September 8, 2003 marked the rebirth launch date of After spending several years with previous sports networks, the Pewter Report staff wanted to create a new, independent version of so that we could fully control certain aspects of our website business such as layout and graphics, customer service, pricing for our premium content and marketing. Our vision came to fruition one year ago today, and the new, revamped site was born.

The Pewter Report staff wanted to create a popular media website where Bucs fans could go to find breaking Bucs news, game coverage, dynamic photos of the Bucs as well as the expert analysis and inside scoop that only Pewter Report can offer.

We also wanted to create a message board community that would be truly unique. We wanted a message board where the Pewter Report staff could interact with die-hard Buccaneers fans on a daily basis, offer breaking news, scoop and opinion. The message board is the only board where Bucs fans can ask questions directly to Bucs beat writers who regularly cover the team.

With over 600 board members and 25,000 posts, the message boards have quickly become the most popular place for educated and informed fans to post behind only the team’s official website,

Our site traffic has grown by leaps and bounds since September 8, 2003. It has actually tripled from a year ago. We’ve had over 1.6 million unique visitors and 70.3 million hits over the past year. Last month was our site’s busiest months in terms of traffic with over 11 million hits and 214,000 unique visitors.

Over the past year, has cranked out a whopping total of 752 stories! That’s an average of 62 stories per month or two stories per day. If you aren’t visiting every day, you are clearly missing out!

We have also delivered on our promise to publish 200 exclusive premium stories as part of our Pewter Insider subscription. Actually, we published 201. If you haven’t had the chance to subscribe to the Pewter Insider yet, now is the best time to do so.

We have a special anniversary offer that is valid today only! Sign up for an annual subscription or renew your annual subscription today – September 8, 2004 – and receive the Pewter Report 2004 Season Guide FREE! That’s a $10 value!

Just call (813) 908-BUCS(2827) or 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) or click HERE to subscribe on-line. You may also e-mail us at

Pewter Insider annual subscriptions are $49.99.

PLEASE NOTE: if you already have a Pewter Report annual subscription you must call or e-mail our subscriptions department to take advantage of this special offer as on-line renewals cannot be processed at this time. Also, monthly subscribers may take advantage of this offer by switching to the more economical annual subscription rate by calling or e-mailing us. If you have already purchased the Pewter Report 2004 Season Guide, we will gladly extend your Pewter Insider subscription an extra two months as a reward for subscribing or renewing annually.

Thank you, Buccaneers fans, for not only visiting on a daily basis, but also helping us spread the word about our website on other message boards and chat rooms, and via e-mail and word-of-mouth. Please keep coming back, and please continue to let other Bucs fans know about

A message from Pewter Report editor-in-chief Scott Reynolds:
“We wanted to take the time to thank publisher Jeffrey Neil Fox for believing in our vision and giving us the resources to produce this version of We would also like to thank Aaron Custer and Webmasters Online Inc. for their hard, diligent work in helping us create and maintain this site. A big thanks goes out to Cliff Welch, our director of photography, for his awesome photos. The majority of photography for this site comes from Cliff.”

“We would also like to thank Jason Franzino and Lynda Damiata in our Pewter Report business office for handling the subscriptions and financial end of, and to Brad Cohen, Gerry D’Angelo, Richard Kelly, Cindy O’Donoghue and the staff of our sister company, the Authentic Team Merchandise-Buccaneer Heaven store in Tampa, Fla., for helping to promote within the store.”

“A major thanks goes out to Jim Flynn, who is in charge of operating While I do contribute several hundred stories per year to the site, Flynn handles the majority of on-line writing and literally works around the clock making sure is the best it can be. Because breaking news happens whenever it happens, Flynn often puts in long hours and late nights writing for He has done an outstanding job of establishing contacts within the Bucs organization and within the agent community, and was recently promoted to the role of managing editor. Flynn, a former Buccaneer Magazine/Pewter Report subscriber, was a regular message board poster on the old site several years ago when he was a broadcast journalism major at the University of South Florida. We are all proud of how far he has come within his profession and for his hard work and dedication to our company.”

“I would also like to thank my wife, Elisa, and daughter, Ellie, for putting up with my hectic work schedule that often has me working late into the night, especially during football season. Their love and support is very important to me even though it is difficult to break away from the computer at times while covering this very busy football team.”

“And last – but certainly not least – I would like to thank our loyal Pewter Report fans who frequent our site and message boards. We appreciate the die-hards (you know who you are) who have helped us make a great place for fans to go for information and to discuss their thoughts on the team. I would also like to send out a heartfelt thank you to our Pewter Insider subscribers. You are the lifeblood of Your subscription revenue helps us maintain this site, cover the costs of web hosting, software, editorial and photo expenses, and helps fund trips to cover the Bucs at training camp and other venues such as the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Nothing shows your support for like a subscription to the Pewter Insider. Thanks to all for helping make our first year so successful!”

A message from Pewter Report managing editor Jim Flynn:
“It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the new site launched, but like they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Scott Reynolds and I are dedicated to giving die-hard Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans the news and inside scoop they crave because it’s what we wanted as subscribers back in the day. Accomplishing this goal is challenging to say the least. Long hours and hard work are required, but it’s the great feedback that we’ve received from our subscribers and visitors that keep us going. We’re in a market that has two great newspapers delivering Bucs news, so we have to dig deeper and give Bucs fans the news they cannot find anywhere else while reporting the same general news that is covered everywhere else. This formula, although challenging at times, is working, evidenced by the traffic numbers our site posted in only its first year of existence.”

“I’d like thank Pewter Report publisher Jeffrey Neil Fox and photographer Cliff Welch. Without them, this site wouldn’t be what it is, and without Jeff’s support it wouldn’t even exist today. Thanks go out to Jeff and Scott Reynolds for giving me the opportunity to manage and operate I’d also like to thank web host Aaron Custer for putting up with our late-night phone calls and e-mails. A huge thank you goes out to Pewter Report subscriptions manager Jason Franzino and the entire Authentic Team Merchandise “Buccaneer Heaven” staff for delivering the great customer service our subscribers deserve.”

“I would be remiss if I didn’t join Scott in thanking my wife, Jodi, for being patient with the Bucs’ unpredictable, and at times, incredibly inconvenient roster transactions and news. Our work schedules are often crazy, but our wives have shown tremendous patience and support, and they’re thrilled that we love what we do. We hope that shows in our work. Thanks for believing in what we’re doing, Jodi and Elisa. It’s been a great, but long year in terms of our work schedules. We couldn’t give Pewter Report and all we have to offer without your full support. Thanks for giving that to us.”

“There’s a buzz on the street and on the Internet about, and although we’ve been fortunate enough to bring Bucs fans some Bucs news and scoop first, our readers and subscribers have played a huge part in helping us spread the word about and all it has to offer. Please continue to help us tell Bucs fans about”

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