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The Chat Session was held from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 5, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is pewterreportsr and Flynn is pewterreportjf. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Let the Chat Session begin. :)
bucfanskiz: do you guys see the Bucs adding another WR before the start of the season
bucfanskiz: There have been rumors that McCariens from NY might get released
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – I don't see the Bucs adding another receiver before the start of training camp, although the team did work out Antonio Bryant a few weeks ago. If they were that interested in signing him, I think the Bucs would have already inked Bryant to a deal.
bucfanskiz: or I guess to extend that question a little more who if anyone would the Bucs look at if cut
pewterreportsr: If the Bucs add another WR, it might be Antonio Bryant – but only if he passed the Bucs' character test and wants to sign a one-year league-minimum deal.
bucfanskiz: any position?
guest: will jake plummer be a buccaneer next year?
bucfanskiz: Any news on Plummer to speak of
pewterreportsr: I think the Bucs will either have Jake Plummer as a QB next year or go after his $7 million worth of bonus money.
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – With the extension of the CBA, June 1 cuts aren't what they used to be. Most teams don't need to make June 1 cuts right now. However, the Bucs could release one or two players before the start of training camp. Keep an eye on Ellis Wyms. He's scheduled to earn $3.9 million in base salary, which is too high for a player that is running second and third-team defense in OTAs.
bucfanskiz: I couldnt agree more, Oh and nice work on the last mag i finally got my delievery issues fixed
pewterreportjf: guest – I agree with Scott Reynolds. The Bucs hoping Jake Plummer would play for them in 2007, but they're not counting on it. The 2008 season will be different, though. It will either be play or pay for Plummer.
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – Glad you liked the Pewter Report Post-Draft Issue. We're working on our June issue, which will be printed and mailed in a couple of weeks.
gatorbuc: is brian kelly 100% healthy
|ts|: Have the Bucs had that Dinner with him yet that yall have talked about?
|ts|: with Plummer
pewterreportjf: gatorbuc – Brian Kelly has been participating at OTAs, and from what we saw he certainly looked healthy.
bucfanskiz: can you give us any info or inside info on things we might see between now and Training camp
pewterreportsr: Jim did his interview with Chris Simms today for the June issue's PR Conversation. Jim, anything about Chris you would care to share with the PI crowd?
pewterreportjf: ts – No, the Bucs have not had dinner with Jake Plummer, but they are trying to schedule a meeting with him. They're willing to travel to meet with him, or they'd be happy to bring him to the new One Buc Place. It sounds to me like Plummer needs a year off from football.
bucfanskiz: give me something its been a great offseason….i guess im just looking for more
pewterreportjf: Scott – no.
pewterreportjf: Just kidding.
pewterreportsr: Whatever!
cadillac 24: I made it finally
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 is in da house!
bucfanskiz: Scurvy and I are gonna try and make it down for training camp get together this year if things fall in place
gatorbuc: will caddy break the 1,000 yd mark this year
pewterreportjf: Actually, Simms revealed to me in the interview that he is 100 percent recovered from the Splenectomy, but he's having some difficulty finding his groove as a quarterback again. He's been staying out on the field afte OTAs finish in an effort to throw some extra passes and find his rythm again. Personally speaking, I thought it was a little disturbing to hear Simms says he's still trying to work his way back from a throwing standpoint. Hopefully he can catch up between now and training camp.
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – We believe the training camp get-together will be held on Aug. 4, but we have to wait for the Bucs to release their official training camp schedule before we can start promoting that date and event.
guest: SR — on big dogs show you implied that Jerramy Stevens will be an impact player that was added to the offense. What are the chances Stevens starts the season as the #1 TE? Does Stevens face a suspension? and a related question — any chance the Bucs sign Antonio Bryant after his 4 game suspension has passed or is that effective only if he is signed?
pewterreportsr: gatorbuc – I see no reason why Caddy shouldn't break 1,000. The line should be improved and the QB play should keep the defenses honest against TB's offense.
pewterreportjf: gatorbuc – Cadillac Williams better rush for over 1,000 yards. If he doesn't, the Bucs likely will go after one of the running backs we recently wrote about that are scheduled to become free agents in 2008. There will be several talented backs to choose from.
bucfanskiz: JF you watched the O at the last OTA's and I know its hard to tell until the pads come on but do you see the line coming togther yet are they starting to get any rythm
guest: I hate to say this but it seems that when Simms got hurt early against Carolina, the pain and suffering made him play better because he was more decisive. Am I wrong?
