The Chat Session was held from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

Did you miss the chat session? Not to worry. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds and Flynn are pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. Their chat room identities are bolded below.  

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom. 


pewterreportjf: Hello, group. Please hang tight. The chat session will begin at 2:00 p.m. ET.
captainbuc: hey jim, how is it going?
strickii: Hello all….
detroitbuc: hello group
pewterreportsr: I don't know about you, but I'm ready for free agency. May not be as exciting as you may have thought, but it is a time for the Bucs to get better.
bayareabud81: Grudens always saying "you get what you sereve, then doesn't he deserve the boot, he has accepted responsibility for the failures, which are bountiful
bayareabud81: ok ok
detroitbuc: do we need a bigger and faster D to handle the RB's in our Divison?
bucsrule4669: bayarea who could we have replaced gruden with if he was fired
kodiak: I'd take the job
bucsrule4669: lol
bucsrule4669: so would all of us
kodiak: I called it first though
kodiak: lol
bucsrule4669: but who was qualified
bayareabud81: last 3 first rounders have been offense, the d this year finally showed its age, reload the D
pewterreportsr: Okay, fine. Gruden gets fired, Kodiak coaches the Bucs. Flynn handles pro personnel and I handle college scouting. Sound good?
bayareabud81: they went 0-6 in the division, C'MON!!!!
bucsrule4669: what about me
kodiak: I need an offensive coordinator
strickii: water boy
bucsrule4669: i call General Manager
kodiak: intersted?
captainbuc: Hey Scott, any process to submit questions?
bucsrule4669: no i call GM
dabucfan: The chat has not even started yet and already with the Gruden bashing. Give it a break. We are here to talk FA and the draft!!!
bucsrule4669: I never get into cap hell on Madden
bucsrule4669: lol
pewterreportjf: Hello, group. Thanks for joining the chat today.
guest: ok so who will be the first free agent signee for the bucs once the clock strikes midnight?
kodiak: Scott…I like the K-State pick in the draft…but in how many mocks have you thrown in a K-Stater?
bayareabud81: Yah, okay, lets get Charlie Garner, or Tim Brown, Hey, what about Todd Steussie
guest: Yamon will go in the 4th round…he ripped up the combine
captainbuc: What FAs are still available that Bucs are interested in?
jsirish: When did Doug Free become a 7th rounder? I've seen him in the first and scond rounds…
detroitbuc: are we going to get Carr
pewterreportsr: Not many K-Staters in my mock drafts, kodiak, especially lately. K-State has stunk it up and doesn't kick out too many NFL draft prospects.
kodiak: Can we sign someone named Ford too if we get Carr? How great would that be?
bayareabud81: Say no to C. Johnson, or any offense. They need D, What was there last FIRST round Defenseive selection, I can't remember that far
captainbuc: Many teams interested in TE Graham, are the Bucs that interested to pay top $$$ for him?
bucsrule4669: How can you say no to CJ
pewterreportsr: Not saying Free will be a seventh-rounder. I've seen some mocks where he is more in the middle of the draft. His play fell off last year due to injury. He also got worked pretty good in the East-West game. His stock certainly isn't going up.
guest: No we can not pass on the skills the CJ has
pewterreportjf: guest – I'm not sure, but the Jeff Garcia to Tampa Bay rumors are starting to pick up some steam since Philly didn't re-sign him.
dbo2440: are the bucs looking to get 2 new safeties
bayareabud81: Galloway, Clayton, Hilliard, Stovall,
bayareabud81: thats how
bluetick: don't knock the figurs pick, he has the fastest 40 time yet this year, unless the db's changed that
bucsrule4669: please
bayareabud81: contrary to Hovan, Wyms,….thats all folks
kodiak: Hey Scott and Jim, what are the odds of CJ not falling to us. I think right now everyone looks at him as our pick…but what are the odds of Oakland shocking everyone or Cleveland trading down…it looks like it would cost most teams too much to move up when the draft has a lot of talent at WR.
bayareabud81: D-Line
bucsrule4669: if galloway goes down we are screwed at WR
koolherc: um… bayarea needs to get banned for saying no to CJ — did you not watch the combine?
