Did you miss the PewterReport.com Chat Session on Tuesday? Not to worry. PewterReport.com provides Bucs fans with a transcript of the 30-minute chat session in this article. Who will the Bucs draft? Who are they targeting in free agency? Get answers in this chat transcript.

The PewterReport.com Chat Session was held from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Mar. 27.

Pewter Report editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

PewterReport.com provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Hope all of you are well. Let the chat begin.
bucsfan4life323: Hello JF
swolf: Hello Jf
architek: hello everyone
strickii: Hello JF: any trade rumors of late?
bucsfan4life323: The Bucs going to cut Bolden?
dbo2440: have the bucs really targeted CJ? i read that they might try to move up to #2
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4life323 – Did you read the Pewter Insider article we posted last week? It explained Bolden's situation with the team.
bucsfan4life323: I'm not an insider, unfortunately
pewterreportjf: strick – No, not really. There were a lot of draft-related rumors a few weeks ago, but they're kind of slowing down now.
dbo2440: i just signed up to be an insider and its worth it!!
architek: Would the Bucs prefer to trade Kelly while he still has some value and get more speed in the secondary?
strickii: agreed……
bucsfan4life323: Is Mike Doss even capable of doing a physical?
pewterreportjf: dbo2440 – Yes. The Bucs love Calvin Johnson. If Joe Thomas and Johnson were to somehow fall to the Bucs, it is our belief that the Bucs would take Johnson over Thomas.
swolf: Jf, If JT and Cj are off the board what is the possibility that we trade the #4 pick to the saints for Grant???
pewterreportjf: architek – Regarding Brian Kelly, you said the key word. He still has value, but remember that he has value to the Bucs. I don't see the Bucs trading Brian Kelly this offseason. Why would they? He's affordable and he's still a very good player.
strickii: JF: W/ the addition of our two comp picks…any word on small school prospects like Aaaron Faroozs or Darren Stone
pewterreportjf: swolf – It is possible that if both Calvin Johnson and Joe Thomas are off the board when the Bucs pick, the Bucs could consider trading for Charles Grant. However, I don't know that the Bucs would trade the No. 4 overall pick for Grant. Perhaps the Bucs and Saints would swap first round picks and then the Bucs would surrender a second-round pick to the Saints in exchange for Grant.
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4life323 – The Bucs do not have much interest in Mike Doss right now. He's not healthy.
bucsfan4life323: Yeah, he's only a few months removed from a torn ACL.
guest: JF, a recent report from Detroit News speculates that the Bucs are very interested in moving up to #2 for CJ. What do you think it would take to make this move, and what do you think the Bucs are willing to give to move up two spots?
bucsfan4life323: I kinda figured
pewterreportjf: strick — Scott Reynolds and I are putting together the Pewter Report Draft Preview, so we're in the process of finding out which small school players the Bucs have an eye on.
bucsfan4life323: Are there any other FA's the Bucs are looking at? Even though there aren't many?
strickii: it won't be Tarrell Brown
dbo2440: I have heard both Bolden or Zemaitis might be moving to safty with so many DBs now, is this a really good posibility? are the bucs even high on Zemaitis anymore? it seems that I always read he wasnt getting the defense down
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't think the Bucs will move up to No. 2. They'd have to surrender too much. This Bucs team is one that has parted ways with way too many drafts picks (and blown too many others) to start giving up more picks to trade up. Word out of One Buc Place was the Bucs were quite content with losing the coin flip at the Combine. They feel like they will get a good player at No. 4 overall. And if the right player falls to them, they feel like they will have a chance to trade down and acquire more picks in the process.
smitty32836: What are the odds that Charles Grant will be a Buc in 2007?
swolf: Jf- any word on where June will end up playing?
bucsfan4life323: A lot of fascination over Charles Grant
pewterreportjf: dbo2440 – Yes, the Bucs considered moving Alan Zemaitis to safety last year, and they're thinking about it again now. Raheem Morris has to get a better feel for Zemaitis before the Bucs can decide either way. As for Juran Bolden, I'd say there's a 50 percent chance he remains a Buc this year.
