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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, December 18, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat begin.
mvp: Hello Sr, JF
bucboy: this team is amazing
antcam: What's up Sr/Jf
pewterreportjf: Everyone enjoy Sunday's game?
bucboy: i actually like no pro bowlers. play hungry!!!!!
pewterreportsr: bucboy – team is the right word, especially with no Pro Bowl Bucs. This has truly been a team effort and a lot of the team's "stars" have been backup players and role players.
mvp: It was a great game.
mnbucsfan: What a day to be a Bucs fan JF 1st TD kickoff in history and the division win
mvp: That bodes well for the depth on the team in future years.
bucboy: sunday was awesome.
antcam: how can we have none; but the phins got one?
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – Did you actually witness the kickoff return for a TD in person? I know a lot of people missed it.
antcam: I did
pewterreportsr: From an entertainment value, this has been a great season to be at RJS. The Titans game and Redskins games went down to the wire, as did the Jags contest, which was the only home loss. Fans enjoyed huge wins over New Orleans, St. Louis and Atlanta. There have been some fun Sundays at Ray-Jay.
bucboy: finally got the depth built back from the key and gruden trades, etc
mnbucsfan: Saw it via Sunday ticket …Jumped off the couch when he broke it outside and saw a lot of green in front of him
mvp: I watched it on TV and I jumped out my seat thinking someone was going to tackle him
rdhess: JF/SR – Michael Bennett looked very good on Sunday. He was hitting the holes fast and breaking tackles. Will we see more of him in the last two weeks?
bucboy: haha mnbucsfan! sunday ticket rules. i ran through my basement when spurlock hit the opening!
mnbucsfan: JF only wish I could have been at Ray Jay in person….besides it's to darn cold up here..
pewterreportjf: rdhess – Yes, I do believe the Bucs will feature Michael Bennett a little more over the next two weeks, especially after his performance vs. the Falcons. Michael Pittman and Earnest Graham could use a little bit of rest before the playoffs.
cadillac 24: Do you have any idea if any Bucs players can possibly make the Pro Bowl as alternates?
mvp: SR/JF with Mcnabb and Philly looking about to divorce do you think no.5 will be good in Pewter next year? He is well versed in the West Coast.
pewterreportsr: I said most recently in Friday's SR's Fab 5, and Pewter Report has been saying for quite some time – Bruce Allen does have a plan, it is working and he should be recognized for that. Glad to see John Romano of the SP Times join Pewter Report in praising Allen's efforts.
cadillac 24: Which Bucs do you think got snubbed from the Pro Bowl?
pewterreportsr: mvp – I think McNabb could be a Buccaneer as long as the price to get him was not too high.
bucboy: agree SR, allen and gruden knew what they were doing. all the hata's should apologize
antcam: J Trueblood
bucboy: i saw the tribune was even wimpering
pewterreportjf: mvp – There's a chance the Bucs would pursue Donovan McNabb if he gets cut by Philly. However, I think McNabb would be looking for a starting job in Chicago or Minnesota possibly.
mnbucsfan: Here's my list Joey, Barret, Rondey and as a long shot Earnerst without him we would be in big trouble
cadillac 24: How about Chad Johnson? Do you think he's out of Cincy this season and what would we have to give to get him in a trade?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I think there are several Bucs playing at a Pro Bowl level – CB Ronde Barber, LB Barrett Ruud, SS Jermaine Phillips and WR Joey Galloway come to mind immediately, but if you look objectively at the players who made it ahead of them, no Buccaneer truly got snubbed.
pewterreportsr: bucboy – I must have missed the Trib praising Allen…
bucboy: i agree sr except think ruud should have made it
cadillac 24: When do the Pro Bowl alternates come out? Do you think any Bucs will be on the list?
mvp: SR what do you think of Hawaii QB Colt Brenann?
mnbucsfan: SR/JF we havent gotten a lot of respect from the media all season …that's ok makes it all the sweeter when we win a playoff game or 2
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – I think the Pro Bowl alternates get announced in the next week or two.
pewterreportsr: By the way, I have Ronde's reaction about the Bucs being snubbed for the Pro Bowl up on the front page of
rdhess: SR/JF – if Kiffin leaves and Coach Morris is promoted to DC, how would our defense look in 2008? What changes would you expect to see?
antcam: SR/JF How do u guys think we match up against the Gaints?
bucboy: don't know that i would call it praise, but i'll take it.
pewterreportsr: mvp – I will reserve my judgment about Brennan until I see him play in the Senior Bowl.
cadillac 24: Which players are on the trade block that the Bucs would be interested in trading for in the offseason? Perhaps Chad Johnson or Jason Taylor?
mvp: I think we could take the Giants easily if we get pressure on Eli.
