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The Chat Session was held from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, January 8, 2008.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
detroitbuc: yes we better get better
mnbucsfan: well you never know about the schedule it sure can change from what it looks like now
mvp: Hello JF.
buc101: it'd be nice to make the playoffs two straight years
buc101: Does Chris Simms have a serious shot at becoming the starter in Tampa Bay?
mnbucsfan: HI JF
pewterreportjf: Hope all of you are ready for an interesting and exciting offseason as far as the Bucs are concerned.
buc101: like he said in his talk
mnbucsfan: JF wasn't ready for the season to end yet
mvp: I sure am JF, Bring on fa and the draft.
detroitbuc: i wonder if our division well be any better
pewterreportjf: No, I don't think Chris Simms has a shot at becoming the starting quarterback next season. In fact, I'd be surprised if Simms was a Buc come the regular season. He just doesn't fit Jon Gruden's system. Luke McCown and Jeff Garcia have proven to be better fits and better quarterbacks. I think Simms can be successful somewhere else.
mnbucsfan: JF any idea why Jeff appeared to have his worst gme of the season Sunday? Think he got to much time off?
buc101: will Tampa cut Simms or try and trade him?
detroitbuc: will Brooks be ask to leave in 08
mvp: JF when do the Bucs start thinking long term QB? It looks like one can be drafted and develop under Garcia or is luke the guy?
pewterreportjf: It's hard to say what will happen with Simms. The Bucs probably would like to trade him, but I'm not sure they could get anything for him since he's been hurt and didn't perform well even before he suffered the spleen injury. My guess is he'd be released as opposed to traded. He might receive the chance to compete in camp, though.
buc101: thanks jf
detroitbuc: whats the best position in this years draft?
mnbucsfan: JF isn't the 1st priority this off season to find another speedy WR without Joey we werent the same team. Followed by another RB earnest did a great job but think we will still need another back.
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – Derrick Brooks has made it clear that he intends to play in 2008. Whether the Bucs want him back as a player remains to be seen. Brooks will turn 35 in April and he's no longer in his prime. I don't personally think the Bucs should pass on a player like Lance Briggs in free agency for the sake of keeping Brooks happy.
mvp: Simms trade value has to be nonexistent.
detroitbuc: i feel you JF
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – Ask me that question after the draft and the combine.
mvp: JF what do you feel the Glazers should do with Gruden and Allen's contract situations?
buc101: JF, is Tampa considering drafting Davone Bess from Hawaii? He's a speedy WR who is like a Wes Welker IMO
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – Yes, the Bucs will target at least one wide receiver in free agency and/or the NFL Draft. They need to get faster at that position and find an eventual successor for Joey Galloway. The problem is there aren't a lot of quality receivers that are scheduled to become free agents, and the draft is always a risk.
booker reese: Guys – Thoughts on offensive assistants – who stays/who goes?
mvp: Joey Porter should be a good option if he irons out his character issues.
pewterreportjf: mvp – When you think about what the Bucs accomplished this season, you have to believe the Glazers liked what they saw in terms of improvement. The team didn't finish on a great note, but they won the division and made the playoffs. That said, I think Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen will receive contract extensions at some point during the offseason.
detroitbuc: Porter is always hurt it seems
mnbucsfan: we need to get younget at wr porter is to old
booker reese: it's Jerry Porter – I don't think you can iron out Joey Porter's character issues at this point
mnbucsfan: shouldn't they extend him before FA JF.
guest: agreed. i've talked with some chicago fans and bernard berrian is most likely going to test free agency. I think we should give him a shot
mvp: mnbucsfan you can't rule out the possibility of a FA and a draft pick at WR.
detroitbuc: what about J walker and A Bryant
booker reese: How about Andre Davis – cheap KR/deep threat?
guest: I prefer DJ Hackett
mnbucsfan: Need to explore every option that's for sure
booker reese: Didn't DJ Hackett sign an extension? I don't think he's a FA any more
cheveliar: Do we have to pass on Briggs to keep DB?
