The transcript below is from the Chat session that was held from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Feb. 13. 

Pewter Report editors Scott Reynolds and Jim Flynn answered Bucs fans' questions in the one-hour chat session. Their answers come from the chat members named pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf. 

The chat transcript has not been edited for proper grammar and reads from bottom to top. It also includes the chat time, member's name and comment/question. plans to conduct chat sessions every other Tuesday. The Podcast will be posted on the Tuesdays that fall in between that chat sessions. Chat Session Transcript – 2/13/07

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18:59:28 [gator thumper] later guys
18:59:24 [nwinters40] Yeah, we're a bunch of ravenous dogs for Bucs news….
18:59:08 [gator thumper] haha
18:58:59 [bucsbum] WOW it was like we were a mad hord of press asking questions all at the same time
18:58:51 [pewterreportsr] Thanks for coming to our first chat. It's been fun.
18:58:46 [bucforlife] Encore
18:58:40 [bucfanskiz] man i cant wait for this next fab five it seems like every question i have will be answered in it
18:58:34 [pipelayer8] Thank you
18:58:23 [bucsbum] thank you
18:58:20 [nwinters40] I met Alsott last year after the Pittsburgh game. Great player, class guy. My wife wanted to leave me for him!!
18:58:15 [guest] THANK YOU
18:58:11 [simms2cj07] thanks guys
18:58:03 [pewterreportjf] Thanks for attending the Chat, Bucs fans. Take care.
18:57:46 [pewterreportsr] Scoop on Jolley in the next edition of SR's Fab Five.
18:57:45 [bucs4242] I know the subject of the BUcs getting a returnman has been asked, but I just got on. What do you think of FSU WR/PR Chris Davis? Maybe in the 5th round?
18:57:43 [guest] Back to Rice, anything new on trade for Rodgers ?
18:57:42 [bucsbum] pewter report here is a suggestion. Maybe some articles on the condition and progression of current Bucs during the off season. How their rehab is coming to learning and improving skills like catching the ball
18:57:30 [pewterreportsr] The only thing that would prevent the Bucs from re-signing Alstott would be if Alstott wanted too much money.
18:57:29 [pewterreportjf] kool – not sure yet. It's possible.
18:57:27 [bucfanskiz] what about Jolley
18:57:22 [strickii] what a great afternoon…..thanks SR/JF
18:57:14 [pewterreportjf] guest – Yes, the Bucs could look for an upgrade at tight end. Smith and Becht are under contract though.
18:57:02 [pewterreportsr] Thanks for the feedback. We'll do this again real soon. We'll also try to debug the chat room.
18:56:57 [koolherc] what are the bucs going to do with Alstott? Will they tell him no thanks?
18:56:45 [nwinters40] Thanks for the time all. Cheers!
18:56:44 [gator thumper] Thanks SR JF!
18:56:42 [imabucnut] Yeah, thanks guys, you're the bomb!
18:56:40 [bucfanskiz] suck here in Redskins land and all i hear about is how good he use to be
18:56:35 [pewterreportjf]
18:56:31 [guest] Any chance Bucs interested in Tight End/
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18:56:18 [dm4bucs] lol strickii i guess they both need work….before you guys log off great job sr and jf
18:56:16 [simms2cj07] since it seems like he scores against us every game against the falcons
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18:56:09 [imabucnut] Anytime the Bucs can raid the Falcons closet is a good thing!
18:56:09 [strickii] any word from the players on the coaching moves
18:56:08 [bucfanskiz] and all you guys complaining about Sillio and dumbdog be happy you dont have to listen to John Riggins
18:55:54 [simms2cj07] thats who i was thinking they would target
18:55:42 [nwinters40] Bucs to the Bowl in '07!!!
18:55:36 [pewterreportsr] Don't be surprised if the Bucs go after Atlanta's Justin Griffith if Alstott doesn't come back.
18:55:27 [bluetick] man, this hour went by faaaaast!
18:55:18 [bucfanskiz] the bucs are the only team i give a crap about i look forward to it
18:55:11 [simms2cj07] if the bucs dont resign mike allstott. which fullbacks are appealing to the bucs??
18:55:10 [cheveliar] Thanks for the chat fella's gotta get back to the grind. If you are in the Bay Area stay dry…Peace…
18:55:01 [strickii] dm4bucs….he is, with Michael clayton as his coach and mentor
18:54:25 [nwinters40] Why didn't we go after Rocky Bernard last year?
18:54:15 [pewterreportsr] The Bucs will be interested in Redding as he might be the premier FA DT.
18:54:15 [dm4bucs] any word on cadillac working on his pass catching?
18:54:08 [strickii] no
18:53:58 [bucfanskiz] isnt bush going bacl to louisville
18:53:54 [guest] What are the chances of signing Cory Redding ?
18:53:52 [pewterreportsr] Yes. We'll do a 7-round mock draft for the Bucs only, though.
18:53:31 [pewterreportsr] Or a late-round pick
18:53:22 [strickii] any chance the Bucs look at michael bush in the 2nd w/ the success of 2 back offenses
18:53:20 [bucfanskiz] is your mock draft coming out soon gonna be a 7 rounder
18:53:15 [pewterreportsr] If the Bucs get a running back in the draft, it will likely be a mid-round pick.
18:53:09 [pewterreportjf] simms2cj07 – The Bucs will attempt to upgrade the running back position this year.
18:53:01 [guest] does Pittman has an option to buy out of his contract?
18:52:58 [jollyroger25] I thought Pittman had a very solid year.
18:52:34 [simms2cj07] are they going to upgrade the RB position in FA or the the draft
18:52:27 [pewterreportjf] It's possible, although Pittman is affordable in 2007.
18:52:21 [pipelayer8] lol
18:52:17 [gator thumper] haha
18:52:17 [pipelayer8] lol
18:52:12 [imabucnut] LOL!
18:51:51 [strickii] pipelayer8: are u Matt Millen?????
18:51:48 [dm4bucs] are the looking to replace pittman w/ a booker type back?
18:51:48 [pewterreportsr] Yes, thanks to Hugh MacArthur, the website has become stable and improved tremendously. Start a thread on the boards and thank him if you wish.
