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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 16, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportsr: Hey, Bucs fans. How is going tonight? Judging by the reaction on the message board, most fans seem to like the trade for Bennett.
theshaz: Best way to stop a WR is to stop the QB – – but our pass rush is mediocre
detroitbuc: yeah its cool SR
guest: yes, but what do you guys think?
cadillac 24: Hey SR!
guest: agree, pass rush needs to step up
detroitbuc: Detroit has a weak O-line
extremehardness: how fast do they think it will take m.b. to get out their?sr?
orlandomark: I like that the Bucs did not give up the farm to get Bennett… at least I don't think they did.
pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans.
theshaz: JF!
yuccaneers: Depends on what the 2008 and 2009 conditional picks are tied to
cadillac 24: Hey JF!
cadillac 24: How long will it take for Michael Bennett to learn the system and be effective?
pewterreportsr: Here’s what we know. The Bucs did not surrender either a fourth- or a seventh-round draft pick for Michael Bennett because the NFL has essentially “frozen” those Tampa Bay draft picks due to the Jake Plummer trade. If Plummer does not report to Tampa Bay by April, 2008, then the Bucs send a seventh-rounder to Denver. If he does report prior to April, 2008, then the Bucs surrender a fourth-round draft pick. Thus, the Bucs had to have traded a fifth- or a sixth-round pick for Bennett because those are the only picks available – or a pick in 2009.
guest: heard bucs got a lesser pick in return too. true?
btownbucfan: hello?
pewterreportsr: We believe the Bucs did get a lesser pick in return, which is what Peter King reported.
theshaz: What do we have left on the 2nd day for the 2008 Draft?
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs see Bennett as a 1-year fix or will they look to re-sign him to a longer deal in the offseason?
orlandomark: Bennett is worth a 5th or 6th pick…. since we need a back so badly
cadillac 24: What do you think of the Bennett trade/Chambers trade?
rpc: SR: are the bucs scouts interested in Oregons' Jonathan Stewart?
guest: Why didnt we get Taylor?
guest: I read on some KC forums that they get 2 picks from us (2008
pewterreportsr: The exact details of this deal will be hard to come by initially as neither the Bucs nor the Chiefs want to disclose any info. Knowing Bruce Allen and Carl Peterson and their secretive ways, this is no surprise.
guest: Jason Taylor?
yuccaneers: so I am thinking the only way they would send a pick back is if what the Bucs sent them was a fith for Bennett and they in turngave us the conditional pick back for Ryan Sims
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – The Bucs will want to see what Bennett does in 2007 before signing him to a long-term deal unless it'sa deal they can't refuse to sign him to. The good news for the Bucs is the team essentially has between now and March to re-sign Bennett.
pewterreportsr: rpc – I don't know the Bucs' level of interest in Oregon's Jonathan Stewart at this time.
detroitbuc: feed him the rock
cadillac 24: How long will it take for Michael Bennett to learn the system and be effective?
orlandomark: Bennett is a little injury prone his whole career… should we be worried ??
detroitbuc: SR when do you seem M.B playing??
guest: injury prone and fumbles. but he can catch and has speed.
nomeremortal: Is Bennett considered a short term solution or will we need to see how progresses in our Offense before we consider signing him to an extension?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – You might be correct. That is what we are thinking, although we can't get that confirmed as of right now.
cadillac 24: What do you think of the Bennett trade/Chambers trade?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Earnest Graham told me two weeks ago that it took him about three weeks to completely learn Jon Gruden's offense, so I'm thinking it will take Bennett at least two weeks.
mjpwooo: guys, your analysis of Davin Joseph has been less than positive. Are those evaluations based on film breakdown, or just initial reactions?
rpc: SR
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – I think Bennett may see the field next week at home. It might be tough to dress him on Sunday given his limited knowledge of the offense. However, the Bucs did cut Lionel Gates, so you never know.
cadillac 24: Will Bennett be able to play at all in the upcoming Detroit game?
