Did you miss the PewterReport.com Chat Session on Tuesday? Not to worry. PewterReport.com provides Bucs fans with a transcript of the 45-minute chat session in this article. Who will the Bucs draft? Who are they targeting in free agency? Get answers in this chat transcript.

The PewterReport.com Chat Session was held from 12:45 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Mar. 6.

Pewter Report editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 45-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

PewterReport.com provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Okay, let the chat begin now!
carolinabuc: i think it was a genius idea
dm4bucs: Alright any new news on the bucs? visits?
bucprimetime: do the bucs have a high priority to draft a guard now since they diddnt get one in hte draft?
wm1999: I keep hearing on the NFL onSirius about us and Randy Moss, whats up with that?
carolinabuc: any new free agents in site for us soon
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, I did read ProFootballTalk.com's take on the Jake Plummer situation. I respect the work Mike Florio does for PFT.com, and he has good sources. However, our sources tell us that Jake Plummer will indeed owe the Bucs up to $7 million in bonus money if he retires. Based on who the sources are, I tend to believe them.
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, as it stands now how would you rate the Bucs Free Agency pick-ups compared to the rest of the league?
dabucfan: Any news on a possible Cooper Carlise visit or contract offer?
bucsid: JF, your thoughts on Briggs and whether the Bucs are serious contenders to make a play for him, and what he may legitimately cost to acquire from a draft pick standpoint.
bucprimetime: do the bucs have a high priority to draft a guard now since they diddnt get one in free agency
tadd30: is pittsburgh really paying sean mahan that much money? for what?
kaptainmorgan13: I read profootbaltalk.com daily, Florio was still talking a few weeks ago that Gruden could still be fired before the season.
kaptainmorgan13: He does good work, but I think he likes being controversial too
pewterreportjf: kaptainmorgan13 – Well, the Bucs have been more active in free agency this year, and they've landed some big names in Jeff Garcia, Kevin Carter and Luke Petitgout. I know a lot of people are concerned with the age of these players, but these players didn't come with the salaries some of the younger, more high-profile guys came with.
carolinabuc: JIM what do you see being our next big signing
pewterreportjf: bucprimetime – Regarding Lance Briggs and the Bucs' interest in him, did you read my latest Pewter Insider article? I addressed it in there.
kaptainmorgan13: Thanks Jim, I recognize the Bucs don't want to break the bank or the salary cap, but the casual Buc fans may want a quick fix.
guest: please say Hamlin
jc510: JF, is Buenning expected to be ready for training camp?
dm4bucs: Any word on carlisle or hamlin maybe signing with the bucs?
bucsnoles07: Do you believe Michael Clayton can bounce back this year?
bucprimetime: do the bucs have a high priority to draft a guard now since they diddnt get one in free agency
pewterreportjf: carolinabuc – We're hearing the Bucs are once again interested in guard Cooper Carlisle. That interest was renewed after the Bucs lost Sean Mahan in free agency. As of right now, Carlisle is not scheduled to visit One Buc Place.
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, what's the latest on Quarles? What are the chances he retires and do the Bucs feel Rudd can step in for Quarles or will they look elsewhere?
pewterreportjf: jc510 – Based on what I've been told, I don't expect Dan Buenning to be 100 percent ready to go by the start of training camp. That's one of the reasons why the Bucs are interested in Cooper Carlisle.
carolinabuc: word here in charlotte n.c draft is wanting to sign with us
guest: JF – Even if the Bucs sign Carlisle has the Bucs draft strategy been altered (instead of looking DL in rd. 2, the new priority maybe OL) now that Mahan isn't an option at C
guest: ?
bucsnoles07: Do you believe that we can use the Jake Plummer situation for any good even thogh he hasn't signed the retirement papers?
pewterreportjf: kaptainmorgan13 – There's nothing new to report on Shelton Quarles. Although no decision has been made, I believe Quarles will retire (or be forced to retire). The Bucs were hoping to sign Napoleon Harris, but he got paid by Kansas City.
pipelayer8: since they haven't signed a safety, which safeties are they high on in round 2/3/4
kaptainmorgan13: Thank you Jim.
captain buc: What the latest on the Moss trade rumors?
bucsnoles07: Have you heard anything about drafting a linebacker 2nd or 3rd round maybe Buster Davis?
bucfan: will the bucs have enough salary cap to sign draft picks?