18:51:27 [bluetick] Thanks, PR
18:51:20 [pipelayer8] I live in Wisconsin and have doubts about Joe Thomas in the pros. I worry about: no mean streak, his power run blocking, and lack of testing against top speed rushers. Have you seen tape to prove me wrong?
18:51:19 [pewterreportjf] bucprimetime – yes, the Bucs came away from Senior Bowl impressed with Booker.
18:51:10 [bucfanskiz] ok ill try it out when i get home
18:51:09 [pewterreportsr] Someone asked if this was a message board or a marketing ploy. It's a place where we'll dish out info/expert opinion and if you like it, you can get even more by becoming a PR subscriber.
18:51:05 [imabucnut] Yeah, bluetick, that's the truth!
18:51:00 [bucprimetime] Ive Heard the Bucs interest in Lorenzo Booker is it true?
18:51:00 [simms2cj07] when is the coin toss for who gets the 3rd spot???
18:50:53 [jollyroger25] you can play the "podcast" straight off your computer
18:50:52 [pewterreportjf] bucfanskiz – Yes, your computer should play the podcast. You don't need a ipod
18:50:50 [strickii] maybe 1200 to 100 for those employed
18:50:40 [bluetick] Yes, the website has improved leaps and bounds over when I first subscribed
18:50:32 [bucfanskiz] man im an idiot
18:50:19 [nwinters40] Sounds good… can you tell my boss I can't get any work done every other Tuesday during chat time?
18:50:18 [dm4bucs] bucfanskiz you can hear the podcast on your computer…sounds great jf
18:50:14 [bucfanskiz] is there a way to get the pod cast with out an i pod
18:50:13 [cheveliar] Luv the scedule JF let's do it
18:50:09 [bluetick] error
18:50:02 [imabucnut] Great! Looking forward to it!
18:49:57 [strickii] sounds great….error error error
18:49:53 [simms2cj07] that sounds cool to me
18:49:31 [pewterreportjf] The podcast and chat sessions will rotate each Tuesday. Sound good?
18:49:30 [pewterreportsr] imabucsnut – We'll be at One Buc Place for the draft and also at a draft party we're hosting at a sports bar.
18:49:28 [bucfanskiz] i dont have an i pod Sad
18:49:11 [nwinters40] Why haven't we heard more about Bill Muir being replaced?
18:49:00 [dm4bucs] yea i love the podcast and this is great new feature also
18:48:56 [pewterreportjf]
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18:48:49 [bluetick] Prior to 06 was the talk of all the returning starters on Def, what positions will have new starters in 07?
18:48:40 [jollyroger25] This and the podcasts are great additions to the site.
18:48:34 [bucprimetime] Any chance bucs interested in Alex Gibbs
18:48:32 [gdubbz] ill be at the stadium for the draft!
18:48:30 [cheveliar] And for the other get 2 gether deals, I don't do any of those things but I'd love to be a spectator. Is that cool?
18:48:26 [pewterreportsr] Flynn is getting an error message about every other time he tries to post! Smile I think he's going to chuck his laptop across the room!
18:48:16 [imabucnut] Are y'all going to be at the stadium for the draft?
18:48:08 [gdubbz] i think its a great feature. not alot of magazines talk directly with the people that buy their products. Props on that PR.
18:47:59 [nwinters40] Dude's, it's expensive for me to be a Bucs homer… plane tickets and all…
18:47:58 [bradentonian] need some Bucs cheerleaders on this chat
18:47:56 [guest] is this a message board or a marketing ploy?
18:47:44 [strickii] does the draft party look like a go or no go from respones
18:47:34 [gator thumper] A good start indeed JF
18:47:24 [cheveliar] mwinters40, ahhhhh, no!!! LOL
18:47:10 [pewterreportjf] The chat room needs a lot of work. But it's a start.
18:47:06 [pewterreportsr] Matt Bryant won't have real competition. He's the Bucs kicker in 2007.
18:46:46 [pewterreportsr] I agree, boom. We probably should have our answers in a different color. We'll talk to the developers about that.
18:46:44 [nwinters40] Tell the Bucs to have training camp in Toronto Canada this year!!
18:46:44 [bucprimetime] Any chance bucs interested in Alex Gibbs
18:46:24 [bucfanskiz] with all the talk about first round and second round picks for the Bucs who do you see as some of our late round picks or sleepers in the draft…do we get a return man…if so who
18:46:22 [jollyroger25] who do you see the bucs bringing in to compete with Matt Bryant?
18:46:15 [gator thumper] Yeah start with offense for so much time then defense, the special teams/coaching for so long maybe
18:46:09 [cheveliar] If you like this guys you should come to Training Camp. It's just like this but live
18:46:00 [bucfanskiz] the door guy charged me twenty can i have a refund
18:45:57 [pewterreportjf] One of the reasons why we're not replying to all of the questions is because of the error messages we're getting.
18:45:56 [pipelayer8] I live in Wisconsin and have doubts about Joe Thomas in the pros. I worry about: no mean streak, his power run blocking, and lack of testing against top speed rushers. Have you seen tape to prove me wrong?
18:45:52 [nwinters40] I agree with others… I like that ESPN typically posts the questions that they want to answer.
18:45:47 [simms2cj07] how good do the bucs think Maurice Stovall could be??
18:45:47 [buckemup] if the Bucs pick fourth and both CJ and Thomas are gone haw does Gaines Addams look?
18:45:27 [herecomesdaboom] another suggestion would be to have a subject header appear to stay on topic
18:45:10 [gator thumper] think I paid a couple hundred, lol
18:45:05 [herecomesdaboom] to much filtering then and less answering
18:45:04 [buckemup] yea but im still waiting for my beer and lap dance
18:44:52 [guest] you should have authority as to what questions are posted and answered
18:44:51 [nwinters40] How about Clayton? Has his decline been more due to injuries, lack of focus? Or was his great rookie season because he was the focus of the passing O?
18:44:44 [pewterreportsr] AND YOU ALL PAID THE $10 COVER CHARGE TO ENTER, RIGHT? Smile
18:44:35 [gator thumper] good idea there boom
18:44:21 [jollyroger25] Love it, but it does bounce around (subject wise)
18:44:18 [herecomesdaboom] I like it, I just wish only your replies had a color versus everyone. Easier to read.
