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The PewterReport.com Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 2, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

PewterReport.com provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the PewterReport.com chat session begin.
detroitbuc: whats up jf
boedidley: hi jf,,,,so any news on trade front?
cadillac 24: Hi JF
strick9: Jim: Why hasn't Darby been activated or Cox
detroitbuc: whats up with WR antonio bryant??
yuccaneers: JF with Buenning not being 100% and the Injury to Petitgout, even though Davis can play LT that leaves the Offensive line depth awfuly thin, what is the plan you are hearing heading into the game against the colts?
pewterreportjf: boedidley – The Bucs have literally inquired about the availability of dozens of running backs, but don't believe everything you're hearing and reading right now. Some media outlets are throwing out as many darts as possible to see how many stick.
pewterreportsr: Howdy, gang. SR is in the house.
cadillac 24: Hey SR
guest: tikki!!
pewterreportsr: Cox will likely be activated this week or next. They have a 2-week window in which to activate him.
pewterreportjf: strick9 – There's a chance the Bucs will promote Kenneth Darby from the practice squad to the 53-man roster. The Bucs likely will make some roster moves by tomorrow.
strick9: any chance for Ricky Williams….a back that can hit the 2 gap and pass block like our scheme calls for… Plus, he'd be really cheap
boedidley: thanks jf,,,,,,i like that bruce is exploring options
spiderman1314: What kind of names are ya'll hearing in terms of the running backs?
detroitbuc: are we coming after a left Tackle??
pewterreportsr: There is absolutely no truth to the McKinnie and Taylor rumors. I'm surprised that the Trib actually gave some credibility to a rumor that started on a Vikings fan message board. Then again, nothing the Trib does surprises me anymore.
pewterreportsr: The Bucs have some interest in Mewelde Moore, but are not about to give up a first day pick for him. They are talking to other teams right now about other backs, but don't feel like they are in a desperate situaton at all with Pittman AND Graham. So in other words, don't believe the panic button stuff in the Times. The Bucs are dealing from a position of strength right now with TWO veteran backs who know the system and are playing exceptionally well right now. Pittman is averaging 5.6 yards per carry and Graham is averaging 4.5 yards per carry and has three TDs. Caddy was averaging just 3.9 yards per carry when his season ended.
pewterreportsr: The Bucs don't feel compelled to pull the trigger on a deal right away. I think they may wait until the right deal comes along. They still have two more weeks before the trading deadline. The same situation with Donald Penn and Anthony Davis. The team has TWO players that can go at left tackle, so they aren't desperate there, either. Teams don't trade really good left tackles, anyway. It's doubtful the Bucs would find a better left tackle candidate than they already have.
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – The Bucs will start Donald Penn at left tackle on Sunday. It will be his first professional start, and he's going up against Colts DE Dwight Freeney. Not ideal at all, but the Bucs are quietly confident in Penn. The Bucs likely will also activate Anthony Davis.
pewterreportsr: How's that for coming prepared with answers to your questions?
yuccaneers: SR/JF any news on Buenning time table and his knee?
strick9: nice
pewterreportjf: The Bucs inquired about the availability of Corey Dillon because they should and could. They're doing their homework. Just because they inquired about his availability doesn't mean they were going to sign him.
detroitbuc: whats up with Trotter?
boedidley: hopefully Penn will do a good job cause it sure is fun watching garcia at qb
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Buenning is coming along, but I really think he is in the Bucs' plans for 2008. I don't think Wade will be back next year.
cadillac 24: When will Jeremiah Trotter be activated?
yuccaneers: With Greg Peterson showing some flash, does DT Sims become trrade bait?
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – Jeremiah Trotter is still learning Tampa Bay's defensive system. That's why he's been inactive. As long as Barrett Ruud continues to play well and stays healthy there will be no rush to get Trotter on the field. From what we've heard, Trotter has been an awesome leader in the locker room and on the sideline.