pewterreportsr: I think the Bucs will go after the safety position in free agency. They have too many DL needs that could be addressed in the draft.
pewterreportjf: kodiak – unless Oakland trades the No. 1 pick to a team that wants Calvin Johnson, I think the chances of CJ falling to the Bucs are very good.
bayareabud81: What are we the detroit Lions? Receiver, Receiver Reciever, Offense, Offense, Offense
captainbuc: what about Thomas falling to #4?
bucmaniac86: yeah that is very interesting, I know Garcia is a great fit for the west coast, but I am worried about spending too much on him
koolherc: not a chance Thomas falls and no D-lineman is a sure thing like CJ is a sure thing
bucsrule4669: Are there any good D-line players in FA?
pewterreportjf: bucsrule – You are right. Galloway is a serious groin injury away from his career being over. He is, after all, 35 years old.
pewterreportsr: I agree with Jim. CJ to the Bucs unless the Raiders pick him or deal the pick. As far as Thomas falling to the Bucs … I don't see it at all.
bayareabud81: This team, whenever they went to the NFC Champ game and beyond, they had the #1 Defense
bayareabud81: 1979, 1999, 2002
bluetick: Have you What players have been interviewed, etc at the combine by the bucs?
bayareabud81: yet, have any of the "new regime's" offensive selection aspired to anything?
pewterreportjf: The defense needs help. But the offense needs more. Jon Gruden's offense scored just 20 touchdowns in 2006. They need a playmaker and TD scorer. Calvin Johnson can be that player.
kodiak: In your opinions…what are the strongest/deepest positions in the draft. What positions might we find some people going later than anticipated due to so much talent at those positions?
pewterreportsr: Bucs can really justify drafting a WR like Calvin Johnson that high, too. I made the case in one of 3 Fab Fives last week.
bayareabud81: Yes Caddy made Rookie of the year, but how bout year 2, abissmal
strickii: SF spent an hour behind closed doors last night with Oak…..
bayareabud81: Clayton, enough said
pewterreportjf: Kokiak – safety and wide receiver are pretty deep.
captainbuc: strick – it was with DET
bucsrule4669: isnt DE deep too?
dbo2440: I have read articles where the it states the bucs are looking to upgrade the safety positions, what is the possibility that they get both through the free agency?
bayareabud81: Good point, Bucs's safeties are PA-THET-IC!!!
koolherc: yeah it was all Caddy's fault last year — he always had HUGE holes to run through — what a weak 620 argument to not pick CJ
pewterreportjf: bayarea – The Bucs' draft picks under Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen have produced mixed results.
bayareabud81: Remember the ATL game,
edwamil83: Any trade rumors involving players or picks?
bayareabud81: both ATL RBs are hurt, so the FB must play starting RB
strickii: Read somewhere that the Bucs spent a lot of time with Piscitelli….
captainbuc: What about Okoye at #4 if both Thomas and CJ are gone?
bayareabud81: FIRST PLAY; juked Will allen out of his jock strap for a TD
kodiak: I watched a lot of the combine workouts and I love Carricker…he's going to be gone though when we pick in the second. What are the Bucs going to do at the DE position? Are we going to end up with Spires and Rice again or will Rice be traded and will one of those picks in rounds 2-4 be a DE?
pewterreportjf: I agree with Scott Reynolds. I see the Bucs attempting to address both safety positions in free agency
pewterreportsr: I don't think there's any way Okoye, CJ and Thomas are gone in the first 3 picks.
guest: not through the draft
jsirish: Carr stays in Houston… guaranteed.
bayareabud81: Oh, but but, John Lynch was released for Jermain Phillips whose a "budding star," did I get that right
bucsrule4669: What about looking for a G in FA?
pewterreportjf: kodiak – the Bucs are asking themselves the same question regarding defensive end. Worst case scenario — Simeon Rice remains a Buc in 2007.
bayareabud81: Dexter Jackson as well
koolherc: bayarea — we all watched the Bucs last season — lets leave this space for questions rather than tired arguments and game by game recaps
pewterreportjf: bucsrule – The Bucs will attempt to sign Eric Steinbach, but rumor has it that he wants A LOT of money.