architek: I have the feeling that Garcia will improve our offensive attack but is there speculation around the inner circle of the league that Gruden's offense just haven't evolved? I know he is touted as a O genius, so to say but the numbers speak for themselves. We do afterall have SOME good players but we have not been productive. Our TE is good in Smith, Caddy could go to a playoof team and dominate, and thats possibly it with the exception of Galloway, insight?
pewterreportjf: swolf – The Bucs will start out playing Cato June on the strong side. He will compete with Ryan Nece and Jamie Winborn. If Derrick Brooks has lost a lot of speed when training camp and preseason roll around, there's a chance the Bucs could move June over to the weak side, but as of right now, I'd say there's more of a chance June plays safety than there is him playing weakside linebacker in 2007.
bucsfan4life323: JF, does it look like the end of Shelton Quarles now?
architek: I the think the Bucs will get Grant before the trade deadline, the cap figure for that team for his position is outlandish considering he is not the main DE anymore with Will Smith being there.
pewterreportjf: architek – Gruden's reputation as a brilliant offensive mind is certainly in question, and rightfully so. However, it was nice to hear Gruden is going to implement the shotgun. That's a good start. Having a veteran quarterback like Jeff Garcia should really help the offense out. It will be critical for Cadillac Williams to return to form in 2007.
che guevara: JF, Assuming the Bucs draft CJ, that would leave the team with Galloway, Clayton, CJ, Stovall, Hilliard, Boston, and Warren as viable candidates for the roster. This does not factor in the possibility of adding a player like Figures from K State as a Kick Returner. Which WR do you think would lose out most (either playing time or a roster spot) by the drafting of CJ ?
smitty32836: I've heard that Quarles is being forced to retire and that this whole injury thing is just a cover up to the media. He was in Iraq when all of this concussion stuff came out to the press. Any truth to that?
dbo2440: Any word surrounding Quarles? and if he does retire which would send Ruud into the lineup, who would be behind Ruud on the depth chart?
strickii: JF: Did you get a chance to attend the OTA…who looked good/bad?
pewterreportjf: bucfan4life323 – I talked with Shelton Quarles' agent this morning, and he said no decision has been made on Quarles' future. The decision isn't expected to be made anytime soon.
joshmerritt05: kkasdhsi
pewterreportjf: strick – The Bucs do not allow the media to watch OTAs. We are only allowed to watch mini-camps and training camp practices.
dalbuc: JF Any word on Bucs and Randy Moss?
pewterreportjf: dbo2440 – The Bucs feel Barrett Ruud is ready to play in place of Shelton Quarles if Quarles does in fact retire.
pewterreportjf: dalbuc – The Bucs aren't interested in trading for Randy Moss. From what we're hearing around the league, there's a good chance Moss stays in Oakland this year.
bucsfan4life323: JF, why hasn't Jake Plummer turned his retirement papers, is he retiring or not?
architek: Placing June on the strongside is a problem we all have including the fans and the Bucs staff. Brooks is still effective but the future begins now. June is more than capable to man the position with some tutoring from the best. If we keep doing this we will be in trouble if we lose another stud WLB to FA or discontent.
pewterreportjf: smitty – Shelton Quarles isn't being forced to do anything. He's got some injury issues that need to be evaluated and addressed. He's 35 and will be 36 in September. We've had higher ups at One Buc tell us that they'd be happy to have Quarles back if he's healthy enough to play.
swolf: Jf- Do the bucs have any back up plans for this year or next if cadillac doesn't fulfill expectations this year or gets injured???
dbo2440: It seems that free agency has really cooled, are the bucs still looking at anyone?
strickii: JF: do you get the impression the Bucs have an idea what Oak is doing w/ the 1st pick due to the Kiffin connection?