pewterreportjf: nomemortal – I don't expect the Bucs to stop now. I completely expect them to go after another running back in March. There's a chance Mike Alstott, Cadillac Williams and Michael Pittman will not play for the Bucs in 2008.
mnbucsfan: I believe Bennett had 2 knee surgerys when he was with the Vikes for everyones info
guest: What was your assesment of Donald Penn in his second game? He looked pretty good to me, do you think he can grow into the long term solution for the Bucs (if Pet gets hurt again or when his contract runs out)?
theshaz: JF/SR – the rash of injuries since camp – has it effected the lockerroom?
pewterreportsr: mjpwooo – I think Davin Joseph has played okay. I think Trueblood has been the best OL thus far. I think Joseph is capable of playing better than he has. Let me just leave it at that.
btownbucfan: what is the realistic target for Alex Smith to return
rpc: SR and JF, what are your thoughts on Jonathan Stewart and Rashard Mendenall?
cadillac 24: What do you think of the Chris Chambers trade?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – There's a chance Bennett will be able to play this Sunday, but my guess is he won't make his Bucs debut until the following week.
pewterreportsr: Jeremy Trueblood continues to impress me. He hasn’t allowed a sack since Week 1 and has shut down Charles Grant, Leonard Little, Julius Peppers, Robert Mathis and Kyle Vanden Bosch in consecutive weeks. This week, he’ll square off against former Buc Dewayne White, who has been held sackless over the past three weeks, and reserve Jared DeVries, who has three sacks on the season.
extremehardness: jf tuner in march
yuccaneers: as well as Zack Crockett and Michael Bennett the only two backs that will be under contract at the end of the seaosn are Graham and Askew
guest: How do you see our OLine holding up against Detroit's DLine?
mnbucsfan: Any new news on D White's injury?
pewterreportjf: btownbucfan – We'll learn more about the extent of Alex Smith's ankle injury tomorrow. It won't be a good sign if Smith doesn't practice on Wednesday or Thursday.
pewterreportsr: I like Rashard Mendenhall from Illinois. A guy I really like too is Kentucky's Rafael Little. He reminds me of Mewelde Moore.
mnbucsfan: We are lucky that didn't turn into another 6-8 week or longer injury
chuckaneers: How do you see our OLine holding up against Detroit's DLine?
detroitbuc: still no Stovall or Stevens
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – San Diego needed a receiver, so it makes sense that the Chargers traded for Chris Chambers. He's a good player. A second-round pick for a proven veteran is reasonable, although I would feel better about the deal if it were a third-rounder if I were San Diego.
cadillac 24: What can the Bucs do about their ineffective pass rush situation and how can they get more pass rush
nomeremortal: Yeah, we could see an entirely New Backfield next season. Kinda gets me excited with all of our cap space. I could see M.Turner and M.Moore as our Backs next season.
guest: yes, the cart coming out is getting old fast
pewterreportsr: I think Tampa Bay's O-line will have a better showing against Detroit. I think there will be more opportunities to run the ball.
mnbucsfan: Stevens dropped a pass on Sun detroit….I'm pretty sure
orlandomark: I read Bennett catches well, and he's a really small guy.
pewterreportjf: chuckaneers – We'll have a breakdown of the Bucs-Lions game in Enemy Profile, which will be published tomorrow morning.
extremehardness: so will we see more of stevens or anthony at tightbend
pewterreportsr: In case you haven’t seen it on the boards yet, I’ll be hosting the Steve Duemig Show from 3:00-6:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, talking Bucs football and college football on WDAE 620 AM. Then at 6:00 p.m. ET, I’ll be hosting the Davin Joseph Show on the Buccaneers Radio Network on 620 AM and on 103.5 FM. Be sure to listen and feel free to call in. And as a reminder, I’m also on WDAE on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. for the Buccaneer Blitz show.
rpc: Based on 6 weeks of work, what are your takes on Gaines Adams?
