detroitbuc: well looks like the saints are on our tails
bucboy: yes, here come the saints, and they have a weak schedule
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – It will be a quiet week at One Buccaneer Place. The Bucs will hold a walk-thru tomorrow morning and will then have the rest of the week off. The team will use the bye week to get healthy and prepare for Atlanta.
detroitbuc: JF if we win the division and detroit makes a wildcard, will we still have to go to detroit since they won that game
mnbucsfan: Think we will see more of Mike Bennett after the bye?
guest: healthy is the key
guest: what's your best guess on FA's the Bucs will target to help bolster our DL?
bucboy: div winner hosts wildcard team
detroitbuc: oh
pewterreportsr: Hello, Pewter Insiders. Let's chat.
pewterreportjf: bucboy – Yes, the Bucs should get several players back after the bye week, including CB Brian Kelly, WR Michael Clayton, RB Michael Pittman and DE Patrick Chuckwurah. Hopefully DE Greg Spires will be able to return to action as well.
mnbucsfan: Hi SR
bucboy: hallelujah!
detroitbuc: yes a full deck
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – No, if the Bucs win the NFC South division they will automatically host a playoff game no matter what other teams' records might be, including Detroit.
detroitbuc: who can beat the saints??
mnbucsfan: SR?JF I still think this team can win 10 games…it's a shame we let 2 get away 7-2 at the bye sure would have surprised a lot of folks
pewterreportjf: guest – It's too early to really say for sure which players the Bucs might target at defensive tackle in 2008. There aren't going to be a lot of good ones available in free agency next year.
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – Yes. Look for more Michael Bennett in the second half. The challenge for Jon Gruden will be using Pittman, Bennett and Graham in a single game.
detroitbuc: agreed
mnbucsfan: You guys willing to back me up on the 10 wins total?
cadillac 24: I'm here!
mennoman: I was afraid of that (formerly guest)
bucboy: must go 5-2, if one of the 5 is that NO game, i think they are good.
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – Yes, as the season moves along I think the Bucs will feature Michael Bennett more and more. He'll probably have a busy bye week in terms of studying the playbook.
pewterreportsr: I think 10 wins is a possibility, but nine is probably more realistic.
bucboy: 9-7 won't be enough
detroitbuc: the bye is right on time
pewterreportsr: bucboy 9-7 may be enough to win the division.
cadillac 24: How do you think the Atlanta game will play out because I'm going to be at that game?
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – The Bucs cannot afford to slip up from here on out. They already did against Detroit and Jacksonville. Those were two games the Bucs should have won. If they want to win the division, the Bucs must beat the teams they should beat. They'll probably also need to beat the Saints in New Orleans on Dec. 2.
bucboy: could be. bucs would have to beat saints and hope NO loses two others
bucboy: maybe at Chi week 17 is one
guest: they should beat all the teams left on the sked
detroitbuc: JF whats Grudens record after a bye week??
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – It might take 10 wins to win the NFC South division this year. The Saints are on a roll and their remaining schedule is very favorable.
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – I think the Bucs should beat the Falcons, but this is a rivalry game so anything goes. The Bucs always seem to lose a road game they should win (2005 NY Jets and San Fran).
mnbucsfan: I agree JF those 2 loses really smarted…..they stuck with me most of the week we sure would be in great shape with those as wins
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – That's a great question, but I don't have an answer off of the top of my head. Perhaps we'll incorporate that answer into a story for tomorrow, though.
guest: why dont the bucs ever wear throwbacks, or even their awesome black alternate jersey?
detroitbuc: the need to come out focused from here on out
bucboy: honestly they have dominated 3 straight games, so i am positive. 2 were unfortunate losses
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs won't wear throwbacks as long as the Glazers are owners. They hate the old uniforms. The Bucs technically don't have a black alternate jersey. That jersey was designed strictly for retail – not for game use.
pewterreportjf: guest – The owners, the Glazers, do not want to wear throwback uniforms. As long as they're the owners I don't think we'll ever see Tampa Bay sport its throwbacks.
guest: What abou the alternate black?