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4life323 – As we've said from the beginning, the Jake Plummer saga has a long way to go before it's over. The Bucs beleive Plummer will play again. They believe there's a chance he'll play in 2007, but they really believe he'll play in 2008.
bucsfan4life323: okay
pewterreportjf: strick – The Bucs have a good idea what Oakland will do with the No. 1 overall pick, but I'm not so sure it's because of Lane Kiffin. Bruce Allen has a very good feel for what Oakland wants to do.
smitty32836: Do you think Gruden is just blowing smoke when he talks about the possibility of drafting a QB?
redtab78: I just got in here so forgive me if this has been asked already, What kind of prospect can we expect with our 2 Comp picks?
pewterreportjf: smitty – Not only do I think Jon Gruden is blowing smoke when he talks about drafting another quarterback, if he's serious about it, I think he's probably smoking something. :) Seriously, I don't see the Bucs taking a quarterback in this draft.
che guevara: What do the Bucs think about Michael Pittman for the upcoming season? Is this the year they draft a RB to compete as the back up to Carnell?
bucsfan4life323: JF, so I assume the Bucs will put Kevin Carter at UT?
pewterreportjf: redtab78 – We're working on our Pre-Draft Issue, so we're in the process of determining which players the Bucs will target in the seventh round.
architek: I like the RB from FSU late in the draft or could the Bucs pounce on Dominic Williams or Davis? He is a Kevin Faulk type to the second power in my opinion. He would push Caddy very efficiently and if Caddy is hurt again he could really help down the stretch, ideas??
bucsfan4life323: lorenzo booker
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4life – As of right now, it sounds like the Bucs' plan is to play Kevin Carter at under tackle, but they have the ability to move him around.
guest: why does there seem to be so little buzz about Gaines Adams as a possible 4 – are the Bucs not high on him?
architek: THX bucsfan…
swolf: Jf- Do the bucs have any back up plans for this year or next if cadillac doesn't fulfill expectations this year or gets injured???
pewterreportjf: busfan4life – the Bucs came away from Senior Bowl impressed with Lorenzo Booker. He can also return kicks. If Booker is there when the Bucs pick in the third or fourth round, they could take him.
bucsfan4life323: no problem, architek
dbo2440: Any truth to the bucs maybe moving Spries inside and if that were to open who would operate the end?
bucsfan4life323: i didn't ask that question, JF
bucsfan4life323: oh well
pewterreportjf: guest – the Bucs feel drafting Gaines Adams or Amobi Okoye with the No. 4 overall pick is a bit too high. They like both players, but they don't necessarly believe they're worth taking at that spot.
dbo2440: happen*
bucna: We're in serious need of some DL help. Carter's a good pickup for the price, but I'm not convinced there's a real "player" at the DT/UT position in this draft outside of UF's Thomas. Really, with it all starting up-front for this D, what do you see the Bucs doing come draft day either via picks or trades to address a glaring hole on this team?
bucsfan4life323: serious need?
dalbuc: Can Cato June play Middle Linebacker?
bucsfan4life323: i think june is too small to play MLB
bucsfan4life323: but that's just me
pewterreportjf: dbo2440 – I would think the Bucs would move Kevin Carter inside before they moved Greg Spires inside, but having Carter gives the Bucs some flexibility in terms of where to play and move guys along the defensive line.
guest: Thanks JF – assuming there's no JT or CJ, and they don't feel Okoye or Adams is a 4, who is?
smitty32836: What are Stovall's chances of making an impact this year? Could he be good enough to make Clayton expendible/tradeable? thanks
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4life – Yes, Cato June is too small to play middle linebacker.
redtab78: JF, what do you see us doing with Simms in the event Plummer shows up? meaning is he a trade tool for us?
bucsfan4life323: JF, what happens to Wyms now? Is he going to get cut or what?
bucsfan4life323: Personally, I think Haye is better than Wyms.
redtab78: I agree bucsfan
pewterreportjf: smitty – the Bucs were pleased with Maurice Stovall's progression toward the end of the 2006 season. They're planning on moving him over to play the X (split-end) receiver spot behind Joey Galloway. However, that could change if the Bucs draft Calvin Johnson.
che guevara: If the Bucs draft CJ, which WR on our roster loses the most??
