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The PewterReport.com Chat Session was held from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 17, 2007.

Pewter Report editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

PewterReport.com provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Let the PewterReort.com chat begin. Thanks for joining on such short notice.
cadillac 24: Hello JF
guest: hey jf we started with out you
pewterreportjf: guest – That's no problem. You guys are completely capable of hosting your own chat. :)
dalbuc: I just hope no one on our roster owns any kennels right now
pewterreportjf: I suppose everyone has heard about the Michael Vick news, correct?
cadillac 24: yes
dalbuc: :) You see all these grins
dalbuc: We've heard
cadillac 24: what's going to happen to him?
dalbuc: Feds 1 Hick Prosecutor 0
pewterreportjf: If Michael Vick is convicted of the things they're accusing him of, he's in big, big trouble and he deserves everything that he gets. There's some sick stuff coming out about this case.
pewterreportjf: Not to change the subject, but do you guys have any Bucs questions as they prepare to head to training camp a week from Thursday?
dalbuc: BTW, the charges are 5 years on the conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities
dalbuc: 1 year on actual dog fighting…those are maximums
cadillac 24: When will the Bucs sign the rest of their rookies
guest: How is Simms looking? Is he going to PUP? ANd what about McCown?
cadillac 24: Will the Bucs try Greg Spires at UT?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – The Bucs are working on signing their six unsigned draft picks. A few of the agents we spoke to today don't expect their clients to get signed until sometime next week.
dalbuc: Do we have idea who the #2 WR will be?
mtnbucman: anything more about Sears' knee ?
dalbuc: Why did SR mention the back issues on Luke Gout?
cadillac 24: Will Ryan Sims make the 53-man roster this season?
pewterreportjf: guest – Chris Simms didn't have a strong finish to the OTAs. In fact, it seemed like he got worse. We'll see what the month between OTAs ending and training camp beginning does for him, but I do believe he's in danger of not making the team this year.
dalbuc: If he's still hurt/recovering can he be cut or would he be a PUP guy?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – I don't see the Bucs using Greg Spires at under tackle. The Bucs plan to have several players, including Jovan Haye, Darrel Campbell, Greg Peterson and Kevin Carter work there. Ellis Wyms will also be in the mix, but he could be released if he doesn't win a starting job due to his $3.9 million salary.
guest: WOW that would be something. Is it scar tissue or is he just rusty?
pewterreportjf: dalbuc – The battle for the No. 2 receiver spot is a good one. Maurice Stovall had a great offseason. He's pushing Michael Clayton for the starting job, and some believe he'll win it. Clayton had a strong mandatory mini-camp outing, so I don't think this battle will be decided until September.
pewterreportjf: mtnbucman – No new news on Arron Sears' knee. He's expected to be ready for the start of training camp.
dalbuc: So Stovall has pushed Lil TE off the #3 spot at the very least?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – It's too early to say whether Ryan Sims will make the 53-man roster, but the Bucs are hoping he can win the backup nose tackle job behind Chris Hovan. That would give them some good depth there.
pewterreportjf: guest – Chris Simms has just lost his form. He's trying to regain it, but it's been tough for him.
cadillac 24: Where do you think Daunte Culpepper will go? Maybe Atlanta? Do the Bucs have any interest? If Jacksonville signs him and David Garrard is on the trade block, will the Bucs be interested in Garrard?
pewterreportjf: dalbuc – Not necessarily. If Michael Clayton wins the starting flanker job, David Boston could be Tampa Bay's No. 3 guy. The same goes if Clayton loses the starting job to Stovall. The Bucs are about as deep at receiver as they've been since Jon Gruden became the Bucs' head coach in 2002. That's a good thing.
dalbuc: Same difference, good news, Lil TE is toast :)
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – If I'm the Atlanta Falcons I'm on the phone with every G.M. in the NFL trying to find a quarterback. I would think the Falcons would express interest in Daunte Culpepper, but several reports have suggested he wants to go to Jacksonville. It will be interesting to see if Falcons G.M. Rich McKay calls Tampa Bay to inquire about Chris Simms' availability.
cadillac 24: Why has Ellis Wyms fallen all the way down the depth chart? Why is he in the dog house with the Bucs?
guest: WHich rookies will NOT make the team? They all seem to have a great deal of potential
cadillac 24: Will Gaines Adams get into training camp on time?
cadillac 24: Are there any good UTs around the league on the trading block that the Bucs are interested in?
pewterreportjf: guest – Ellis Wyms had the chance to solidify the starting under tackle job after the Bucs traded away Booger McFarland last year, but he failed. In his defense, he was hurt, but he needed to make the most of that opportunity, especially with a $3.9 million base salary.
