Jim Flynn 38-22

Scott Reynolds 37-23

Leo Haggerty 36-24


Jim Flynn 9-5

Scott Reynolds 9-5

Leo Haggerty 7-7

Detroit at Atlanta

Lions – None

Falcons – All Three

New York Giants at Dallas

Giants – None

Cowboys – All Three

Minnesota at Houston

Vikings – Flynn, Haggerty

Texans – Reynolds

Oakland at Indianapolis

Raiders – None

Colts – All Three

Miami at New England

Dolphins – None

Patriots – All Three

Tampa Bay at New Orleans

Buccaneers – Haggerty

Saints – Flynn, Reynolds

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Browns – None

Steelers – All Three

Buffalo at New York Jets

Bills – None

Jets – All Three

Jacksonville at San Diego

Jaguars – Flynn, Reynolds

Chargers – Haggerty

Carolina at Denver

Panthers – Reynolds

Broncos – Flynn, Haggerty

Arizona at San Francisco

Cardinals – Flynn, Reynolds

49ers – Haggerty

St. Louis at Seattle

Rams – None

Seahawks – All Three

Baltimore at Washington (Sunday Night Football)

Ravens – All Three

Redskins – None

Tennessee at Green Bay (Monday Night Football)

Titans – Reynolds

Packers – Flynn, Haggerty

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