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The Chat Session was held from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 15, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Wednesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Let the Chat Session begin!
guest: Guys, it was obviously a problem last year, and my concern is growing again this year with the starters only playing a couple series. Obviously they will increase the work load a little bit more each game, but with the offense looking as horrible as they did at the beginning of last year, and the fact that we have so many new people slated to start offense, why isn't Gruden doing everything in his power to make sure the first team plays more and is on the same page to prepare for the start of the season?
guest: whhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss uuuuppppp
zed: how did luke mccown do today?
detroitbuc: the o needs to show up this weekend
pewterreportjf: guest – That's a good question, and one I've been asking myself. Bucs head coach Jon Gruden is determined to rest a lot of his veteran players in an effort to keep them healthy for the regular season. He's terrified of losing valuable starters to injury in preseason. But at the same time, I'm not sure what good it will do the Bucs if they have healthy players out there, but the team isn't performing well due to a lack of playing time.
pewter410yrs: SR/JR are the bucs Satisfied with Pat Chuck starting at DE…or will they be looking at cuts to see if they can bring someone to help out?
zed: perhaps gruden needs to change his philosophy about the preseason
detroitbuc: need to get simmion back
pewterreportjf: zed – Luke McCown is getting better and better with every training camp practice. He's taking advantage of the extra reps he's getting. I spoke at length with Luke two days ago and he feels badly for Chris Simms, but it's a credit to him that he's probably going to win the backup job behind Jeff Garcia.
strick9: JF: Any trade rumors out there….maybe another LT, C or DT
zed: that's good news about luke mccown. he has pretty much all of the physical attributes of a Gruden Offense quarterbook
pewterreportjf: pewter410years – The Bucs like Patrick Chukwurah at right end, and I do, too. However, the Bucs have not ruled out the possibility of re-signing Simeon Rice. But he's still not healthy and the Bucs feel his pride could get in the way of him returning to Tampa.
pewter410yrs: i would be happy to see Rice back personally
pewterreportjf: strick – Haven't heard any trade rumors, although I wouldn't put it past G.M. Bruce Allen to pull off a trade toward the end of preseason.
guest: has allen been in contact with rice?
detroitbuc: jf who gives us the best chance to win in our first game, luke or Garcia?
pewter410yrs: Sr/JR….who do you think ends up starting at C week one?
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs have kept a close eye on Simeon Rice's situation. He's not healthy enough to play and he apparently wants way too much money.
pewterreportsr: This Jaguars game will be a real test for the Bucs because of the physical nature of the Jags' D-line. If the Bucs can win, it will be a confidence boost.
zed: JF: it seems to be that our defensive line is going to be our achilles heel this year for the defense. do you also feel the same way?
pewterreportsr: I think John Wade will end up as the starting center. To John's credit, he's performed well and held off Matt Lehr thus far.
pewterreportjf: pewter410yrs – I think John Wade likely will start at center in Week 1 in Seattle. Matt Lehr is getting an increased amount of reps, but Wade probably will win the job initially. Dan Buenning hasn't been impressive as a center.
guest: One more question if you don't mind. Dan Buenning looked much better in the last game than I've seen him in awhile. How is his health and does he have a chance to regain his starting spot over Sears? Or is he now competing at center exclusively with no shot to start at guard this season?
pewterreportsr: Don't get too hung up on Garcia's bad performance and McCown's great showing, Bucs fans. Garcia is still the better option at this juncture. Remember, McCown has only started four NFL games.
pewterreportjf: zed – Tampa Bay's defensive line can't afford to be a weakness. The pass rush has to improve because no matter how good the secondary is, it will get picked apart if the QB is given all day to throw. I'll be interested in seeing how this unit performs against Jacksonville.
pewterreportsr: I think Buenning is still struggling a bit with his knee. I don't see him being a starter this year. The Bucs will likely keep him and try to groom him to succeed Wade in 2008.
zed: SR: we're only hoping for McCown to be the possible answer for the future. what do you think is the probability of that?
zed: one thing I can say about our defense is that it seems deep all around, which is good, but the biggest question seems to be the big playmakers at this point
pewterreportsr: I think it's way too early to tell regarding McCown. Remember, Bruce Gradkowski was tearing it up last year and he was the hottest thing in town … until the regular season came along.
