June 7, 2006 – The Pewter Report magazine and PewterReport.com website have been purchased from Jesseric Enterprises by MacArthur Associates today. Current subscribers to Pewter Report and the Pewter Insider on PewterReport.com should note that nothing has changed regarding their subscription status with the change of ownership, and their accounts will not be affected in any way.

Editor-in-chief Scott Reynolds has been promoted to the role of publisher and will continue serving as a lead Bucs beat writer while taking on more business responsibilities with Pewter Report. Managing editor Jim Flynn has been promoted to the role of associate publisher and editor-in-chief, and like Reynolds, will continue serving as a lead Bucs beat writer while also taking on more business responsibilities within the organization.

The president of MacArthur Associates is Hugh MacArthur, who has been a Pewter Report subscriber since 1999. Armed with the vision to improve every aspect of the Pewter Report publication and PewterReport.com website, MacArthur has laid out ambitious plans for his new enterprise.

“As a long-time subscriber, I have a deep appreciation for the passion, talent and effort that Scott and Jim have brought to Pewter Report in making it the best source for Buccaneers information and insight,” MacArthur said. “The most recent proof of this was Pewter Report correctly forecasting four of the Buccaneers’ draft picks this year. No other local or national media source even came close. In fact, none of them even correctly forecasted the position of the Bucs’ first round selection.

“It has also been clear to me that with new investment in the latest web technology, more and better magazine and on-line content, and creating a real marketing strategy to let more Bucs fans know who is #1, Pewter Report can begin to reach its full potential. In my mind, this full potential is to knock the newspapers off of their pedestal as a default media outlet for Buccaneers information. The information they provide is often tired, superficial, and sometimes flat out wrong. This is a battle for share of minds, and it is a battle we intend to win. Watch this space, Buccaneers fans. Big changes are coming, and soon.”

Both Flynn and Reynolds are now part owners in Pewter Report, which is in its 18th year of publication, and have plenty of news to share with subscribers and visitors to PewterReport.com.

“This is an exciting time for Pewter Report and PewterReport.com subscribers,” said Flynn. “We are proud to offer Bucs fans the best, most in-depth media coverage of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Our new ownership is committed to enhancing the Pewter Report magazine over the coming months and increasing our subscriber base. Subscribers will notice larger monthly magazines with more stories on the Buccaneers in the near future. We also plan on adding additional writers and columnists before the year is over.

“As for PewterReport.com, the wait for a new and improved version of our popular website is coming to an end. We now have the financial commitment in place to give our visitors and subscribers the state-of-the art website they have wanted for some time. The new site will come complete with new message boards, podcasts and audio/video capability among other features. The new PewterReport.com is slated to debut early in the Buccaneers’ 2006 season. ”

Reynolds and Flynn were former subscribers to the publication back in the 1990s when it was known as Buccaneer Magazine. Reynolds said that the fact that MacArthur is a current subscriber was one of the most attractive aspects of signing on with new ownership.

“The unique thing about our new owner and president, Hugh MacArthur, is that he is a Pewter Report subscriber, in addition to being a season ticket holder and one of the most educated Bucs followers I know,” said Reynolds. “He knows that the thing that separates Pewter Report from other media outlets that cover the Buccaneers is our commitment to give Tampa Bay fans the information and inside scoop on the Bucs that they won’t find anywhere else. Hugh wants to help us take the enterprise to the next level. Our Pewter Report writers serve as a conduit between the fans and their favorite team by engaging and interacting with our subscribers and visitors on the PewterReport.com message boards, on our radio show and written correspondence, and that was one of the things that really appealed to him and sparked his interest in acquiring Pewter Report and PewterReport.com.”

Reynolds states that he and Flynn are deeply appreciative of the support from Pewter Report paid subscribers. Subscriptions are up over 20 percent from a year ago as subscribers have enjoyed the new color, glossy magazine format that was unveiled last year, and Reynolds and Flynn hope to see that number increase with the excitement generated from new ownership.

“Our subscribers show their support for our efforts at Pewter Report with their subscriptions to our magazine and our Pewter Insider content on PewterReport.com,” Reynolds said. “I would ask that any Bucs’ fan that has thought about subscribing to Pewter Report/Pewter Insider, or is on the verge of renewing or extending their subscription, do so now to help support our new venture. With training camp right around the corner, now is the perfect time to subscribe or renew your subscription. Both Jim Flynn and I are part owners in Pewter Report from this moment forward, and we appreciate your support. In return, you will be rewarded with an improved product – a bigger magazine with more content and a state-of-the art website – as well as our unique inside information that will continue to make you the most knowledgeable Bucs fan around.”

Stay tuned to PewterReport.com and the PewterReport.com message boards for more announcements regarding our enterprise in the near future.

PLEASE NOTE: Pewter Report’s subscription department is closed until Friday, June 9 due to the logistics of the transfer of ownership and the installation and integration of new systems. Subscription records for Pewter Report and the Pewter Insider cannot be accessed and subscriptions cannot be processed until Friday, June 9 when the subscriptions department will re-open. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to assisting you on Friday.

Pewter Report has also undergone a change of address and also has a new local telephone number for customer service. Our toll-free, credit card order number – 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) – remains the same, but this number will no longer be able to process orders for BucGear.com or the Authentic Team Merchandise “It’s Bucs & Bulls Heaven” store. For customers wishing to purchase Buccaneers merchandise, please call the Authentic Team Merchandise store directly at (813) 908-2827 or order on-line at BucGear.com or BullsHeaven.com.

The new mailing address for Pewter Report is:
Pewter Report
8910 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Suite 37
Tampa, FL 33614

The new telephone number for Pewter Report is:
(813) 805-8774 (operational on Friday, June 9)

The new Pewter Report fax number is:
(813) 283-2463 (operational on Friday, June 9)

The toll-free number for Pewter Report credit card orders is:
1-800-881-BUCS(2827) (operational on Friday, June 9)

Contact e-mails for Pewter Report are as follows:
subs@pewterreport.com – for subscription and advertising inquiries
voices@pewterreport.com – for fans wanting to write letters to the editor
sr@pewterreport.com – to contact publisher Scott Reynolds
flynn@pewterreport.com – to contact associate publisher/editor-in-chief Jim Flynn
alex@pewterreport.com – to contact circulation/marketing manager Alex Shreve

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