pewterreportjf: The one thing I really like about Bennett is his speed. Earnest Graham lacks it, especially when it comes to cutting the ball outside.
detroitbuc: I just want to see us pound detroit with the runing game
mnbucsfan: SR do they make the whole program available via podcast ….I'm an hour behind you guys and don't always get home in time for the show??
mjpwooo: sr, back to davin real quick, you said "let me leave it at that." if you can expand at all, does that mean it's more on davin's shoulders or coaching?
pewterreportsr: rpc – I think Gaines Adams is coming along. He's pretty physical against the run, but needs to be more physical and less finesse against the pass. He needs to attack his opponent when rushing the passer. I think he's a little too tenative at times and doesn't want to engage as often as he should.
yuccaneers: SR/JF Have you heard anything to the point of an actual Offensive Coord. coming in next season?
pewterreportjf: The Bucs should be able to run the ball better against the Lions than they did against the Titans, who have a great run defense. If the Bucs can't run the ball well in Detroit I'll be more concerned about the ground game.
cadillac 24: What can the Bucs do about their ineffective pass rush situation and how can they get more pass rush?
extremehardness: sr more of stevens or anthony?
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I will have the first 3 hours via podcast on for PI members. The Davin Joseph show will be podcast on
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – no, Jon Gruden has no plans to give up playcalling duties, so I don't see an offensive coordiantor coming in unless he and his staff are not here in 2008.
guest: when they did blitz on sunday it was horrible
pewterreportsr: extremehardness – Both Anthony and Stevens will play if Smith is out.
guest: What was your assesment of Donald Penn in his second game? He looked pretty good to me, do you think he can grow into the long term solution for the Bucs (if Pet gets hurt again or when his contract runs out)?
orlandomark: I've been surprised by Hilliard – he's played well.. I guess he keeps beating out those younger receivers
detroitbuc: Does MONTE need to be more creative on 3rd downs,???
guest: YES!
yuccaneers: any word on Montes contract situation or Bill Muirs as bothwill have contracts that expire at season end?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – Detroit is just what the doctor ordered for Tampa Bay's inconsistent pass rush. Detroit's offensive line has been horrible in pass protection over the past two years. The Bucs should get after Jon Kitna on Sunday. If they can't there are serious problems.
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Keep in mind that Bill Callahan is under fire in Nebraska (snicker from a K-Stater!) and will likely get fired at season's end. He was Gruden's offensive line coach in Oakland and could replace Muir in 2008.
guest: Is Gradkowski officially the #2 or are him and McCown still alternating?
simms2clayton: JF/SR what is your evaluation of tanard jackson so far, has he shown you enough to say that he has the makings of an elite safety?
extremehardness: sr-jf why the hell do we not blitzs MORE?????
theshaz: 6-2 when most expected 2-6 – – not complaining
buc_sid: Sorry, Is Gradkowski officially the #2 or are him and McCown still alternating?
cadillac 24: Who are some free agents next year that are on the Bucs' list to target and what positions will they try to improve upon in the offseason?
strick9: Any reason why Trotter was inactive considering Tn's running game?
nomeremortal: JF/SR, do you think Gaines tentativeness is based on him trying to read whether it's run or pass? I think that he could be concentrating on stopping the run while figuring that his natural athleticism will enable to get to the QB. Just an Opinion of course.
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – Are you going to the game on Sunday? The Bucs just need to get a better pass rush on third downs. They're allowing opponents to convert nearly 50 percent of their third down attempts, which is ridiculous.
pewterreportsr: simms2clayton – T-Jack is getting plenty of respect from the Bucs veterans. The guy is a baller who plays the run and the pass well. He's the top rookie in Tampa Bay this year with Arron Sears a close second.
detroitbuc: yes i will be there
bucboy: agree 3rd down is awful
orlandomark: oh yeah whats up with Trotter I forget he's on the team
detroitbuc: ye sT-Jack is a baller
pewterreportsr: strick9 – Trotter was inactive because the Bucs wanted to be F-A-S-T on defense with Vince Young's scrambling ability.