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – No, the Bucs haven't received a lot of respect in the national media. They probably will get more respect next year or maybe even in the playoffs, depending on how far they make it.
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan -It would have been uphill sledding for the Bucs to place anyone in the Pro Bowl with zero national TV games.
bucboy: flying under the radar is a good thing
cadillac 24: How many nationally televised games do you think we will get next year? Maybe a Monday Night game at home?
mnbucsfan: SR/JF and we got bumped by the Vikes this week….makes me angry
mvp: Is Super Bowl contention in 09 too much to hope for? :)
pewterreportjf: antcam – I'll probably be writing about how the Bucs match up with several teams in the playoffs in my next on-line column. I do like the way the Bucs match up against the Giants, though.
pewterreportsr: rdhess – I think Kiffin will return to Tampa Bay in 2008. After that, maybe Raheem gets the nod.
antcam: We dont fly we sail=)
lvbuc: SR/JF any new on an new contract, plaers or coaches?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The Bucs won't be willing to trade for a player unless it's a good deal. They're not in a position where they have to overpay or give away too many draft picks for a player.
bucboy: they better lock gruden up long term
pewterreportsr: mvp – I think the Bucs can begin to go on a streak now (with a young nucleus of talent and plenty of cap room) that will rival Tampa Bay's run from 1997-2002.
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – No news to report on any contract extensions.
mnbucsfan: SR/JF am I totaly off the wall here I think it's possiable to make it to the championship game in the playoffs
pewterreportjf: mvp – I think the Bucs will be a playoff contender in 2008. Once you're in the playoffs, anything can happen, including making the Super Bowl, so I would say there's a chance. Let's see how the Bucs do in the playoffs this year first.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I think the Bucs probably get at least 3 prime time games over Sunday and Monday nights.
bucboy: even if they lose round 1, this has been one of my favorite seasons
mnbucsfan: Not the superbowl but the nfc championship
pewterreportsr: I'
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Even when the Bucs have played well they haven't received a lot of nationally televised games. I think the Bucs might end up with one Monday Night Game and one Sunday Night Game in 2008.
cadillac 24: What did Gruden have to say about Trotter in his Monday press conference? Do you think that he will get in the rotation in the next couple of weeks?
guest: (enWho is going step upbesides Ike? Clayton or Stovallter your message here)
mvp: Is there any credence to the rumors that Gruden might parlay his succcess this year into landing the Philly Job if Andy reid is ousted or is it just his agent playing head games with the Glazers?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The only way Jeremiah Trotter will get into a game is if the Bucs are resting Barrett Ruud or Ruud is hurt. Trotter has been a great leader in the locker room this year.
mnbucsfan: Haven't heard about the Philly thing mvp where did you hear that?
pewterreportsr: I'm not writing off this year's Bucs team at all, but I don't see them in the Super Bowl this year. My expectations are them winning their home playoff game. Anything after that is gravy as far as I'm concerned. They've already defied all of the prognosticators – except Hugh MacArthur. He predicted 10-6 at the start of the season. And yes, it's in print.
mvp: mnbucsfan-On PFT and other sites. They say owner Laurie regrets letting Gruden go.
pewterreportjf: mvp – I think Jon Gruden wants to remain in Tampa Bay. The only way I can see him wanting out of Tampa is if the GLazers do not give him a contract extension in 2008 and make him play out the final year of his contract. That's what happened with Gruden in Oakland and what ultimately landed him in Tampa Bay.
rook: Why do the Bucs look like at the times the worst number 1 scoring defense in the NFL?