18:44:18 [buckemup] if the Bucs pick fourth and both CJ and Thomas are gone haw does Gaines Addams look?
18:44:16 [pipelayer8] it rocks
18:43:57 [guest] needs more structrue.
18:43:56 [dm4bucs] very much great job
18:43:56 [herecomesdaboom] do you have any defensive player comments about Coyer coming in?
18:43:52 [strickii] sweeeeet!
18:43:52 [simms2cj07] ya its great
18:43:52 [imabucnut] Love having this PR guys!
18:43:50 [bucfanskiz] sure
18:43:48 [gator thumper] very much
18:43:35 [pewterreportsr] We'll get rid of the error message that keeps thwarting us all … other than that – DO YOU LIKE THE CHAT FEATURE?
18:43:23 [buckemup] I think that a very good return man can be had in the third round and he would also help the running game — Booker from FSU
18:42:51 [simms2cj07] they grab cj if thomas is gone prolly
18:42:48 [gator thumper] good question
18:42:36 [bluetick] Prior to 06 was the talk of all the returning starters on Def, what positions will have new starters in 07?
18:42:21 [nwinters40] Thanks SR! Now we just need a team that wants to get up to #4 for CJ or Peterson (assuming Thomas is gone).
18:41:58 [pewterreportsr] koolherc – Yep. The Bucs are looking to draft a return man. I discuss this in my new SR's Fab Five.
18:41:44 [buckemup] if the Bucs pick fourth and both CJ and Thomas are gone haw does Gaines Addams look?
18:41:33 [cheveliar] So if Clavin Johnson comes, who in the receiving corp goes? Might be two guys as I expect/hope Boston makes it…
18:41:25 [koolherc] will we finally bring in a proven return man this offseason?
18:41:23 [gdubbz] Q about Bulls, is Matt Grothes shin healing well?
18:41:19 [gator thumper] this is good stuff guys…thanks for all of this
18:41:09 [pewterreportjf] nwinters – mid first-round for Carriker and Okoye.
18:41:05 [nwinters40] Houston's not trading Carr unless they have Plummer on their roster first.
18:40:47 [pewterreportjf] gator thumper – Hard to say. Could be as late as the draft.
18:40:25 [cheveliar] Buckemup I've been calling for that for at least a year and a half. Took another team to get that right looks like…
18:40:22 [guest] and JT are gone
18:40:17 [gator thumper] how soon would you expect a trade for a player like Carr to happen….if it was going to?
18:40:07 [guest] who do the bucs take if they are at #4 with both CJ
18:40:05 [strickii] bucemup…embarrassment can be motivating in and of itself
18:39:58 [nwinters40] How far down in the first round would we need to go to get Okoye or Carriker @a good value?
18:39:53 [simms2cj07] wat do the bucs think of Adalius Thomas? i think hed be great in buc colors
18:39:44 [pewterreportjf] jolleyroger – nope. Monte is under contract in 2007.
18:39:22 [pewterreportjf] guest – David Carr, Jeff Garcia and Jake Plummer
18:39:12 [buckemup] Booger was also switched back to the position he was most productive at in tampa I believe
18:39:03 [jollyroger25] With Kiffin's son in Oak, has there been any talk about Monte joining him?
18:38:56 [pewterreportsr] Chris Hovan was a discard from Minny. Sometimes guys need a change of scenery to thrive.
18:38:52 [cheveliar] Kool, Rod and Sim got close, I think. And if Sim returns to his form I think it's good for Rod and bad for us. Lord knows we could have used 14 or 15 sacks last year
18:38:44 [guest] what vet qb is top of the list for the bucs ?
18:38:30 [pewterreportsr] Rod couldn't get Booger to be productive in Tampa, but he was productive enough at Indy.
18:38:25 [bucfanskiz] ok sorry to keep asking the same questions
18:38:18 [gdubbz] id rather do Rice for Mike Williams than Rodgers
18:38:18 [pewterreportjf] kool – good point. But Rod LOVES Rice.
18:37:51 [koolherc] hey guys regarding a potential Rice for Shaun Rodgers deal… wouldn't you view that deal with some skepticism if Rod is willing to part with Rodgers? If Rod can't get what he wants out of thim who could?
18:37:51 [pewterreportsr] Yes, return men are on the radar, bucfanskiz. I'll profile some the Bucs like in my SR's Fab 5
18:37:50 [gator thumper] interestin thanks
18:37:46 [pewterreportjf] I don't see receiver as a top priority in free agency for the Bucs.
18:37:40 [strickii] any word if the bucs are interested in Abiamiri…who is only 20…if he falls to the 2nd
18:37:38 [simms2cj07] a wr
18:37:27 [imabucnut] I might have missed it earlier, but what the dealio on Alstott?
18:37:20 [simms2cj07] if the bucs dont draft CJ wat are the chances of them getting one in FA??
18:37:12 [bucfanskiz] return men on the radar
18:37:09 [pewterreportjf] gator thumper – we expect the Bucs to make a run at Dallas C Andre Gurode
18:37:06 [nwinters40] As long as you're handing out job tips, are the Bucs looking for an Environmental Officer? I'll move to Tampa from Canada!
18:37:05 [buckemup] Mahan is a FA I believe, are the Bucs planning on bringing him back or are they going to look at C's elsewhere? Maybe the guy from USC in the second?
18:37:03 [cheveliar] I got an error and it kicked me out. I'll email you guys the error message
18:36:43 [gdubbz] will do thanks.
18:36:31 [pewterreportsr] Possibly, gdubbz. E-mail me your resume at
18:36:21 [imabucnut] Strick, you're right, when you hit enter you get an error
18:36:13 [pewterreportjf] Given the fact that Bruce Allen got a second rounder for Booger, yes, I think they can get a second or third for Rice.
18:36:10 [gator thumper] whats the plan with the Center possition
18:36:09 [jollyroger25] who do you see the bucs bringing in to compete with Matt Bryant?
18:36:03 [gdubbz] btw is pewter report looking for a graphic designer…. sorry had to ask
18:35:54 [strickii] don't hit "enter"
18:35:53 [buckemup] error
18:35:49 [dm4bucs] Do you think we could get more than a 3rd rounder for rice?