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – Trotter is still learning the defense. He has been invaluable in the meeting rooms, on the practice field and on the sideline in game days. I hate to say it, but with the way that Brooks, June and Ruud are playing, there is no need to activate Trotter.
guest: with T. Cox coming back this week, is it likely that he takes Graham's spot in special teams so Graham can play at RB
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – I don't think so. A lot of people wanted the Bucs to trade Anthony Davis, but they didn't, and now he could be a valuable contributor to the team since Luke Petitgout is out for the season. The Bucs want to keep their roster deep.
spiderman1314: JF, do you think that has alot to do with why Trotter wassigned even though he might not be an ideal fit for the d?
detroitbuc: Who will cover Dallas Clark on sunday??
strick9: Do ya'll believe Spires could be used as trade bait….I havn't been impressed and our DE committee are producing the same results.
cadillac 24: How is Gaines Adams coming along and is he still trying to learn the system?
pewterreportsr: strick9 – I don't think Spires has much trade value. He's old and expensive and has not been very productive from a pass rushing standpoint.
yuccaneers: Noticed that when June slides to WLB that the first guy off the Bench is Black to take over for June is he ahead of Nece as far as the line backers are concerned?
strick9: good ? yucc
cheveliar: Wazzup
pewterreportjf: guest – That's very possible. Torrie Cox is a great special teams player, and the Bucs' special teams unit is having one hell of a season in terms of coverage. I'm not sure the Bucs will necessarily sign a tackle since Anthony Davis has been inactive. I think Torrie Cox will take up one roster spot and a running back will take up another one.
pewterreportsr: I don't think Ryan Sims has much trade value at all.
yuccaneers: JF/SR since the team resigned Nichlson and still has pearson on the roster could that mean Morris has soured on Will Allen?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Adams is better against the run than Simeon Rice was/is. However, Adams has a long way to go in terms of his pass rush. He has yet to record his first sack and he was pretty inconsistent on Sunday.
pewterreportsr: Bucs fans – you have to understand that there aren't going to be any players available at left tackle that are going to be better than Anthony Davis or Donald Penn at this juncture. I don't think the Bucs will make a move at left tackle.
strick9: any rumors regarding wr's….Gru can't be pleased w/ Clayton
cheveliar: How Ttrue is the McKinney rumor
yuccaneers: JF/SR Noticed that when June slides to WLB that the first guy off the Bench is Black to take over for June is he ahead of Nece as far as the line backers are concerned?
pewterreportsr: Let's hear it for my man, Greg Peterson! Is this rookie playing well or what? I'm fired up about this guy. He's playing really well.
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – Yes, Will Allen hasn't impressed much. Tanard Jackson is realy coming along nicely. Allen isn't considered a good athlete, whereas Jackson is. The Bucs will keep Allen around since they have a fourth-round draft pick invested in him and since Sabby Piscitelli is on IR.
detroitbuc: why no interest in WR antiono bryant??
pewterreportsr: chev – Scroll down. I talked about the McKinnie rumor. In a nutshell – no truth to it at all.
guest: are there any trade talks going around?
cheveliar: Cool…So why is AD in the dog house?
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers — Cato June will one day replace Derrick Brooks at the weakside linebacker spot. Barrett Ruud is Tampa Bay's middle linebacker and Quincy Black will eventually replace June at strongside linebacker. That leaves Ryan Nece as the odd man out. However, Nece is affordable and still has value as a backup and a special teams contributor.
mjpwooo: you think that the team will continue with good chemistry seeing that two starters are out for the year? Seemed like both provided a lot of intangilbes
mnbucsfan: Any chance that anyone has talked to Tiki about comeing to play for the Bucs?
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – Antonio Bryant remains an option if something happens to Galloway or Hilliard. The team is a little gunshy on him because someone like Joe Henderson or Martin Fennelly will get on their high horse about how Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden only want to sign thugs.
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – The Bucs are keeping an eye on Antonio Bryant, but he has some baggage. He also would need to learn Jon Gruden's system and probably wouldn't be any better than Maurice Stovall or Michael Clayton. Joey Galloway and Ike Hilliard are playing very well at this point.
yuccaneers: JF/SR With the return of churkwurah does that mean will will finally see some 3-4/extra blitz packages this sunday?
pewterreportsr: I doubt Tiki will come play for the Bucs. Remember, he is still property of the Giants, hasn't gone through an NFL training camp and is under contract with NBC.
detroitbuc: good question yucc
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – No, the Bucs haven't talked to Tiki Barber. He's retired and the Giants still own his rights. The Bucs would have to lure him out of retirement and the Giants would have to be willing to trade him to the Bucs. I don't see that happening at all.
mnbucsfan: I wasn't sure if he had years left on his contract with the giants
detroitbuc: Churkwuah has nice speed off the edge
cadillac 24: Are the rumors of the Oakland Raiders willing to unload all but four of their players on defense true and if they are, is there any chance that we will go after Warren Sapp? Is there any chance that Sapp ever becomes a Buc again?
pewterreportjf: Chev – Anthony Davis is not in the dog house, he's just not as good as Donald Penn. Davis is versatile, though, and now he'll likely be active on game days as a backup left tackle to Penn.
