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The Chat Session was held from 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, June 26, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is pewterreportsr and Flynn is pewterreportjf. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportsr: Hello, Bucs fans.
guest: Hello, room.
doc bucco: Sup SR!!!
pewterreportjf: Let the Chat Session begin!
pipelayer8: Yeah!
long question guest: Guys, I have read that the front office thinks Gaines Adams could be a great player in the mold of Simeon Rice or Julius Peppers, but I just don't see it. Peppers simply took over games in college, at a level I don't feel Gaines consistently reached. I have two questions for you: 1) If you take away the Bucs desperate need for a push rusher, and evaluate on talent alone, is Gaines Adams really a top 5 pick? 2) Do you feel that Gaines will develop into a player who has the potential to dominate like a Julius Peppers?
oregonbuc: Gruden is high on Garcia. How much of a difference will Plummer make, if he shows up?
pewterreportsr: Adams did dominate some games in college. I have to see him on pads on camp against O-line before I know how much of an impact he'll have as a rookie.
pewterreportjf: long question guest – I share some of your concerns regarding Gaines Adams. He was productive at Clemson, but he didn't dominate on a consistent basis. However, given the Bucs' need for pass rush and Simeon Rice being in the final year of his contract, it made sense for the Bucs to draft Adams. He's also getting groomed behind some very good veterans.
pipelayer8: Do you think Wyms could be traded to the Bears for a 4 or 5th round pick?
pewterreportsr: I lived in KC during the time that Neil Smith was drafted in the first round and everyone was saying how he was a bust for the first three years. Then he became one of the more domiant DEs in the NFL for the better part of his career.
strickii: Long quest: i live in Hilton head, SC and watched Gaines often…he'll surpriseagainst the run and will impress as a rusher
pewterreportjf: pipeplayer8 – I don't see the Bucs being able to trade Ellis Wyms. I don't know that a team will be willing to trade for his $3.9 million base salary and $4 million-plus cap value. He'd have to restructure his contract for that to happen.
pewterreportsr: I think Wyms has some value to the Bucs this year because of his versatility. However, it has also gotten crowded along the D-line and the Bucs can't keep everyone. Chukwurah, Carter, Adams, Peterson and Sims are new, while Bradley and White are gone from a year ago. Wyms isn't a lock to make the team, but I don't know if he has much trade value due to his salary.
doc bucco: I see the Buc's Facing 10 quality running attacks this year. How much of an upgrade will the Bucs Run Defense be this year over years past?
buccobob: It was reported earlier this offseason that Quincy Black could be pushing pretty hard for the starting spot at MLB or Barret Ruud. However since that report I haven't heard much about him. What is the position battle looking like heading into camp?
strickii: Do u see the Bucs trading either Clayton or Simms during TC………..Any trade w/ Tenn, who need a WR, could land a high pick in say Round 3 or 4
pewterreportjf: doc bucco – That's a great question. So much emphasis has been placed on the need for Tampa Bay's defense to get after the quarterback that you have to wonder if run defense will suffer because of it. However, the addition of Kevin Carter should help. Middle linebacker Barrett Ruud plays well against the run, but Cato June is undersized and some wonder how he'll hold up against the run on the strong side.
pewterreportsr: The Bucs are always going to face good RBs. I think the D-line has gotten bigger across the board this year. Gone are the 6-foot, 300-pounders with short arms. Now the Bucs have added guys that are 6-6, 6-5, 6-5 and 6-4 in Carter, Adams, Peterson and Sims. Those longer limbs can help slow up RBs or corral them in the backfield.
pewterreportjf: buccobob – Quincy Black flashed at Tampa Bay's rookie mini-camp, but he's cooled off a bit since then. That's not a knock on him as he's had a lot more thrown his way since that rookie mini-camp. The player that has caused quite buzz around One Buc Place this offseason is linebacker Adam Hayward.
doc bucco: Yeah, Thanks JF! I would hate to see that element of the Defense get overlooked. Especially after seeing teams grind us up on the ground lately!
pewterreportsr: I think the Bucs have some surpluses at QB, WR, DL and CB and wouldn't be surprised to see Bruce Allen attempt to trade some players in an effort to stockpile some draft picks for 2008.
pewterreportjf: strick – The Bucs have good depth at wide receiver right now, so I'm not sure they are in a hurry to move a player like Michael Clayton. Maurice Stovall is, however, challenging him for his job. I don't see the Bucs trading Chris Simms. It's public knowledge now that he isn't throwing right, so I don't know why another team would trade anything for him at this point.
doc bucco: I really Hope you are right SR! I got family pulling hard for the Jaguars on 28 Oct. And I know Jacksonville likes to run it!!!