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs have any plans for another alumni weekend this season or do they have any plans of some kind of ring of honor?
guest: Does it scare anyone else how the saints handled the Jags?
pewterreportsr: If you haven't had a chance to click on our advertisers' banner ads, I encourage you to do so. It takes just a second and you'll be supporting
detroitbuc: nope
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – No, I don't know of any plans the Bucs have to hold another alumni weekend this year. However, while the Glazers do not want the team to wear throwbacks, they are very supportive of the former players.
antcam: How do the Buc's coaches feel about G. Peterson?
patrik bucs: Any new info on the injured players?
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – No plans for a ring of honor or anything like that.
guest: Adams has sure started to come around
mnbucsfan: How was Alex Smith after the game? Think he will be ready for the Falcons game?
guest: boy would Peterson be nice though
pewterreportsr: antcam – Peterson shined early, but has hit a bit of a wall. Haye has also showed some pass rush ability, so he is getting more snaps, which limits Peterson's playing time.
mennoman: Do you think Caddy will play again for the Bucs?
cadillac 24: Who has had the stongest/weakest performance on the defensive line so far this season?
pewterreportjf: patrik bucs – No news on the injured Bucs players except for the fact that the team likely will get several of them back after the bye week, including CB Brian Kelly, DE Patrick Chukwurah, WR Michael Clayton and RB Michael Pittman. I'm not sure about DE Greg Spires.
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – Yes, I do believe TE Alex Smith will be ready to play after the bye week.
guest: chukwurah should be a big boost for passing downs!
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – I haven't been terribly impressed with Greg Spires or Kevin Carter this year. Greg White and Jovan Haye have impressed me with their play along the D-line. Peterson flashed early, but has faded a bit.
cadillac 24: Will Wednesday's practice be open to the media for interviews afterwards?
patrik bucs: I remember you guys said the Bucs had some nice Gadget plays called during TC…why haven't we seen any yet?
mnbucsfan: Carter will probably be gone next year I think
bucboy: sometimes injuries are a blessing. more guys have got reps so maybe better off in the long run
detroitbuc: yes i agree
pewterreportjf: menoman – That's a good question. I'm not sure Cadillac Williams will ever be the same player. He wasn't playing that well before he was injured. He has a terrible time staying healthy, and a torn patellar tendon is not easy to fully recover from. His injury likely will linger into 2008.
pewterreportsr: I think Chukwurah could lead this team in sacks with 7 or so if he can stay healthy for the remainder of the season. He has the best mix of speed and experience along the D-line.
guest: you have to like the Bennet pick up due to injury
guest: I really like chukwurah the few times he is in
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Wednesday's practice at One Buccaneer Place is not open to the media. The Bucs public relations staff told us they will do their best to make a few players available to the media after practice, but there are no guarantees this week. The Bucs will head over to Ray-Jay to take a team photo after the practice.
guest: I definately agree
antcam: Do they like what we're getting for Stovall?
bucboy: and how about finding earnest graham? not that i'm glad guys got hurt, but do they ever find him otherwise?
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs see Chukwurah as the future at RE or just as a situational pass rusher?
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I think Carter will be around in the offseason. The Bucs will continue to upgrade the D-line. However, Carter may be a camp cut if the talent along the D-line increases substantially in the offseason.
cadillac 24: I think that they should move Kevin Carter to UT.
pewterreportjf: patrik bucs – That's a good question as well. The Bucs ran more trick plays in training camp than I ever remember, yet we haven't seen any of them come to fruition. I'm not sure why Gruden hasn't called them other than perhaps he hasn't seen the right defense to convince him to do it.
pewterreportsr: antcam – Stovall is really coming on and I think he has the chance to be a force in the second half of the season.
detroitbuc: sims did well also
mnbucsfan: At this point with all the injury's if things stay as they are will the Bucs look for more Offense or defense in the draft?
guest: I think caddy can come back but I dont see him being good in a 2 headed backfield, he always got better as the game went on and needed his touches!
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – Carter typically plays under tackle on passing downs, replacing Haye.
patrik bucs: Any news on Paris Warren?
cadillac 24: Wow, I've never noticed that before. I thought that they put in Peterson.
