The Chat Session was held from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Mar. 6.

Pewter Report editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

Did you miss the chat session? Not to worry. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: I see the chat room is already set up, so let the chat begin!
imabucnut: Hey Jim, how's it going?
guest: where are the safetys?
boe: good afternoon
drewgrif: good afternoon
bucfanskiz: sup JF
pewterreportjf: I will be flying solo in today's chat as Scott Reynolds is tied up with several other things.
true pirate: damn it!
option: JF – is a plummer for carr straight up plausible?
swolf: Jiom, whats the story with luke, you removed or story or is it the server switch???
guest: is Pttigout final yet ?
swolf: Jim*
bucwylde: he's getting the dirt on the plummer deal then, right? ;)
bucfanskiz: can you confirm if Black's in Tampa
dm4bucs: what happen to petitgout story on front page? deal not final?
pewterreportjf: guest – Good question. The Bucs haven't scheduled visits with Ken Hamlin or Mike Doss. However, they are trying to bring in S Kevin Kaesviharn from Cincinnati. I just posted that in a story that's now on the front page of
guest: Hey JF, have the coaches given up on McCown and Grads?
pewter410yrs: SR.JR …its being reported that the buccaneers signed Luke Petitgout, how does this signing effect Anthony Davis, will he compete at left tackle or be moved inside to guard?
pewterreportjf: dm4bucs – Nope. Our sources tell us the Petitgout deal is not done, despite's report that it is. Stay tuned. It should get done sometime today.
bluetick: on the message board, there has been talk of a multiple team trade, any truth?
dm4bucs: thx for the info jf
pewter410yrs: thanks
guest: thank you, i saw the front page article i was just wondering if they had any other possible visits for saftey…. thanks
tadd30: is sean mahan unrestricted?
pewterreportjf: bluetick – I can't confirm a multiple trade situation, but after this weekend I wouldn't rule anything out with the Bucs.
option: is a straight up plummer for carr plausible?
bucwylde: plummer :: anything in the pipe on this one? it's hanging out there pretty far
pewter410yrs: SR/JR …if you had to guess, do you see the Bucs keeping the #4 overall pick or trading it away for additional/players?
pewterreportjf: tadd – yes, Mahan is an unrestricted free agent. The Bucs are in negotiations with his agent to re-sign him, but the Browns are also intersted.
swolf: Jf, is there any legs to the briggs to Tampa rumor???
dm4bucs: do you think r. morris is behind us not bringing in any safeties and thinking he can turn what we have around?
imabucnut: Has Newberry visited yet?
bucfanskiz: JF can you confirm wethere or not Jordan Black is in Tampa
gator thumper: are the bucs seriously considering signing newberry when he visits?
pewterreportjf: pewter410yrs – If I had to say right now, I think the Bucs will stay with the No. 4 overall pick in the draft.
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – Yes, Jordan Black is visiting the Bucs as we chat. The story is on the front page of
pewterreportjf: mabucnut – No, Jeremy Newberry is scheduled to visit One Buc Place on Wednesday.
true pirate: Chances of us getting Okoye look slim to none. What are the chances we get Carricker some way or another?
bucfanskiz: oh sorry ive been on the message boards all morning not really checking the main site
guest: Is there no interest in any of FA safeties after Kaesivaharn?
pipelayer8: Doesn't the Davin Joseph pick look great considering the contracts given to non-pro-bowl guards?
option: JF — 3rd try :), Plummer for Carr is it feasible? Would the Bucs want it?
boe: any linebackers coming in for a visit?
pewterreportjf: true pirate – I wouldn't say the chances of the Bucs getting Okoye are slim. Not at all. The Bucs want to improve their pass rush. If Thomas and Johnson are off the board, and they can't trade down, I think Okoye would be the Bucs' guy at No. 4.
tadd30: are the bucs interested in randy mcmichael at all?
pewterreportjf: boe – No, but the Bucs are rumored to be seriously interested in Lance Briggs, who was franchised by Chicago and wants out.
bucfanskiz: who are some of the second tier OG you see the Bucs persuing later in FA
gator thumper: im curious about Mcmicheal as well
boe: that would be a great deal if bruce can pull that one out
dm4bucs: any word on graham or mcmichael coming into tampa for visits ?