pewterreportjf: bucnoles07 – Absolutely. Only good will come out of the Plummer trade. I know some people don't understand this, but it's true. Either Plummer will play for the Bucs, get traded for some form of compensation, or the Bucs will go after him for as much as $7 million in bonus money, which would then be credited to Tampa Bay's cap, just like Keenan McCardell's bonus money was when the Bucs won their case against him.
bucmaniac86: Jim, with our Dline standing how it is right now, on opening day do you see it looking like Rice-Hovan-Wyms- Carter?
leeroybuc: i hope not bucmaniac
pewterreportjf: bucnoles – Buster Davis is a good player, but the Bucs don't seem to be too interested in him. I think his height, or lack thereof, has a lot to do with that.
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, With Plummer looking to at least say he's going to retire, do the Bucs have any leverage to trade his rights to Oakland for Moss? With the Packers looking like they will trade for Moss, is the trade for Moss coming to Tampa officially dead now?
pewterreportjf: bucfan – Yes, the Bucs should have enough money to sign their draft picks.
bucsnoles07: Who do you see us going after with both our second round picks?
bucwave: will we draft a quaterback in the draft?any rounds?
kaptainmorgan13: The Bucs will not draft a QB
carolinabuc: sorry
leeroybuc: JF-Do you feel the silence about Gaines Adams means anything one way or the other?
pewterreportjf: kaptainmorgan – As I wrote about in the latest Pewter Insider article, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not trade for Randy Moss. It's dead. Here's a question you have to ask yourself: why would the Bucs trade for Moss, which would then put Oakland in a position to draft WR Calvin Johnson?
pewterreportjf: carolinabuc – From what I've been told, the Bucs aren't that interested in Kawika Mitchell.
kaptainmorgan13: Agreed Jim, thank you.
bucsnoles07: Good news about Moss whew!
carolinabuc: thanx
pewterreportjf: bucwave – Nope. The Bucs will not draft a quarterback this year.
pipelayer8: Which safeties are the Bucs considering in rounds 2 and 3
bucmaniac86: Who would be our front four on D this year?
kaptainmorgan13: I believe Garcia asked the Bucs the same thing he did to Oakland, want assurances they wouldn't draft a QB this year.
jc510: JF, if Johnson is gone and they cant find a trade partner, would the Bucs take Okoye at #4?
bucgold: will simeon rice be with us next year?
bucsnoles07: With CJ being such a good kid we will need to pay him, can you forsee a hold out situation with him if we draft him?
pewterreportjf: bucmaniac – It's tough to say. As of right now, it looks like the front four would be Simeon Rice, Chris Hovan, Kevin Carter and Greg Spires.
carolinabuc: that spells playoff jim
pewterreportjf: jc510 – Yes. If Calvin Johnson and Joe Thomas are off the board at No. 4, the Bucs likely will draft Amobi Okoye.
leeroybuc: What exactly is Cato June doing out there? Are we interested?
dabucfan: JF – Any news of a possible Hamlin visit? Are the Bucs even interested in him?
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, How is Brian Kelly's toe? Does he appear he'll be ready for the start of the year and will he be a happy camper or be a disruption?
guest: JF – dont you think that the Bucs will be looking to fill the interior OL spots now at 2a (even if Carlisle is signed) rather than taking the best available DL because of Mahan leaving? Regardless of his ability he gave the Bucs a lot of flexibility
kaptainmorgan13: Contract wise
jc510: JF, how about Okoye over Thomas. Any chance?
bucsnoles07: What happened with Zumaitis?
pewterreportjf: leeroybuc – From what I gather, Cato June is pricing himself out of the market. That's why he hasn't received a lot of interest from teams. The Bucs don't seem to be too interested in him right now, but that could change.
bucgold: any word on compensatory picks?
netsbucscardsfan: hey jf is there any chance of the bucs landing merriweather or beason
guest: JF – If Kalil falls to 2a, he would almost have to be the guy
pewterreportjf: jc510 – Hmm. I don't see the Bucs passing on Joe Thomas if he's available at No. 4.
bucmaniac86: What do you see the bucs doing with Ellis Wyms? he is a rotational player, and he has a huge contract at 3mil
dm4bucs: what about gaines at 4 JF are the bucs not intersted b/c of his weight?
guest: is Calvin Johnson ahead of Joe Thomas on the Bucs board? By some strange reason they're both there at #4, which one will they take?