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Possibly. The Bucs really like Chukwurah and although he didn't do much in limited time in the preseason, you could see why the team was fired up about him and why PR had rated him so highly in the offseason. His first play for the Bucs last week is a QB hurry. Then he gets a sack later. He brings real speed off the edge.
cheveliar: Wow, I thought Penn was good when I saw him, but I never thought he'd beat AD.
yuccaneers: Have not noticed alot of zone blitzing this season should we expect to see more against Manning and the Colts since Harrison might not play?
pewterreportsr: cadillac 24 – I doubt Sapp becomes a Buc again.
mnbucsfan: Any new on how Chris is progressing?
mnbucsfan: sorry news
lvbuc: Are the Bucs concern with the pass rush and do they have plans to make it better
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Sounds like another rumor. Remember – the same thing was said about the Bucs last year, and they only traded Anthony McFarland. The Bucs are actually quite content with their current roster. Losing Petitgout was a bigger blow than losing Cadillac because of the solid play from Graham and Pittman.
strick9: Any plans for a new center…..
boedidley: will cadillac be ready by next year or will it take longer?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I think the reason for a lack of zone blitzing is that it puts a lot of pressure on the safeties if you send a corner. Phillips is playing right now, and so is T-Jack, but T-Jack is a rookie and I don't know if the team is ready to subject him to that kind of pressure yet.
mnbucsfan: Between Pit and Graham who will get the goal line carries
spiderman1314: Has Cadillac's injury and his inconsistent play changed the way the Bucs see Cadillac for their long term plans?
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – News is quiet on the Chris Simms front. He insists he's making progress every day. Keeping Simms on the 53-man roster is costly at this point with Williams and Petitgout on IR, but the Bucs are hoping Simms will be ready in November and December just in case something happens to Jeff Garcia.
cheveliar: Is Buenning or Lehr any closer to unseating Wade in practice?
mnbucsfan: JF that's good news I know he gets a lot of grief from people for being on the roster but I still think it's a smart move
pewterreportsr: spiderman1314 – Love the name, by the way. I'm a big Spidey fan. To answer your question, this has to affect the Bucs' thoughts on Caddy because there is no guarantee that he is the same guy in 2008 or ever. The Bucs hold a higher opinion of Caddy than I do. We'll see.
pewterreportjf: boedidley – It could take Cadillac Williams up to one year to recover from his torn patellar tendon. Maybe even longer. Some consider the injury career-threatening, but some also said Kevin Everett wouldn't walk again. We'll have to wait and see.
cheveliar: John's a heck of a nice guy I'm sure. But he's looked Mahan like on a few plays
mjpwooo: batman is better
guest: What is going on with Stovall? It seems odd we haven't seen him other than ST.
pewterreportsr: mjpwooo – Wolverine is better than Batman.
lvbuc: Are the Bucs concern with the pass rush and do they have plans to make it better
yuccaneers: Has Gaines Adams had his hand up in any of the practices that PR has had a chance to watch. wondering to see if he would stay on the field if they shift to a 3-4
mjpwooo: wrong chat!
spiderman1314: Thanks SR.
detroitbuc: cato and green hornet is better
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – the media is not allowed to watch Tampa Bay's practices during the regular season.
cadillac 24: If the Bucs trade for a guy like Moore or any other player, would they rather give up a draft pick or trade a player? Which players would the Bucs unload in a trade?
boedidley: hopefully he recovers fully,,,it looked like he might have just been starting to crank it up
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – Yes. The Bucs are concerned, but there are some encouraging signs. Haye leads the team with 2 sacks, which is a surprise. Peterson has 1.5. Those are encouraging signs, as is the return of Chukwurah, who made an immediate impact on Sunday.
yuccaneers: JF/SR with Stovall disappering as he hasiis it a Jerry Porter type thing like when Gruden was the coach in Oakland?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I think the Bucs would trade a draft pick. They like their team from a depth standpoint right now.
lvbuc: do you think it will get better?
mjpwooo: SR, any reason why you started the game recap talking about Okoye? I'll PM you if you want to stick to Buc specific chat
spiderman1314: How does the staff feel about the progress Gaines Adams is making?
yuccaneers: SR while at Disney ?
mjpwooo: good ? spidey
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Trades are very rare in the NFL because they're tough to make. The Bucs are not desparate to make a move. It has to be the right deal, especially with Kenneth Darby on the practice squad. That said, I think the Bucs are more likely to trade a draft pick than a player, if they make a trade at all.