bayareabud81: They need DBs
pewter410yrs: What are the chances that Rice is a buc next year?…better then Whites?
jsirish: What about the OL like Timmerman, Anderson, McKinney, Weigert….?
guest: SR if u could compare Figurs KR to anybody in the nfl who would that be?
strickii: any chance we trade down, acquire Levi brown and another 2nd…or did he ruin his status
bayareabud81: Wasn't it the lowest number of turnovers, especially INTs for the D this year?
bayareabud81: under Monty Kiffin
dbo2440: who is the leading canidate to play next to hovan, are they targeting anyone yet?
pewterreportsr: The problem with the Bucs' latest 2 No. 1 picks – Clayton and Caddy – is that they were the right picks (both had stellar rookie seasons), they just had sophomore slumps. I don't think you can entirely blame the Bucs for that. The players must be accountable for themselves, too.
bucfanskiz: Can Figurs return kicks we dont need another PR specialist
pewterreportjf: pewter – I'd say Rice has a 50 percent chance or returning at this point. The Bucs would love to trade him now and get something of value for him before his contract expires at the end of '07, though.
captainbuc: if Seattle is giving the Charger's G $6.5M/yr, Steinbach will ask for same $$$
koolherc: SR/JF — what are the chances Marco Colombo (over Gandy, Davis, etc…) is going to be a Buc next year
bayareabud81: What did Rice have? 2 sacks
pewterreportsr: Yes, Figurs can do it all – return kicks and punts. He is also a dynamite gunner on punts, too. His still reminds me of a much faster Karl Williams. Very shifty guy with a wiry frame.
kodiak: If you had to pick one player the Bucs are most likely to land in free agency…who do you think that would be?
bucfanskiz: Do you think Dielman will come to the Bucs or do you see Stienback
jsirish: We're not really considering trading up to Cleveland's pick for J. Thomas, are we?
pewterreportjf: strick – If Calvin Johnson isn't there when the Bucs pick at No. 4, they will be extremely interested in trading out of that spot. The question is will they find a dancing partner?
bayareabud81: Look, this team practically has 2 head coaches (Kiffin
captainbuc: Dielman is about to sign with Seattle for crazy money
bayareabud81: and Gruden
strickii: Would the Bucs let Rice go to det for their 3rd rounder…it's essentially a 2
pewterreportjf: sirish – The Bucs can't afford to trade up in this draft. If anything, they need to acquire more picks by trading down.
1luv1buc: SR JF did the bucs get a chance to speak to calvin johnson??
bayareabud81: and the offensive guru has set records in all the wrong ways
bucfanskiz: Free Agency hasnt started yet if hes in talks with seattle wouldnt that be tampering
koolherc: 1luv – yes they met with him for the alloted 15 mins
edwamil83: hows dielman gonna sign with seattle when FA starts March 2nd?
bayareabud81: give Monte Kiffin some ammo
pewterreportjf: strick – It's possible, but if the Bucs received a second-rounder for McFarland, I've got to think they can get a second-rounder for Rice.
guest: I think Okoye is the safest defensive pick in the draft…D needs to be rubuilt
jsirish: How about down to Texans' pick for Peterson???
kodiak: JF and SR…if CJ isn't there…I agree it's most likely because the Raiders are stupid and again didn't pick the QB they need. Do you think some of the teams like Minn, Houston, or Miami might try to jump up to get the QB they like better?
pewterreportsr: I've been a huge fan of Eric Steinbach's since his Iowa days. I'd love to see the Bucs sign him. He could fill in for Buenning at LG until he gets healthy and then move to center permanently.
bayareabud81: Safety or D-Line
bluetick: bayareabud81, THIS IS A ROOM TO GET ?s ANSWER, NOT BEAT A DEAD HORSE
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't see the Bucs drafting Okoye unless they trade down to get him.
bucfanskiz: S/R what about Dielman
bayareabud81: you're no better
pewterreportsr: Yes, the Bucs did speak with CJ. I expect he'll come in for a private workout, too,
1luv1buc: nice
pewterreportsr: Dielman wouldn't be bad, but I love Steinbach's versatility. He can play G, C or LT in a pinch.
bayareabud81: What would be the worst possible pick for the Bucs to make (Position needed the least)
jollyroger25: If CJ is drafted – does he play "flanker"?