jc510: steve, stop letting greg talk you into those Miami players
pewterreportjf: guest – Great point. Yes, with Sean Mahan getting away in free agency and the Bucs needing a center to compete with — or possibly replace John Wade — the Bucs would take a very hard look at Ryan Kalil if he falls to them in the second.
bucsnoles07: I like Kalil
netsbucscardsfan: lol ive always like merriweather jc510 greg didnt influence that at all
pewterreportjf: guest – If Calvin Johnson and Joe Thomas are available at No. 4, your guess would be as good as mine. The Bucs won't say which player they like better.
bucmaniac86: What team(s) would be interested in Kalil before we pick at 2a?
buc4ever: Any more trades predicted?
bucsnoles07: merriweather is a pacman wanna be
netsbucscardsfan: except merriweather is actually good on defense
leeroybuc: so is pacman
bucsnoles07: haha
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, what is the status of Chris Colmer? Will he be able to play again?
pewterreportjf: dm4bucs – If it came down to Gaines Adams and Amobi Okoye, I think the Bucs would take Okoye since he would address an immediate need for an under tackle.
dm4bucs: ouch thats rough bucsnoles merriweather can actually play def
dm4bucs: thx jf
leeroybuc: Clomer is done.
bucmaniac86: at least Merriweather beats people up on the field instead of shooting innocent people and fighting on the streets
pewterreportjf: kaptainmorgan – I don't see Chris Colmer returning to the football field. That's based on the information we've gathered over the last few months.
bucsnoles07: pacman is ok and he can return kicks and punts, he might just shoot u on the way
strickii: any word if the bucs r interested in Vilma from the Jets
carolinabuc: is wyms or spires in jeopardy of getting traded jim ?
kaptainmorgan13: Thank you Jim.
pipelayer8: Do you think the Bucs might trade into the end of round 1 from 35?
pewterreportjf: strick – No, there hasn't been too much buzz regarding Vilma at One Buccaneer Place.
bucsnoles07: I have heard Gruden will implement the shotgun. Is this true?
guest: JF — any word on how the Bucs to Mahan offer compared to the Steelers offer? Were the willing to pay what the Steelers did?
netsbucscardsfan: is there really going to be a qb competition between garcia and simms or is simms simply the backup now
pewterreportjf: carolinabuc – Yes, I could see Rice, Wyms or Spires put on the trading block at some point this offseason.
leeroybuc: Asd for the shotgun… will it be a few gimmick plays or a regular part of the offense?
carolinabuc: thanx
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, What is the status of Brian Kelly's toe and will he be ready at the start of the year? Will his contract situation be a distraction with even a possible hold-out by him?
strickii: were the bucs disappointed in Newberry signing w/ Oak…was he healthy
dm4bucs: i'd like to see some shotgun also
guest: With all the trade talks and free agency moves the Lions and Browns have made, what are the chances the calvin johnson or joe thomas will be there at # 4?
buc4life: will phillip buchanon start or be nickel?
pewterreportjf: netsbucscardsfan – The Bucs will not hand the starting quarterback job to Garcia or Simms. However, I do believe Garcia will win the job if he stays healthy, and Simms should become a better player for it.
leeroybuc: Are the Shaun Rogers rumors dead or just waiting?
carolinabuc: GARCIA WILL START 100%
guest: i know we have caddy, but do the bucs have any interest in peterson if he falls to 4 and Thomas / Johnson are gone?
netsbucscardsfan: how will he become a better player he is already 26
leeroybuc: Gannon became great at 32
scholty: Do you ever get sick of Karen on the messageboards?
dm4bucs: that is still young for a qb
bucsnoles07: How do you see Stovall coming along this year?
wm1999: 26 is young for a QB
leeroybuc: Ouch Sholty
strickii: any interest in Michael bush to compliment Caddy
guest: Would the Bucs draft Okoye at 4 or would they trade down if CJ/JT were gone?
pewterreportjf: kaptainmorgan – Brian Kelly's toe is said to be doing well. There is no contract situation with Kelly. He has two years remaining on it. He could hold out, but he should know how that will end (see Keenan McCardell holdout).
kaptainmorgan13: Very true, thank you Jim.
guest: JF – how did the Bucs offer to Mahan compare to the Steelers offer? Were the Bucs willing to pay what the Steelers did?