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – Yes. As the season progresses the pass rush should get better. Sunday was a step in the right direction.
mjpwooo: is Gru high on Darby still, or is he 'forced' to being high on darby?
guest: SR/JF What are your thoughts on Donald Penn? i.e. strengths and weaknesses…
detroitbuc: will stovall ever play
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – With Joey Galloway turning 36 this year and Michael Clayton and Maurice Stovall having sub-par outings at receiver, I expect the Bucs to target Jerry Porter in free agency in 2008. They'll certainly have the money to sign him.
strick9: any news on how Paris is doing w/ rehab and have you guys t/w him around Buc Palace?g
pewterreportsr: Donald Penn's biggest weakness is experience. He is also looks a little soft and needs to add some muscle in the weight room. He's very athletic vs. the pass rush and has suddenly become more aggressive during the run this August in the preseason. I think he'll struggle against Freeney and then gradually improve with more games under his belt.
detroitbuc: should we target Danta culpeper in 08 also
yuccaneers: JF/SR Will the Bucs still run three widereceiver set like when Petitgout was in the lienup or will they bring an extra tightend in to help Penn?
pewterreportsr: mjpwooo – The Bucs like Darby as a runner. He has a long way to go on special teams.
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs really like Donald Penn. He's very athletic, but he's green from an experience standpoint. However, some players make a name for themselves in opportunities like this one. I'm not saying Penn will be great. He'll likely struggle, but the Bucs are in some ways excited to see what he can do as a starter.
lvbuc: sr/jf who do you see challenging the Bucs fo the dvision? I thought the panthers would, but with Carr in there tey look terrible.
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I think the Bucs will give Penn a chance. If Freeney is bringing too much heat, they'll chip him with a back and a tight end.
mnbucsfan: You mentioned earlier that the fishwraps would take some shot's at Bryant wouldn't they do the same if M. Moore is brought in from MN he has been in the drug program as well if I recall correctly
pewterreportjf: At this point, the NFC South division is the Bucs' to lose. Should be intereting to see how the Bucs respond and play without Petitgout and Williams. As long as Jeff Garcia stays healthy I think the Bucs will be in every game they play this year.
spiderman1314: That's Onterrio Smith MN.
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – I think Atlanta will come around during the second half of the season as long as Harrington continues to play well. I think Atlanta may finish with 6-7 wins. I think Carolina will be a different team when Delhomme returns. They'll contend with the Bucs.
yuccaneers: JF/SR With the rumor of Monte Kiffins contract up at the end of the season will the Glazer and Allen try to extend him now?
cadillac 24: When will the new PewterReport magazine be shipped out?
strick9: I hope Penn doesn't play like Justice's first start
guest: I am worried about having so little experience on the left side of the line… with two VERY green players out there I think they may stuggle indentifying stunts and zone blitzes out of the 3-4 teams…. do you guys have the same concerns???
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – The Bucs met with Culpepper and passed for the 2007 season. They may revisit his situation next year.
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – If the Bucs make the playoffs and/or win the NFC South division I think you'll see the Bucs attempt to extend Monte Kiffin's contract as well as Jon Gruden's and Bruce Allen's.
mnbucsfan: Spiderman I think Moore was in it as well but not 100% sure
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – It's going to the printer this week and the next issue will be out next week.
lvbuc: next SR fab5?
detroitbuc: love it
mjpwooo: batman likes it
strick9: perfect
dbo2440: love the night chat
cadillac 24: SR, Is that the issue with Mike Alstott on the cover that you are talking about because I didn't get that one.
yuccaneers: JF/SR Muir has this season left on his current contract and has health issues, with the line playing better is the the direct results of Kromer??
spiderman1314: I like it too….much easier to attend.
boedidley: how long is db coach morris' contract for? what a great job he has done so far with the db's
mnbucsfan: I like it at this time if it's in the AM I'm never available
cheveliar: This is nice so everyone gets a chance
lvbuc: eveningis good frus west coast guys
aric: night is way better
guest: Sorry if I'm late and this is redundant. Has the name Ricky WIllaims come up in any conversation?
cadillac 24: I like the chat at 9 p.m. better than the afternoon chats
yuccaneers: JF/SR if so does Gruden finally let Muir walk?
guest: night chats are better
pewterreportsr: lvbuc – NEXT SR's FAB FIVE will be coming later this week. I've got a VERY interesting PR.com Conversation with Ronde Barber that will be coming out tomorrow on the front page. Barber talks about the 2003 Bucs-Colts game, Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden and lots of good stuff. Stay tuned.