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – That's a good question and a great point. It is difficult to judge the offensive and defensive lines in OTAs because the players are sporting helmets, jerseys and shorts, and no pads. Plus, Dan Buenning and John Wade were extremely limited as they recover from their knee surgeries.
pewterreportsr: guest – There is a chance Stevens emerges as the No. 1 TE, but Smith has a head start on him. Stevens does not have a one-game suspension. Bryant would have to sit out the first four games if he gets signed.
cadillac 24: Which position is the weakest on the Bucs and what position could the Bucs try to sign someone at if he is cut?
guest: Center, no one but Wade is a proven center
pewterreportjf: guest – Simms told me in the interview (you'll get to read the entire conversation in the June issue of Pewter Report) that he messed up his mechanics a little bit when he first starting throwing again because he found himself trying to protect the area in which his spleen was removed. He's been working on fixing that now for several weeks.
pewterreportsr: I still think under tackle is a weak spot. They have some bodies there in Kevin Carter, Jovan Haye, Darrell Campbell, Ellis Wyms and Greg Peterson, but no stars.
bucfanskiz: What about Ryan Simms
pewterreportsr: Ryan Sims is a nose tackle.
bucfanskiz: huh I thought he was projected as an UT coming out of college
pewterreportsr: I didn't speak to Chris Simms today (Flynn today), but mixing his messed up mechanics with his indecisiveness and slow delivery = second-string QB in my mind.
cadillac 24: Which players could possibly be cut during training camp from other teams that the Bucs could target?
rook: McCardell is visiting the Texans according to NFL Network. He lives in Houston
gatorbuc: will bj askew be the starting fullback or will alstott
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – I think one of the players that will get cut before or during training camp/preseason is Ellis Wyms. His $3.9 million base salary is really tough to justify keeping on the books.
pewterreportsr: The Bucs view Sims as a nose tackle. Even though Hovan played under tackle in Minnesota, Kiffin wanted Hovan to make the move to nose tackle. Same with Sims.
cadillac 24: Will there be an open competition at RE between Gaines Adams and Simeon Rice?
guest: Related to Cadillac 24's question — what positions will the Bucs look to target from other teams cuts? JF said WR probably wont be one of them, what positions will the Bucs look to address then?
bucfanskiz: ok hes the master Im just a fan
pewterreportjf: As Scott has mentioned before, we will be keeping a close eye on Alan Zemaitis. The 2006 fourth-round pick might be in danger of not making the team this season.
hit55: (enter your message here)Do you see this years Defense returning to the good old days when we put fear in the other teams offense.
pewterreportsr: gatorbuc – I think there's a 50-50 chance that Askew beats out Alstott. The Bucs weren't too thrilled he wanted to come back in 2007. They had to bring Alstott back for public relations reasons.
pewterreportjf: guest – I believe the Bucs will keep an eye on any veteran centers that might become available.
pewterreportsr: hit55 – I think this defense will be a top 10 defense – easy. I don't know about top 5 like the good ol' days, but there will be significant improvement on the D.
guest: Do you guys think that Maurice Stovall will start this year over Clayton?
pewterreportjf: hit55 – The only way the Bucs defense will strike fear in its opponents is if it starts getting after the quarterback and creating turnovers again. Both of those areas were severing lacking in 2006.
pewterreportsr: I agree with Jim's take on Zemaitis. He's not a lock at all.