bucsnoles07: I could see Bruce staying and Gruden leaving if he has a bad year?
pewterreportjf: bucnoles – The Bucs plan to move Maurice Stovall over to the X (split-end) wide receiver spot to groom behind Joey Galloway. Jon Gruden wants to get bigger at that position after Galloway retires.
guest: Do you think Briggs will really sit out the season? Could he be had for a 2nd rounder?
bucsnoles07: Thanks
guest: How much playing time do you expect BJ Askew to accumulate over the season and do you thing he will be used as a lead blocker, or runner?
pewterreportjf: guest – No, the Bucs offered Mahan less than what he received in Pittsburgh.
dm4bucs: some good cb's this draft do you see the bucs taking one to cover themselves for BK holding out or for leverage having zematis, PB, and a rook in the fold
kaptainmorgan13: Briggs is trying to force the Bears hand. The trouble is the price will be too high for most to trade for Briggs.
guest: thanks
guest: With all the trade talks and free agency moves the Lions and Browns have made, what are the chances the calvin johnson or joe thomas will be there at # 4?
scholty: Do you think the Bucs would trade 2a for a lower 2nd and next years no.1.?
guest: I don't think the loss of Mahan was a big deal
bucsnoles07: Mahan got over payed
corsair: Where are we standing as far as our salary cap is concerned? We have seen you report us at still close to $15M, are these figures accurate?
pewterreportjf: guest – Keep an eye on the Green Bay – Oakland trade talk that could send Randy Moss to Oakland. If that happens, the Raiders could take Calvin Johnson with the No. 1 overall pick. I don't see Joe Thomas getting to the Bucs at No. 4, but you never know.
scholty: What are our most important positions to fill at this point?
pipelayer8: if the Bucs draft Calvin Johnson will be at the X (split-end) ?
guest: i think it was a big deal just b/c it affects our draft strategy now — where we could have passed on Kalil at 2a for the best available DE/DT I dont think thats possible anymore
dm4bucs: mahan couldnt beat out any of lineman until they got hurt so i wouldnt cry too much for him since our line isnt the chiefs or anything
jc510: JF, if Adam Carriker is sitting there in the mid-to late 1st, would the Bucs make a move to get him?
carolinabuc: JIM have you heard of any draft day trades.
bucsnoles07: Who believes Shottenheimer or Cowher will be the bucs coach after next season?
strickii: Regarding Briggs…if he doesn't report…does that year carry over like a regular contract.
pewterreportjf: scholty – It's possible the Bucs could trade up into the first round, but they probably would have to give up a lot to do it. Plus, they need all of their picks, so I don't think it's likely.
guest: {Guest} If Mahan was our future we were trouble anyway
scholty: I was asking if they would trade down for a future pick…
guest: will the bucs take the best player available if thomas and johnson are gone? What if that player is Peterson…..
dm4bucs: If raiders do take CJ then could u see a possible plummer trade there?
dm4bucs: or simms?
pewterreportjf: scholty – The Bucs need a center, defensive end, defensive tackle, safety and middle linebacker. I expect them to address these positions and more in the draft.
netsbucscardsfan: hey jf what do the bucs think of dlineman justin hickman and kareem brown
filler: Do you see Tampa making any more moves in FA?
strickii: Are you aware of any interest in Simms or Rice from anyone
pewterreportjf: dm4bucs – The Bucs could trade Plummer to any team, but he must first have intentions of playing football. Right now, he says he doesn't, but our sources tell us that the Plummer saga is just getting started, so stay tuned.
leeroybuc: How interested are the Bucs in Aaron Rouse? With some coaching he's a monster!
galloway84: Are there any indications that Joey Galloway is leaning towards retirement after this year?
pewter410yrs: Do the bucs still feel Barrett Rudd is there Future MLB
guest: JF — any idea how far apart the Bucs are on Mike Doss's contract demands? I know he's asking for more than they are willing to pay him but is the gap so far that he's likely to go elsewhere?
guest: I wouldn't mind taking Okoye if Johnson and Thomas are gone
dm4bucs: thx jf
scholty: Wow… that's tough to hit on all of those positions in the same draft. Looks to me they would try to trade down of No.4 multiple times to find takers
pewterreportjf: The Bucs really like Aaron Rouse. I could see them drafting him in April. He had a good Senior Bowl.
bucsnoles07: What is Okoye 19? He has huge upside!
filler: Is Dave Moore ever going to retire?