mnbucsfan: SR count me in on the 10 wins for the season… that was what I said as well (ok so it's a bit of self adoration) but it's what I said
bucboy: i would give them a shot even against the pats. no one should ever again underestmimate gruden when the chips are down
mvp: SR/JF what is the biggest concern going into next year? An UT or a offensive playmaker?
mnbucsfan: SR/JF how much would Gruden like to take on the Cowboys if Brad Johnson was starting due to a Romo thumb injury?
rook: They need some young WRs to develop
pewterreportsr: Why would would Gruden want to leave? He's got a front office he finally trusts with Allen and Arteaga, a roster he has helped shape, a young, talented O-line, a solid running game, a great defense, he works with his dad and brother, lives in the same town as his parents do, makes millions and the Bucs have plenty of cap room for years to come. Why leave that for Philly? What the hell do they have to offer?!
antcam: cheesesteaks
bucboy: #10 rushing offense? who would ahve EVER thought that, and even with caddy going down
pewterreportjf: The Bucs need to address their running back and center positions in 2008. Although the defensive line is coming on as of late, the Bucs could also use some more youth and depth at defensive end and defensive tackle.
cadillac 24: How's Gaines Adams progressing? Is he picking up more good passrushing moves and techniques?
mnbucsfan: Earnest may take the team MVP award this season what do you guys think he really has stepped up this year
pewterreportsr: mvp – I think the Bucs will want to get some speed and playmaking ability at WR. If Galloway goes down, the safeties come up and that changes Gruden's game plan. Jovan Haye has played pretty damn good this year with four FRs and five sacks.
rook: Scott, Bennett offers something we don't have in the running game. Will he at least consider using Bennett other than garbage time?
mvp: SR's inner fan emerges :)
pewterreportsr: antcam – Yeah, but Tampa's got Cuban sandwiches!
antcam: BucNation say hello to Mr. Mario Manningham
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – Oh my. Dallas' offense would be completely different with Brad Johnson starting at quarterback. I think the Bucs would like their chances in that type of matchup. But before they can even think about that they have to win their first-round playoff game.
bucboy: i want romo
pewterreportsr: mvp – It's not really an inner fan, it's just the facts. I think Tampa Bay is a much more attractive job for Gruden (or anyone) right now over Philly – hands down.
mvp: Antcam 1st round WRs make me nervous.
pewterreportsr: antcam – I like Manningham. The guy has got a smooth game.
bucboy: i'll admit an inner fan of gruden. dude's resume speaks for itself
antcam: MVP were else would u want to go
mvp: Totally agree SR. I just keep the Saban – "Not the Alabama coach" thing in the back of my mind when rumors start popping up.
pewterreportjf: I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs expressed some interest in signing Jerry Porter, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in 2008.
mnbucsfan: Ok everyone this is for all of you to comment on. The wife has come up with a nickname for Earnest she calls him the "G-String" what do you guys want me to tell her?
bucboy: g string?
rdhess: Yuck
mvp: Antcam you mean draft wise? A RB would be nice.
bucboy: my 7 year old calls him bowling ball
antcam: SR/JF Have either one of yall heard any news on P. Warren
mvp: JF Dosen't Porter come with baggage?
mnbucsfan: That';s what I saod but I told her I would ask
rook: Any more baggage than Stevens?
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antcam: Yes. What about the time invested in Darby?, and Bennett and Graham
bucboy: what's the special offer for current subscribers?
mvp: My father calls him the Bull Dog because of his wide frame.
pewterreportjf: mvp – Yes, if the Bucs signed Porter I'm guessing they would sign him to a contract that gave them a way out if Porter acted up. Either that, or if Porter's price tag got too high they'd simply pass.
pewterreportsr: antcam – Warren is walking around okay. The biggest thing he'll have to tackle is getting his speed and agility back. He wasn't overly fast to begin with.
mnbucsfan: JF we need younger wr's not older one's
bucboy: does this team remind anyone else of the 2001 pats?
rook: Would the Bucs sign Sapp as a reserve UT and goal line TE?
antcam: So his days in Pewter and Red look numbered!!!!=(
mvp: Antcam I think Graham and Darby stick around.
pewterreportsr: bucboy – You can save 10% on Victory Mondays. My guess is there will be at least two more of those this year – if not three or four more.
mnbucsfan: I don't think Warren would come back
antcam: let Bennett walk
bucboy: if they win the super bowl do we get a year free? :-)
mnbucsfan: If Bennett goes we have given 2 draft picks away for nothing not a good move
pewterreportjf: rook – I don't see Warren Sapp coming back to Tampa unless it's to retire one day later. The team chemistry on this team is excellent and the Bucs wouldn't want to risk disrupting it with a player like Sapp.
mvp: Warren would be in the running for Comeback ply.of the year if he plays well.
