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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, December 5, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
cbgb: SR/JF – I want McCown to start this week even if Jeff is close to 100%……what do you guys think ?
pewterreportsr: I had the chance to go to New Orleans with my wife this weekend on the Buc Fan Tours trip. We had a blast. Buc Fan Tours got us a great hotel on Bourbon Street. New Orleans is really coming back as a city, but needs tourists to come there and spend money. I encourage everyone to go to New Orleans for a vacation. Lots to do. Safe city. Very welcoming people. Of course the game was fantastic, too.
pewterreportjf: cbgb – If Jeff Garcia is fairly healthy I think he will start. Remember – the Bucs still need to clinch the NFC South division title and have a chance to earn a bye week in the playoffs.
buc101: sounds like fun Scott
dbo2440: what did luke's performance say about the future of the buccaneers at the quarterback position
guest: i dont see Green Bay lossing any games
pewterreportjf: If the Packers lose two of their last four and the Bucs win their four remaining games I believe they would secure the No. 2 playoff seed in the NFC.
hehateme: what is donald penns furutre in tampa bay?
guest: we did not even make game of the week on NFL network
lvbuc: JF/SR is something wrong with Matt Bryant his kick-offs have been short. andhe missed a 49 yarder
pewterreportsr: cbgb – I think Luke played awfully well. However, I will caution you about starting Lukemania. Remember, Bruce Gradkowski played very well at New Orleans last year in his first start. Then opponents got film on him and his game begun to unravel.
pewterreportjf: dbo2440 – Luke McCown's performance was impressive. I'd like to see him in a few more regular season games before I deem him Tampa Bay's quarterback of the future. I do think he has some upside, though.
guest: SR/JFA lot was made when we lost Pettigout
yuccaneers: SR/JF Have you heard any word on if Tampa Bay is going to roll the 14 plus million they have to 2008 cap money and what players they have approached?
buc101: Luke also threw an interception on a bad pass and made a bad decision by taking the sack in the endzone
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – I will be discussing Bryant's kickoffs in my next SR's Fab Five. They are by design and working just fine.
buc101: something Jeff wouldn't do
pewterreportjf: vbuc – We do not know of anything wrong with Matt Bryant. I'll tell you what – Houston's kicker is having a hell of a season. Kris Brown has made 89 percent of his field goals, including 5-of-5 from 50-plus yards away.
lvbuc: SR/JF Is McCown Free Agent next year
pewterreportsr: dbo2440 – It's too early to say that McCown is the QB of the future. But it's not too early to include him as a candidate, either.
cbgb: If McCown can string some games together and see if he's the real deal it will erase the need to acquire another QB and let Jeff rest up. Well aware of Grad's season last year, McCown may be different SR.
buc101: I want Colt Brennan on our team, am I crazy? lol
dbo2440: Will Earnest be a big contributor next year as well, i heard the radio cast about the bucs still going out and getting another back but do you see the bucs starting him next year
guest: Whats your gut feeling will the bucs win on sunday at houston is Andre Hohnson going to be playing
pewterreportjf: lvbuc – No, Luke McCown is under contract with the Bucs in 2008. However, they might use him as one of the players that are needed to roll over the $14 million in cap room to 2008 by Dec. 29
guest: SR/JF A lot was made when we lost Pettigout
rohan: Is Earnest going to get an Extension?
pewterreportsr: cbgb – I hope that's the case, cbgb. McCown did look impressive, but the Saints defense isn't too stout. I'll reserve judgment and be cautiously optimistic until I see him in another game.
lvbuc: JF: You mean exsted his contract
pewterreportjf: dbo2440 – I think Earnest Graham will get an opportunity to compete for the starting job next year. I'm not sure he really ever had that chance in previous years. I do expect the Bucs to go out and get a running back, though. Michael Pittman and Michael Turner are scheduled to become free agents, and Cadillac Williams' knee injury likely will linger into 2008.