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I think DT, DE, RB and WR are pressing needs for the Bucs in 2008.
detroitbuc: JF do teams run a different part of their playbook in the second half of a season
antcam: What your 1st half grade for D. Penn?
pewterreportsr: patrik bucs – Warren is on IR and has a long road back. Probably won't have a great update for you until the season is over.
guest: I think S/T return man should be right up there in pressing needs!
patrik bucs: What do the Bucs brass think of Ronde's play this year?
cadillac 24: Do you think the Bucs will go after a veteran center like Matt Birk in the offseason or stick in house with Dan Buenning?
pewterreportjf: antcam – I'd give Donald Penn a solid B at this point. He's been very impressive, especially under the circumstances.
bucboy: i am thrilled with the O, until the red zone
pewterreportsr: antcam – I think Penn has played quite well. I'd give him a B , especially considering he is learning on the fly.
cadillac 24: The good news is that Paris Warren is off crutches now.
mnbucsfan: SR we will definetly need to look at RB and WR Joey isn't going to be around forever but in the draft which would come 1st as a priority?
bucboy: what is with the bombs on 3rd and short? move the chains!
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – The Bucs is a variety of plays during the season. It all depends on who the opponent is.
spiderman1314: How much will the solid play of Earnest Graham effect what direction the front office goes at the runningback position?
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – It depends on where the Bucs draft in the round. The Bucs may go WR in round one or two, especially with an offensive-minded head coach like Gruden.
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs see Chukwurah as the future at RE or just as a situational pass rusher?
patrik bucs: nice q caddy24
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Yes, I do expect the Bucs to attempt to upgrade the center position during the offseason. Dan Buenning probably will get another shot to win the job since John Wade will be a free agency in 2008, but I do expect the Bucs to go after a proven veteran center if one becomes available.
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – It just depends on if Chukwurah can stay healthy.
detroitbuc: the O has moved to ball on every team we have played,i think playing TEN and JAX mad the O tough
bucboy: garcia is the man
pewterreportsr: bucboy – The O-line has played great. As crazy as it sounds, this O-line is just as good as the 2002 unit as far as I'm concerned.
detroitbuc: garcia is a gammer
cadillac 24: Will Earnest Graham be looking a contract extension or raise in the offseason? I saw his agent Drew Rosenhous at the game.
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – I haven't seen enough from Patrick Chukwurah to say whether he's a future starter in Tampa Bay's defense or not. I know he's extremely quick off the end, but I also know he has limited pass rush moves, which can hinder him. He's also had trouble staying healthy. I hope he gets healthy so we can see what he can do on a regular basis.
mnbucsfan: SR/JF with the line we now have a anchor at center would go a long way to solidifying the line for a long time
bucboy: i agree on the o line. manly!
spiderman1314: How much will the solid play of Earnest Graham effect what direction the front office goes at the runningback position?
patrik bucs: whats the inside opinion on Ronde Barber's performance so far this year?
mnbucsfan: Ronde's had some tough breaks on the INT front this year so far
pewterreportsr: NEW PI FEATURE … for you draftniks out there, check out the front page of I'm going to do a regular feature on a 2008 draft prospect who would look good in red and pewter. I'm going to focus on guys who will be taken in rounds 2-7 as there is so much info out there about the Glen Dorseys, Chris Longs and Brian Brohms, who will all be first-rounders.
pewterreportjf: spiderman1314 – Earnest Graham has been a pleasant surprise to the Bucs, but the running back position is far from settled in Tampa Bay. Michael Pittman and Michael Bennett are scheduled to become unrestricted free agents and Cadillac Williams likey will not be a big contributor in 2008 due to his knee injury.
guest: I think he has been a solid starter, I am loving our Safeties this year! What a difference a year makes
bucboy: the safeties are playas! raheem!
antcam: SR?JF In the little bit of action he's seen in practice, how is B. Gradowski progressing?
detroitbuc: Flep is an enforcer at Saftey
pewterreportsr: patrik bucs – Barber has played great this season. Opponents are rarely challenging him, and when they do he usually breaks up the pass. His only bad play that I can remember was when he guessed wrong against Fitzgerald against the Cards last week.