pewterreportjf: booker reese – That's a great question. The Bucs have several asst. coaches whose contracts are set to expire, and who stays and who goes and who comes has a lot to do with Gruden's situation and the fact that he has just one year remaining on his deal. Quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett, running backs coach Art Valero, wide receivers coach Richard Mann, offensive line coach Bill Muir, special teams coach Richard Bisaccia and defensive backs asst. coach Jimmy Lake are some of the asst. coaches whose contracts are set to expire. We should find out what's going to happen shortly.
cheveliar: I think those are two independent questions. Sign Brigs being one. Keep DB being 1a.
booker reese: JF – any gut feelings? I mean it seems obvious that Muir might be out, but how about some others?
detroitbuc: Jf all those guys have been around maybe to long
pewterreportjf: booker reese – I think the Bucs will take a look at wide receiver Jerry Porter. Bruce Allen drafted him and he's scheduled to become a free agent. He comes with some baggage, but he's probably one of the better receivers scheduled to hit the market in March.
mvp: JF would it be better for the Bucs to draft Sam Baker at LT to replace Pettigout or draft a WR for the offense's long term success?
guest: Isn't the obvious first step in the offseason to make a decision on Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen's extension? How canANYTHING else be addressed without it?
guest: WR
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – I would expect the Buccaneers to explore several trade possibilities this offseason, including one for wide receiver Javon Walker.
buc fan in indy: With all the talk about what our team needs are. What are the bucs thoughts on Michael? do you thing he will enter training camp as the number one return guy, or will Mark Jones?
guest: WR would be VERY nice
detroitbuc: i say give Grudon just a 1 year deal
buc101: JF, is Tampa considering drafting Davone Bess from Hawaii?
mnbucsfan: JF I hope Mike isn't planning on comeing back, there was no announcment prior to either the last game of the playoff game. If he decides he wants to play I don't think it will be as a buc and that would be a sad sight to behold.
guest: Isn't the obvious first step in the offseason to make a decision on Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen's extension? How canANYTHING else be addressed without it?
detroitbuc: i say give Grudon just a 1 year deal
guest: Isn't the obvious first step in the offseason to make a decision on Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen's extension? How canANYTHING else be addressed without it?
mnbucsfan: Was hopeing that it would happen at the panthers game as I just happened to be in attendance
vlad: If I'm Gruden I don't accept a 1 year deal. He's more marketable than that.
gator thumper: give the man his extension and get on with it
pewterreportjf: cheveliar – That's a good question. Derrick Brooks expects to play in 2008 and expects to be a Buccaneer. My guess is he will remain a Buc, but I do not think the Bucs should guarantee him a starting job, especially if they have a chance to sign a Lance Briggs-type of player in free agency. The Bucs have to find a successor for Brooks and can't afford to wait for him to retire before doing it.
booker reese: Regardless of Allen/Gruden's extension, we have to sign asst.
pewterreportjf: detroitbucs – I do not think Jon Gruden would sign a one-year contract extension.
mvp: If Gruden gets the extension then he should have say over the staff.
garv: (enter your message here) Isn't the obvious first step in the offseason to make a decision on Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen's extension? How canANYTHING else be addressed without it?
buc101: I say Tampa drafts Bo Ruud when he enters the draft lol. Got double the Ruudness!!!!
vlad: JF, what kind of impact would Callahan really make on the offense. Would Gruden hand over some of the reigns?
buc fan in indy: If anything I think the Glazers will wait until next year with Gruden
booker reese: garv, stop asking the same question over and over again – we get it, whether you use the guest name or not
garv: At LEAST two years after next year, anything else is an invite for him to leave IMO
rayjay: Why would Gruden sign a one-year extension with Tony Sparano and John Harbaugh are leading Head Coaching candidates
pewterreportjf: buc fan in indy – I don't think Micheal Spurlock will even make Tampa Bay's 53-man roster next year. The Bucs need to find a legit return specialist that can help the offense establish solid starting field position. Mark Jones was able to do that until he tore his patellar tendon, an injury that likely will prevent him from being effective in 2008. Expect the Bucs to try to find a return specialist. One name to keep in mind is running back Mewelde Moore.
garv: booker, hadn't signed in yet, I'll take orders from you in 50 years maybe.
mvp: JF wouldn't Javon Walker cost too much to pry him out of Denver?