lvbuc: exstend
cbgb: same here SR, I just think it's a good time to see what he's got.
tpa08: SR/JF Assuming Pettigout
pewterreportjf: lvbuc – Yes, the Bucs will restructure some contracts and extend others in order to carry over the $14 million in cap room they have now to 2008.
buc101: SR/JF any free-agent WR's Tampa is looking at?
yuccaneers: SR/JF so Luke signed a five year deal as a rookie when the Browns drafted him in the fourth round in 2004, or did he sign some typr of extension?
dbo2440: how are the bucs feeling with their front four now ae the season is progressing…. are they going to make that a priority in the offseason as many people thought…. such as a DT
lvbuc: JF: Who might the players be
pewterreportjf: The one free agent wide receiver I expect the Bucs to be interested in signing is Jerry Porter (Oakland).
pewterreportsr: I think Tampa Bay should win, but it might be difficult to get up for an AFC team on the road after playing at a high level for four straight weeks. The Bucs should win this, but for some reason I expect kind of a sloppy game. Nothing is telling me that right other than my gut, though.
buc101: well I don't want him
guest: yeah but porter stays hurt
tpa08: SR/JF How would you rate Graham
pewterreportsr: buc101 – Too early to say what free agent WRs the Bucs are targeting. Not sure who might be re-signed or franchised.
pewterreportjf: There are some really good tight ends that are scheduled to become free agents in 2008. Dallas Clark (Indy), Kris Wilson (Kansas City) and Ben Troupe (Tennessee) to name a few.
dbo2440: with trotter only around this year…. how do you feel the bucs will address the back up middle linebacker position in the offseason
guest: jerry mackey
hehateme: do you think maurice stovall is having a pro-bowl year for his plays on special teams?
dbo2440: i mean draft or free agency
pewterreportsr: I do like Patrick Crayton, though. I think he could be the kick return guy and the No. 2 in Tampa Bay opposite Galloway. Nice mix of size and speed. Hands aren't good enough to be a No. 1, though.
pewterreportjf: The Bucs are in good shape at wide receiver in 2008. Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard, Michael Clayton and Maurice Stovall are all under contract. Paris Warren should be back, too.
buc101: Galloway will retire soon, Clayton sucks, Hillaird can only catch on third down lol
pewterreportsr: hehateme – Yes, Stovall is having an impact year on special teams and may be a Pro Bowl candidate. Long shot, but he's playing like a Pro Bowler.
rohan: Is Clayton going to be released at the end of the season?
lvbuc: SR: when will the Fab 5 be out
dbo2440: how are the bucs feeling with their front four now as the season is progressing…. are they going to make that a priority in the offseason as many people thought…. such as a DT
pewterreportsr: rohan – Too early to tell. I don't think Clayton will be released unless the Bucs feel they have an upgrade via free agency or the draft.
pewterreportjf: rohan – I don't think the Bucs will release Michael Clayton. He's still pretty cheap and they have a first-round pick invested in him. Plus, he's only 24. The Bucs feel he can get better. I'd prefer the Bucs put some weight on him and make him a tight end. He's a good special teams player and is worth keeping around unless they can trade him for someone or thing of value.
tpa08: SR/JF If you had your choice who would you want to see in the first round of the playoffs?
lvbuc: SR/JR : What ever happened to Hughs Dity Dozen
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – SR's Fab 5 will likely come out on Friday. That's when I've been publishing them lately.
buc101: SR/JF – Do you know of the Pro Bowl status for the Buccaneers? Is anybody leading in votes?
rohan: Why is Micheal Bennet in Gruden's doghouse he shows amazing speed when he does get a a play and gets great yardage
guest: go bucs
guest: hello
pewterreportjf: tpa08 – If I had a choice I'd prefer that the Buccaneers play the Detroit Lions in the first round of the playoffs. My next preference would be Arizona. I think the Bucs can beat the Giants, especially with the way Eli Manning is playing.