pewterreportjf: patrik bucs – I would have thought Ronde Barber would have his record-breaking 32nd career interception by now. He's come close, but close hasn't been good enough. Barber isn't having a Pro Bowl year, but he can change that with a strong second half of the season. I also think Barber might come up with that interception in Atlanta.
mnbucsfan: SR?JF a bit off topic but love the new additions on the site. Pewtervision give us out state guys more information than we would ever find
bucboy: it's early, but t jack was a steal!
patrik bucs: cool, I just really wanna see the guy pick one off. Hes been mighty close
cadillac 24: When will the our CBs like Ronde Barber or Brian Kelly get an interception this season?
pewterreportjf: antcam – The media cannot watch practice during the regular season. The fact that Bruce Gradkowski has remained the No. 2 quarterback since Week 2 is encouraging.
pewterreportsr: Raheem has done wonders for Tampa Bay's DBs … now if he could only fix my K-State Wildcats defense one more time like he did last year…
bucfanmatt: Wasn't Chas Gesner on IR? How were the Bucs able to sign him to the active roster?
pewterreportjf: What do you think of the new video feature on, Bucs fans?
detroitbuc: will Raheem be the next D cordinator
antcam: i hope so
patrik bucs: love it jf. living abroad i wouldnt get that material.
mnbucsfan: JF just mentioned it…
bucboy: love seeing mike tomlin do well
pewterreportjf: bucfanmatt — The Bucs waived Chas Gessner injured from IR, which meant they couldn't re-sign him until last Monday. He was free to sign with any other team in the meantime, but he didn't.
pewterreportsr: bucfanmatt – Gessner was able to be re-signed by the Bucs because he was released from IR and after 8 weeks he can be signed again by Tampa Bay.
detroitbuc: video is great if you guys need a ESPN type opening let me know
guest: Tomlin is lookin good and I am glad for him! Something about him just screams leader!
patrik bucs: what do the important people within the Bucs think of Cato June thus far? How about Q. Black and Hayward?
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – Send me an e-mail at to remind me.
cadillac 24: I like the new video feature so far. Hopefully you can get some more videos on there besides Sports Zone and maybe like player and coach interviews and press conferences.
detroitbuc: ok
bucboy: tomlin just looks bad a…
bucboy: you guys are better than espn – the all patriots network
mnbucsfan: ANy opinion on if Monte will call it quits after the season?
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – NFL rules prohibit us from doing player interviews or taping press conferences. I'm afraid it's going to be a lot of talking heads-analysis stuff from SR and Flynn.
detroitbuc: thats ok
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The NFL will not permit any media websites to post player or coach interviews or press conferences on video that appears on websites, unfortunately.
guest: Is kiffin stayin around? what do you guys think about Gruden callin the plays and being Head Coach without Kiffin
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – Monte's contract is up after this year. We'll see. I think Raheem will be the eventual successor.
cadillac 24: That would be great too SR.
bucboy: yes!
detroitbuc: yes
bucboy: don't know that he would come back without some idea of that
antcam: Will the Neb. coach be added to the staff?
guest: i always wished we had a coach that could be a coach not an OC, then maybe we could have a timeout at the end of a half!
guest: We are the worse with Time Outs!
mennoman: I saw a vid online poking fun at the NFL for that rule by someone covering the Texans. It was well done.
guest: worst
pewterreportjf: guest – We've inquired about Monte Kiffin's status past this season, but no one knows for sure. Remember – Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen aren't the only ones on the so-called hot seat. if Tampa Bay's coaching staff were to get fired, that likely would include Kiffin.
bucboy: haha! agree! and letting 30 seconds run off between plays in the hurry up
pewterreportsr: antcam – There is a chance that Bill Callahan could replace Bill Muir next year. We wrote about that in the latest Pewter Pulse story in the Nov. issue of Pewter Report, which is being mailed tomorrow I believe.
guest: Yeah, we suck at all of the fundamental quickness that you see around the league
cadillac 24: Was the Jermaine Phillips interception really an interception? I didn't get a chance to re-watch the game and only saw it from my point-of-view in the stadium and couldn't tell?
guest: I think it is a discipline thing, we would never get a kick of in less than 20 seconds like denver did twice
detroitbuc: nope
antcam: What's going to happen with Hackett?