mnbucsfan: SR/JR yes that's my big concern at the moment after the half the opposition is going on these long drives hope they are working on this
cadillac 24: Do you think that the Bucs will activate Trotter and/or Bennett this week?
pewterreportjf: buc sid – Gradkowski is the No. 2 quarterback for now. He has more experience than Luke McCown, and McCown held onto the ball too long in the pocket in preseason and again in Seattle. It's supposed to be a week-to-week competition, but I don't see Gradkowski losing the job anytime soon.
bucboy: how bout the michale clayton sighting?!?!?!?!
bucboy: hallelujah!
pewterreportsr: bucboy – It was nice to see Clayton make the most of his opportunities.
mnbucsfan: hope it's a sign of things to come for nbr 80
bucboy: yes we need him badly
pewterreportjf: orlandomark – The Bucs haven't felt the need to activate Jeremiah Trotter, but I do expect to see him playing for the Bucs in the next week or two. In the meantime, he's been a great leader in the locker room.
buc_sid: Do you expect Brian Kelly back this week?
rpc: will we see Ryan Sims any time soon?
pewterreportsr: Have you tuned into the Sports Zone show on ABC Action News yet? If you haven’t Jim Flynn and I break down the Bucs games on Sunday night along with Tom Korun and Al Keck at 11:30 p.m. Be sure to check it out.
yuccaneers: SR/JF the bucs were running alot of screen passes in training camp why havent we seen more to help supplement the running game?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – There's a chance both Bennett and Trotter will be active, but I don't see either player being active this week.
mnbucsfan: SR/JF after this trade what draft picks do the Bucs have left this year?
detroitbuc: Do you think Garce can pick the Detroit Cover 2 apart????
chuckaneers: If Trotter pllays, who sits, Ryan Nece or Quincy Black?
cadillac 24: Yeah, SR, I watch you guys on Sports Zone every Sunday!
nomeremortal: As disappointed as I've been in Clayton it was really nice to see him come through. I'm really pulling for him because we need to become more versatile by adding more options to the passing game.
cadillac 24: Who are some free agents next year that are on the Bucs' list to target and what positions will they try to improve upon in the offseason?
pewterreportsr: I don't think Sims sees the field unless Hovan gets hurt. This is a bit of a redshirt year for Sims. He needs to learn the defense this year. He played some 2-gap in KC.
pewterreportsr: Thanks, cadillac24.
rpc: thanks guys! gotta go!
strick9: Do you find it ironic that the two running plays we ran outside the tackle went for 7 and 9 yards by Graham…and why don't we run more outside the box
orlandomark: In Orlando they had the Dolphins game on instead of the Bucs ! I couldn't see this game on TV – hate that.
pewterreportjf: buc sid – We'll learn more about Brian Kelly's status tomorrow, but I can tell you that the Bucs could certainly use him against Detroit. The Lions offense will feature plenty of three- and four-receiver sets against the Bucs.
yuccaneers: cant watch over here in Iraq unless you guys want to put it on DVD nad mail it
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – While Garcia and Gruden will have some familiarity with Joe Barry's Cover 2 defense, this game has to concern the Bucs with Detroit coming off a bye week. The concern I have with Detroit is the fact that they have picked off nine passes through only five games. Their defense has given up a lot of points, but has forced turnovers.
mnbucsfan: Thanks for your service yucc
guest: Do you think the bucs will look at Quentin Moses now that he has been released? Was the staff high on him at draft time?
buc_sid: Thanks Jim, I was thinking the same thing, we could certainly use him this week, and not need him as much against Jax.
bucboy: yuccaneers – hang in there buddy
yuccaneers: SR/JF the bucs were running alot of screen passes in training camp why havent we seen more to help supplement the running game?
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – The Bucs didn't fare well against the Colts, who also run the Cover 2 defense. However, Detroit's defense is suspect in several areas. Tampa Bay's offense should be able to move the ball in Detroit, but remember that the Lions play much better at home than they do on the road.