guest: Do the FO guys think that Allen and Phillips will be back to their old selves with Morris back, or are they looking to upgrade the positions?
scholty: 5 picks in the 2nd round would be nice… ;o)
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, I haven't seen Scott Reynold's name on the site and I notice he is not in the chat session second week in a row. I hope all is well?
guest: Yes, Okoye is 19. He could be at under tackle for 12 years
pewterreportjf: The fact that the Bucs didn't offer Doss a contract tells me he's not completely healthy. Either that, or he's just asking for way too much. Either way, it doesn't look like Doss will be a Buc at this point.
mullin0216: So much for the new facility and Grudens recruiting bring in free agents. . .
pewter410yrs: JR – How come the bucs are showing intrest in qaulity MLB's…..do they not feel Rudd is ready?
filler: mullin: How many FA deals have we done so far?
leeroybuc: So much for us not passing out ridiculous contracts, Mullin.
pewterreportjf: kaptainmorgan13 – Scott is doing fine. He's just tending to other business matters. He wishes he could be here, but other job duties call. :)
strickii: Do you guys know if the Bucs are interested in Patrick Willis…….
kaptainmorgan13: Glad to hear that, thank you!
guest: so if Doss isn't likely to be a Buc than that would suggest that we're going to avoid the remaining S on the FA market?
scholty: Are there teams willing to trade up ? have you heard anybody trying to move up?
carolinabuc: JIM not from other sources but from your gut feeling>what will be the biggest move the bucs will make NOW
mullin0216: ones with guys who aren't older then me? none
filler: why hasn't hamlin recieved any attention in FA?
guest: {leeroy} We don't want to pass out ridiculous contracts to this class.
pewterreportjf: pewter410yrs – That's a good question. I think the Bucs feel Barrett Ruud is ready to play, but they want that position to be deep. They also want Ruud to have to compete for the job.
dabucfan: I am curious about Hamlin as well
leeroybuc: That was my point, Guest.
guest: Hi, I really like Gruden, but if he does get canned do you think kiffin will be gone to?
bucsnoles07: Why haven't we tried to sign Troy Vincent? Too old?
guest: in that they probably wont be willing to pay for a Hamlin or bring in a guy to compete like Kaeshivarn
dm4bucs: problem is if rudd gets hurt who do we have behind him if quarles reties?
filler: his name is spelled Ruud
dm4bucs: ruud*
scholty: kudos to the bucs not overpaying so far… Poops on the local fishwraps with all their negative spin!
pewterreportjf: carolinabuc – The biggest move the Bucs will make probably has already happened. They signed Jeff Garcia and traded for Jake Plummer on the same day.
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, I know it is a long way away, but have you heard any names floated that might be free agents after June 1st? Possibly John Lynch even coming back to Tampa?
strickii: Wesley Mallard or Antoine Cash!!!!!!!!!!!
bucsnoles07: How about bringing back Sapp?
pewterreportjf: bucnoles – Yeah, I don't think the Bucs are too interested in Troy Vincent (age).
dm4bucs: lots of playing time between those two ;)
bucsnoles07: lol
wm1999: troy is also the head of the NFLPA wich could cause other probs
leeroybuc: Shaun Rodgers? Sorry to ask twice but I really want this guy!
pewterreportjf: kaptainmorgan – We had heard that John Lynch could become a cap casualty this offseason, but that was several months ago. There doesn't seem to be much talk on that front right now.
scholty: How many positions are LOCKED for next season?
guest: Are they going to make a play for Gandy or Carlisle?
kaptainmorgan13: Thank you Jim.
guest: why is the time 14 minutes after 5 in this chat session?
pewterreportjf: leeroybuc – The Bucs might consider trading for Shaun Rodgers, but they'd probably have to give up Simeon Rice to get him.
pipelayer8: how about trading Plummer to Houston for Travis Johnson? He looked like a good UT prospect at FSU and is riding the pine in Houston.
strickii: I still think DB at Sam, Vilma @Mike and Winborn at Will is awesome
ocalabuc: My favorite PewterReport of the year is your pre-draft issue…when will it be out?
bucsnoles07: What about Grant Wistrom?