1luv1buc: who do u think figurs compares to in the nfl SR
jollyroger25: If CJ is drafted – does he play "flanker"?
captainbuc: SR/JF Ay other news on Bucs contact with other players at the combine?
kodiak: RB
bluetick: Do you get the feeling this draft will tilt toward off or def?
bucfanskiz: SR or JF who if anyone do you see the Bucs signing fast, are there any prospects in F/A that will be in Tampa Friday morning
edwamil83: Wouldn't it be smarter to put Steinbach at LT? Given his salary.
pewterreportjf: kodiak – Unfortunately, no I don't see any teams willing to trade up with the Bucs if Calvin Johnson isn't there at No. 4. Brady Quinn has really hurt his stock by not working out and not playing at the Senior Bowl.
cheveliar: what's up fella's…SR/JF at number 4 is there a scenario that says we don't get either JT or CJ? And then what?
pewterreportsr: I think Figurs compares to a faster Karl Williams. Williams was quick and wiry, and Figurs is the same way.
koolherc: SR/JF — any rumors of preliminary negotiation that the Bucs are having with any FA's (ala the Redskins with London Flecther)?
bayareabud81: not to mention playing in the sugar bowl , P.U.
1luv1buc: how tall is he
pewter410yrs: Sr/JR …with Daymeion Hughes awful showing at the combine it is expected he could slip to late round 2/early round 3….he seems like a perfect fit for our defence, have the bucs showed any intrest?
bayareabud81: 6, 4
guest: What teams, if any, have two first round picks?
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – I see the Bucs bringing Jeff Garcia in for a visit almost immediatley. I'm sure they will line up some other visits when free agency starts at 12:01AM on Friday. Gee, guess what SR and I will be doing all day Friday? :)
strickii: If we take CJ…is M80 expendable draft day?
kodiak: So in that situation…if nobody is willing to trade up and the Bucs are at #4 and both CJ and Thomas are gone…who is the pick?
pewterreportsr: The Bucs are interested in Hughes and he may be a second-round option for them.
bucfanskiz: keep us in the know on that JF and SR
bluetick: TGIF
detroitbuc: i hope we see them set a deal up for Carr after Garcia comes in
pewterreportsr: Definitely stay tuned to on Friday and all this weekend!
1luv1buc: can they schedule visits right now for friday??
bayareabud81: I do not see C. Johnson and Clayton together, Galloway stays "fastest man alive"
kodiak: I have the next two weeks off because I am moving back to Florida…my last day of work is the first day of free agency…I timed that pretty well huh?
guest: SR, Have you heard anything recent regarding a free agent quarterback or a trade
bayareabud81: Clayton has proven to expendible
pewterreportjf: kookherc – One Bucs source told us that trades became the new free agency when the franchise tag was slapped on several players last week. That said, we expect the Bucs to make a trade or two between now and the draft.
bucfanskiz: So do we have a realistic chance at getting Graham here
edwamil83: SR- If we do draft Hughes do you think that makes moving Barber to FS a much more viable option?
captainbuc: for picks or players?
bayareabud81: Barber will never move to Free Safetly, EVER
bayareabud81: Dwight Smith did, and he HATED IT
pewterreportjf: bayareabuc – Don't forget — the Bucs have Stovall, too. I think their plan, if they draft CJ, is to have CJ, Clayton and Stovall as their three-receiver set.