pewterreportjf: Who is coming to the Pewter Report Training Camp Get-Together on Aug. 4? It is being held at the ESPN Club on Disney Boardwalk after Tampa Bay's morning practice.
buccobob: I know that this is the NFL, and it is a business. But with the way that Chris Simms talks about Tampa Bay and how much he loves it here, loves the scheme, and the situation, does that have any bearing at all on what the front office thinks of him?
strickii: is Zemaitis as good as gone and has Sammy Davis impressed?
oregonbuc: Is Jake Plummer better than Garcia? And who are we pulling for here?
pewterreportjf: buccobob – The Bucs love Chris Simms as a person and a player. However, there are some people in the organization that don't feel Simms is the right fit for Jon Gruden's offensive system. They feel he might be better off in a Mike Martz-type of offense.
doc bucco: I'd be all over it JF! But I'm up here in Beautiful Mobile Alabama!
pipelayer8: Its obvious the Bucs need a QB of the future. Its early but do they like Brian Brohm or Colt Brennan? Or do they think Gradkowski will develop into quality starter?
strickii: Can't…have a golf tourney at Harbour Town that day but might come later that night
long question guest: How is Luke Petitgout's heath? He is coming off a broken leg, and I remember him saying (something to the effect of) that he just accepts that his back will always be les than 100%
doc bucco: Definately pullin hard for Garcia!!! Hope he can start for the next 2 years for some consistancy.
pewterreportjf: strick – Alan Zemaitis was shaky during OTAs, and Sammy Davis had his moments as well. You really have to hope that the winner of this battle doesn't win by default. The Bucs are looking forward to seeing both players with pads on.
pewterreportsr: Zemaitis has a chance when the pads come on. He's more physical than Davis, and that will help him in camp. Davis must show he can step up and make the tough tackles in run support. Zemaitis isn't a lock, though.
oregonbuc: I want offense, doc bucco…offense!
buccobob: Thanks JF. And if there is any kindof PR get together while I am in Tampa Bay on vacation, I will be there. I get there August 10, in time to see the game against the pats, and leave on the 19th.
bucfanskiz: Whats up everyone sorry im late
strickii: Any word on what kind of injury Sears had during mini-camp?
pewterreportjf: oregonbuc – I wouldn't say Jake Plummer is better than Jeff Garcia, but worst case scenario he'd be a quality backup. Think about it, Bucs fans. With Garcia the starter and Chris Simms still ailing, the Bucs are just one injury away from being back in the same situation they were last year with Bruce Gradkowski as the starting QB. That's why the Bucs want Plummer to report to camp this year.
bucfanskiz: JF or SR I asked on the insider board but do you guys see any similarities in Hamilton and Barber
pewterreportsr: Colt Brennan is a product of the Hawaii system, much like Timmy Chang. He might fare better in the NFL than Chang, but the Bucs aren't high on him.
doc bucco: Hey Oregon, if you want Offense, you clearly don't want Simms in there giving the ball away. I was impressed with Garcia in Philly Last year.
pewterreportsr: As for Brohm, let's hope Tampa Bay is not in position to get him next year. He'll be a top 3 pick.
guest: How close are the bucs to signing Gaines?
pewterreportjf: strick – The Bucs told us Arron Sears' injury was minor in nature and that he should be ready to go for training camp.
oregonbuc: Thanks JF
extremehardness: who is looking better so far quincy or adam out of portland state
the real gdubbz: How close are the bucs to signing Gaines?
oregonbuc: I'm all for a qb who will take us to the promised land! I don't really care who that is.
the real gdubbz: How close are the bucs to signing Gaines?
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – I don't see too many similaraties between Ronde Barber and Marcus Hamilton, but it's still early. Hamilton actually flashed a little bit toward the end of the mandatory mini-camp.
pewterreportsr: Hamilton is a longer corner. Barber is 5-10, but is much more compactly built and is thicker. Hamilton is an inch taller, but has longer arms and legs and not as much bulk. Barber has much better short-area quickness. The only similarity is that they were former Virginia Cavaliers.
pipelayer8: Thanks for the info on the college QB's
the real gdubbz: sry for triple post – comp acting funny
pewterreportjf: the real gdubbz – Gaines Adams might be the last Buc to sign his rookie contract, but we expect him to get signed before camp starts.
strickii: Bruce Allen said earlier he was looking at some trades….w/o providing names…do you know what positions would be targeted?
the real gdubbz: 2-3-4 years do you think?
the real gdubbz: on contract
oregonbuc: There was a lot of talk about Piscitelli early on. Haven't heard much since. I'd love to see him be good, being an Oregon State Beaver fan and all. What's new with him?