dbo2440: with trotter only around this year…. how do you feel the bucs will address the back up middle linebacker position in the offseason (free agency or draft)
rohan: I think Plaxico would burn us if we played NY Giants
pewterreportjf: rohan – Michael Bennett hadn't performed that well in practice over the last few weeks. He needs to do a better job of catching the football, too. Also, it's important to remember that Bennett only knows a fraction of Tampa Bay's playbook, so he's not going to get on the field a whole lot.
pewterreportsr: tpa08 – I think I would like to see Tampa Bay play Detroit, but I doubt they'll be in. I think I'd like to see New Orleans come back to Tampa. Minnesota is starting to scare me a bit. NY Giants used to scare me, but I think Tampa Bay can handle them now.
lvbuc: SR/JR : What ever happened to Hughs Dity Dozen
tpa08: SR/JF Who do you think is the worst case scenario for the bucs in the playoffs? Minnesota?
guest: i think we can beat greenbay
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – What happened to Hugh's Dirty Dozen? That's a question for Hugh. Go ahead and ask it on the message boards.
buc101: SR/JF – Do you know of the Pro Bowl status for the Buccaneers? Is anybody leading in votes?
dbo2440: how are the bucs feeling with their front four now as the season is progressing…. are they going to make that a priority in the offseason as many people thought…. such as a DT
pewterreportjf: I do not know the Pro Bowl status of any Bucs players as of right now. If I had to say right now, I think Jeff Garcia and Derrick Brooks will make the Pro Bowl for the Bucs.
hehateme: do you think Gruden has a good chance of winning coach of the year?
buc101: JF – you really think that Brooks is having a good enough season for the pro bowl?
pewterreportjf: lvbuc – Hugh does the Dirty Dozen columns as often as he can. Remember – he has a day job and family that keep him quite busy. :)
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think Tampa Bay could go up to a cold, snowy Lambeau field and win this year. A warm day? Possibly. A cold day? Packers win.
rohan: How about Gaines Adams you can really see his confidence growing what are the feelings about him around one buc place? jackpot or bust?
pewterreportjf: I think Derrick Brooks will make the Pro Bowl. I didn't say I thought he "deserved" to go this year.
dbo2440: with trotter only around this year…. how do you feel the bucs will address the back up middle linebacker position in the offseason (free agency or draft)
pewterreportsr: dbo2440 – You have to be impressed with what Jovan Haye is doing as an under tackle. He's playing much better than McFarland played at the 3 technique and is really starting to make some impact plays during the second half of the season.
buc101: haha, kind of like last year
bucemup: I just got here, its been a while since I have been able to make a chat but would like to thank you guys for doing this and posting it to be read later.
pewterreportjf: hehateme – I think Jon Gruden should be a candidate for Coach of the Year. I also think Romeo Cronnell will get consideration.
dbo2440: Haye has become one of my favorite players to watch
tpa08: SR/JF What has surprised you most about the Bucs this year?
lvbuc: SR/JF: What is the diffrence in the D-line. Why are they s much better know
pewterreportsr: dbo2440 – I think the Bucs will look for a backup MLB in free agency. Not sure who right now.
buc101: any chance of Bellicheck for coach of the year?
pewterreportjf: db02440 – Tampa Bay is happy with the progression of its front four. This unit seems to be getting better each week, and it doesn't even have Greg Spires right now.
buc101: after all his team is undefeated
bucemup: You said that Wade's issues were cramp oriented. My question is why did they get so bad? The game was played in a dome so the conditions should have been better then playing in Tampa, right?
lvbuc: now
rohan: How about Gaines Adams you can really see his confidence growing what are the feelings about him around one buc place? jackpot or bust?
pewterreportsr: tpa08 – The biggest surprise for me has to be the play of the backup players. When called upon, guys like Graham, Penn, Davis, White, McCown, etc. have all stepped up and played like starters.