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Bucs general manager Bruce Allen has never had a rookie holdout — in Tampa or Oakland. That said, I would expect Gaines Adams to get in to camp on time.
pewter party: Has there been any talk in the organization about this being Brooks last year as a Buc?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Quality under tackles are tough to come by in the NFL. Just look at the money Detroit threw at Cory Redding. Teams won't give up quality under tackles without receiving a lot of compensation.
bucwildfan: What are the chances of Sabby starting week1?
cadillac 24: Who do you see making the team as the 3rd running back, Earnest Graham or Kenneth Darby? Will the Bucs keep 4 RBs?
guest: WHich rookies will NOT make the team? They all seem to have a great deal of potential
pewterreportjf: pewter party – The Bucs know Derrick Brooks won't play forever. He's got one or two seasons left in Tampa Bay at the most. That's one of the reasons why the Bucs acquired Adam Hayward and Cato June this offseason. They're also attempting to sign Jamie Winborn to a long-term deal.
cadillac 24: Will the Bucs be interested in David Garrard if he is on the trade block?
dalbuc: Garrard is Chris Simms part 2
pewterreportjf: bucwildfan – I don't think Sabby Piscitelli will start initially, but I do believe he'll work his way into the rotation by as early as Week 1. We'll have to see what he does when the pads come on.
dalbuc: Slow delivery, low accuracy
bucwildfan: lol
pewter party: Interesting they want to sign Winborn, since he hasnt played much at all
guest: Amwn dalbuc
dalbuc: He has played but he's just got very good anywhere he's been. Not sure why we want to "lock up" a guy like Winborn
cadillac 24: Do you see Torrie Cox making the team now that he is suspended 4 games?
pewterreportjf: guest – That's a great point. I think as many as eight of Tampa Bay's draft picks could make the roster this year. I don't see cornerback Marcus Hamilton making the 53-man roster, but I do think he's a candidate for the practice squad.
bucwildfan: If the bucs make the playoffs and gruden gets another year or 2, will be finally draft a franchise QB in 08 or what? garcia seems to be the answer for this year and plummer who knows… I don't have faith in Gradkowski I refuse to believe he's the franchise qb!
guest: OK so who do we lose if the eight make it?
dalbuc: Yeah but how many will deserve to make the roster. We keep guys that aren't that good because they are draft picks- Brackins, Bryant, Jenkins
jc510: jenkins is good
dalbuc: You are funnier than I thought – good one
jc510: he's a special teams demon
jc510: didnt expect you to know that though
cadillac 24: Does Greg Peterson automatically make the roster since he is a 5th round pick just like Julian Jenkins did last year?
dalbuc: Yawn
pewterreportjf: bucwildfan – That all depends on what Jake Plummer decides to do. Believe it or not, Jon Gruden views Plummer as his future quarterback. He's 32, but that's young to Gruden. Remember – Gruden acquired Rich Gannon in Oakland at the same age. The Bucs would love to groom Bruce Gradkowski behind Jeff Garcia and Jake Plummer.
jc510: our kickoff coverage wasnt #1 in the NFL by accident
dalbuc: JF that might be the most terriying thing I've seen written in ages
cadillac 24: Will the Bucs keep 4 RBs?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – No, Greg Peterson isn't guaranteed an active roster spot. Remember – Larry Brackins was a fifth-round pick and was released in his rookie year before joining the practice squad. I do think Peterson has a better chance of making the team than Brackins did, though.
bucwildfan: I just hate grads inaccuracy on deep balls… while he showed flashes of goodness last year he also showed how inaccurate he is going deep. 32 for a franchise qb…. lord help us
pewterreportjf: dalbuc – Don't shoot the messanger. :)
cadillac 24: Do you see Clayton retuning to his rookie form this year?