swolf: JF they franchised him, which means we loose a 1st and 3rd if we get him right???
pewterreportjf: guest – No interest in the safeties yet, but that's because the Bucs are leaving them out there to let their asking price come down. The longer they're available, the cheaper they get.
drewgrif: Would it take our #4 pick to trade and get Lance Briggs (in your opinion would that even be considered)?
guest: What would a trade for Briggs cost us?
onebucfn: what does chicago want for briggs??? or is that unknown at this point
bluetick: With FO pursuing so many OFF. FAs, do you think the draft will be heavy on Defense?
pewterreportjf: dm4bucs – The Bucs have not expressed serious interest in signing TE Daniel Graham, according to his agent.
bucwylde: good
pewterreportjf: drewgrif – No. I don't see the Bucs trading away the No. 4 overall pick in a deal for Briggs.
guest: Is this a make-or-break-it year for Jon Gruden?
bucfanskiz: who are some of the second tier OG you see the Bucs persuing later in FA
bucfanskiz: or FA in general
keeponbucn: Anything underneath the surface on the Galloway restructure?
guest: Do you agree with the signing of Kevin Carter vs the lack of attention that was given a younger Dewayne White?
pewterreportjf: bluetick – it could be, but we were told yesterday that the Bucs will make several more signings this week, so it might be too early to say.
1luv1buc: now that mcmichael is released from miami bucs interested??
bucwylde: Is there any expressed interest in Plummer at this point from any other teams?
guest: If Calvin Johnson is available, is there anyway the Bucs disregard him and draft Joe Thomas; I think the fan backlash would be ridiculous.
bluetick: In your opinion, will Jeff Garcia be the starter come season opener?
onebucfn: what is the weakest point on this team as of right now??? safety?
pewterreportjf: guest – Scott Reynolds gives an excellent breakdown of why the Bucs signed Kevin Carter, and how his deal is structured cap-wise, in the latest Pewter Insider article.
buccaddy80: JF, what is the cap situation looking like after the signings? Does it look like we'll be signing a few more 20 mil contracts or is it back to the bargain bin.
guest: Can you close the door on the Plummer debacle: Do we owe him the 5.3 mil he’s due this year and did we lose the ’08 conditional draft pick?
keeponbucn: Can I email Duemig the latest insider article?
pewterreportjf: bluetick – Yes. I'd actually be quite surprised if Chris Simms beat Jeff Garcia out for the starting job this year.
1luv1buc: are the bucs interested in the former miami TE McMichael??
pipelayer8: What DE's do you think they'd consider with the first second round pick?
guest: Were you as baffled as the fan base once the Bucs signed Garcia and continued to trade for Plummer?
guest: hopefully tim crowder
pewterreportjf: onebucfn – I'd say safety is weak, but offensive line is weak as well, especially center. The Bucs really want to upgrade the center position this offseason.
koolherc: JF – is the Bucs visit with Jordan Black and the Petitgout signing not being official related? Any chance you see the Bucs bringing in both of them?
guest: In ’05, the Bucs were 11-5, how much of the downfall since then can be attributed to: Quarterback play? Jon Gruden/Play Calling? Defense?
guest: do you think they will draft marcus thomas? or does he have too much baggage?
pipelayer8: Please draft Marcus Thomas
guest: Will we ever see the Michael Clayton we got in his Rookie Season?
pewterreportjf: pipelayer – The Bucs will consider Anthony Spencer from Purdue, although he might not be there when they pick in the second round. Lamar Woodley is another player the Bucs are interested in. He didn't have a good Combine, so Woodley could fall to the Bucs in the late second or early third.
quezilla: What are we going to do if Mahan signs with Cleveland? Depend on a rookie?
dm4bucs: woodley that late wouldn't be a bad pickup
guest: Why have the Bucs struggled to get a decent FA O-Lineman. I can’t help but feel like the $20 or so million has been squandered thus far. . .
guest: But aren't those smallish des and we want to beef up the dl?
pewterreportjf: guest – they will consider drafting Thomas, but the baggage is a concern.
drewgrif: what about Ryan Khalil if he makes it to the second round?
