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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 9, 2007.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportsr: Just in case you haven't heard, is reporting that the Bucs signed RB Lionel Gates to the practice squad.
detroitbuc: someone who has played in a WCO
mnbucsfan: Vikes want to much for Moore
escobar: I hope if we do aquire someone it's by giving up players not picks
detroitbuc: yeah we can give up Clayton
pewterreportsr: I don't think the Bucs will pull the trigger on Moore unless its for a second-day pick (i.e. fourth-rounder).
mnbucsfan: SR when did that happen hadn't heard about it
cadillac 24: The picture of the chat room session article is of Tiki Barber. Is it possible that he can even play this year if he wants to come back?
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – It's on the front page of and the message boards. I got a call from his agent confirming it.
lhasara: hi,everyone!
escobar: I wonder if they would take a 5th rounder and Clayton
mnbucsfan: Up here they say the Vikes still want a 1st day pick for Moore to expensive if you ask me
escobar: Minny that is
yuccaneers: confirming what?
pewterreportsr: Tiki Barber is the player the fans want, but he won't be coming. I spoke to Ronde today as well as other Bucs sources who said that there is no way Tiki comes out of retirement and plays in Tampa Bay for a myriad of reasons.
detroitbuc: we need someone that can pound that rock
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Confirming that Gates was signed to the practice squad.
mnbucsfan: SR that's to bad it would have been fun to see them on the same team
pewterreportsr: The Bucs have brought in a ton of backs, but the pickings are slim right now on the free agent market.
detroitbuc: i think we sign someone as a short term fix
pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans!
yuccaneers: Lets hope the Bucs can win with who ever they bring in becuase if they cant run the BALL Garcia is going to get killed running for his life week in and week out
mnbucsfan: With all the Turner talk going on around here is any of it possiable SR? I doubt if they would do a trade like that
pewterreportsr: mnbucsfan – I agree. I think in a perfect world, Tiki and Ronde would have loved to play together on the same team one more time, but it's just not meant to be. There are quite a few reasons why.
yuccaneers: The first is the Giants still own his rights
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – Word has it that the Chargers want a first-round pick for Michael Turner. The Bucs aren't willing to give up that type of compensation for Turner, who will become an unrestricted free agent in 2008. Expect the Bucs to make a run at Turner in March of '08.
nomeremortal: With Cox activated and Simms on IR, is our Roster full now and if so can we still expect a move for another RB?
pewterreportsr: I seriously doubt the Bucs will trade for Turner. San Diego turned down a first-rounder from Tennessee during the offseason. They would be foolish to take anything less than that right now. The Bucs wouldn't give up a first-rounder for a backup running back.
guest: Are we going to see the 2006 offense all over again with Penn starting at LT now? I saw TE's and RB's having to stay in quite often to help with the protection and I felt it hampered the offense.
detroitbuc: i think Penn will be fine
pewterreportjf: nomermortal – The Bucs likely will sign or trade for a running back on Wednesday. They've already signed Lionel Gates to their practice squad.
pewterreportsr: nomeremortal – The Bucs have 52 players on the team with Simms going on IR. Cox was activated when SS Donte Nicholson was released last week.
mnbucsfan: I totally agree with that SR/JF but I think every team in the league knows what we need so the price has gone up drasticly on any trade
dabucs12188: how do u think the bucs will fare up to the titans next week?
chuckaneers: What happened to the blocking last Sunday?
detroitbuc: whats up with Barlow he would be cheap
yuccaneers: What is the latest on the four guys that had tryouts today Allen stated that one of them might be signed? also is the team still trying to get Dillon?
pewterreportsr: guest – It depends on how Penn fares, really. I think the Bucs will try him out 1-on-1 against some lesser DEs and see what happens before they have to keep TEs and RBs in to help.
strick9: I say Betts…give them Clayton
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, the loss of Luke Petitgout could cause Jon Gruden to go into a bit of a shell in terms of the flexibility he has with personnel groupings. The one player the offense can't afford to lose is Jeff Garcia, so using two-tight end sets to help the offensive line keep defenders off of Garcia's back makes sense, but it will hinder the Bucs offense a bit.
cadillac 24: I think that the Bucs are the most likely to sign Kevin Barlow because of his familiarity with Jeff Garcia when they played with eachother in San Fransisco and his familiarity with a west coast system.