buc101: hey, who's buc fan in indy? cause I live in indy also
buc fan in indy: with teams going from 1st to last and last to 1st I think the Galzers will want to see if Gurden can string together back to back winning season before giving him an extenstion
pewterreportjf: By the way, Bruce Allen is scheduled to hold a press conference at One Buc Place at noon on Thursday. Be sure to check out early and often for breaking Bucs news.
cheveliar: Agreed JF, I just believe DB to be better than portrayed lately. I think he'd welcome the young stud in here and give him a run for the money…
mnbucsfan: MVP…maybe they could adjust the Plummer deal somehow and include Walker in it
booker reese: garv, it was tongue in cheek. I hope I'm alive in 50 years.
garv: The Allen press conference WILL answer questions, thanks.
mvp: It be a bad idea to have Gruden play out a one year deal. The distraction would be tremendous.
buc101: Buc fan in Indy – what's your name on the message board?
pewterreportjf: viad – I do not think Jon Gruden would hand over the playcalling duties to Bill Callahan if he's hired. I would not be surprised to see Callahan hired by the Bucs and made the offensive coordinator (by title only) and offensive line coach, which would mean he'd be replacing Bill Muir.
garv: Book, sorry, still humorless after sunday!
buc fan in indy: buc_in_indy
buc101: alright, I'll send u a pm
pewterreportjf: mvp – We'll have to see what Denver wants in exchange for Javon Walker. Expect the Bucs to inquire about Bengals WR Chad Johnson as well.
chucknorris: would michael clayton be in the javon walker trade talk?
mvp: mnbucsfan I'm sure Bruce s working on it :)
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – I don't think Denver wants Jake Plummer back, especially if Plummer doesn't want to play anymore.
buc fan in indy: ith teams going from 1st to last and last to 1st I think the Galzers will want to see if Gurden can string together back to back winning season before giving him an extenstion
cheveliar: Hold up guys, isn't this a solid locker room? So why all the doom and gloom over when the extension gets done? If this room is as solid as we all have heard when or if he gets an extention is irrelivant, true?
vlad: JF – Are the Bucs a desired landing spot for high profile free agents? With no probowlers and a lack of national exposure, isn't that a factor?
garv: I would not argue ocho cinco being brought in. Not anymore. We NEED WO help, big play capability help.
mnbucsfan: JF no that's not what I ment we renegotiate the plummer tade to include Walker
escobar: IMO Clayton showed flashes of his rookie season late this year and I want him back, ESPECIALLY if we trade for 85 or Walker, the middle would be Clayton's playground if we had 85/Walker and Galloway
mvp: JF what do you think Allen's priorities are for the offseason. Last year the QB play and the Pass Rush were the issues so what should it be this year?
buc101: The Bucs aren't SERIOUSLY going to pursue harder for Meshawn are they?
mnbucsfan: For all the grief Clayton is /has gotten we still need him on this team
pewterreportjf: chucknorris – That's an interesting question. The Bucs had discussions with at least one team last year regarding a possible trade that involved Michael Clayton, but you can't read too much into that. The Bucs can't help but have that conversation if another team picks up the phone to inquire about the player(s). Clayton still is cheap and he's one heck of a blocker and special teams player. Plus, a lot of people don't realize he's only 24 (I think). He hasn't lived up to expectations, but he still can improve, too.
vlad: I'm just not sure Chad Johnson would want to come to our market if he gets comparable money in a big market
buc fan in indy: I think MC will be back to form next year.
mvp: Clayton looks like he is returning to form after injuries. I'm not worried about him.
buc101: don't forget about Paris warren
booker reese: vlad, I think CJ is under contract – he doesn't have a choice in a trade
garv: I like 80 as well. he comes back IMO.
vlad: Not too late to move Clayton to safety
pewterreportjf: mvp – I think pass rush still will be a priority this offseason, especailly at defensive end. It would be like winning the lottery if Kansas City DE Jared Allen hit the market, but he might get franchised. However, Bengals DE Justin Smith could hit free agency, and I would expect the Bucs to target him. I also expect the Bucs to attempt to get faster on offense and sign at least one running back, wide receiver, tight end and center.
mnbucsfan: Mike appeared to be open on that last INT that ended the game Jeff didn't get him the ball
buc fan in indy: I still don't see Pairs as anything but a number 4 at best
garv: Paris Warren could be the guy we need, He was really coming on when he went down.