pewterreportjf: zed – We won't be able to say whether Luke McCown is the future quarterback for the Bucs until he sees some action in a regular season game(s). Jeff Garcia will have to get hurt or really struggle for that to happen this year.
pewter410yrs: SR/JR…..has chad owens shown enough in the return game to warrant a roster spot?
guest: What is causing Alan Zem to have such a hard time adjusting to the NFL? Is he one of the players that just don't seem to have the ability at this level or is it mental? Has the CB coach made a difference with him?
pewterreportsr: Be sure to tune in at 5:00 p.m. today on WDAE 620 AM for my Buccaneer Blitz show.
detroitbuc: I think once Garcia gets in sync he should be fine
zed: I think one of the thing we buc fans are fearing the most is that our offense will go 3 and out again and again like last year
e: would you say that gradkowski has regressed from his performance of last training camp?
pewterreportjf: pewter410yrs – No, I don't think Chad Owens has shown enough to make the 53-man roster. I think Phillip Buchanon will win the punt and kickoff return jobs.
zed: Why did you say that Philip Buchanon will win the punt and kickoff return jobs? Has he been performing well in this aspect?
guest: is Buchanon does that will that make Jones a goner?
pewterreportsr: Zemaitis doesn't have those quick twitch leg muscles that players like Cox, Buchanon and Barber. I think he's not quick enough to star in the NFL and he doesn't pick things up too quickly.
detroitbuc: JF, whats up with greg peterson
pewterreportjf: e – Actually, yes, I would say Bruce Gradkowski doesn't look as good this training camp as he did last year. I'm not sure Gradkowski is the future quarterback for the Bucs. He's just too inconsistent.
zed: That's funny about Gradkowski. When we drafted him, he was supposed to be very consistent with 70% accuracy. Maybe he still needs to get used to the NFL game.
pewterreportjf: zed – Yes, Phillip Buchanon has performed well in terms of the return duties. He also gives the Bucs the best chance to score and establish good field position.
e: Buchanon has been successful in the return game and he brings something else to the table unlike Owens and Jones
pewterreportsr: Mark Jones is making a little surge. I think he's ahead of Owens on the totem pole right now. He may make the team, but he'll really have to shine as a punt returner AND a kick returner. In my opinion, I think P-Buc will be the return man, though.
pewter410yrs: who's going to be the long snapper with moore gone?
pewterreportjf: zed – Bruce Gradkowski looks good at times. I wish he'd use his mobility to move the chains more. But he can be very inconsistent, which drives Jon Gruden crazy. In fairness to Bruce, he's only a second-year player, so he still has some time to prove himself.
bucemup: it was said that Sammy Davis has not looked good. While I was watching the game I saw him have great coverage on a deep route and break up the pass. can the lights still come on or all all signs pointing to him being nothing special?
zed: I'm also hoping for P-Buc to bet the man. I loved watching him return TD in Oakland.
pewterreportsr: Andrew Economos is the short snapper for field goals and extra points, but Jeb Terry has been handling long snapping for punts.
pewter410yrs: interesting…so Jeb makes the team?
pewterreportjf: bucemup – At this point I'm not sure Sammy Davis makes the team this year. Alan Zemaitis has been playing better and is listed ahead of Davis on the depth chart. Davis might make the team initially since Torrie Cox must serve a four-game suspension.
zed: PR has reported that Jovan Haye is really improving and has probably earned starting job. However, this scares alot of us.
pewterreportsr: Sammy Davis still has a chance to make the team. He just has to quit being a bystander and start making plays. He had a good day in practice on Tuesday afternoon.
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – The Bucs have moved Greg Peterson around along the line. He's played some defensive end and under tackle. I don't think he's fared particularly well at either position. I think Peterson might be headed for the practice squad.
zed: why did the bucs have their practice indoors today?
pewterreportsr: zed – Well, the days of Warren Sapp are over. Superstar under tackles are hard to find in the NFL these days. There haven't been a lot of good ones coming out of college lately. Jovan Haye is a good player, but he's not a great player. I think he can play as good or perhaps a bit better than Booger McFarland.
bucemup: Even with Cox sporting a four game suspension you all seem sure he will make the team. Is this because he has played really well or because he knows the system the best. How has he looked at KR and PR?
pewterreportsr: The practice was indoors just to give the players a rest this morning and not subject them to the heat twice per day.