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – Phillips didn't get both feet in bounds.
patrik bucs: nope. 1 foot out of bounds
mnbucsfan: nope 1 foot on the line but without a time out to challange it was ruled good
guest: who cares he got it! we get screwed plenty
detroitbuc: LOL
patrik bucs: what does the FO think of Cato June so far?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – It did not look like Jermaine Phillips got both feet in bounds on the interception. That's unfortunate for Arizona, but Tampa Bay has had its fair share of bad calls go against it, too.
pewterreportsr: mennoman – Yep. That was John McClain from the Houston Chronicle. The NFL got very draconian about the use of NFL-related video on-line this year. It's ridiculous.
guest: I dont think it would have been overturned?
bucboy: it was close, his foot truned sideways
pewterreportjf: patrik bucs – The Bucs like Cato June's speed. He's had some mixed outings on the football field, but the Bucs still believe June can be the eventual successor to Derrick Brooks on the weakside. That day could be coming sooner rather than later.
detroitbuc: NFL need to start streaming games online in the USA
cadillac 24: Was Tanard Jackson really touched down or should that have been a touchdown?
mnbucsfan: SR/JR has the power of the team swithced to the offensive side? The way the have controlled the ball the last 3 games has been impresive even though we lost 2 and haven't yet put up a lot of points?
pewterreportsr: patrik bucs – The team has been pleased with June thus far, although I expected him to create more turnovers. The Bucs likely view him as the successor to Derrick Brooks.
patrik bucs: kk JF, so is #55 in the Bucs plans for next year?
guest: He wasnt touched he was yanked by the facemask…still equals a touch
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – I thought the ruling on the field that Tanard Jackson was down after the interception was the right one to make. The illegal face mask penalty was what forced Jackson to the ground.
guest: Me too, unfortunately
pewterreportjf: patrik bucs – If I had to say one way or the other right now, I'd say no, I do not believe Derrick Brooks will play for the Buccaneers in 2008.
cadillac 24: Thanks JF. I didn't really have a chance to see that play.
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I think this is a really balanced Bucs team. I would put the power at 50-50 right now. The defense is not as good as the newspapers have been crowing about and the offense is really coming around thanks to Garcia.
bucboy: the newspapers stink
guest: Brooks is the God Father, we already had to bear seeing Sapp and Lynch don another Jersey, I better never have to see that with brooks!
cadillac 24: Which veteran Bucs do you think will retire next year or get released?
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. Scott and I have to get going.
mennoman: Wow, JF. It will be weird not seeing 55 on the field whenever it happens.
pewterreportsr: patrik bucs – I have to respectfully disagree with Jim. I think Brooks will be back in 2008 if he wants to.
bucboy: relax and enjoy the bye week!
patrik bucs: Hard one to call this for sure, but as realistically speaking as possible, how man more seasons does Garcia have left in the tank?
mnbucsfan: Thanks again SR/JF chat next week ?
guest: I might hate the bucs if they let 55 go
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – I don't see Alstott coming back at all.
cadillac 24: Thanks guys!
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the chat session this evening.
bucboy: BELIEVE!
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – We'll have these Tuesday night chats at 9:00 p.m. as long as you Bucs fans show up.
patrik bucs: TAAAMPAAA
patrik bucs: BAAAYY
guest: GO BUCS
pewterreportjf: Be sure to check back with our website each day for the latest Bucs news, Pewter Insider articles, video and promotions for upcoming player signings at Sports Fan-Attic.
mnbucsfan: Thanks SR just wondered if the bye week applied to us as well
bucboy: keep 7 healthy and they always have a chance
bucfanmatt: I keep hearing the national media guys saying the Buc's D is back.
bucfanmatt: That's kind of an insult to some of our past units in my opinion.
cadillac 24: I believe!:-D
pewterreportjf: Take care and good night. Enjoy the bye week and get ready for an exciting finish to the Bucs' 2007 season.
pewterreportsr: Thanks for the great questions tonight. Remember that I'll be on WDAE at 5:00 p.m. for the Buccaneer Blitz tomorrow. See you on the boards and in the chat room next Tuesday.

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