pewterreportjf: tpa08 – I'd say I'm pretty surprised by how well the offensive line has played, especially with Donald Penn in for Luke Petitgout. Tampa Bay's running game is now ranked 12th in the NFL, and a third-string, undrafted free agent running back is carrying the torch.
hehateme: any word on the caddy lately?
bucemup: Also, would the Bucs start Buenning if Wade was lost or would they start Lehr and activate Buenning only as a backup?
dbo2440: With Wade going out this week and Lehr filling in, are the bucs thinking of taking him and Buenning to training camp to compete for Center next season
rohan: Who are the elite offensive lineman that would be free agents next year?
pewterreportsr: rohan – Gaines is really gaining some confidence. He's on the right path for a strong finish. I'll have more on Gaines in my SR's Fab 5 on Fridaay.
lvbuc: JF: How much is graham and how much is the O-line
bucemup: Or was having Wade active similar to having Grads the second string QB? Lehr had more game experience thus he was the backup C?
pewterreportjf: lvbuc – Players like Gaines Adams and Greg White are getting more playing time, so they're getting better. Also, the Bucs have a good rotation going on the defensive line that is keeping players fresh. You can throw Jovan Haye in the mix as well in terms of a player that's benefiting from more and more playing time.
tpa08: SR/JF Conversly what do you think is the biggest disapointment with the Bucs ( you cant say injuries!!!) ???
pewterreportsr: hehateme – Haven't seen Caddy since he was put on IR.
pewterreportjf: buemup – John Wade sweats — a lot. That's why he had to leave Sunday's game to get fluids.
rohan: Any Elilte Players At the Center Position That Will Be Free Agents Next Year?
pewterreportsr: tpa08 – I think the biggest disappointment has to be Clayton. He just hasn't made strides as a WR. He's a first-round pick who is No. 4 on the depth chart and resigned to playing on special teams.
bucemup: Lvbuc, I think it is important to remember that Freeney and most DE's that are playing at a high level now didn't start right away. I dont think Freeney started until week 7 or 8. He finished with like 12 sacks which Adams may or may not reach.
guest: hello
pewterreportjf: lvbuc – I think Earnest Graham has done a great job of hitting holes and not dancing in the backfield, and being a tough runner, meaning he's picking up 1 and 2 yards even when he's stopped at the line of scrimmage. That's something we didn't see from Cadillac Williams.
hehateme: what is donald penn's future in tampa bay?
rohan: Any Elilte Players At the Center Position That Will Be Free Agents Next Year?
buc101: JF/SR – when will the cheerleader issue come in?
pewterreportsr: hehateme – Look for Penn to get a modest contract extension and then battle Petitgout for the right to start at left tackle next July/August.
bucemup: JF, but why was this such an issue in a dome and when the weather is cooler arouind the contry?
guest: What are Monte's thoughts on the new Nebraska coach?
pewterreportjf: tpa08 – One of the biggest disappointments for me is Tampa Bay's return games. This unit was doing well until Mark Jones got hurt, but I want to see the Bucs invest in a return specialist that can change a game.
tpa08: SR/JF Outside of Garcia who is the one Buc we can not afford to lose going down the stretch?
buc101: why didn't we draft Yamon Figurs?
dbo2440: will it be Lehr and Buenning battling for the center next season?
pewterreportjf: I was also disappointed that Maurice Stovall's outstanding offseason and training camp didn't translate into him starting alongside Joey Galloway in Week 1.
pewterreportsr: guest – Monte is a HUGE Bo Pelini fan and I'm sure that he's thrilled Bo got the job. Bo should have gotten the job instead of Callahan.
guest: tpa08 _ I'd say either kicker
lvbuc: SR/JF Why does Kiff only go with a 3 man rush. It seems like the Bucs always gets burn with a 3 man rush?