18:35:26 [gdubbz] error
18:35:24 [pewterreportsr] Looks like we have had some errors. This is good feedback. We'll give this to our developers.
18:35:20 [pewterreportjf] We have some kinks to work out in the chat room. We apologize for the errors.
18:35:20 [nwinters40] I read earlier this week that Houston might take a 4th or 5th round pick for Carr.
18:34:57 [bucfanskiz] are there any return men out there the bucs could be trageting
18:34:56 [strickii] bucfanskiz….don't hit enter…use the pointer to select send
18:34:44 [buckemup] So if the Davis will be nothing more then a backup or does he have the ability to move to C? It seems like he would be to big. I really don't like the Mahan plan
18:34:27 [cheveliar] The Bucs want Dan to develop, but…
18:34:22 [pewterreportjf] pipelayer – I suppose that's possible, but Rice to the Lions seems more realistic.
18:34:22 [koolherc] awww… c'mon SR, how about a hint at least? Smile
18:34:21 [gdubbz] no we can trade Rice for better.
18:34:18 [swolf] what is the status with Dave Moore and if he retires will we have a back up option
18:34:03 [pipelayer8] How about trading Rice for Carr?
18:34:01 [simms2cj07] how much to does joey galloway have left in the tank?
18:33:57 [pewterreportjf] guest – Yes.
18:33:54 [bucfanskiz] I keep getting error messages
18:33:47 [pewterreportjf] The Bucs want Buenning to develop into the starting left guard, and solidify the position.
18:33:41 [gator thumper] yes
18:33:32 [guest] can anyone see what im typing
18:33:24 [buckemup] can Buenning move to C?
18:33:20 [pewterreportjf] I can tell you that the Bucs will not draft FB Brian Leonard.
18:33:17 [pewterreportsr] nwinters40 – yeah, the Alabama FB had a good week. I like him over Leonard.
18:33:03 [gator thumper] whats the status of the center possition, is it going to be upgraded through fa, draft or are we going to stick with wade?
18:32:53 [cheveliar] so Levi didn't impress? Or is not as good as AD from a different perspective?
18:32:52 [gdubbz] whats all this about Peterson? I mean Caddy had a bad year but thats not the end for him.
18:32:46 [dm4bucs] thats good on leonard id rather have mcclain the true fb
18:32:45 [buckemup] LT is obviously a position that the Bucs would like to have a franchise player at. Davis has a good work ethic and would probably do much better at G but what does that mean for Buenning?
18:32:35 [nwinters40] How about the FB from the south squad that was blowing people up.. Mac something?
18:32:33 [pewterreportsr] Can't reveal that, koolherc.
18:32:23 [pewterreportjf] kookherc – nope. Smile
18:32:19 [gator thumper] .
18:32:09 [pewterreportjf] mabucnut – Possibily. A team will have to want Brady Quinn or Adrian Peterson really badly.
18:32:03 [koolherc] thats good to hear…. any rumors on who the guys were that told their agents to tell Bruce to save them a spot to visit One Buc Place?
18:31:52 [pewterreportsr] I don't think the Bucs will be drafting Brian Leonard at all.
18:31:44 [pewterreportjf] Chev – Exactly. I think the Bucs would want Okoye or Carriker, not so much Levi Brown.
18:31:42 [imabucnut] Do we honestly have a chance to find a dance partner to trade down with?
18:31:40 [nwinters40] oops… I meant Petigout, Gandy
18:31:35 [gdubbz] so… if Alstott is resigned then the possiblitys of Brian Leonard is iffy?
18:31:28 [bucfanskiz] with all the talk about first round and second round picks for the Bucs who do you see as some of our late round picks or sleepers in the draft…do we get a return man…if so who
18:31:13 [nwinters40] So JF, if we can't get Thomas, rate the following tackles: Petigout, Gandy
18:31:03 [cheveliar] So if we don't get JT will they try to trade down and possible get Levi and either Carriker or Okoye?
18:30:34 [pewterreportsr] The Bucs will get 1 or 2 big-time free agents and then look for mid-priced guys.
18:30:28 [pewterreportjf] dm4bucs – Yep. Some coverage, but not like Senior Bowl.
18:30:15 [gdubbz] jf*
18:30:12 [pewterreportjf] I don't see Joe Thomas getting past the Lions. The Bucs will have to trade up to get him.
18:30:09 [gdubbz] agreed jt
18:30:05 [dm4bucs] will you guys have coverage of the combine?
18:30:04 [koolherc] so do y'all think the Bucs will make a splash signing and sign someone to a Hutchison-esque contract or will they be looking at the mid-tier guys more closely
18:29:58 [pewterreportsr] nwinters40 – can't say that was the first place I heard it. There has been some Bucs chatter about Carr dating back to Dec.
18:29:53 [pewterreportjf] jollyroger – A lot. The Bucs need to implement the shotgun. Not just for Simms, but for Gradkowski and their new QB as well.
18:29:48 [garv] If we wanyThomas, and I know we do, how can we make it more likely to happen otherthanwinninga coin flip
18:29:30 [imabucnut] Are you guys going to the combine?
18:29:23 [cheveliar] Yeah but, imo, Bolden covers better than flip…plus it wasn't the coverage so much with flip his tackling sucked this year…flat out…
18:29:23 [gdubbz] I hear rumors that Parcells will be our couch in 08.
18:29:19 [bucfanskiz] will that be a seven round mock
18:29:15 [pewterreportjf] Last year, Pewter Report predicted four of Tampa Bay's draft picks in our Pre-Draft Issue.
18:29:13 [jollyroger25] How much do you think the shotgun would help Simms?
18:28:52 [pewterreportsr] We'll be doing a Pewter Report mock draft in the next week or two. The first of many. Stay tuned.
18:28:48 [pewterreportjf] Our first mock draft will be published in the Free Agency Issue in March.
18:28:46 [nwinters40] Hey SR, how about some props for breaking the Carr to Tampa story to you in my e-mail back in December?
18:28:09 [nedzizzle79] We've seen tons of novice 2 round mocks and best case situations…what is your for the upcoming draft?