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Are you a serviceman or do you work for Haliburton or another contractor?
detroitbuc: Gruden playing calling was wac last week, he had Gram in a single back set with no FB
yuccaneers: Halliburton, have been over here since 2005
bucboy: if garcia goes down, it's over. he is the man
pewterreportsr: extremehardness – Well, Vinny looked pretty good for a 43-year old on Sunday! I think a healthy Garcia could play at a high level for 3 more years.
mnbucsfan: ouch negative vibes there bucboy..
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Stay safe.
guest: Going to try one more time:) What was your assesment of Donald Penn in his second game? He looked pretty good to me, do you think he can grow into the long term solution for the Bucs (if Pet gets hurt again or when his contract runs out)?
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – We've asked Jon Gruden about why his doesn't call more screen plays, and he's always suggested that he doesn't believe he has the personnel to run them. However, a lot of times the defenses dictate what plays should be called. I personally would like to see the Bucs call more screen plays.
yuccaneers: Have another 18 months and will be finished that will give me 5 years over not counting time with the Military as well
bucboy: my bad, but we all know it's true
orlandomark: Garcia is awesome- I hope he has some revenge on the Lions because of his bad stay there
extremehardness: HOW LONG DID WE SIGN HIM FOR
btownbucfan: How is Buenning looking … it was reported in camp he still walked with a limp … is that still the case?
bucboy: i think penn has been great
mjpwooo: sr, back to davin real quick, you said "let me leave it at that." if you can expand at all, does that mean it's more on davin's shoulders or coaching?
buc_sid: How do Vinny T and Tim Rattay keep getting calls but Bledsoe is out of the league? He must really stink.
pewterreportsr: guest – Sorry, I think Penn has performed well. The coaches and front office are happy thus far. He could be the long-term solution, but it's still really early.
chuckaneers: Do you think Gruden will go back to the Rocket backfield with Graham
cadillac 24: Who are some free agents next year that are on the Bucs' list to target and what positions will they try to improve upon in the offseason?
yuccaneers: I think Rocket would need or mean that we have two guys that have speed. LOL
mnbucsfan: SR/JF do you think that the top needs for the Bucs in the draft will be RB/Center this time around?t
pewterreportjf: btownbucfan – Dan Buenning is doing well. His leg injury hindered his efforts to win the starting center job. That's not to say Buenning won't be the starting center in 2008, though. John Wade is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next year.
theshaz: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a PASS RUSH
chuckaneers: Do you think we'll see the Rocket backfield with Bennet/Graham?
pewterreportsr: mjpwooo – I have to host the Davin Joseph show on Thursday and don't want him kicking my butt! Seriously, I think Davin's game could use more consistency. He's a first-round draft pick, so my expectations for him are high, just like the coaches'. I think he can play better.
cadillac 24: How do you think the rest of the season will play out for the Bucs and what's your prediction right now of their final record?
bucboy: joey g could have a big day. HE TOO FAST!!!!
pewterreportjf: extremehardness – Given how Detroit's defense has fared this year, I would say starting Garcia against Detroit is a good move.
pewterreportsr: chuckaneers – On the Rocket, eventually. It will depend on how quickly Bennett can fit in with the Bucs' passing game.
pewterreportsr: The reason the Bucs traded for Bennett wasn’t just because of his speed. Yes, the Bucs do run several plays to the perimeter that aren’t up Graham’s alley because he is more of a north-south runner, but the reason why the Bucs were high on Bennett was because of the passing game. He is an accomplished receiver and is pretty decent at pass protection and blitz pick-ups for someone his size. That’s just as important to Gruden as his running skills.
extremehardness: TRUE THAT
pewterreportjf: chuckaneers – Gruden favors two back sets as long as the two backs are capable of playing well. Graham can play some fullback, so I could see the Bucs using Graham and Bennett in the Rocket formation. However, Bennett needs time to learn the plays.