pewterreportjf: strick – The Bucs wouldn't mind adding another veteran to the center position. Defensive tackle is also a possibility. And you can never rule out quarterback. :)
pewterreportsr: I think both Quincy Black and Adam Hayward have flashed in the OTAs. The Bucs like both players and are using the 3-4 in order to get them on the field. Both played a little DE in college and can rush the passer.
pewterreportjf: oregonebucfan – Sabby Piscitelli has some playmaking ability. You could see that during the OTAs. I wouldn't be surprised if Piscitelli beat out Jermaine Phillips for the starting strong safety job by as early as Week 1.
extremehardness: what do you think about the bucs picking up antonio byrant
oregonbuc: Thanks JF…that would be great for our defense.
pewterreportsr: I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs were interested in David Garrard if Daunte Culpepper ends up signing with Jacksonville. That would make Simms the odd man out at QB.
the real gdubbz: do you have to buy tickets to go to a camp session in orl?
pewterreportsr: Training camp is free for all fans.
pewterreportjf: extremehardness – I don't see the Bucs signing WR Antonio Bryant unless they have a major injury at the wide receiver position during training camp or the regular season.
buccobob: Whats the deal with Luke McCown. He has been here a few years getting quality coaching but not much playing time at all. When you look at the current depth chart at QB it looks like we are deep. Does McCown still have some time to develop, or is he a career back up kind of QB?
strickii: Speaking of SS…if Darius was signed….could sabby play FS….and any word on that possiblity?
pewterreportsr: Sabby Piscitelli's play has leveled off a little bit. He came a long way in the offseason. Now he needs to let all of the info sink in during July. Once the pads come on, he needs to react, not think so much.
extremehardness: do clayton and stoval look good?
pewterreportjf: buccobob – The Bucs don't view Luke McCown as a starter right now. That's for sure. However, they do feel McCown will compete with Chris Simms for that third-string quarterback job. It looked like McCown was in the lead toward the end of the mandatory mini-camp.
pewterreportsr: The Bucs cross-train their safeties, so both Piscitelli and Jackson can play both. I think Sabby is ideally suited for SS, though, with T-Jack playing FS.
pewterreportjf: extremehardness – Maurice Stovall had an outstanding offseason. Michael Clayton struggled with dropped passes early in OTAs, but he had a strong finish to the mandatory mini-camp.
extremehardness: i targeted t jackson i really like this guy and quincy
the real gdubbz: ive only been to one of these chats, the first one so sorry if im asking questions that are asked before. Is stovall looking like he may take claytons slot?
pewterreportsr: Stovall and Boston are making a big push for a starting job. Clayton's saving grace is that he is the best blocking WR and is the most physical WR. He's keeping it competitive, but something tells me Stovall winds up No. 2 opposite Galloway.
oregonbuc: Sabby played two years of football down here at Boca High. He's still learning to play the game. He's a great athlete and a firey guy…a competitor. Not thinking so much might be tough his first year in the NFL, with so much new information to process and learn.
pewterreportjf: the real gdubbz – After what I saw during OTAs and mandatory mini-camp, I wouldn't be surprised if Maurice Stovall beat out Michael Clayton for a starting job. David Boston is also in the mix.
the real gdubbz: true. I saw Clayton at the fan fest this year. Is he growing out dreads?
buccobob: I'm sorry, but I have to ask this question. Is there any remote chance that the bucs are looking at Tank Johnson? and with all of his troubles, does he stand a realistic chance of catching on with any team this season?
pewterreportjf: the real gdubbz – Michael Clayton told me he was going to cut the dreads off before training camp because of the heat. We'll have to see if he follows through on that.
pewterreportsr: Sabby will be fine. The organization is very high on him. I think it is anxious to see Jermaine Phillips get pushed out of the starting lineup. Flip has had more than enough opportunity to stand and deliver and he hasn't.
oregonbuc: Thanks SR. I'm pulling for him.
the real gdubbz: aaaa If he grew dreads it would look cool. But it would def not be cool in that good old FLA heat.
pewterreportsr: I don't think the Bucs will go after Tank Johnson, but given the fact that they are Team Second Chance, you never know. I do know that they will likely inquire and do their due dilligence, though.
pewterreportjf: buccobob – The Bucs will take a look at Tank Johnson, but we're not hearing anything that makes us think they're going to sign him, or at least not right now. He comes with a lot of baggage.
extremehardness: what do you think about boston and does he have a chanse to reach the field this year…… i would like to see him on the field the same time as galloway
pipelayer8: It seems that PR has a good relationship with Gruden and the front office. Why is that present with Pewter Report but not the rest of the media?