18:28:07 [simms2cj07] you mentioned the bucs interest in Carr how serious is the interest in him. if they did bring him in do you think he could beat out simms?
18:28:05 [pewterreportjf] The Bucs could move Anthony Davis to guard, but they must first land a left tackle.
18:28:03 [strickii] chev….so is phillips but he's toast too!
18:28:01 [pewterreportsr] YEP!
18:27:58 [nwinters40] McDonald is still under contract with St. Louis isn't he? Curtis is a UFA…
18:27:54 [bucsbum] lets take a moment for our sponcors
18:27:44 [gdubbz] any word on kalvin pearson being resigned?
18:27:41 [swolf] What is the lastest on Zemitis? is he not understanding the scheme or is it something else?
18:27:32 [cheveliar] Right, but if he's playing safety he's already deep…
18:27:23 [pewterreportsr] IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, SUBSCRIBE TO PEWTER REPORT 1-800-881-BUCS(2827)
18:27:07 [pewterreportjf] Chev – Bolden can play safety, but he has a terrible time in deep coverage.
18:27:03 [bucsbum] reads
18:26:51 [bucsbum] Bolden does not seem capable of making the rads needed for safety
18:26:50 [nedzizzle79] I would love to see Curtis here…if I'm spending the Bucs money I'd rate Shaun McDonald then Curtis as possible Galloway replacements…they are both money, just stuck behind 2 HOF's.
18:26:46 [cheveliar] I remember Kool, now that I'm thinking about it…
18:26:44 [pewterreportsr] Yes. Chidi was the last franchised Buc.
18:26:44 [strickii] any word on whether the Bucs view Anthony Davis as a potential guard if we LT in FA or the draft
18:26:31 [jollyroger25] Was Chidi the last player we franchised?
18:26:21 [pewterreportsr] The Benglas will likely franchise Smith rather than Steinbach. Steinbach wants Hutchinson money – or close to it – I hear.
18:26:19 [pewterreportjf] bucprimetime – Possibly, but the Bucs were turned off by the fact that Smith seems to only care about money.
18:26:07 [cheveliar] Why won't they try Bolden at Safety? He's got the build for it…is there something missing there?
18:26:06 [bucfanskiz] so if they franchise smith do we go after Steinbach
18:25:50 [koolherc] Chev: yeah Bengals — you might remember him from that bogus roughing the passer play against the Bucs last year — which should have won the game
18:25:33 [pewterreportjf] The Bengals can only franchise one player, but they have Justin Smith and Eric Steinbach becoming UFAs.
18:25:28 [bucprimetime] I heard Dwight Smoth might be cut this offseason ,could we pick him up?
18:25:24 [nwinters40] I'm also thinking that Kevin Curtis would look great at slot receiver for the bucs… Any chance we get rid of Hilliard?
18:25:18 [gdubbz] please tell me that Mccown will be cut.
18:25:16 [pewterreportsr] I'd rather have Grant. He's a pass rusher. That's the biggest need.
18:25:09 [pewterreportjf] I don't think the Bucs will move Barber to safety this year. Expect the Bucs to sign a free agent S and draft one.
18:24:46 [cheveliar] Thanks Kool, I'll check him out…Bengals, right? You'd think he'd have more pub for a guy being franchised…
18:24:36 [pewterreportsr] Topics in this week's SR's Fab Five include … recent tryouts … Boston
18:24:23 [pewterreportjf] I can see the Bucs signing Buffalo T Mike Gandy if they can't get Thomas or sign Davis.
18:24:17 [gdubbz] ok cool, I love watching him and Blue Adams beast it up on specail teams.
18:24:14 [nwinters40] How about Luke Petigout as a Buc now that he's gone from NY?
18:24:09 [koolherc] SR/JF – do y'all think the Bucs would spend top dollar on a FA like Clements or Grant? I've heard that they're looking to become some of the highest paid players at their positions
18:24:08 [bucforlife] jf…That sounds to me that they will go for quantity rather than quality? Did they learn something from the Patriots?
18:23:59 [jollyroger25] Have you heard any reaction to your idea of Barber moving to safety?
18:23:55 [pewterreportsr] No, ned, the transition amount is still too much.
18:23:55 [nedzizzle79] We've seen tons of novice 2 round mocks and best case situations…what is your for the upcoming draft?
18:23:49 [pewterreportjf] gdubbiz – Cox could be re-signed, but not until later in free agency.
18:23:42 [mjs020294] Erveryone is talking about the blue chip FA players like Briggs, which second tier players do you think the Buccs will target
18:23:36 [bucsbum] Why did the Bucs bring back Boston when he did not make the team last year
18:23:29 [guest] I heard Dwight Smoth might be cut this offseason ,could we pick him up?
18:23:10 [koolherc] Chev – Justin Smith is one of the top all-around DE's in the NFL, probably as good against the run as it gets
18:23:07 [nedzizzle79] Not franchised…transitioned…where we could match any offer he gets.
18:23:04 [gdubbz] I know he slips on and off, but will cb Torrie Cox be resigned?
18:23:02 [pewterreportsr] Hamlin is better at free, Lewis is better at strong.
18:22:59 [nwinters40] Speaking about safeties. how about Deon Grant from Jacksonville?
18:22:46 [pewterreportjf] bucforelife – Expect the Bucs to bring in A LOT of players in free agency. I mean a lot.
18:22:43 [cheveliar] As well he should be pissed…but that's another topic altogether
18:22:35 [pipelayer8] Which FA safety is a better fit for the Bucs scheme: Ken Hamlin or Michael Lewis?
18:22:29 [gdubbz] dang
18:22:29 [pewterreportsr] There is no way Buchanon gets franchised or transitioned by the Bucs. He's not worth that much.
18:22:23 [bucfanskiz] with all the talk about first round and second round picks for the Bucs who do you see as some of our late round picks or sleepers in the draft…do we get a return man…if so who
18:22:09 [pewterreportjf] gdubbz – Word out of Denver is Lynch could be cut in a cap move. But I think he's still ticked at the Bucs.
18:22:08 [bucforlife] jf…What about giving me a little something to hold me over until then???
18:22:07 [garv] Brad again?