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, the Bucs could possibly bring Cooper Carlisle in for a visit as soon as this week. As a matter of fact, I have to call his agent as soon as this chat wraps up.
guest: Hamlin is rated the highest of the safeties by ESPN, what were the numbers for the michael lewis deal?
leeroybuc: Not a bad idea Pipe, considering our history of taking on projects.
dm4bucs: good question ocala i can't wait also
filler: What is your opinion on Kevin Carter, JF? Not his contract, but how do you think he will perform?
guest: Ken Hamlin or Kevin Kaeshivaharn — are both of those guys off the Bucs FA radar now?
galloway84: Do you think the Bucs would seriously consider trading/cutting Michael Clayton if he has another disappointing season?
bucmaniac86: the Griffith deal ended up not being that much money after all, why did the bucs go with Askew instead?
pewterreportjf: ocalabuc – The Pewter Report Pre-Draft Issue will be printed and mailed in the first week of April. Bucs fans – you don't want to miss this issue. Last year, we predicted 4 of the Bucs draft picks. To subscribe to Pewter Report/Pewter Insider, call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) or click on the subscription link on our website.
bucsnoles07: Do you think we can sign Wistrom?
guest: What's the draft board look like for the Bucs now?
pewterreportjf: galloway84 – If Michael Clayton struggles again this year, yes, I do believe the Bucs will consider parting ways with him. That's one of the reasons why they want to draft Calvin Johnson.
pewter410yrs: Winstom is done
strickii: Wistrom is done…due to injury.
bucsnoles07: o
bucmaniac86: Does the bucs have any visits scheduled for this week?
pewter410yrs: yeah…injuries have put a toll on his body
pewterreportjf: guest – We've got our sources and inside information, but the Bucs would never let us see their draft board, and if they did, they'd have to kill us. :)
dm4bucs: lol
pewter410yrs: lol
guest: right on
leeroybuc: Is that what really happened to Scott?
pewterreportjf: bucnoles – Word around the NFL is Grant Wistrom is done.
filler: How has our players reacted to Larry Coyer so far?
guest: Will Carter play UT or DE?
pewterreportjf: leeroybuc – LOL. No, Scott is alive and well, I assure you.
strickii: Yes, Scott's ashes are kept inside that crystal ball at the new hqtrs!
galloway84: Do the Bucs have any plans to build an indoor practice facility on the grounds of One Buc Palace?
carolinabuc: ut
guest: Are the Bucs really down on Wyms?
pewterreportjf: guest – Kevin Carter can play either defensive end or under tackle. As of right now, the Bucs plan to play him at under tackle.
pewter410yrs: When should we be expecting the next insider article?
guest: they should be….
bucsnoles07: Will we return a kick for a td this year?
kaptainmorgan13: Funny Leeroy!
mullin0216: what's up with Cato June? Anything on the Bucs front?
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, the Bucs are down on Ellis Wyms, but it has more to do with his salary than anything else. He's making too much to produce as little as he has.
scholty: Inside word has Scott being duct taped to his desk for the pre draft issue locked in a closet with no internet access so he'll have no destractions
leeroybuc: Thanks McKay!
guest: June is not a solid tackler, but might make a great safety….
pewterreportjf: bucnoles – If I were betting man, I'd pay attention to history, which suggests the Bucs will never return a kickoff for a touchdown. However, if they finally spend a high pick on a return specialist, that could change.
guest: JF – Do you think the are Bucs going to address Safety prior to the draft? Or are they going to rely on improved coaching from Raheem and bringing in some young uys
strickii: any word if the bucs are high on Mike walker or Nicholas
guest: June is too slow for safety
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs feel the addition of Raheem Morris will instantly improve the safety position. One of the reasons why the Bucs haven't been aggressive in free agency in terms of safeties is because the position is so deep in this year's draft.
carolinabuc: i think phillip b will this year
galloway84: Do the Bucs feel confident that Joey Galloway will have another injury free season. If not what is there back-up plan?
bucsnoles07: What do you see our front 5 being if the season started today?
dm4bucs: did you see phillips tackling this year i dont think we want to put june back there and see it get worse
filler: What was the motivation behind the Galloway restructuring?
pewter410yrs: pay increase
leeroybuc: Is the plan to move AD inside to guard or let him compete at tackle?
pewterreportjf: galloway84 – The Bucs feel good about Galloway, but at 35, he's literally one serious injury away from his career being over. That's one of the reasons why he restructured his deal this offseason. My guess is this is Galloway's last year, but he hasn't said that.
bucsnoles07: Is Arrington's career over?