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Allen is a master of smoke-screening and isn't too forthcoming. I don't know what to believe right now other than the Bucs will acquire a RB tomorrow off the street or via trade.
detroitbuc: you are right cadilac
dabucs12188: how did they like penns progress in the game vs the colts?
guest: are the bucs serious about labrandon toefield? he would probably be cheapest rb to trade for considering he's their 4th option behind mjd, jones, and taylor.
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – Kevan Barlow was reportedly in for a workout today and it would make some sense for the Bucs to sign him since he played in the West Coast system out in San Francisco. However, Barlow hasn't impressed in recent years. The Bucs are looking for a running back that can come in and help right away.
boobimiles#43: whats the deal with Tatum bell?
guest: along with a rb ,will the bucs try to acquire a #2 wr before the deadline?
yuccaneers: JF/SR I think the entire world knows that, If you had to guess who would you say?
chuckaneers: How would you rate the chipping/blocking bility of Graham, Darby and Gates?
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs have expressed interest in literally dozens of running backs over the last two weeks. You can't believe everything you hear/read, though. We have not heard through our sources that the Bucs are interested in LaBrandon Toefield.
boobimiles#43: Does our relationship with Rod make the trade for Tatum bell easier if the bucs are intrested in signing tatum
spiderman314: Not to take the discussion in an entirely different direction, but what is the morale in the lockerroom like after last week's loss?
pewterreportjf: yuccaneers – If I had to guess I'd say the Bucs will trade for Mewelde Moore, but don't hold me to that. :)
guest: Can we get Tiki?
pewterreportsr: I think all of the available running backs that have been speculated about right now. If I had to guess via a trade, I would say Mewelde Moore might be the guy. If they sign a free agent, it could be Zack Crockett or Kevan Barlow, although I've heard he can be a locker room malcontent.
yuccaneers: JF/SR in the Colts game was Jackson playing Strong safety? I noticed he was playing alot behind the LDE not the RDE?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – The Bucs safeties are basically interchangeable. They will rotate to give defenses different looks.
pewterreportjf: spiderman – Monday's locker room was a ghost town and the players were off today. We'll get a sense for the mood in the locker room tomorrow. However, I can tell you from the few players we've spoken to that they're not happy with how they played in Indy and they're looking for someone to take it out on.
cadillac 24: What's the status of Greg White's injury?
pewterreportsr: guest – Tiki won't be coming out of retirement and won't be coming to Tampa.
yuccaneers: I understand that but it looked like both of Jackson big plays came while he was lined up at SS not FS.
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I saw Greg White in the locker room on Monday, but didn't have a chance to talk to him. He looked okay though.
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – We don't know the extent of Greg White's injury. We'll find out tomorrow when the official injury reports are announced/released.
boobimiles#43: Our running back situation looks terible
guest: when is pittman expected back? is there a chance he ends up on ir anytime soon?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers- I'd have to go back and look at the film again regarding Jackson's plays.
guest: We have a good chance to win the south we need to make a deal
mnbucsfan: What is the Titains status against the run are they any good against it?
pewterreportjf: guest – There's always a chance Michael Pittman will be placed on IR, but as of right now the Bucs believe he'll be back in 6-8 weeks. They'll have to see how quickly his high ankle sprain heals.
dabucs12188: How do you feel the Bucs will fair up to the Titans this Sunday?
detroitbuc: Titains are good at stoping the run
yuccaneers: The Titans are one of the best at run defense this season do to Haynesworth
pewterreportsr: guest – Pittman is trying to make it closer to 4-6 weeks, but keep this in mind: once he can play, he won't be 100 percent. That means he is susceptible to reinjuring his ankle with a wrong cut or a hard tackle.
escobar: SR/JF, do you get the sense, especially with Ronde being caught on film looking very pissed, that the defensive players were upset with the game plan against the Colts?
boobimiles#43: Pittman is our best solution for our running back situation i highly doubt they will place him on IR
cadillac 24: Maybe we can get Albert Haynesworth next off season because he's a free agent if he's really that good at stopping the run.
nomeremortal: is it normal not to actually see the chat? I would at least like to see what everyone else is saying.