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan- I don't think the Bucs would bring Sapp back. This is the best locker room they have. They don't need to screw it up by bringing back that A-hole. I loved Sapp's game on Sundays, but you can have him Monday-Saturday. Not me.
mnbucsfan: SR I said he wouldn't come back
mnbucsfan: opps you got an agreement with me I misread
mvp: Is Albert Haynesworth have a better temperment then Sapp? Because he looks like the best UT available in FA next year.
pewterreportsr: bucboy – No, but you should be so euphoric that the Bucs won the Super Bowl that you sign up for a lifetime subscription.
bucboy: haynesworth is tough but he is injury prone
bucboy: i'm a lifer regardless SR. no worries
pewterreportjf: mvp – I don't expect the Bucs to go out into free agency and sign a ton of players in 2008 even though they will have about $30 million to spend. You don't spend money just for the sake of doing it. Ask the 49ers about that. They were one of the biggest spenders during the offseason and look what they have to show for it this season.
antcam: I dont UT is a pressing need for the Bucs at this moment. We already got Haye and Peterson is waiting in the wings
mnbucsfan: SR/JF can we expect any news from Mike in the next week or so? As much as I hate to not see him out there it's time to retire
mvp: But the effect he has on the Titans D is something else. But that may be contract year motivation.
guest: where can i find a jermaine phillips jersey or tanard jackson jersey???
mnbucsfan: As a last resort you can use the nfl shop they can make one
rook: Is Dan Buenning center next year?
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – I would think Mike Alstott might announce his retirement from the NFL in the week leading up to the Carolina game, but now that the Bucs have a home playoff game they could wait one week. I would be shocked if Alstott attempted to play again in 2008. I think his football career is over. Nothing wrong with that — it was a great one.
mvp: SR/JF if the Bucs are going to overspend for a good player who do you think it'd be?
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I hope Mike Alstott does retire. He's played admirably these last couple of years, but B.J. Askew is clearly the better fullback at this point in time. Askew is the starter in 2008 regardless of what Alstott decides to do. He needs to retire.
pewterreportjf: guest – You can find all of your Tampa Bay Buccaneers merchandise at any local Bay Area Sports Fan-Attic location or at
antcam: SR/JF I would like to extend my gradtiude for providing this forum for us Bucs fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
pewterreportsr: Get your NFC South champs merchandise at too.
pewterreportjf: rook – Dan Buenning will be given a chance to compete for the starting center job in 2008, but there's no guarantee he'll win it.
bucboy: yes the best half hour of the week!
pewterreportjf: We've got to get going, Bucs fans.
cadillac 24: Are the Bucs going to do anything special for Spurlock besides buy him a watch?
mnbucsfan: SR/JF we are in total agreement it will be a sad day but one that is inevetable as far as I can see I'm sure the crowd will give him a great ovation
bucboy: BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!
pewterreportsr: Thanks for the great questions, Bucs fan. No chat next Tuesday as it will be Christmas. Man, December has flown by … about as fast as Spurlock running those 90 memorable yards!
cadillac 24: Would the Bucs go after Matt Birk next year for center?
mvp: Best Half hour indeed. Thanks SR/JF. Happy holidays.
mnbucsfan: Thanks guys have a great Christmas
antcam: He's also the lifetime returner.
bucboy: yes happy holidays everyone!
pewterreportsr: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Bucs fans. And to all a good night!
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the Chat Session. I don't believe there's a chat for the next two weeks due to Christmas and the following week is New Year's Day.
mnbucsfan: Will there be a chat next week after all it is Christmas day?
antcam: Everybody be safe
cadillac 24: Thanks guys
pewterreportjf: Happy Holidays, Bucs fans. Take care and enjoy the rest of the season.

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