1luv1buc: wat are the chances of Kalil in a buc uni next year
pewterreportsr: I think there is a chance Graham could come to the Bucs. Bucs won't break they bank for him, though.
cheveliar: Are they still looking to unload Simeon Rice, especially considering all the tags that went out on our targeted FA's?
pewterreportjf: captainbuc – possibly both.
strickii: If Kalil and Beekman are on the board come Pick #35…who is it?
bayareabud81: Clayton, Clayton? CLAYTON?! last 2 years what has he done? 1 TD in two years
pewterreportsr: The Bucs like Kalil, but coached Beekman. Either one would be a great add in the second round if they are there.
bayareabud81: NFL=What have you done for me lately
pewterreportjf: Chev – Yes, but the interest has cooled off a bit since so many high profile defensive ends were hit with franchise tags last week.
bucfanskiz: What are some possible trade options the bucs have outside of Sim Rice, any bones you could throw us there
bayareabud81: Kurt Warner was good, but now, no one wants him
bayareabud81: people change
cheveliar: That's what I thought…so we may keep him?
1luv1buc: and they can block too cant they in those three reciever sets
bucprimetime: ARE bucs interested in marcus thomas
captainbuc: SR/JF How much money are the Bucs willing to spend given all these crazy contracts FA are getting?
pewterreportsr: I think the Bucs are interested in every defensive tackle with a pulse right now.
pewterreportjf: bayareabuc – In Clayton's defense, the coaches were pleased with how he approached the 2006 season. Unfortunately, the play at the quarterback position really impacted everyoneon offense, including Clayton. But I have to agree that Clayton really needs to return to his rookie form, and soon.
guest: What other teams at the end of the 1st need a center?
jollyroger25: where does Galloway fit into the equation?
bluetick: cleveland
1luv1buc: any chance of the bucs trading back into the first round?
pewterreportjf: captainbuc – The Bucs have $24 million to spend in free agency, but they're not going to be careless with the money. That said, they will pass on players that want too much money.
captainbuc: In his rookie year he was the only option on offense, he might never get back to that
bayareabud81: what about 05? Simms and Galloway were like to kids playing a game and not letting Clayton join
kodiak: If the Bucs get Garcia/Carr or Jake the snake…who is the odd man out at QB? You know Simms is going to be one of them…will it be Gradkowski or McCown?
pewterreportjf: 1luv1buc – Yes. If Calvin Johnson is there at No. 4, the Bucs will have plenty of teams interested in trading up for him. However, if Johnson isn't there, it will be tough for the Bucs to trade back.
bluetick: Looks like another "Diamond in the rough" free agent class for the bucs?
cheveliar: I read somewhere yesterday the D. White is becoming a HOT FA…any word that you guys know of?
pewter410yrs: If the Bucs do indeed draft Calvin Johnson….what would be the status of Mike Claytons Future with Tampa Bay?…would he be shopped around after the draft?
bucwar: pewter report whats your opionion on calvin johnson is he a good player?
jsirish: Is Winborn good enought o take the reins from DB in the future?
bayareabud81: Bye bye clayton
pewterreportsr: I think there will be 1 or 2 impact free agent signings and then a couple of "diamond in the rough" signings. Those have done pretty well with the Bucs in the past, though (Spires, Hovan, Bolden, Bryant, etc.)
jsirish: And what about putting Bolden at safety?
kodiak: Is there any chance the Bucs will trade down out of that #4 spot if CJ is there? If so..who would we trade with and who would we target if we did trade down?
captainbuc: Any examples?
pewterreportjf: kodiak – the Bucs indicated to us at the Senior Bowl that they might try to acquire two, not just one veteran quarterback this offseason. For example, they might try to sign Garcia and then trade for Carr, giving them Garcia, Carr and Simms in 2007. It might not happen, but the Bucs will attempt to bolster the QB position, which could leave Gradkowski and McCown as the odd men out.
bayareabud81: Anyone read the Shaun King article in teh St. Pete times two weeks ago
pewterreportsr: bucwar – I think he's a dynamite player. I'd draft him in a heartbeat if I was in TB's war room.
strickii: Any word on PBuc?