pewterreportjf: Tampa Bay must also get younger on defense. Ronde Barber, Brian Kelly, Greg Spires, Kevin Carter and Derrick Brooks will all be between the ages of 32 and 35 by the time the 2008 regular season rolls around.
booker reese: I don't know why everybody wants to cut Clayton – I hear it a lot – he's the only guy under 25 with any track record (such as it is).
escobar: JF, how does Phillips' play affect Sabby's future with us?
cheveliar: But Parris is not fast. Runs great routes though…
garv: Agree with JF! Pas rush, pass rush, pass rush. It was SO apparent on sunday.
buc101: Whatever happened to Edell Sheppherd? Is he still in the NFL?
pewterreportjf: Paris Warren is an up-and-coming player, but the problem is the Bucs already have players with his attributes. He's a possession-type guy, not a speed threat. The Bucs need more speed at receiver.
garv: Yeah, need a speed WO as well, no doubt.
mnbucsfan: Guys defense is great and I love it to but at some point we need to get an offense that can score pts
guest: What is the status of our asst. coaches and when will we find out about possible extension?
booker reese: JF – no offense, but Jared Allen has no chance of avoiding the tag. You guys bring him up all the time, but I've read repeatdly that they'll use the franchise tag if needed.
vlad: JF why did Trueblood seem to regress so much after a strong start? Injured? Tired? Amnesia?
chucknorris: if we had to draft a WR tommorow, who would it be?
garv: Back to pass rush AND much better pass protection for Garcia.
buc101: JF – To fill in the speed at WR for Tampa, are they considering drafting Davone Bess from Hawaii?
pewterreportjf: escobar – I think the 2008 season could be Jermaine Phillips' last in Tampa Bay. I do expect Sabby Piscitelli to compete for a starting job this year. He needs to stay healthy. Although he didn't play, Piscitelli was a sponge when it came to learning this year. I think fans will really like what he brings to the Bucs and the football field on Sundays.
buc fan in indy: With the 20th pick in the 2008 NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccanees select Mario Manningham
guest: Do you see the Bucs drafting a quality QB this year?
pewterreportjf: I'm sure the Bucs will consider drafting a lot of receivers in the draft, but I would not want to see them invest a first-round pick in one again.
cheveliar: That would not be good Buc Fan in Indy…
buc fan in indy: who would you take?
detroitbuc: same JF
booker reese: I'm wary of the round 1 WR as well, JF, but this has the look of a BPA type of call at 20
mnbucsfan: JF if theres spped available at that spot can we afford to pass on it?
pewterreportjf: chucknorris – It's too early to say who the Bucs would draft if it was held tomorrow. We're not like other media outlets where we just throw as many things out there to see what sticks. Don't worry — there will be plenty of time for us to discuss the draft this offseason. It all starts at Senior Bowl, where Scott Reynolds and I will be going again this year. We usually come by some good news and scoop there, as many of our subscribers can attest.
pewterreportjf: guest – No, I do not see the Bucs drafting a quarterback, especially if Jake Plummer decides to come out of retirement and play for Tampa Bay.
mnbucsfan: JF think Grads will be back next season?
buc fan in indy: Going after Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, or another WR would cost the Bucs to much. I know we have 30M to send but I don't want to see all of if blown on a WR
chucknorris: does jake really considering coming back?
chucknorris: randy moss isn't going anywhere imo
buc101: Moss will be eating Clam Chowda still
mnbucsfan: Moss won't leave NE
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – if the Bucs fail to address the receiver position in free agency I'd feel better about them taking one in the first or second round in the draft. Given how complex Jon Gruden's system is and the fact that the Bucs have a first- and third-round draft pick invested in Clayton and Stovall, I'd rather see the Bucs sign a free agent receiver than draft one.
garv: How could Plummer, unless he is a mindless stoner, POSSIBLY think it a good idea to stay retired, lose millions of dollars andnever get the chance to play again?
larry: Don't you think the Buc's feel snakebit with Michigan Recievers? thinking about Walker in 2002
garv: Maybe he's an idiot?
vlad: Jake got married. Nothing like marriage to make you want to go to work.
buc fan in indy: With that said who else is other there to be our number 2 until JG retires?