pewter party: With that statement, we should have kept Griese as the starter. About the same as Plummer
jc510: JF… is monte going to come to his senses and put Spires at UT and leave Carter at DE
guest: Sorry think deep balls are over rated would rather someone good at short and intermediate balls and let the receiver run
dalbuc: I'd think you'd go the other way and put the bigger Carter at UT and Spires at DE
jc510: carter cant get any leverage at UT
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – I don't expect Michael Clayton to catch 80 passes like he did in his rookie season, but he needs to do a better job of making the most of his opportunities. Joey Galloway is the No. 1 receiver in Jon Gruden's offense now, but Clayton needs to step up and deliver when the quarterback throws him the ball. If he doesn't, Maurice Stovall and David Boston might be taking his place in the starting lineup.
jc510: he plays too high
cadillac 24: Do you think the Bucs play their starters more in the preseason this year?
pewterreportjf: jc510 – We didn't see Greg Spires working at under tackle in OTAs, so I'm not sure that's going to happen. I wouldn't rule it out, though. We'll know for sure once training camp starts.
dalbuc: Carter isn't ideal at UT but Spires is light and lacks the strength to really work effectively inside
jc510: Spires kicked *** and took names at UT in 04
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Scott Reynolds and I debate this topic in the Training Camp Preview. I do believe the Bucs need to play their starters longer in preseason, and based on what I've been told, I think they will.
guest: JF with the new One Bucs Place why are they going back to Orlando instead of the new place?
pewterreportjf: jc510 – Greg Spires did play well at under tackle in 2004, but he was also in a contract year. :)
cadillac 24: Does Kalvin Pearson have any chance of making the team this year? I know he is a good special teams player
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs are still using Disney's Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando for training camp because One Buc Place doens't have hotel accomodations. Plus, the Bucs like to get away from Tampa. It's not that uncommon. I believe Atlanta holds training camp in South Carolina.
jc510: How's Buenning? ready for camp?
dalbuc: Spires went on a 3 game run pass rushing at UT but his run stuffing was poor..it was almost McFarland-esque
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Kalvin Pearson has a chance to make the team because of his special teams ability. He'll have to make a huge impact there to make the 53-man roster.
pewterreportjf: jc510 – Dan Buenning is supposed to be 100 percent ready to go for training camp. If he's not I'll be very concerned about Tampa Bay's center position.
cadillac 24: Plus, if it was at One Buc Place fans wouldn't be able to watch. I'm glad camp is at Orlando.
mtnbucman: Jim, Denver may be looking for a safety; have you heard any noise ?
bucwildfan: Heres a question all bucs fan would like to know…. Where is Charles Lee! ;)
guest: with Larry Brackins of course
cadillac 24: The last I heard, Lee was on the Cardinals
cadillac 24: I don't think he's playing now
pewterreportjf: mtnbucman – Bucs general manager Bruce Allen strongly hinted at the possibility of the Bucs making a trade before or during training camp. We haven't heard specifics in terms of players on the market, although Philadelphia is apparently shopping running back Ryan Moats.
jc510: JF… how do you see the Davis vs Sears battle turning out
pewterreportjf: bucwildfan – I have no idea where Charles Lee is. He last played for Arizona.
cadillac 24: Do you know who other teams are shopping?
dalbuc: ahh, the Charles Lee era, it was great while it lasted ;)
bucwildfan: I was being sarcastic JF :) you didn't have to answer that lol
pewterreportjf: jc510 – If Sears stays healthy I think he wins the starting left guard job. If he doesn't, though, Anthony Davis likely will win this battle. This one should be a really good one.
guest: what would they be asking in return for moats?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Nope. Not sure who other teams are shopping besides Ryan Moats in Philly. Bruce Allen suggested there were a lot of other quality players being shopping, though.
cadillac 24: Ryan Moats may eventually be cut. I would just wait to trade for him
pewter party: What percentage of the FB workload are you expecting for Mike Alstott this year? if any?
cadillac 24: Are the Bucs trying Jerramy Stevens at long snapper?
pewterreportjf: pewter party – I don't expect Mike Alstott to get a lot of work in training camp, preseason or the regular season. While Alstott may still have a role as a short-yardage and goal line player, I wouldn't be surprised if his role was more limited than ever before. B.J. Askew got a lot of work in during the offseason and the Bucs view him as more of a true blocking fullback.
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. I've got to get going.
cadillac 24: thanks for the chat JF
mtnbucman: thanx Jim,as always
guest: see ya jf thanks
pewter party: Thanks JF
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the PewterReport.com Chat session this evening. I hope you enjoyed it. Take care, and get ready for some football. We're about one week away from the start of training camp.

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