guest: I wish we could have got Jason Taylor
cadillac 24: Do you think that we'll beat Detroit on Sunday and what's your prediction of the score?
yuccaneers: SR/JF What is up with playing off receivers isnt the purpose to reroute them or knock the timing off to disrupt the timing of a the play?
pewterreportsr: theshaz – Are you Jon Gruden or Monte Kiffin?! They want a pass rush, too … BEFORE Christmas!
detroitbuc: I think with a good running game we can make a push for the divison
mnbucsfan: as do we all sr
chriszho: Why do you think we haven't generated a better pass rush?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – I gave my prediction in Enemy Profile, which will be published tomorrow. But I'll tell you here — Bucs 24 Lions 20.
bucboy: need bk back so ronde can blitz more
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Sometimes the Bucs re-route receivers when they are playing Cover 2. When they are in Cover 3 or a different scheme, they play different techniques to mix it up and disrupt the timing.
cadillac 24: How do you think the rest of the season will play out for the Bucs and what's your prediction right now of their final record?
extremehardness: GUYS ARE TO SMALL
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – I will probably write about that in my on-line column later this week.
yuccaneers: well, then why in the colts game did they play so far off the receivers?
cadillac 24: Who are some free agents next year that are on the Bucs' list to target and what positions will they try to improve upon in the offseason?
pewterreportsr: chriszho – I think Spires and Carter are showing their age and don't re-direct well. Adams is still learning. I think Chukwurah has the ability to lead the team in sacks with 6-8 if he can stay healthy!
mnbucsfan: if I had a choice between better pass rush or better 3rd down play I'll take the 3rd down play
cadillac 24: Will Zack Crockett get any looks in the running game or will he primarily be used as a blocker?
chriszho: only 6-8 though is a far cry from what we had become accustomed
strick9: i'd like to see more corner blitzes
theshaz: Sacking the QB on 3rd down WILL improve 3rd down play
yuccaneers: pressure doesnt mean or equal sacks pressure could be forcing the qb to throw a bad pass or hurry the pass before the qb wants to get rid of it
mnbucsfan: sr/jf health is going to determine how far this team goes….If it has a big negative effect will this effect any contract extension for Gruden?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – It's too early to tell what Crockett's role will be.
bucboy: me too strick9, that's why kelly needs to get healthy!
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – It's too early to say who the Bucs will target for sure in 2008 in terms of free agents. My initial thoughts are Raiders WR Jerry Porter, Chiefs DE Jared Allen and San Diego RB Michael Turner.
detroitbuc: what do you guys think about the play of SAMMY DAVIS, i dont like the match up with Detroits slot WR
strick9: imho…askew needs more touches
cadillac 24: Do you think that the Bucs had any interest in Chambers at all, but thought the price was too high and do the Bucs feel good about the WRs they have now?
detroitbuc: yes askew needs the rock more
bucboy: agree on askew also
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – The Glazers always take circumstances into consideration, but a lot of teams are able to overcome injuries. The Bucs need to do that this year after having three losing seasons over the past four years.
pewterreportsr: extremehardness – the Bucs didn't blitz the Colts except for one play. The blitzed a few times vs. Tennessee, but were mindful of Young's scrambling ability. They played a lot of Cover 2 once Collins came in, hoping to get some picks.
guest: A 2nd round pick for Chambers is WAY too high in my opinion
nomeremortal: That's an impressive list Jim. I would like to get all those guys. Don't know if we could sign them all but it sure would be nice.
cadillac 24: Who else besides Chambers and Bennett was available for the Bucs to trade for?