rook: What is it with the Bucs switching their OL from what theiy originally played in college. That can't be good
cadillac 24: Could the Bucs consider signing Al Wilson if he passes a physical to provide depth for the MLB position or do the Bucs feel that they are set at MLB for now?
pewterreportjf: guest – I do believe Maurice Stovall will challenge Michael Clayton for the starting flanker job. It's Clayton's job to lose, but he's got to stop dropping passes. If he can't be a reliable receiver, Clayton will not only lose his starting job, he won't see the field.
bucfanskiz: What role will Stovall play in the offense this year
gatorbuc: other than the draft was getting coach morris back the best move for the d this offseason
pewterreportsr: guest – Stovall has a good chance of beating out Clayton as long as he keeps catching passes and Clayton keeps dropping them. The one thing Clayton does better than any WR is block in the running game, though. He's better than Keyshawn used to be.
pewterreportjf: rook – I'm not a big fan of some of Tampa Bay's decisions to move offensive linemen around in hopes that they can solidify other positions. They haven't proven they can do it successfully.
cadillac 24: Is there any chance that Keenan McKardell signs with the Bucs because in one of the PI articles it said that McKardell was sending out feelers to the Bucs?
|ts|: Do either of you think, from the little stuff you have seen, that Sammy Davis will make the team, and possibly contribute this year?
pewterreportsr: gatorbuc – I would say getting Raheem Morris back and bringing Larry Coyer in were both huge. Keep an eye on assistants Jimmy Lake and Todd Wash. Both guys have bright, bright futures ahead of them. They are "fast trackers" like Morris and Gus Bradley were.
pewterreportjf: Anyone here playing in the Pewter Report Charity Golf Tournament on Sunday?
bucfanskiz: when it comes to our O line nothing has been very successful
bucfanskiz: I would love to but that's a long trip from here in VA
pewterreportsr: ts – I haven't seen enough of Sammy Davis to say anything more than he's got just as much of a shot to make the team as Alan Zemaitis does.
pewterreportjf: ts – I haven't seen enough from Sammy Davis to say he will or will not make the team. However, I know that the Bucs coaching staff was excited to sign him a few months ago.
hit55: Is Simms injury something that will last into the start of the year or will he be 100% by TC?
gatorbuc: do the bucs have any interest in oliver from UGA in the supplemental draft?
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – There is NO WAY the Bucs will take McCardell back, despite his down-low overtures.
guest: How is Carnell Williams doing to in catching the balls does he look better?
cadillac 24: Who's the new defensive coach that the Bucs signed?
pewterreportsr: I don't think the Bucs will go after Oliver in the supplemental draft. They like their CBs (it's a crowded room) and won't want to give up the pick in 2008.
pewterreportjf: hit55 – Simms is 100 percent recovered from the injury, but he's taking longer than he would like to find his rythm again as a passer. He went several months without throwing a football, so some of this could be expected, but he's got to find his rythm by the time training camp starts if he hopes to win the starting job over Jeff Garcia.
gator thumper: is pittman going to be here past this year? or do they see this as his last?
bucfanskiz: Any idea on what Stovalls role will be in the Offense this year
rook: Didn't the fact that Steussie had a good season with the Rams OL coaching and sucked here under Muir put Muir's job in jeopardy
pewterreportjf: gator thumper – The Bucs love Michael Pittman's team-first philosophy, but I think the Bucs will attempt to sign Minnesota RB Mewelde Moore in free agency in 2008. He's a younger and faster version of Pittman.
pewterreportsr: gator thumper – I think the jury is still out on Pittman in 2008. It's up to Mike and the Bucs, obviously. What I mean is there has to be mutual interest. It's too early to tell.
bucfanskiz: Steussie had a good year? The only game I saw he was the same old Turn Style
rook: They were very satisfied with what they had goot from Steussie as a starting guard which is a position he had not played
pewterreportsr: rook – I called for Bill Muir to be fired. I like the guy personally, I just think he's had enough time to get this line going and it isn't much better than when he arrived in 2002.
pewterreportjf: rook – I wouldn't say Todd Steussie had a good year in St. Louis. Plus, I do believe Tampa Bay deserves some blame for Steussie's lack of success with the Bucs. He played his entire career at left tackle, and then the Bucs tried to make him a right tackle. It didn't work.