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, can you rank based on your previous position list needs (center, defensive end, defensive tackle, safety and middle linebacker) the priority level for each position.
guest: thanks JF — so they 1st day picks that the Bucs will make should look something like: 1) WR 2) C 2b) S/DL 3) S/DL
pewterreportjf: leeroybuc – Unless Joe Thomas gets drafted by the Bucs, I do see Anthony Davis moving inside to play left guard and Luke Petitgout taking over at left tackle.
carolinabuc: JIM where is derek watson at now and do he still have ties with the bucs
leeroybuc: Good. I think AD could dominate inside.
strickii: Could Like P beat out True on the rightside if we grab JT
guest: Can Davis beat out Bunning? Wouldn't it be nice to have Davis as a utility backup?
pewterreportjf: bucnoles – if the season started today, the Bucs offensive line would look like this (from left to right): Petitgout, Davis (assuming Buenning isn't ready yet), Wade, Joseph and Trueblood
galloway84: Are the Bucs still interesed in Larry Brackins this off season or have they burned that bridge?
bucsnoles07: nice
strickii: hahaha
leeroybuc: BRACKINS LIVES!
pewterreportjf: galloway84 – No, the Bucs have seen all they need to see from Larry Brackins.
filler: Petitgout will be looked back as our best FA signing of 2007
bucmaniac86: brackins is nothing, its Chas Gessner who we need to keep and eye on lol
filler: What is our Cap figures, to the best of your knowledge?
pewterreportjf: bucnoles – I don't know about his career being over, but Arrington has received very little interest in free agency.
strickii: I for one can't wait to see Simms' long ball w/ a descent o-line
bucsnoles07: Any chance Bruce Eugene will be the Bucs starter in 07' haha?
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, you listed specific need positions for the Bucs earlier (center, defensive end, defensive tackle, safety and middle linebacker). Can you rank the level of need per each position?
guest: JF — any positions (besides G Cooper Carlisle, LB maybe?) that the Bucs will address prior to the draft?
pewterreportjf: filler – With Jake Plummer on their boosk, the Bucs have about $10 million in cap room, which is plenty with the remaining free agents and draft picks they still will have to sign.
bucsnoles07: I would like to see Arrington come in cheap and try to compete. He might revive his career (Hovan)
guest: Any chance we will see more 3 WR sets and less 2 TE/2 RB sets?
pewterreportjf: guest – I think the Bucs will still attempt to address their middle linebacker position in free agency.
strickii: That's 22 mil if we can trade Simeon
jc510: JF, speaking of signing rookies, what kind of contract (especially signing bonus) is the #4 pick going to command?
guest: Is Ken Hamlin a possible sign for the Bucs?
onebucfn: what is the biigest weaknest the bucs still have to fill this off season?
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs would like to play more three-receiver sets, but the tackles have to be able to hold up in pass protection in order to feature those formations.
bucmaniac86: are we going to look at possibly upgrading the DT spot in free agency still or is it that looking more like the draft too?
galloway84: How does the Bucs front office feel about the non firing of offensive coaches this offseason? In your opinion was there anyone that needed to go?
scholty: Biggest Weakness is a great question!
leeroybuc: Can we expect Davin Joseph to dominate this season?
pewterreportjf: guest – Ken Hamlin hasn't received much interest, either. He's kind of in the same boat as Mike Doss, minus injury. The longer these players sit out on the free agent market, the cheaper they'll get.
guest: It would be nice to open things up more and possibly see where the blitzes are coming from instead of having everyone jammed in.
carolinabuc: Jim no word Derek Watson
pewterreportjf: leeroybuc – I don't know about dominate, but Davin Joseph should be a much better player in 2007.
guest: Jim, How does Anthony Davis game set up for the guard postion?
bayside4life: If the bucs end up with Joe Thomas, what does the starting O-line look like?
carolinabuc: RB
bucsnoles07: i just read Kris Jenkins was on the trading block is that true?
filler: Do you think Alex Smith will finally start the season as our TE starter this year?
pipelayer8: What DT's do the Bucs like in the draft outside of Okoye?
scholty: Derek Watson is still around? Where is whatshisname pumping him up/
pewterreportjf: carolinabuc – Nope. No word on Derek Watson.
kaptainmorgan13: Jim can you rank the level of importance for each of these need positions (center, defensive end, defensive tackle, safety and middle linebacker)?