pewterreportsr: buc101 – Figurs was drafted too early for Tampa Bay to take a legit stab at him.
pewterreportjf: bucemup – I really don't know why John Wade sweats a lot in a dome. I'm not a doctor. It might have been an issue where he just didn't take in enough fluids during the game and cramped up.
bucemup: JF- Are the Bucs getting tired of the way Buchannan returns punts? I hate how he runs around and looses yards a lot of the time. HE might be dangerous but he needs to get upfield. Also, it doesn't seem like Ike is back there to do anything but fair catch, do the Bucs have anybody else that may be able to field punts? Is Bennet going to get a shot?
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – I would agree. I don't like the 3-man rush, but in theory, dropping 8 into coverage against 5 eligible targets should give the defense the edge. But great QBs like Drew Brees can find the open receiver and make the throw.
pewterreportjf: db02440 – I don't think Dan Buenning would start at center if John Wade got hurt. However, I do believe Buenning and Lehr will battle for the starting center job in 2008. Wade is scheduled to become a UFA and I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs let him test free agency.
dominico: I wouldn't mind seeing the Bucs sign Jared Allen even if they have to give up two 1st rounders
pewterreportjf: bucemup – Unfortunately, Phillip Buchanon is probably the best punt returner the Bucs have besides Joey Galloway. Buchanon just needs to run forward, not backward.
bucemup: Thanks JF, I hope (kind of) that the situation is that simple. Do you think that Lehr would start long term if Wade went out or do you think we would see Buenning? I for one thought Buenning would give a serous fight for that position. I hope he was just still injured and he isn't having a hard time with the position.
buc101: the best returner that is active, Mark Jones is the best punt returner on the Bucs
rohan: Are Brian Kelly's days numbered?
pewterreportsr: I think the blocking has been a little lackluster on punt returns, too. There haven't been clear alleys to run through for the return men.
pewterreportjf: dominico – I don't think the Bucs would give up two first-round picks for Jared Allen. However, Tampa Bay would jump all over him if Kansas City lets him test free agency.
tpa08: SR/JF Outside of Garcia who is the one Buc we can not afford to lose going down the stretch?
rohan: Are Brian Kelly's days numbered?
dominico: Yeah i guess it was McKay that liked to hand out draft picks
pewterreportjf: rohan – Brian Kelly is under contract with the Bucs through 2008. I think he'll be back next year. The Bucs have a lot of value in Barber, Buchanon and Kelly as their three cornerbacks. Sammy Davis has also shown a lot of improvement since returning earlier this season.
bucemup: I was watching the Ravens-Pats game last night, did anybody notice they kept saying Jamorne Winbron (somethinh like that) was playing S? Was it the same guy the Bucs released from LBer?
hehateme: what do you think the teams needs are for the draft this season?
pewterreportsr: tpa08 – The Bucs can't afford to lose Joey Galloway. No other WR has his game-breaking speed. Without Galloway, the Bucs aren't fast at WR and lose the threat of the big play downfield. That means that safeties would roll their coverage up and that would make running the ball more difficult.
bucboy: bucs on nfl replay in an hour!
dominico: no he plays for the broncos
lvbuc: SR/JF When we wrap up the south will Gruden rest any of the players like Askew to get them healthy
pewterreportsr: bucmeup – Yes, Winborn has played safety before. He probably was playing safety for the Ravens.
pewterreportjf: hehateme – It's way too early to know what the Bucs will need in the draft. Free agency will dictate a lot of what the Bucs do in the draft. I think the Bucs will be in the market for a running back, defensive end, middle linebacker, defensive tackle, cornerback and hopefully a return specialist next year. Maybe even a quarterback if Jake Plummer does not come out of retirement.
bucboy: where would espn get info that jeff's back is broken?
rohan: Any Chance that the Bucs go after Daunte?
pewterreportsr: dominico – That's right. Jamie Winborn does play for Denver, doesn't he/
dominico: middle linebacker?