1luv1buc: any big name guys that will suprise us to want to come to the bucs??
bayareabud81: "They fornt office has such an ego, they wante dto prove to the league they missed out on Gradkowski"
jollyroger25: Any word on Buchanan?
pewterreportsr: bayareabud81 – Yes, I read it. King came across very bitter in that article. Sour grapes.
quezilla: Who should we target, Grahm or Stevens at TE?
pewterreportjf: kodiak – If a team comes up with a good enough offer, the Bucs will entertain a trade from the No. 4 spot that would allow another team to draft Calvin Johnson.
cadillac 24: im here
bayareabud81: "The front office has such an ego"
captainbuc: SR/JF Any word on our own FAs?: Mahan, PBuc, White
bucfanskiz: I would love to see Carr in a Bucs Uni I just think he could be special under Gruden!
bayareabud81: "They wante dto prove to the league they missed out on Gradkowski"
pewterreportsr: No word yet on Bucs FAs. Could be some activity tomorrow.
bayareabud81: "and Gruden would be viewed as a genius"
kodiak: Would Okoye be the main target (or Carricker) if we trade down to say the 7-14 area?
pewterreportjf: captainbuc – The Bucs have been negotiating with the agents for Dewayne White and Sean Mahan, but word has it that White wants an obsene amount of money. The Bucs are resigned to the possibility of losing White in free agency. They feel like they have a shot with Mahan.
bayareabud81: "they wouldn't even resign me and sign someone poorer and for more $$"
koolherc: shaun king is such a hot commodity that no one picked him up last yearn and now he's playing arena ball — get out of here w/ that cr@p Bayareabud
captainbuc: SR/JF He might be asking for Kelsay like money
pewterreportjf: kodiak – Okoye would be on Tamap Bay's radar if it traded out of No. 4.
bayareabud81: "just so they didn't resign me"
guest: 24…so what.
guest: SR, anyone with two #1's we could trade down to get Okoye? CJ could command 2 #1's.
koolherc: id much rather have Grads/McCown than a washed up bitter Shaun King
bucfanskiz: SR or JF any word on tragets in F/A from one buc place or are they being really tite lipped!
bayareabud81: really, is that so?
1luv1buc: the pats
edwamil83: pats only team with 2 #1s
pewterreportsr: bayareabud81 – You have to remember that Shaun King blew it in the NFL and has sour grapes. It wasn't like he victimized. He was his own worst enemy. I'd take what he says with a grain of salt.
bucfanskiz: that was a retarded question I meant any real hot names floating around?
bayareabud81: We saw that failed experiment, both were on the bench by season's end
captainbuc: SR/JF Do you see the Bucs breaking the bank for Steinach given his versatility?
bucwar: any sleeper we need to know for the bucs late round picks?
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – Have you read the Pewter Report Free Agency Issue? The list of players the Bucs will target is in there.
edwamil83: and gradkowski outplayed rattay in preseason
bayareabud81: All I'm saying is compare the good decisions with the bad, and you'll come a sad realization
kodiak: I noticed in your mock draft you didn't have any LBs. With Winborn coming back, do you think the Bucs will have all the same LBs back next year or might they still try to get a big name LB? Also…any word on Quarles?
pewterreportjf: Shaun King blamed the media for the Bucs' decsion to sign Brad Johnson. I'm still trying to figure that one out.
bucfanskiz: yeah Im just wondering if there any others
quezilla: PR, who would you rather have Jeremy Stevens or Grahm?
bayareabud81: PRESEASON? C'mon, preseason?
strickii: You mentioned reaches like Free… bout a late round reach on Laron McClain (FB) or Kurt Quartermann (OG)
cadillac 24: Will the Bucs try to trade for Shaun Rogers
pewterreportsr: I would rather have Graham, quezilla.
pewterreportjf: kodiak – That's a great point. The Bucs could still take a LB in the draft, but it's not such a pressing need since Winborn is sticking around for at least one more season.
bayareabud81: Rice for Rogers? That has a ring to it
bucfanskiz: I read the mag online cover to cover and the day i got it I could probably write a book report on it if i had to!
pewterreportsr: I like La'Ron McClain at FB. He had a great Senior Bowl. Really opened my eyes.
bayareabud81: Rice would love to go with his boy Marinelli, and Marinelli would love to have him
guest: Pats will never trade up to #4.
cadillac 24: who are some candidates for the bucs to trade for
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – LOL. Great to hear it. Okay, pop quiz. Just kidding.