leeroybuc: em… i miss him
guest: If Calvin Johnson is there when they pick I dont see how they pass him up. What do you think?
pewterreportjf: bucnoles -I haven't heard much about Jenkins being on the trading block.
scholty: Biggest weakness on the bucs team?
galloway84: Are we entertaining offers in the draft to trade down?
guest: Coach :-)
filler: Has Larry Coyer endeared himself to the veterans on our Dline?
onebucfn: lol
bucsnoles07: Jim drop a bombshell on us we don't know about before u go!
strickii: good ? G84
leeroybuc: Has Kenyatta gotten any attention on the market? No chance we bring him back, right?
kaptainmorgan13: If Joe Thomas is there, you have to grab him first, then Calvin Johnson Thomas is off the board.
netsbucscardsfan: if the bucs were to trade down how far back would they be willing to go
pewter410yrs: 7
pewterreportjf: bayside4life – If the Bucs draft Joe Thomas, I see the offensive line looking like this: Petitgout, Thomas (assuming Buenning isn't ready), Wade, Joseph and Trueblood. The Bucs would eventually want Thomas to play left tackle, but he could play guard or even center if the Bucs landed him. However, I don't think it's likely that the Bucs will draft Joe Thomas since he probably won't be there.
bucmaniac86: JF will you guys have any information for us on Monday since its the first practice?
pewterreportjf: bucmaniac86 – First practice? That's news to me.
kaptainmorgan13: I don't think Thomas will get pass Detroit in the draft.
leeroybuc: Thomas at guard? Typo?
leeroybuc: oops… i didn't read it all :)
jc510: i think Lions are taking Quinn
pewterreportjf: bucsnoles – Okay. Scott Reynolds is really a woman. Just kidding, of course. All I can tell you is that the Jake Plummer saga is far from over. Don't believe for a second that he's really retired forever. From what we've been told, the saga is just starting.
filler: Why wasn't Muir given his walking papers this offseason? Is his fate directly tied to our Head Coach's?
bucsnoles07: Cool Thanks!
pewterreportjf: leeroybuc – Nope. Not a typo. With Petitgout under contract, I think the Bucs would consider using Thomas at guard or center in his first year.
leeroybuc: Good question, filler.
guest: Jim, How does Anthony Davis game set up for the guard postion? :D
leeroybuc: Petitgout must be pretty good then. I'm excited!
fred: ;)
bucmaniac86: according to bucs.com Monday the 19th the bucs start their first official offseason program
guest: Is the problems on the offensive line more about scheme or talent?
strickii: AD's lack of quickness means he won't get beat by the speed rusher outside
bucsnoles07: I dont see why Plummer would retire after just ten years. I think he is a choke artist though college and nfl.
pewterreportjf: filler – I'm not sure why Bill Muir wasn't fired, but you certainly could have made a case for it. The Bucs like Muir and felt he was the best available option. Plus, Gruden didn't feel it would be wise to break in a new offensive line coach/offensive coordinator/run game coordinator all in one offseason, which happens to be a critical one for the Bucs.
galloway84: Are the Bucs down on Cadillac Williams? Would they consider starting Michael Pittman if he starts out slow?
pewterreportjf: bucmaniac – Oh, you're referring to the start of offseason workouts, not practice.
filler: The definition of insanity: Repeating the same action expecting a different result
kaptainmorgan13: Jim, how many more years does Monte plan on coaching? Will Morris be his replacement if Monte retires after this upcoming season?
jc510: Muir is a very good coach
bucmaniac86: yeah my bad i had a typo
bucsnoles07: Don't talk bad about Caddy. He's still the man. It was the o-line
pewterreportjf: Okay, group. I've got to get back on the phones and calling agents, sources, etc.
guest: Thanks Jim! It was fun.
pewter410yrs: thanks jim
filler: thanks for your time Jim
pipelayer8: Thanks Jim
kaptainmorgan13: Thank you Jim for taking time to talk to us!
nebraskabuc51: thanks Jim
bucsnoles07: Make it happen Jim!
bucmaniac86: thanks JF
carolinabuc: THANX JIM
strickii: thanks jim
leeroybuc: Appreciate it Jim.
dm4bucs: thx jim
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kaptainmorgan13: Maybe we could have a PM chat session instead of mid-afternoon?
pewterreportjf: Take care, and thanks for joining the PewterReport.com Chat Session.


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