buc fan in indy: (Larry) I for got about that
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – If Jake Plummer unretires or the Bucs land another quarterback I think Bruce Gradkowski could be in real danger of losing his roster spot in Tampa Bay. I don't see him ever becoming anything more than a No. 3 signal caller in the NFL.
booker reese: garv, he's working on his handball career – no doubt very lucrative.
buc101: plummer can go hump a goat for all I care
buc101: i don't want him on my team
chucknorris: yeah we all know chris simms looked like a turd in TC, do you really think he could compete for a #2 spot?
buc101: QB depth chart should be – Garcia, Simms, McCown……drop gradsuckski
buc fan in indy: As much as I hate to say this I hope we trade Simms
larry: QB is a real need – bye bye Grads and Simms
garv: Gradais out of the NFL next year IMO. NO offense intended, I just don't think he'll be playing unless it's the arena league in 2009.
vlad: JF, is the rest of the South primed for a resurgent 2008, or does Carolina, Atl, and NO still have serious questions
mnbucsfan: I know a lot of you don't think Chriss can come back but don't be to surprised if he's nbr 2 nect year just a gut feeling that he's better than Luke if he's healthy
booker reese: I'd like to see us grab a WR in FA and in the draft (maybe even 2 – 1 early and one a late development type guy like Paris)
pewterreportjf: chucknorris – I don't think Chris Simms is a good fit for Jon Gruden's system. I think he can succeed somewhere else. I wouldn't be surprised if Simms was released or traded to one of the New York teams for obvious reasons.
cheveliar: Thanks for the afternoon answers JF, gotta get back to work. Later guys!!!!
detroitbuc: well FA is only 2 months away
escobar: JF, do you know of any interest in TE's such as LJ Smith or Dallas Clark? Or are we happy with Stevens and Smith
chucknorris: thanks
stulaake: LATER CHEV..
garv: Luke is better than Simms. Mentally AND athlectically IMO
booker reese: good question escobar – it seems like there is better talent at TE than WR in FA
mnbucsfan: JF speaking of Stevens think he will return next season he certinly appeared to stay out of trouble this year.
pewterreportjf: vlad – I do not think Atlanta or Carolina will be much of a threat in 2008. I do, however, think New Orleans will be back as long as they make a few upgrades on defense. If the Saints do that look out. No team has ever repeated as NFC South division champs. The Bucs, who have won the division three times and are the only team to win it more than once, know that all too well.
buc fan in indy: I see DC staying in indy
guest: Jim, in your opinion what is the liklihood of Monte getting a new deal?
buc101: hey buc in indy, where in indy do u live? cause I also live in indy
garv: Agree JF, watch out for the saints next season.
buc fan in indy: Westside by the track
pewterreportjf: escobar – The Bucs will make the tight end position a priority in free agency. L.J. Smith and Dallas Clark will certainly be targeted unless a player like Clark gets franchised. There's also a chance the Bucs will re-sign Jerramy Stevens. I don't think Anthony Becht will return.
larry: at what point will we know what the Glazers have in mind for coaching? Sorry if I missed it earlier today!
buc101: ah, live a long way from you then haha
rayjay: LJ Smith had 22 catches for 236 yards, that's not something to write home about
bmarti5: Any thoughts on Spurlock returning?
escobar: He was hurt ray
stulaake: would corey williams satisfy our need for an UT?
escobar: I believe he had over 600 yards receiving in each of his first few years
pewterreportjf: I think there's a decent chance that Monte Kiffin will return to Tampa Bay, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's only for a year. The Bucs do not want to lose Raheem Morris, whose contract runs through the 2008 season. He is viewed as a possible successor to Kiffin.
garv: See ya guys!
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. I've got to get going.
booker reese: JF, the Saints D woes won't be fixed until they get dbs that can handle man or linebackers that can fit into zone-they need a bigtime overhaul
guest: Thanks
buc101: Thanks for answering our questions JF
mnbucsfan: Thanks JF back to 9 next week??
larry: thanks for the Opp'ty to ask questions
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the chat session today. Great questions. We'll more than likely be hosting the offseason chats during the afternoon, but we'll always given notice in terms of when they're going to be taking place.
mnbucsfan: Thanks JF probably will miss a few due to work but that's way it oges
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