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan -Yes, the Titans are very good against the run. They're only allowing opposing offenses to average 75 yards on the ground per game. That's remarkable when considering the fact that the Titans ranked 30th against the run last year. Defensive tackle Alberty Haynesworth has had a lot to do witht that. I expect the Bucs to come out throwing against the Titans.
pewterreportsr: The fact that the Bucs will be playing at home bodes well. This is a game the defense will have to win. They need to bow up and create turnovers and probably score a TD. I see a one-dimensional offense throwing the ball a lot against Tennessee's defense.
strick9: atleast Tenn's offense is more enemic than ours
pewterreportjf: dabucs – You can get more thoughts analysis on the Bucs-Titans matchup in Enemy Profile, which will be published live on our site tomorrow.
pewterreportsr: nomeremortal – You can use the scroll bar to scroll down and see the rest of the fans' questions and comments.
nomeremortal: I've never been to a chat where I can't actually see the banter going back and forth. Is this normal?
detroitbuc: we should be able to keep Tenn's O in check
pewterreportsr: nomeremortal – No, it's not. Check your settings in the Options area.
mnbucsfan: SR/JF if that's the case is Clayton going to me more involved or is it just going to be Ike and Joey?
boobimiles#43: In the offseason pressure to the QB was the main focal point of the coaching staff but it looks like it hasn;t upgraded much and our D-line is still the weakest unit on the defense i'm i right?
spiderman314: Ultimately, what led to the Bucs' decsion to finally IR Chris Simms…sorry if it's already been asked?
cadillac 24: Do you think that Chris Simms will be back with the Bucs next year?
guest: What about maybe getting Jason Taylor.
mnbucsfan: He hasn't had many opprotunitys yet this year and I still expect a breakout game in him at some point this seeason
pewterreportsr: boobimiles#43 – I've been disappointed in the D-line this year as it relates to pressure. Spires and Carter have had little impact. It's been disappointing.
pewterreportjf: escobar – We get the sense that the Bucs didn't feel like they had the best defensive game plan for Indy. As Jon Gruden said Monday, if they played the Colts again tomorrow they would do things differently. The Bucs were just frustrated. They couldn't stop the Colts offense.
yuccaneers: JF/SR What is up with Adams, seems he takes himself out of plays, and lacks thelower body strenght
gator thumper: Noticed Kelly was taking alot of plays off in the second half of the his injury still giving him issues?
guest: With Phillip Bucannon coming on so strong, and Brian Kelly getting injured consistently, is Kelly on his way out once his contract is up?
pewterreportjf: cadillac24 – Yes, Chris Simms is under contract with the Bucs in 2008, so I expect him to be given a chance to win a roster spot unless a team makes an offer for Simms that the Bucs can't refuse, which I don't see happening.
pewterreportsr: guest – Getting Jason Taylor would be interesting. I could see Bruce Allen throwing a curve ball and not getting a RB; instead getting a pass rusher. I don't think it will happen though because Patrick Chukwurah is back and the team has high hopes for him.
mnbucsfan: I think Chris will be much mroe ready to compete next training camp.
cadillac 24: So, do you think we'll keep four QBs again next year?
bucsid0776: SR/JF, don't know if either of you were in the RCA Dome, but I'd imagine that noise is difficult to duplicate in practice. It appeared the young O-Line had a tough time adjusting, is the practice noise over speakers similar to the real thing or not?
guest: what about chester taylor
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs like Phillip Buchanon and how Sammy Davis is coming around. They may be the starting CBs in the next few years if they keep developing.
pewterreportjf: guest – Brian Kelly has two years remaining on his contract, and neither he nor Ronde Barber will play forever. Barber has proven to be more durable, but he's one year older than Kelly. I'd say Buchanon will succeed either Kelly or Barber. If I had to guess I'd say it would be Kelly, but the Bucs would like to have all three cornerbacks here for several more seasons.
mnbucsfan: Vikes won't give us Taylor
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – No, I don't see the Bucs keeping four quarterbacks again in 2008.
pewterreportsr: I think the Vikes would rather trade Moore than Chester.
mnbucsfan: Yes but I won't (wouldn't) give em a 1st day pick
cadillac 24: Weren't there rumors a couple of years ago that the Bucs were trying to trade Mike Alstott and Micahel Clayton for Jason Taylor? Is Taylor even on the trade block?
mnbucsfan: or even an early 2nd
pewterreportjf: Room poll — which running back would you like to see the Bucs sign or trade for this week?
cadillac 24: Who do you think is the odd man out at QB then next year?
spiderman314: What's your take on Davin Joseph's play this year, it seems all of our recent picks fall into the sophomore slump trap.
guest: Iam so upset this year looked like it could be special and garica is not getting any younger
boobimiles#43: Has Pat Chuck shown anything special when it comes to pressure on the QB on gameday? and how does he hold up against the run? Can he really be considered starting material?