tpa08: and for the record that was defensive holding on Winborn
guest: What is your gut instinct as to Garcia playing this weekend?
lvbuc: SR/JF When we wrap up the south will Gruden rest any of the players like Askew, Pittman to get them healthy
rohan: Any Chance getting Daunte Culpepper nexy year?
pewterreportjf: lvbuc – Jon Gruden won't rest players until the Bucs have officially won the NFC South division and are officially eliminated from the No. 1 and 2 playoff seeds in the NFC. If they know where they stand going into the final week vs. Carolina, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs treated that game like their bye week and rested players unless they had a chance to earn the No. 2 playoff spot, which would earn them a first-round bye in the playoffs.
hehateme: you've seen galloway in practice and in games. how many years do you think he has in the tank? 2-3?
pewterreportjf: guest – I think Jeff Garcia will play vs. the Houston Texans.
pewterreportsr: bucboy – We heard the same rumor about Garcia having a broken vertebrae in his back, but we can't get that confirmed. If Garcia denies it, and Gruden denies it … what do you do? You can't talk to Garcia's medical people due to privacy laws. Without confirmation, there is no story.
tpa08: SR/JF Predict the record for the bucs in the final quarter of the season? 4-0?
bucboy: i agree and hope he is ok. just weird. mort is usually accurate
pewterreportsr: I think Garcia will play at Houston if he practices on Wednesday. If he doesn't practice on Wednesday (he should), he likely won't play on Sunday.
stulaake: Will Gradkowski be a part of this team next season?
pewterreportsr: tpa008 3-1.
lvbuc: SR/JF The Bucs record in the last quarter?
bucboy: i am way late so ignore me if i repeat things. gaines adams penetration was HUGE on that bush fumbled lateral!
pewterreportsr: stulaake – I don't know if Gradkowski will be back next year. It depends who else is in the mix with Garcia and McCown.
pewterreportjf: I think the Bucs have a great chance to go 4-0 down the stretch, which would give them a eight-game winning streak heading into the playoffs. I do worry that the Bucs will not be as up for the game in Houston as they were for the game in New Orleans. But as long as the Bucs are still fighting for one of the top two spots in the NFC playoff race they should show up and play hard each week.
spiderman1314: I thought Brad had broken ribs in 02?
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – Yes. I think the Bucs will go 3-1 down the stretch.
bucemup: JF/SR- With the players the Bucs have on O and Vets making more of an impact then rooks whould you expect that FA would be spent on the O more then the D? It seems like the D coaches do a better job raising young tallent while Gruden either can not afford to stick with the young guys or chooses not to. Would a contract extension allow Gruden to let his young players play through their mistakes more? or am I just totally wrong? I know we have quite a few young players on the O but most are on the Oline while WR's like Clayton and Stovall don't get the chance to play much because of a few mistakes, nobody is perfect.
pewterreportjf: We've got to get going, room.
rohan: no
tpa08: 11-5/12-6 NFC South Champs, Home Playoff Game…. I'll take it!!!
rohan: stay lol
stulaake: thanks guys
tpa08: 12-4*
rohan: take care
spiderman1314: Thanks guys!
bucboy: no doubt tpa08
rohan: 10-6
dominico: thanks
pewterreportsr: Thanks for the great questions, Bucs fans. Enjoy the holiday season … and the Bucs' win streak.
bucboy: BELIEVE!
rohan: 10-6
stulaake: merry x-mas
tpa08: Peace!
lvbuc: JF: your next Fynns Focas?
pewterreportsr: Remember that Pewter Report makes the PERFECT holiday gift. Call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) to get a gift subscription or to renew your subscription!
pewterreportjf: Thanks for attending the chat session. Enjoy this weekend's game. Remember – if the Bucs win vs. the Texans or the Panthers and Saints lose, the Bucs are 2007 NFC South division champs.

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