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4life – It's possible the Bucs could release Ellis Wyms, but it's also possible they could keep him. The only reason they'd cut him at this point is if they felt like they needed the money to sign another player or draft pick(s).
originalbucfan: JF – is the new report that the Bucs may go QB with rnd 1 real or a smokescreen?
ladyfan: do you think Bucs would really use both 2nd rounds picks to trade up as Gruden hinted? Is Booker a first rounder? If so, could we take Booker and a playmaker like Reggie Nelson?
architek: How was the Saints OL able to play so dominate with a group of unprovens and a new system but the Bucs OL with more talent, POSSIBLY played so horrible? Coaching yes but is it just me or does the BUCS see the same thing? Muir has done bare minimum…
bucharbour: Will Michael Clayton be our # 2 or 3 Wr
pewterreportjf: chegueva – Paris Warren would be in danger of losing his roster spot if the Bucs draft Calvin Johnson. Ike Hilliard and David Boston would also be in trouble.
bucsfan4life323: Booker isn't a 1st rounder
architek: Clayton should really play loose and free because he has nothing to lose now…He will have tons of one on one if CJ comes…
pewterreportjf: bucharbour – Even if the Bucs draft Calvin Johnson, I think Michael Clayton will win the starting job initially. However, he better play pretty well. Otherwise, Johnson could enter the starting lineup sooner rather than later.
smitty32836: Who will be on the field more in 07 – Alstott or Askew?
redtab78: askew
redtab78: (opinion
bucsfan4life323: I wouldn't mind seeing the Bucs get Garret Wolfe in the later rounds.
architek: Should be Askew
ladyfan: askew IMO also
bucna: Do you think the rumors about Ginn's falling stock will have any impact on what we do at 4 (assuming CJ is there). In other words, with productive WRs likely to be there in Rd 2 (Gonzalez too) where's real value in WR at #4? I'm not an OSU guy or a CJ-hater, would love to see him on the team, but we've got som many needs here.
bucsfan4life323: Alstott should be out there for short yardage purposes imo
bucsfan4life323: or goal line
architek: bucsfan what DTs do you like in the draft after the first round?
pewterreportjf: smitty – Great question. Mike Alstott's role will be more limited this year than ever before. The team really likes B.J. Askew. I wouldn't be surprised if Alstott was made inactive for a game or two next year.
guest: JF – are their any WRs you think the Bucs might target later besides CJ – i.e., if they don't get CJ?
bucsfan4life323: I like Marcus Thomas, but he has drug issues
bucsfan4life323: JF, that will disappoint the Alstott lovers.
pewterreportjf: I do believe Alstott will still get some touches in goal line situations, but his role will really be reduced this year.
che guevara: Ten years ago, it was said that the Front Office at OBP gave preference to instate talent. With the decline of FSU and UM, is this still the case?
architek: He's is a sleeper but I hate to say it but we need some bad guys…Agreed
guest: those better be road game inactives or there will be a bay area mutiny
ladyfan: hire a babysitter for him to keep him out of trouble. alstott seemed to only have enuf juice for 3 maybe 4 plays last year. everyone pushed him around.
bucsfannmississippi: Who do you think will be the Bucs starting QB this year, I think it will be Jeff Garcia
bluetick: TBO, reported in a recent article that Jon G said they might take a QB with first, is this just smoke?
pewterreportjf: che guevara – This regime doesn't give preference to in-state talent. The Rich McKay and Tim Ruskell regime seemed to give preference to Florida Gators.
strickii: JF: What is the stronger need….SS or FS and which safeties are the Bucs high on?
redtab78: JF, did Caddy just have a good first year, or is it simply a he's always hurt thing? and if so, is he healed up enough for this year or can we expect the same?
caddilac 24: are the bucs done signing free agents? will they address the rest of their needs in the draft insted?