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs think that they've done enough upgrading at the saftey position or are they willing to sign a veteran saftey if he is released like Dwight Smith or Darren Sharper of the Vikings that might not make the team this year?
pewterreportjf: Muir doesn't have any more excuses. If Dan Buenning starts at center, which is a real possibility, the Bucs would have two former first-round picks, two former second-round picks and a fourth-round pick starting on their offensive line. Muir has plenty of talent to work with. It's time for this unit to become a strength instead of being a weakness.
cadillac 24: Who's the new defensive quality control coach that the Bucs signed?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – The Bucs are comfortable with the safety position now that they added legit competition in Sabby Piscitelli and Tanard Jackson through the draft.
pewterreportsr: I think the safety position is better with the addition of Raheem Morris as coach and Sabby Piscitelli and Tanard Jackson. I like Sabby a lot. I think he'll be a future stud. I just don't know if the Bucs will be that much better this year with two rookies backing up two shaky players. I think the position got improved, but more for 2008 than for 2007.
rook: Trent Green is finally traded to Miami- Just Now on NFL Network
pewterreportsr: Good for Trent Green. What a saga that was!
gatorbuc: what happened to will allen? he looked good the year b4 last
hit55: Should we have high hopes for Adams this year or will it be next year before he makes a impact?
bucfanskiz: What does that say about Culpepper
kaptainmorgan13: Hey guys, sorry I'm late
cadillac 24: Is it possible that Jermaine Phillips or Will Allen gets cut and a guy like Kalvin Pearson makes the team?
rook: Culpepper is likely out the door
pewterreportsr: I really don't have a feel for Gaines Adams yet. I think Adams won't start until 2008, but can be a force as a situational rusher in 2007.
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – No, I don't think Jermaine Phillips or Will Allen get cut this year. Even if neither one of them starts, they're both affordable and valuable backups.
kaptainmorgan13: Keeping with your 2008 theme for free agents, What Free Agent Head-coaches and GMs could the Bucs be looking at if JG and BA are not back in 2008?
rook: Would gruden go after Culpepper???
cadillac 24: Will the competition at RE be an open competition between Rice and Adams?
bucfanskiz: Bill Parcells J/K
pewterreportjf: kaptainmorgan – We're not sure about available GMs, but if Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen get fired after the 2007 season, I don't see the Glazers attempting to replace them with just anybody. I think Bill Cowher would be No. 1 on the list, but other teams likely would be interested in him.
cadillac 24: Do you know anything about the new defensive coach the Bucs signed?
kaptainmorgan13: thank you jf
hit55: Master Mind Bill in NE is in the last year of his contract.
pewterreportjf: Remember – the Bucs have a lot invested in Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen. It will take a really, really bad season (again) for both of them to get fired and not see the final year of their contracts.
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kaptainmorgan13: 4-12 season again could do the trick, not that I want to see that
pewterreportjf: We've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for joining today's chat session. We hope to see some of you out at the Pewter Report Charity Golf Tournament on Sunday.
cadillac 24: Did the Bucs sign a new defensive coach?
kaptainmorgan13: Thank you guys, thanks again for the late chat session
hit55: Thanks for the work that you guys do.
rook: BTW, Asante Samuelispulling a McCardell and will not report until Game 10 of this year. Since he did not sign his one year tender, he can't be fined under the CBA
pewterreportsr: One more thing, Sports Fan-Attic will have downloadable discount coupons each month on
cadillac 24: I read an article about them signing a guy named Ejiro Evero.
cadillac 24: Thanks for the chat guys!
pewterreportsr: I saw that too, cadillac 24. Haven't confirmed it yet.
pewterreportsr: Thanks for chatting with us, Bucs fans. Thanks for subscribing to Pewter Report1

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