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – I don't think the Bucs had much interest in trading for Chris Chambers.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – The Bucs weren't interested in trading any first-day draft picks for anybody. When you do that, you don't know who you are passing up next April.
btownbucfan: Askew wanted to be a RB between NY and TB … any chance he gets a chance with Crockett in town while Bennett learns the system?
extremehardness: YAH WILL( B)ERGER( K)ING PLAY SR?
goic29: i think they are using askew to help block for running game and protect the QB
cadillac 24: Who has been the most impressive player on offense/defense so far?
pewterreportjf: nomermortal – The nice thing is the Bucs will have the cap room to pursue a lot of players in free agency. As of right now the Bucs have $30 million to spend in 2008.
mnbucsfan: JR truse but with three startes out for the season Mike, Caddy, Luke and pittman out for all or most of the season and now unknown aith Alex it has to be a LARGE part of the consideration.
pewterreportsr: btownbucfan – Yes, I think we will eventually see an Askew-Crockett fullback. Both of those guys give Gruden great versatility.
bucboy: yahoo! cap room!
guest: JF, does that 30 million number include the potential amount they are trying to get from Plummer?
detroitbuc: zack 6'3 and askew 6'3 big backs to pound th erock
mnbucsfan: Don't get me wrong I still think that we should win at least 9 games this season
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – The most impressive players on offense for the Bucs thus far have been Jeff Garcia, Ike Hilliard and Jeremy Trueblood. On defense, I'd say Barrett Ruud and Tanard Jackson have been solid surprises.
yuccaneers: SR/JF with both Spires and Carter showing there age do you think the Bucs keep them around when they can gain close to 10 million in spending money next off-season?
strick9: do we roll this year's available cap into Likely/Unlikely to Earn Bonuses to make more room next year
cadillac 24: Who else besides Chambers and Bennett was available for the Bucs to trade for?
guest: Will Bennett play vs. the Lions?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Most impressive player on defense is Ruud. He's on pace to get 226 tackles, which would break Hardy Nickerson's team record of 214 tackles in 1993. On offense, it's been RT Jeremy Trueblood. The guy is turning into a stud before our very eyes. Wait until how good he'll be in 2-3 years.
bucboy: the franchise tag really hurts teams wanting free agents
extremehardness: YAH WILL( B)ERGER( K)ING PLAY SR?
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – Bucs general manager Bruce Allen won't part ways with players unless he has a reason to. If the Bucs don't have anyone lined up to replace Kevin Carter and Greg Spires, they'll probably be on the team again in 2008.
orlandomark: Barrett Ruud for the Pro Bowl ?
cadillac 24: Was Jason Taylor on the trade block or were those just rumors?
detroitbuc: Ruud needs to tight up in coverage on TE
bucboy: i loved trueblood manhandling peppers. no more kenyatta walker!
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I think one of those guys will be gone as this team will continue to look to get younger and faster on defense. The D-line will continue to be overhauled into it resembles the unit Gruden inherited in 2002.
pewterreportjf: We've got to get going, room. Thanks for joining the chat session this evening.
guest: thanks guys
cadillac 24: Who on the Lions will be the toughest player to defend on Sunday?
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – Yes, Ruud needs to play better in pass coverage and I think he will.
btownbucfan: Jones has shown some good speed on ST … do you think there is ever a change he gets a chance at WR
mnbucsfan: kepp up the good work SR/JF till next week'
cadillac 24: Thanks guys!
bucboy: get us a win detroitbuc!
detroitbuc: the lions slot WR
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I don't think Taylor was on the trading block.
detroitbuc: yes yes
bucboy: BELIEVE!
yuccaneers: SR/JF Thoughts on Terrell Suggs DE Ravens if they dont put the Tag on him would the bucs go after him and then switch Adams to LDE and Keep Suggs as the RDE?
strick9: thanks again
detroitbuc: Believe
pewterreportjf: Speaking of Barrett Ruud, Bucs fans will have the opportunity to meet Ruud at the Westshore Plaza Sports Fan-Attic location on Sat., Oct. 27 from 1-3 PM when he conducts a charity autograph signing. Hope to see you there.
cadillac 24: I believe!
detroitbuc: pound that rock
pewterreportjf: Enjoy the game this weekend, Bucs fans. Take care.

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