caddilac 24: what players that could be cut from other teams are on the bucs radar
bucna: Mike's been a true Buc for a decade now, but 1.5 M to be inactive isn't a bargain. That being said, if Gru doesn't dress the guy he'll need more friends than Alberto Gonzalez
bucsfannmississippi: How much playing time do you expect Mike Alstott to get this year, I say very limited.
pewterreportjf: strick – The Bucs likely will select a safety on the first day of the draft. The good news is this draft is loaded with talented safeties. If the Bucs draft one, it will likely be a player that has the ability to play both safety spots, which is quite common in the Tampa 2 defense.
architek: JF, what is Caddy reputation around the league as far as his game>?
smitty32836: Is it safe to day that McCown's days are numbered? Would he have any trade value at all?
ladyfan: who is grant the paper spoke about the bucs being intd in?
caddilac 24: do the bucs expect the franchise tag to be taken off of charles grant
strickii: Tanard jackson
caddilac 24: which players are the bucs interested in drafting
pewterreportjf: architek – Cadillac Williams wasn't healthy at the beginning of last season, and he had nowhere to run. He's got to do a better job of holding onto and catching the football in order to become an elite back. The Bucs really need him to rebound this year.
bucsfan4life323: I hope Bucs could get Merriweather despite the issues
redtab78: is caddy healed now?
caddilac 24: which players that are expected to be released are on the bucs radar
ladyfan: yes. we need mean sapp like guys
dbo2440: If the bucs could only replace one safety spot who would lose their job first? Phillips or Allen?
pewterreportjf: caddilac – There's a chance the Saints will remove the franchise tag from Charles Grant, but I'd say they're more likely to play him or trade him at this point.
pewterreportjf: redtab – From what we hear, Cadillac Williams is healthy right now.
architek: bucsfan he is the next Ed Reed IMO? And he will be there too! Do you like Griffin?
che guevara: JF, do you have any gauge as to where the Bucs stand on the new punishment protocol being discussed for players with off-field issues? I remember Gruden and Allen giving guys who have been in trouble in the past second chances (Russell, Pittman).
originalbucfan: Would Adrian Peterson be a good fit with the Bucs? With Caddy's injury concerns kept in mind.
caddilac 24: will the bucs go after a saftey that is available right now or if one is possibly released
bucsfan4life323: Griffin is good, architek
bucsfan4life323: he would be my next choice
ladyfan: i would die and go yo heaven if we got peterson
architek: originalbuc Peterson is the same back as Caddy IMO
caddilac 24: are the bucs going to bring anthony bryant back to training camp since the lions just released him
pewterreportjf: che guevara – I don't know where the Bucs stand on the punishment protocol. The good news for the Bucs is their players have been staying out of trouble for the most part.
redtab78: JF, in the event we did put Simms up for a trade, is there a Team that could be interested in him?
caddilac 24: which players are the bucs really high on in the draft
ladyfan: houston for simms?
bucna: what is your sense in the locker room and organization about this being a make/break draft and season? So far the "family" has been silent on expectation, but what are the players saying and will they fight for gru?
architek: JF, what is the status of the Bucs alternate uniforms?
dpaxon: who's going to the draft?
pewterreportjf: originalbucfan – The Bucs are well aware of the fact that a good portion of the league — and some of the more successful teams — have two capable running backs on their rsoter. They like Adrian Peterson, but the Bucs have too many other pressing needs and won't invest another top 5 pick in a running back this year.
architek: I may but I hate NYC
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. I've got to get back to work. :)
bucsfan4life323: bye JF
originalbucfan: Thanks JF
redtab78: thanks for your time
bucsfannmississippi: JF, just wanted to say that I really look forward to reading the PewterReport magazine when I receive it in the mail, especially since I moved away from the Tampa area about 2 years ago!! Thanks for the great articles!!
architek: Thanks jf
caddilac 24: see ya later
ladyfan: thanks!
dbo2440: thanks JF great stuff
caddilac 24: thanks jf
che guevara: thanks
redtab78: anyone else notice he dodged the Simms questions? I wonder if he knows something………
strickii: thank you, again!
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