18:21:59 [nedzizzle79] Love to see Luke on the Left side.
18:21:50 [guest] Any chance of a Bull making the team this year?
18:21:43 [dm4bucs] If clements is signed what do you think happens to BK…traded, cut?
18:21:33 [nwinters40] What do you think about LukePetigout as a Buc now that he's gone from NY? Is he a good fit at LT, especially if Detroit takes Thomas @ #2?
18:21:30 [pewterreportjf] bucforlife – You're going to want to read our Free Agency Preview. It comes out next week.
18:21:21 [cheveliar] Is Smith that good that they would Franchise him? Sounds like Franchising Chidi all over again to me…
18:21:20 [gdubbz] once again<
18:21:08 [gdubbz] Is Lynch looking to become a Buc before he retires?
18:21:01 [bucforlife] What other free agents are you hearing a lot of buzz about???
18:21:00 [pewterreportjf] Smith and Freeney could be franchised.
18:20:43 [jollyroger25] Could Sapp ever find his way back here?
18:20:42 [nedzizzle79] I would like to see us slap a transition tag on either Phil Buc or D. White just to make sure we could retain them…what do you think?
18:20:26 [gdubbz] dang! I loved that guy.
18:20:18 [pewterreportjf] gdubbz – The Bucs weren't impressed at all by Hall. I'm a USF guy, too. Smile
18:20:05 [pewterreportsr] No more Andre Hall in Tampa. Couldn't pick up the plays.
18:19:52 [koolherc] JF — Profootball talk said that Justin Smith will be franchised
18:19:49 [pewterreportjf] chev – two of the three could be franchised, though.
18:19:44 [cheveliar] I got the target, which one of those guys requires a trade?
18:19:35 [gdubbz] I know Andre Hall is a Bronco as of right now, but will the Bucs look at rb Andre Hall again? usf hero lol.
18:19:32 [nedzizzle79] If Sim is gone we're like 33 under the cap.
18:19:29 [goto11] I also heard that rumor about a McCardell/Johnson trade.
18:19:28 [pewterreportsr] Don't know anything about Larry Johnson being offered to the Bucs for 2 first-rounders.
18:19:21 [pewterreportjf] chev – the Bucs will target Justin Smith, Dwight Freeney and Charles Grant.
18:19:16 [cheveliar] Traded? For whom?
18:19:03 [garv] Doesn't the 24 under the CAP include Rice's contract though? Not a CAP move?
18:18:58 [pewterreportjf] I believe Rice will be traded this offseason.
18:18:49 [nedzizzle79] I heard it was for Keenan straight up…if so what a friggin non-move there.
18:18:47 [pewterreportsr] News on Boston's re-signing coming in the SR's Fab Five
18:18:45 [cheveliar] So if Sim is not back what in the world are we going to do with the non-existant pass rush?
18:18:35 [bucsbum] SR/JF what is up with Muire as fans we have not seen any progress come from his coaching of the O-line he was supose to be a Guru yet not a single player has come out of his system a better player then when they went in. What is your opinion on Muir and what is the Buccaneers position with him is he on any hot seat also
18:18:18 [gdubbz] ok so he will be traded?
18:18:01 [swolf] Silio stated this morning that Bruce Allen told him over dinner that Larry Johnson was offered to us for 2 first rounds, a year or 2 ago, any thruth to that that you know of?
18:17:58 [pewterreportjf] garv – I don't see Simeon Rice back as a Buc in 2007.
18:17:56 [strickii] What's the scoop on Boston, can he make cuts now and any inside word on how he looked
18:17:47 [garv] LOL Good luck answering all these questions at once guys!
18:17:32 [nedzizzle79] Do you think Det. would cough up their 2nd for Sim?
18:17:04 [gdubbz] Is Simion Rice going to stick it out one more year?
18:16:42 [nedzizzle79] Who is a RB we could snag between the 3rd and 5th rounds that could push Caddy?
18:16:33 [guest] What is the lastest on Zemitis? is he not understanding the scheme or is it something else?
18:16:23 [garv] How wouldGrant be an upgrade over a healthy rice?
18:16:14 [bluetick] Could you give us your starting 4 for dline in 07?
18:15:51 [pewterreportjf] pipelayer – The Bucs could consider moving Chris Hovan to under tackle.
18:15:48 [pewterreportsr] Decent chance the Bucs acquire Carr or Plummer. Jim and I think they'll do that as opposed to sign Garcia
18:15:47 [gdubbz] ha! ok cool. Any more speculations on wr Jason Hill becoming drafted in the 3rd?
18:15:40 [bradentonian] With Coyer looking to get bigger on the DL… Is Monte totally on-board? Is the scheme going thru changes?
18:15:27 [pewterreportjf] bluetick – I wouldn't put money on it, but we are confident the Bucs will get Garcia, Carr or Plummer.
18:15:18 [bucfanskiz] with all the talk about first round and second round picks for the Bucs who do you see as some of our late round picks or sleepers in the draft…do we get a return man…if so who
18:15:15 [pipelayer8] If Wyms is cut who will start at UT?
18:15:02 [bluetick] WOW…..Carr in 07, you seem pretty sure of this?
18:14:58 [pewterreportjf] bluetick – The Bucs will make a push to sign Charles Grant in free agency.
18:14:45 [pewterreportsr] Got the scoop on the recent tryouts … will be in this week's SR's Fab 5.
18:14:43 [mjs020294] [gdubbz] "any words on the bucs re trying out Larry Brackins in P.S". …..LOL
18:14:37 [pewterreportjf] gdubbz – No. The Bucs saw all they needed to see from Brackins, which wasn't much.
18:14:22 [pewterreportjf] nedizzle79 – I think the chances are pretty good at this point. I can see Carr as a Buc in 2007.
18:14:15 [gdubbz] any words on the bucs re trying out Larry Brackins in P.S.
18:14:12 [pewterreportsr] Can't tell you which free-agents-to-be went up to the Bucs after games.
18:13:57 [pewterreportjf] bradentonian – I could see Wyms becoming a cap casualty this offseason.
18:13:54 [bluetick] Grant at DE
18:13:42 [pewterreportjf] bradentonian – The Bucs would love to draft Carriker or Okoye, but they need to trade down to do it.