guest: micheal turner
strick9: Ladell betts
bucsid0776: Kevan Barlow
pewterreportsr: Just want to let you all know that Bucs MLB Barrett Ruud will be doing an autograph signing at the Westshore Mall Sports Fan-Attic on Saturday, October 27 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.
onlywshfulthnkng: turner
detroitbuc: Barlow
boobimiles#43: Tatum Bell
gator thumper: turner
escobar: I'd like to see us grab Moore, considering my fantasy team is ravaged by injuries and I already picked up Moore hoping we get him
guest: turner is worth a 1st round pick
spiderman314: Lee Suggs
pewterreportjf: cadillac 24 – It will all depend on Jake Plummer. Jeff Garcia likely will play out his contract with the Bucs. Luke McCown, Bruce Gradkowski and Chris Simms are all under contract with the Bucs in '08. If Plummer plays, two quarterbacks could be the odd men out next year.
yuccaneers: Moore or Turner would rather just have both a sPittman is a free agnet this off-season and is no spring chicken and Willimas may not play next season either
mnbucsfan: with all the FA out ther eI'm not overly impreseed by any of them to be truthful
guest: mewelde moore or someone who isnt going to cost us too much draft pick wise
pewterreportsr: I'd like to see the Bucs trade for Turner, but I seriously doubt they will given SD's asking price.
strick9: or….Greg jones
nomeremortal: I'm sorry I may have missed this answer because I had a hard time figuring the chat out (sorry), but with Cox Activation and Simms going on IR, is our Roster Full and Set or can we expect another Move for a RB?
escobar: we have one spot open mortal
guest: Turner is worth it
boobimiles#43: we have 52 players on the roster
boobimiles#43: room for one more
bucsid0776: Guys, I was in Indy for the game, the noise was like something I've never heard when our offense had the ball, how close is the artificial practice noise to the real thing?
detroitbuc: i say save our picks
pewterreportsr: nomeremortal – Simms creates a roster spot. Roster is at 52. Cox was activated when Donte Nicholson was released last week.
pewterreportjf: nomermortal – The Bucs likely will sign or trade for a running back tomorrow. They have one available roster spot right now. The Bucs also signed RB Lionel Gates to their practice squad this evening.
gator thumper: is kellys injury still giving him problems? noticed he wasnt in there alot in the second half of the game
boobimiles#43: Has Pat Chuck shown anything special when it comes to pressure on the QB on gameday? and how does he hold up against the run? Can he really be considered starting material?
mnbucsfan: Trade dosn't even seem to be very practical because everyone will jack up the price so I have no idea who's comeing in
chuckaneers: Save our picks, go with Barlow
pewterreportsr: gator thumper – Kelly has a groin injury, which can be a nasty, nagging injury.
guest: Get tuner and jason taylor
guest: and we could win the NFC
escobar: If we are going to trade a premium draft pick I want it to be for Larry Fitzgerald, I believe I read somewhere that he wants out of Arizona
guest: if we dont get rid of a high draft pick for a rb are we going to take one high in the draft like a darren mcfadden
detroitbuc: th esmart move is save our pics and go with Barlow as a short term fix
cadillac 24: Is Jason Taylor even available to get? Where did you hear that he was on the trade block?
mnbucsfan: has our guest overinbibed no way is that going to happen
guest: Ricky Williams…just kidding
pewterreportjf: bucsid0776 – The Bucs use speakers at practice to help simulate crowd noise, and that gets pretty loud, but there's nothing like the real thing. Domes are especially loud and tough for opposing offenses to play in.
spiderman314: I would hope we aren't picking that high Escobar.
strick9: i like williams
pewterreportsr: boobimiles#43 – Because Chuk missed so much of the preseason and season, the coaches are still trying to get a feel for his strengths and weaknesses. He does bring speed off the edge, though.
bucfan09: JF-Did you say Ruud was signing at the Sports Fan-Attic? Is that the store Jeff Garcia did his signing?
pewterreportjf: detroitbuc – I have not been impressed by Kevan Barlow over the past several seasons.
guest: I think Bruce does a big move tommrow
mnbucsfan: Will Darby get around 10 carries in the game or less?
guest: to much at stake for him and jon
cadillac 24: Was the Jason Taylor comment a joke or is he really available to trade for?
guest: Any word on Dan Buenning's progression at center or his health in general? Does he have what it takes to play center? Wade looked like he got blown up quite a few times against Indy, and he seems like the weak link on the line to me.
pewterreportsr: bucfan09 – Ruud will be at the Westshore Sports Fan-Attic. Garcia was at the Citrus Park Sports Fan-Attic.
