Jim Flynn 129-57

Mark Lennox 129-57

Scott Reynolds 129-57


Jim Flynn 11-4

Mark Lennox 11-4

Scott Reynolds 11-4

Tampa Bay at New England (Saturday 1:30 PM ET)

Buccaneers – All Three

Patriots – None

Kansas City at New York Giants (Saturday 5:30 PM ET)

Chiefs – None

Giants – All Three

Denver at Buffalo (Saturday 8:00 PM ET)

Broncos – All Three

Bills – None

Arizona at Houston (Sunday 1:00 PM ET)

Cardinals – Flynn, Lennox

Texans – Reynolds

San Diego at Indianapolis (Sunday 1:00 PM ET)

Chargers – None

Colts – All Three

San Francisco at Jacksonville (Sunday 1:00 PM ET)

49ers – None

Jaguars – All Three

New York Jets at Miami (Sunday 1:00 PM ET)

Jets – None

Dolphins – All Three

Pittsburgh at Minnesota (Sunday 1:00 PM ET)

Steelers – All Three

Vikings – None

Carolina at New Orleans (Sunday 1:00 PM ET)

Panthers – All Three

Saints – None

Seattle at Tennessee (Sunday 1:00 PM ET)

Seahawks – All Three

Titans – None

Dallas at Washington (Sunday 1:00 PM ET)

Cowboys – Flynn, Reynolds

Redskins – Lennox

Cincinnati at Detroit (Sunday 4:05 PM ET)

Bengals – All Three

Lions – None

Cleveland at Oakland (Sunday 4:05 PM ET)

Browns – All Three

Raiders – None

Philadelphia at St. Louis (Sunday 4:15 PM ET)

Eagles – Flynn, Reynolds

Rams – Lennox

Atlanta at Chicago (Sunday 8:30 PM ET)

Falcons – Reynolds

Bears – Flynn, Lennox

Green Bay at Baltimore (Monday 9:00 PM ET)

Packers – Reynolds

Ravens – Flynn, Lennox

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