18:13:41 [nedzizzle79] hances we actually acquire David Carr?
18:13:30 [goto11] Looks like Freeney and Smith will both be off the market. Will the Bucs go after any other DE, or just resign White?
18:13:21 [strickii] any word on the recent tryouts
18:13:16 [nedzizzle79] We've seen tons of novice 2 round mocks and best case situations…what is your for the upcoming draft?
18:13:12 [bradentonian] Do the Bucs think Branch is a viable DT in our scheme? Maybe with Hovan at UT? Will Wyms be a cap caualty?
18:13:08 [bucfanskiz] with all the talk about first round and second round picks for the Bucs who do you see as some of our late round picks or sleepers in the draft…do we get a return man…if so who
18:13:06 [gdubbz] ok good to know
18:12:58 [swolf] ok I tried Smile
18:12:57 [bluetick] Is trading down easy? I think the bucs could stuck a 4 picking mid 1st talent
18:12:49 [pewterreportjf] swolf – Nope. Smile
18:12:46 [pewterreportsr] I don't think the Bucs will go after Lavaar.
18:12:37 [pewterreportjf] gdubbz – I don't see the Bucs being too interested in Arrington. I suspect he'll come in for a visit though.
18:12:33 [swolf] SR/JF you mentioned awhile back some players approached the bucs casually after games andect…can you say who they were yet?
18:12:19 [bucsbum] put Lavaar at defensive end
18:12:18 [jollyroger25] Any more word on Cavid Carr?
18:11:42 [gdubbz] any words on the Bucs being intrested in Lavaar?
18:11:25 [bucfanskiz] BK's condition cant be good
18:11:25 [pewterreportjf] bucsbum – Jon Gruden told us that Kelly was doing well. That was at Senior Bowl.
18:11:12 [pewterreportjf] If Johnson and Thomas are gone, look for the Bucs to try and trade down.
18:11:09 [herecomesdaboom] Has Barber heard or commented on your speculation of his move to FS?
18:11:00 [bucsbum] How is Brian Kelley Doing any word on his condition?
18:10:58 [gdubbz] gotcha
18:10:36 [bluetick] I hope CJ is there and the oline is addressed in FA
18:10:33 [bucfanskiz] havent seen or heard much about him in the pros though
18:10:31 [pewterreportjf] gdubbz – We suspect Jamie Winborn is going to buy himself out of his contract to test free agency.
18:10:23 [pewterreportsr] The only way Nate Clements is a Buc is if BK isn't.
18:10:18 [bucfanskiz] Davis is a big guy
18:10:10 [guest] what do thr bucs do if, when, Thomas and CJ are gone>
18:09:57 [pewterreportjf] bradentonian – the Bucs would love to draft Joe Thomas, but he's probaly going to the Lions. Leonard Davis is a possibility in free agency.
18:09:55 [gdubbz] thank god!
18:09:39 [pewterreportsr] If CJ is there, I think he gets picked by the Bucs over a Senior Bowl guy.
18:09:36 [gdubbz] also will the bucs spend big bucks on the under sized lb Winborn?
18:09:18 [goto11] I can't see Clements taking a job at nickel. He's starting caliber.
18:09:13 [pewterreportjf] bucfanskiz – I can see the Bucs trading Simeon Rice for a high draft pick or a player(s). I can also seem the Bucs trading for a quarterback.
18:09:02 [bradentonian] how do the bucs plan on addressing LOT, as it looks like Detroit may pick Thomas
18:08:59 [pewterreportsr] I doubt the Bucs will go after the Giants players who were cut. Maybe some interest in Petitgout.
18:08:42 [bucfanskiz] What are some suprise moves you see the bucs making ie Trades or FA pickups
18:08:41 [pewterreportjf] goto – No. I wouldn't assume Brian Kelly is gone. The Bucs need to upgrade the corner position. Bolden is old, and Zemaitis is a question mark.
18:08:36 [swolf] I keep hearing we are gonna run at Freeny,Briggs,Clements, all these big names yet we are in the middle as cap rooms go. Do you guys have a sence of what the priority is as far as position goes?
18:08:35 [bucsbum] We know that Calvin Johnson is the best WR and Joe Thomas is the best LT in this years draft. When you look at these 2 players which 1 of them might be better from a historical stand point.
18:08:29 [pewterreportsr] I love Meriweather and I think he's a great safety prospect. Bucs like him.
18:08:28 [bucforlife] SR…Will the Bucs go after any of the recent cuts made by the Giants
18:08:20 [gdubbz] will the Bucs end up bias in the draft due to the senior bowl or will we try and get a priorty at WR in Calvin?
18:07:58 [pewterreportjf] Whichever team lands Briggs will have to pay a lot for him, especially with so many teams have cap money to spend this year.
18:07:52 [pipelayer8] Do the Bucs have interest in Rufus Alexander in round 2?
18:07:39 [goto11] Does that mean that Kelly will be gone?
18:07:38 [pewterreportsr] Bucs like Weddle over Wendling as far as I know, strickii.
18:07:37 [mjs020294] What about Ryan Kalil at center
18:07:20 [pewterreportjf] swolf – The Bucs are interested in re-signing Buchanon, but they might make a run at Buffalo CB Nate Clements first.
18:07:18 [pewterreportsr] I think the Bucs want to bring Buchanon back, but will wait to see what his market value is.
18:07:05 [strickii] if we go fs in the draft….anyword if the bucs like weddle or wendling
18:07:00 [pewterreportsr] If Buchanon was a priority, he would have been signed right now.
18:06:52 [herecomesdaboom] Would the franchise be to much to pay for Briggs, I mean losing picks for the player?
18:06:48 [bluetick] Bears have just as much or more cap room as us, Briggs is staying put
18:06:45 [pewterreportjf] bluetick – Gurode is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent.
18:06:41 [pewterreportsr] No word on Kyle Young. I don't think he's that great of a prospect. Guy flunked out of school.
18:06:41 [bucfanskiz] i can honestly say i dont know much about meriweather
18:06:36 [swolf] What is the sence around one buc as far as Bucanon goes. Is he a priority?
18:06:29 [jollyroger25] Any more word on Cavid Carr?