pewterreportjf: bucfan09 – Yes, Barrett Ruud will be conducting an autograph signing for his charity from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sat., Oct. 27 at the Westshore Plaza Sports Fan-Attic location. Jeff Garcia signed at the Citrus Park Mall Sports Fan-Attic location.
nomeremortal: Barlow is just a bigger, slower Graham. I could see a move for T.Bell. Do you think there is any legitimacy too Crockett coming in and being the goal line back/back up full back?
guest: Sirius NFL radio was talking about taylor today
cadillac 24: What were they saying about him guest?
boobimiles#43: Has Ryan Sims shown nothing in practice? Because with our shaky line play and no players other than Hovan proving that they are starting material doesnt Sims deserve a shot?
mnbucsfan: SR/JR don't think I can make those signings and back in time for work….(MN)
detroitbuc: Crokett is 34,thats old
guest: That he and Thomas want to go win now
guest: if we dont get rid of a high draft pick for a rb are we going to take one high in the draft like a darren mcfadden
guest: and they are rebuilding
pewterreportjf: guest – Once the season starts players don't normally progress a lot, especially backups. They don't get a lot of reps. Dan Buenning's knee rehab and injury really hindered his ability to compete for the starting center position. That's not to say Buenning won't be the future center, though, especially with John Wade's contract expiring after this season.
guest: he will be gone by the 5th pick
pewterreportsr: nomeremortal – Crockett knows the offense. That's what he could bring to the table. But he is 34 and isn't too fleet of foot. His presence could prompt B.J. Askew to get some carries, though. We'll find out tomorrow who the Bucs will acquire.
guest: what
guest: asf
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – You can order your Barrett Ruud-signed merchandise over the phone. See the article we will be posting on the signing on Thursday.
cadillac 24: Did they say that Taylor is on the trade block and how much would we have to give up for him?
mnbucsfan: I think we still need to address the center postion in the off season
option: what changed about Simms that he was all of a sudden able to be put on IR? the FO swore he wouldn't be put on IR this year earlier
guest: would we move up in the draft
guest: it was talk of a 3rd round pick
mnbucsfan: thanks JF…
guest: for taylor
guest: 3rd round for taylor
escobar: option that was also before three of our rb's got injured, alstott being the 3rd
option: uhh so what
guest: yea but who knows
option: you either can or can't…you're either hurt or not
cadillac 24: I would give up a 3rd rounder for Taylor. Is there any word on if the Bucs were interested in him?
pewterreportsr: option – I'll have more on that tomorrow on my Buccaneer Blitz radio show. I've spoken to some sources tonight and it's a lot to get into right now with just a few minutes left in the chat.
guest: you know all the talk and knowbody goes anywere
mnbucsfan: Speaking of Mike any new news on his situation?
guest: i'm late. who do you think the bucs are getting?
guest: if i was bruce i would do that all day
guest: i'm late. who do you think the bucs are getting?
boobimiles#43: Has Ryan Sims shown nothing in practice? Because with our shaky line play and no players other than Hovan proving that they are starting material doesnt Sims deserve a shot?
pewterreportjf: mnbucsfan – We believe Mike Alstott will announce his retirement towards the end of the season. We don't know that for a fact, but that's our guess. We don't see him coming back and playing after suffering a second neck injury. It's too dangerous.
pewterreportsr: boobimiles#47 – Ryan Sims has been patiently waiting his turn. The Bucs have been trying to get more pass rush, and Sims is more of a run stuffer. That's why he's been inactive.
dark_uncle: didn't Strong just retire due to a neck injury too?
guest: are there any chances to get michael turner? what would the price be?
mnbucsfan: I agree with that JF I would hate to hear he want's to come back as much as I miss him on the field
pewterreportjf: boobmiles – Ryan Sims hasn't shown much, but he's shown enough to be on the 53-man roster. If Chris Hovan gets hurt, all of the sudden Sims has some value. Having players like Sims and Jeremiah Trotter gives the Bucs some good depth on defense.
cadillac 24: Mike Alstott will speack to the media about his situation this October and he will also get his situation re-evaluated by doctors.
guest: SR/JF harass Mr. Allen about acquiring M. Turner
pewterreportsr: It is our belief that Turner would cost a first-rounder, which the Bucs seem unwilling to part with. I don't think the Bucs trade for Turner.
guest: I am late-quick question: the trade deadline is Oct 16—what are we going to do about a running back ?