zed: That's all we can hope for from Haye I guess. It looks like he'll be better than Peterson could ever be.
pewterreportjf: bucemup – There's no guarantee Torrie Cox will make the team. But the Bucs won't have to make a decision on him until Week 4. If Davis is playing well enough at that point, the Bucs may elect to just release Cox.
pewterreportsr: Torrie Cox has clearly been the fourth-best cornerback in training camp, in my opinion.
bucemup: I thought that Haye plays well. I think the quility at DT is the reason why more teams are blitzing to get pressure on the QB. I wish we would see more bliting from the Bucs.
zed: Do you think Pettitgout will be healthy enough this year to greatly improve the LT position?
detroitbuc: the game with the jags will tell all
bucemup: SR, if that because he has improved or because the others are bad? I hope he has improved since he has been with the team for so long and Morris is back.
pewterreportjf: zed – I don't know that he'll greatly improve the left tackle position, but Luke Petitgout should be an upgrade over Anthony Davis. I've been encouraged by the fact that Petitgout has managed to stay in the field and practice after being sidelined for so long with the back injury. I'm looking forward to seeing him play on Saturday night.
zed: Does he have a history of back problems? Was that why he was released?
e: Have the Bucs or anyone looked into Tank Johnson
pewterreportjf: zed – Yes, Petitgout had a back injury while in New York, but he was released because he was coming off of a knee injury, and he's 31.
pewterreportsr: I just don't think that Zemaitis, Davis, Hamilton or Hendricks has really stepped up. I'm not saying Cox will make the team, but I think he's been the fourth-best CB. Sometimes a team doesn't keep the best players in terms of talent … they end up keeping the best players for that particular team that year.
pewterreportjf: e – No, the last time I checked the Bucs had expressed zero interest in acquiring Tank Johnson.
bucemup: A friend of mine that is a Giants fan said that Petitgout is a penalty waiting to happen and that he is glad the guy is gone. He said the guy is often hurt and always a liability. You know how fans are after a player leaves though. Ask most Buc fans about Rice and you will here mostly negative.
pewterreportsr: The Bucs looked into Tank Johnson a bit, but as Jim said, they really haven't pursued it. I think the team wants to really give Haye, Peterson and Wyms a look before doing anything drastic and knee-jerky like signing Tank Johnson.
e: How are the cheerleaders looking this year at camp? Can we expect a strong year from this years squad?
pewterreportjf: e – I'm not sure, but I'm sure the cheerleaders will do and look fine this year.
e: Awsome
pewterreportsr: The Cheerleaders are fine, fine, fine. A very talented group put together by Sandy Charboneau. Rachel Watson is back … so I'm a happy man about that!
guest: Any buzz at One Bucs place on some guys who might be cut from other teams? Any buzz on potential trades?
pewterreportsr: Thanks for chatting with us Bucs fans. Remember to renew or extend your subscription to Pewter Report by calling 1-800-881-BUCS(2827).
e: Yeah shes my favorite too
pewterreportjf: guest – Bucs G.M. Bruce Allen will make a trade if it makes sense for the team, but we haven't heard much regarding trade possibilities. That's not to say one won't happen, though.
pewterreportsr: The Bucs are being tight-lipped about potential trades or acquisitions right now, but you can bet there will be some in the coming weeks.
zed: So do we look like a playoff team this year?
bucemup: Gates looked really bad during the game but Darby looked great. What is this position shaping up to like like with Alstott gone and a few weeks of practice? Do you think Pitt can hold up at FB? How about Graham?
pewterreportjf: zed – Boy, I wish I could answer that question with confidence. I'm going to say the Bucs look like an 8-8 team right now. I think their defense will be back to a top 10 unit. However, the offense has been very inconsistent. I'd like to see the offense accomplish something in preseason.
pewterreportsr: zed – Too early to tell. I'm thinking 8-8 right now. I still the starting offense is a ways away from being able to score 21-plus points on a regular basis, and that's pretty much what you need to win more than 8 NFL games.
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the chat session this afternoon.
pewterreportsr: See you next time. Remember to tell your friends about
bucemup: With the O struggling so bad why wont Gruden keep them on the field longer? Who cares if they get hurt when thay are playing like crap anyway?
pewter410yrs: thanks guys
pewterreportjf: We will post a chat transcript on sometime on Thursday. Take care.

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