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – No, actually. Bill Muir deserves some credit for getting the running game going. He's the run-game coordinator. The biggest thing is the Bucs have a veteran quarterbacks opposing defenses have to respect. That's opening things up in both the running and passing games. That's why Garcia needs to stay healthy. Rookie Arron Sears is also playing quite well given his experience, or lack thereof.
strick9: Before I forget…props to Bissacia. I was calling for his head before the start ofthis season
bucfanmatt: Will the Glazers wait to decide on extending Monte until they have decided whether to extend Gruden?
guest: SR/JF I am worried about having so little experience on the left side of the line… with two VERY green players out there I think they may stuggle indentifying stunts and zone blitzes out of the 3-4 teams…. do you guys have the same concerns???
detroitbuc: props to the hole D
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't see the Bucs attempting to trade for — or sign — Ricky Williams. They're willing to give some players second chances, but Williams has exhausted a lot of his. The Bucs have a very tight team right now. They have to be careful who they bring in their locker room.
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs think that Jovan Haye is the long term answer for them at UT?
pewterreportsr: strick9 – I know Rich Bisaccia isn't too popular with the fans for some reason, but the guy can flat out coach and the players love playing for him. Special teams are playing awesome right now and will get better when Cox returns.
mnbucsfan: Any news on if Mike has made a decision to retire or not? As much as I hate to not see him on the fireld it's probably for the best if he does retire
strick9: do we lose Stevens to suspensiongiven his conviction
pewterreportjf: bucfanmatt – I'm not sure Bruce Allen would even be permitted to extend Monte Kiffin's contract right now. I think the Glazers want to see how the season unfolds before they decide anything.
cheveliar: Love that answer JF, that's why it's odd hearing the multiple player trades
guest: have the bucs expressed any interest in julius jones? his contract is up after this year and marion is having more success there
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – e-mail subs@pewterreport.com about your Alstott issue. Is Haye the long-term answer at UT? The Bucs don't know yet. Haye has to prove himself. I really like what Peterson is and he may be the guy if he keeps playing well and developing.
detroitbuc: i dont think manning and the colts have faced a D ranked high as the Bucs right now, do he have a chance to win
cadillac 24: mnbucsfan – Mike will actually meet with doctors this month to re-evaluate his injury and he will be talking with the media about his situation soon.
boedidley: any early predictions on the bucs/colts game?
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs have expressed interest in dozens of running backs. They're doing their homework. That's why it's important not to get caught up in all of these rumors. A lot of them are inaccurate.
yuccaneers: JF/SR If the Bucs do trade for a Pittman/Graham clone, does that mean Turner and or Julius Jones are the biggest names next off-season do the Buccaners target one or both orthem or look towards the draft to grab a running back?
strick9: bucs win, bucs win
sepebucs: ref R Williams, and not so much him, but today on WDAE J Garcia said Williams wasn't welcome on the team, how much does his or other players input matter in these matters?
rayjayintbay: In your opinion do you guys think that the Bucs will really try to bring in another back via trade and if so is there anything you all have heard?
pewterreportsr: The Bucs have been talking to a lot of teams about backup running backs and I'm sure that Michael Turner's and Julius Jones' names came up.
pewterreportjf: The Bucs would gladly trade for a good player if the price is right. Remember – the Bucs already have traded a seventh-round pick to Denver for Jake Plummer in 2008, and if Plummer plays that pick will be a fourth-rounder.
mnbucsfan: Thanks cadillac hope he get's some good health news
pewterreportjf: The Bucs also traded an unconditional draft pick for DT Ryan Sims.
cheveliar: Is a reassesment in order for this season? I mean the boys have won convincingly these last three games?
pewterreportsr: rayjayintbay – The Bucs are dealing from a position of strength right now with Pittman and Graham playing so well. Don't buy into the "panic button" sensationalism the Times is trying to sell you.
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. We've got to get going.
mnbucsfan: thanks guys have a great night keep up the good work
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the PewterReport.com Chat session this evening.
boedidley: thanks,,greatly appreciate your time
spiderman1314: Thanks guys! Great job as always.
pewterreportsr: Has anyone taken advantage of VICTORY MONDAYS yet?
strick9: thank you, again
detroitbuc: thanks and go BUCS
pewterreportjf: We will be posting a chat transcript from tonight's session tomorrow morning.
cadillac 24: Thanks guys
pewterreportsr: Thanks for coming guys and gals. We'll see you NEXT TUESDAY at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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