bucfanskiz: let go try me'
koolherc: SR/JF – Marco Colombo or Wayne Gandy? I'm taking L.Davis off the list b/c of the $ he going to be asking for and alleged laziness…
kodiak: What's the word on Quarles retiring. I think we are fine if he does…but Quarles did play well at the end of the year.
pewterreportsr: koolherc – Do you mean Mike Gandy? I'd rather have Colombo vs. Gandy.
cadillac 24: will the Bucs go after patrick kerney
bucsrule4669: I hope not
bucwar: will the bucs be a playoof caliber team next year?
bayareabud81: Time for a Ruud awakening
strickii: Any chance we look at Jeremy Newberry if he's released due to his injuries?
pewterreportsr: There will be some interest in Kerney, but it all comes down to price. If the Bucs aren't going to overpay for DWhite, they won't overpay for Kerney.
captainbuc: SR/JF Any word on Buenning recovery?
pewter410yrs: yeah…whats the status on Rudd?…is he readyy to take over?
hatedaeagles: no Ruud awakening at the expense of Quarles
pewterreportjf: kodiak – The Bucs are awaiting Quarles' decision. I don't see the Bucs cutting Quarles since they can afford him in 2007. But they'd like to get Ruud on the field. I think Quarles could retire — I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.
quezilla: SR, who would you rather have as a punt returner? Welker/ or the speedster from Kansas?
cadillac 24: any word on who the bucs are intersted in trading for
pewterreportsr: Buenning's recovery is going well. Biggest question is whether he would be there for the start of camp.
bayareabud81: I doubt the Falcons would trade someone to a team in their own division, but its not like the Bucs could win a division game
pewterreportjf: captainbuc – Gruden told us at Senior Bowl that Buenning was doing well, but he might not be ready for the start of training camp and preseason, which is why they will target a free agent guard.
edwamil83: Any news on the compensatory pick? I know you mentioned they were looking for a 6th but have read elsewhere they feel they should get a 5th.
captainbuc: Kerney is not going to be traded, he's a FA, he voided his contract
pewterreportsr: quezilla – I like Yamon Figurs a lot, but I'd rather have Wes Welker. He's a proven commodity.
bayareabud81: Sign and trade
cadillac 24: will the bucs go after stallworth or bennett at WR
pewterreportjf: edwami – Not yet, although we suspect the Bucs could get a sixth-rounder.
bayareabud81: its been dun before
strickii: that 30 minutes was fast……
kodiak: If the Bucs don't sign Bucannon, are they going to target someone like Clements…I can't see them drafting another CB in rounds 1-4 because they have much bigger needs and last year's pick hasn't seen the field yet.
pewterreportjf: cadillac – I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs brought Stallworth in for a visit, but I don't think they'll sign a receiver, especially if they feel like they can draft Calvin Johnson.
pewterreportsr: Gotta go, folks. Back to work for me (and for all of you!) BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO PEWTER REPORT/PEWTER INSIDER 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) Thanks, guys. It's been fun.
cadillac 24: what postion are the bucs looking to trade for
edwamil83: thank you
cadillac 24: thank you
bucsrule4669: Thank you
pewterreportjf: kodiak – No way. The Bucs would love to get Clements, but he's going to get P-A-I-D!!!
pewter410yrs: thankssss
captainbuc: This one went by real fast, thanks guys
strickii: again, thanks
dbo2440: thank you
cadillac 24: im sorry i was only able to catch the last minutes of this chat
pewterreportsr: We'll do it again in two weeks. In the meantime, I'll see you on the boards and submit your questions for our podcast next week!
pewterreportjf: cadillac – Defensive tackle and quarterback are two positions the Bucs would be interested in trading for.
kodiak: As the head coach I demend you stay the scouting director is underneath the head coach…so stay for 2 more hours
bayareabud81: Don't expect a dramatic turnaround like 2004-2005.
cheveliar: Thanks guys…
guest: transcripts of the chat?
guest: oh and thanks
pewterreportjf: Okay, group. It's been fun. Thanks for joining the Chat Session. If you're interested in subscribing to Pewter Report, call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827). Take care.

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