dark_uncle: whomever they trade for needs to be able to pick-up a blitz, not every back can do that
guest: He be worth it
guest: give them clayton and a 2nd round pick
mnbucsfan: Guys the Turner thing isn't going to happen I think we need to move on from him I would be most surprised if it did occur
guest: if they can sign him long term, i agree on turner
option: so why are the Bucs so against trying Hovan at UT? he played UT in Minnesota with success and we have a run stuffer in Ryan Sims
boobimiles#43: Is Sims just considered a Nose? Have the Bucs considered moving him to the 3 technique?
pewterreportjf: Our sources told us that the San Diego wanted a first-round pick from Tenneessee for Michael Turner during the offseason. The Bucs aren't willing to part ways with a first-rounder for Turner, especially when they could sign him in free agency next year.
guest: but does clayton have any market value
guest: and what are the percentages you think on Ricky or mwelde moore?
guest: no to both ricky and moore
guest: Bruce will do something big tommrow he has to
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't see Ricky Williams landing in Tampa Bay. Our sources said it was "very unlikely." Mewelde Moore has a much better shot of becoming a Buc than Ricky Williams.
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs have any interest in any other position to acquire players besides RB?
detroitbuc: Do the Bucs have any interest in any other position to acquire players besides RB?
strick9: any word on Priest…he's proven twice before he'd come back
guest: i remeber you guys talkin bout moore when he was drafted….i hope we getem!
guest: how about charlie garner? haha!
guest: jason taylor and ronnie brown would be nice
guest: if we acquire Turner, we're going to the playoffs so the pick would be low. Well worth the investment
mnbucsfan: WE are not going to part with a 1st rnd pick
guest: Miami needs a QB
gator thumper: Turner is going to make that happen on his own eh?
pewterreportjf: strick – Some believe Priest Holmes is damaged goods. He's certainly past his prime. The Bucs would like to trade for a player that has long-term potential and value, not just a quick fix.
chuckaneers: Maybe we should have traded McCardell for LJ when we had a chance
option: well then they better shell out the dough
pewterreportsr: I've been working the phones all night trying to get a hold of FA running backs' agents. Not too much luck tonight on the call backs other than Lionel Gates' agent telling me the Bucs signed him to the practice squad.
cadillac 24: Does Cadillac Williams have the same injury that Charlie Garner had because I heard that somewhere?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Yes. Garner tore his patellar tendon, which is what happened to Caddy.
pewterreportjf: guest – That's right. The Bucs were seriously interested in drafting Mewelde Moore when he came out of college. He has Michael Pittman's pass-catching ability.
guest: yeah but if we dont part ways from the 1st rounder and fail the season bruce and jon would be fired so why wouldnt they make the move
mnbucsfan: Moving fwd I doubt if Caddy will be ready for training camp will we look at RB's in the draft?
guest: i bet they could get tiki if they wanted
guest: should have taken peterson in the draft
antcam: I believe the 'Lac's career is over
guest: he is only 32 and in good shape
dark_uncle: what was the impression of Eric Shelton?
cadillac 24: Do the Bucs have any interest in any other position to acquire players besides RB?
guest: yep! i remember he was taken a few before we were gonna grab'em..
pewterreportsr: I'll have more RB news for 2008 in my SR's Fab Five this week. Stay tuned – and be sure to catch me tomorrow on the Buccaneer Blitz show on WDAE 620 AM from 5:00-6:00 p.m.
pewterreportjf: guest – It's the same reason why the Bucs didn't overspend in free agency. The current Bucs front office is focused on this year's team and the future. They just got out of cap hell and they don't want to go back to it. They also value their picks, so they're not going to part ways with them unless it's the right deal.
cadillac 24: Definately will make sure to listen to that SR!
pewterreportsr: guest – Gruden would love to have Tiki, but that ain't happenin'.
boobimiles#43: I have heard alot about Mewelde Moore's pass catching ability but have heard nothing about his pass blocking and speed. Does he have good game speed? and does he stand his own in pass blocking?
mnbucsfan: Hopefully I will be home in time for it sr thanks to the web I get to listen in
pewterreportjf: We've got to run, room. A busy day awaits us at One Buccaneer Place tomorrow.
cadillac 24: Thanks guys.
antcam: thanks
chuckaneers: Thanks!
pewterreportsr: Gotta go, guys. Spread the word about
detroitbuc: peace
guest: you guys rock!!
pewterreportjf: Be sure to check in with throughout the day. Take care and thanks for joining tonight's chat session.

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