oregonbuc: How 'bout catching some touchdowns, real gdubbz…that would be cool of Clayton!
the real gdubbz: indeed.
sambond: Is there one player in camp this year you are pulling for? Maybe someone who is a great interview or has come from difficult circumstances?
pewterreportjf: extremehardness – The Bucs want to get David Boston on the field. They feel he's back from the knee injuries. He's been working behind Joey Galloway and competing for the Z (flanker) job with Michael Clayton and Maurice Stovall.
pewterreportsr: Simply put, PR doesn't have any agendas with anyone at One Buc Place. When we critcize, it is warranted and without venom. We also have a strong command of the facts and I think the team recognizes that and sees our fair approach. I can't say that about the other members of the media.
the real gdubbz: is darby going to take pittmans place soon?
guest: hey
oregonbuc: I'm pulling for Boston, too. He could recover and resurrect just like Galloway did.
pewterreportjf: the real gdubbz – The most impressive part of Kenneth Darby's game thus far is his hands. He's got great hands out of the backfield. That's important to Jon Gruden. I want to see what Darby can do with the pads on, but he looked pretty good during OTAs.
pewterreportsr: The Bucs are high on Ken Darby. I think Dabry has to take out Graham before he sets his sights on Pittman. Don't be surprised if Darby makes the team, though. He's faster than Graham and Gruden wants to get faster at RB. It will all come down to special teams, though.
strickii: will we carry 2 or 3 TE's this year since Moore retired and isn't needed as LS'
pewterreportsr: The Bucs will carry 3 TEs.
guest: I read about the Bucc possibly getting into a few trades before the season starts. Who might they be looking at?
pewterreportjf: strick – I think the Bucs will keep three tight ends on their roster — Alex Smith, Anthony Becht and Jerramy Stevens. They might keep a fourth if Keith Heinrich can get healthy and win the long snapper job.
the real gdubbz: I liked watching Darby in college. Im still suprised he dropped that far in the draft. Hes got potential but Im worried a back dropping that far may get over looked.
jclick: How has Ruud looked so far. Last year he didn't look ready to be a full season starter
extremehardness: is stevens really 6'7 250 you got to get this guy on the field… i really dont think seattle played him right
pewterreportsr: I'm not sure who the Bucs will be looking to trade for. We haven't heard any specific names. I've floated out there the possibility that they may look at Jacksonville QB David Garrard if Daunte Culpepper signs with them. That could make Chris Simms expendable.
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs could possibly trade for a veteran center, defensive tackle or even a quarterback. We're attempting to chase down some facts before we speculate any further.
jclick: Any chance they are still looking at Lance Briggs?
pewterreportsr: Stevens is a big target. He just has to catch the ball consistently. From what we were able to see, he did a good job of that during the OTAs.
the real gdubbz: Is Brooks still upset at shelton being released? And is any teams looking at shelton?
pipelayer8: Do the Bucs take any enjoyment from the rough off season for Vick and the Falcons? Do they hope Vick gets suspended?
oregonbuc: Centers' names are usually not well known. What centers are available?
buccobob: Is there any chance that the Bucs are looking at Daunte Culpepper? or is he not a fit for the team?
pewterreportjf: jclick – Barrett Ruud has some big shoes to fill. People have to be patient as Ruud needs more playing time to improve. However, he's taking command of the huddle and the veterans have been impressed with him this offseason.
illinoisbucfan: Why would they hope Vick gets suspended?
pewterreportsr: I don't think Shelton Quarles will play again. He'll want at least $1 million to play and that's tough to give up for an injury-prone 36-year old MLB.
the real gdubbz: very true but its so odd seeing him on the free agents list.
pewterreportsr: I think there are those at One Buc Place who see the Falcons on the way down and the Bucs on the way and are smiling.
pewterreportjf: jclick – The Bears want too much compensation in exchange for LB Lance Briggs, so I don't see the Bucs trading for him.
the real gdubbz: I hope he retires just cause d hate seeing him in another uniform
jclick: I know he isn't a Buc, but whats going on with Al Wilson? Is his career over?
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. Scott and I have to get going.
extremehardness: if gaines turns into what we hope of him can he play the left or can simeon…or is he gone
the real gdubbz: ok man thanks for the info
pewterreportsr: The Bucs view Cato June or Jamie Winborn as Brooks' successor. I think the price is too high for Lance Briggs.
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the Chat Session today. We will post a chat transcript on tomorrow morning.
buccobob: Thanks for the chat guys
jclick: thanks guys
goober: that's it?
pipelayer8: Thanks for the time and info PR
pewterreportsr: Thanks for coming. Tell other Bucs fans about!

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