18:06:24 [pewterreportjf] Oh yeah. The Bucs are interested in Briggs, but the feeling is he will get franchised by the Bears.
18:06:23 [gdubbz] same with Samuels
18:06:18 [gdubbz] yea briggs will be franchised
18:06:04 [gdubbz] Meriweather = another freak Miami safety
18:05:58 [pewterreportsr] The Bucs think Briggs will be franchised
18:05:47 [bluetick] JF, Is Gurode a UFA or RFA?
18:05:34 [bucfanskiz] meriweather = bad character
18:05:30 [strickii] What about kyle young….still no word on why he wasn;t invited to the combine
18:05:25 [pewterreportsr] I think Alstott will be back with the Bucs.
18:05:17 [mjs020294] What are the chances of going center in the early 2nd round ?
18:05:16 [bradentonian] gurode would be sweet
18:05:15 [goto11] Are the Bucs looking at Briggs? And if they can sign him, what does that mean for Brooks?
18:05:13 [pewterreportjf] Expect the Buccaneers to be interest in signing Atlanta fullback Justin Griffith, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent.
18:05:05 [gdubbz] any chance the Bucs like Meriweather in the secound round this year
18:04:56 [pewterreportsr] If we don't use this chat room, Hugh will kill us.
18:04:47 [bucfanskiz] mike has done great for the organization but hes past his prime
18:04:30 [pewterreportjf] The Bucs like Sean Mahan, but they're not in a hurry to re-sign him. They see his future at center. Expect the Bucs to make a run at Dallas C Andre Gurode in free agency.
18:04:29 [gdubbz] why does he want 1 mill i mean I though he was intrested in the team and going out on a wining season
18:04:25 [bucfanskiz] couldnt agree more MJS
18:04:02 [mjs020294] Alstott needs to make the decision to retire. Gruden doesn't use him properly, time to go. IMO
18:03:59 [bucforlife] What do they think of Alstott's ability to block??
18:03:54 [bluetick] I hope they draft McClain from Bama for our FB, let Alstott go
18:03:49 [bucfanskiz] SR do you see mike coming back to the Bucs
18:03:43 [jollyroger25] Is $1.5 what he wants again?
18:03:16 [pewterreportsr] About Alstott returning, I get the sense the Bucs aren't super thrilled about it. I mean, they need a fullback and Alstott is a good one, but the price tag for a 33-year old FB shouldn't be $1.5 mill.
18:03:01 [bucfanskiz] sup jf
18:02:59 [gator thumper] No thank you sir
18:02:54 [bluetick] I think Mahan will be around for depth….
18:02:45 [bucforlife] Hey jf
18:02:26 [pewterreportjf] Hello, Bucs fans! Thanks for joining the chat today.
18:02:26 [guest] nice to see you're putting the chat rooms to good use now… good idea PR!
18:02:22 [guest] SR, what's the scoop on Mahan. Will the Bucs pursue him lng-term?
18:02:17 [swolf] I am in Largo, And it was hard rain for awhile it will be there soon sr
18:02:09 [strickii] Hilton Head, Sc is beautiful again!!!!!!
18:01:59 [bucforlife] I say go after Pettigot now Spelling????
18:01:58 [mjs020294] sorry, I wasn't expecting j/k
18:01:57 [guest] hasnt hit brevard yet
18:01:56 [jollyroger25] Sr, what's your gut feeling about Alstott returning?
18:01:50 [pewterreportsr] no rain here in Tampa, but some real bad lightning and thunder
18:01:48 [guest] hello all
18:01:47 [gdubbz] grease*
18:01:30 [bucfanskiz] we getting a mix of rain and ice here in VA
18:01:20 [goto11] They're FAs and can be signed anytime.
18:01:16 [gdubbz] yea its raining here in clearwater too.
18:01:09 [gator thumper] hunker down, LOL
18:01:02 [gdubbz] plus a qb that favors him like greiise did.
18:00:52 [pewterreportsr] we're experiencing some t-storms in Tampa and our power just flickered. So if we disappear, it's due to bad storms.
18:00:52 [gdubbz] will i think oince hes health he can become a freakonce again
18:00:44 [bucfanskiz] Clayton is a serviceable 3rd
18:00:37 [bucsbum] What were the advantages to the Giants for making their recent cuts this early? Also could these players now be signed by other teams or are they considered free agents and have to wait.
18:00:26 [bucforlife] I'm ok getting rid of Clayton at this point
18:00:20 [herecomesdaboom] lay out the rules SR
18:00:12 [gator thumper] roger that SR
18:00:03 [gdubbz] eh moss is cool but i think we'd have to get rid of Clayton or someone… Sad
17:59:53 [pewterreportsr] This is our first attempt at this. Once we do a chat we'll get a feel for how it goes and give our web developers some feedback to improve it.
17:59:53 [gator thumper] if they go FA for QB they wont hafta use a draft pick in thefirst
17:59:39 [bucforlife] How about Moss
17:59:38 [bucfanskiz] I still think the raiders take russell
17:59:29 [gdubbz] ohh gives me chills of excitment lol
17:59:15 [bluetick] Image Galloway and CJ on the field together…..
17:59:12 [gator thumper] worried about the raiders taking him though
17:58:55 [gdubbz] agreed
17:58:50 [bucfanskiz] I sure hope so
17:58:45 [gator thumper] heck yeah
17:58:38 [gdubbz] so we all agree Calvins our man?
17:58:35 [bucfanskiz] Richmond VA here
17:58:21 [guest] whats happening people
17:58:19 [herecomesdaboom] tick tock doc!
17:58:12 [gdubbz] 2 mins!
17:58:00 [guest] Hello
17:57:56 [bluetick] Hello from Flushing, MI
17:57:53 [bucfanskiz] sup sr
17:57:40 [bucforlife] Hello
17:57:37 [bucfanskiz] as long as the comish says with the bucs first selection Calvin Johnson im happy
17:57:33 [gdubbz] sup, sup from Clearwater!
17:57:31 [pewterreportsr] Hello, Bucs fans.
17:27:57 [pewterreportjf] The Chat will begin at 1:00 p.m. ET. Chat with all of you then.

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