keeponbucn: Have you heard anything underneath the surface on the Galloway restructure?
bucfanskiz: Will Meryweather be a buc in 07
guest: Mike Alstott, was that a gift for Buc fans or will he actually play? Signing BJ Askew and continuing to talk to Justin Griffith seems to right the message on the wall
option: JF, would the Bucs want to trade Plummer to Houston for Carr?
guest: Theyre not talking to griffith anymore
guest: How about a package of Jeremy Trueblood, Jeff Garcia, and Simeon Rice for Donovan McNabb and some laughing gas?
dm4bucs: Griffith supposedly wants 3mil per year doubt we are talking to him
pewterreportjf: guest – the Bucs refuse to overpay for players, especially offensive linemen that aren't even Pro Bowlers. There have been several players that have gotten overpaid in the past few days. The Bucs just got out of cap hell, and they don't want to put themselves back in it.
pipelayer8: Thanks JF, exactly the players I wanted to hear. Spencer is a beast! Great senior bowl.
1luv1buc: are the bucs going to bring a safety in for a visit is so which one do you see them bringing in??
keeponbucn: guest, you're ruining this experience for me.
true pirate: I see Okoye, Carricker and M. Thomas being the top three 3 technique tackles in the draft. Do you see the bucs picking at least one of those guys to help the Dline?
dm4bucs: Do you see hamlin or doss as a better fit once their prices drop in the waiting game we are doing?
pewterreportjf: option – The Jake Plummer saga is just getting started. From what we've been told from numerous sources, it's just getting started, and any number of things could happen with Plummer, ranging from him playing for the Bucs to him getting traded.
boe: has chris simms made any comments about the new acquisitions at qb?
bucwylde: Is there any expressed interest in Plummer at this point from any other teams?
guest: too many questions from me, "keeponbucn"?
option: nice, ty
guest: i'll slow down
option: he is answering all of yours
option: lol
koolherc: JF – would the Bucs bring in both Black and Petitgout or do you see it as a one or the other situation considering the money it will take to bring one of them in?
bluetick: Great we need a saga to help make it to the draft
quezilla: Who do we really want to fall into the 2nd round? A top safety? Kali?
pewterreportjf: true pirate – The Bucs really like Okoye. They would like to draft an under tackle, and he might be the best one in the draft. The Bucs could also play Kevin Carter at under tackle.
keeponbucn: too many ridiculous questions from you, that's the problem
onebucfn: with the bucs going after special team players in fa so far do u see them going after a legit kick returner in the draft this year
bucfanskiz: if nothing else it gives you plenty of stories on the saga right JF
bucwylde: onebucfan :: that gator kid… jabir something?
pewterreportjf: quezilla – With Al Johnson getting away in free agency, I think the Bucs would draft Ryan Kalil if he falls to them in the second. Kalil would be a franchise center for the Bucs.
guest: Michael Pittman? resigned?
1luv1buc: has Kevin Carter played at UT before if so how did he fare there????
bucfanskiz: Pittman isnt a FA
bluetick: Kalil would be a franchise center for the Bucs.. WE CAN ONLY HOPE
pipelayer8: I prefer Beekman to Kahil. Bigger, nastier, better run blocker
pewterreportjf: onebucfn – If you notice, the Bucs have already signed two pretty good special team players in Chukwurah and Askew. I do expect them to possibly draft a return man, like Yamon Figurs from Kansas State.
bucfanskiz: Kahil is a technition
1luv1buc: isnt beekman a guard
bucwylde: figurs, thats him
pipelayer8: He's played both
option: JF, About Askew…can we expect him to start this season?
pewterreportjf: guest – Michael Pittman was never a free agent. He's under contract.
onebucfn: hopefully the streak will end!!!
keeponbucn: Why haven't the Bucs entertained some of the strong FA safties yet?
buccaddy80: Assuming Plummer is dealt or retires, who stays and who goes at the moment Grads or McCown
drewgrif: Wow. If we are fortunate enough to draft Khalil and Calvin Johnson with our first two picks and not use either for defense. I can hear the screams already.
boe: do we try to trade clayton say if we do draft johnson?
swolf: JF- What dou YOU think the bucs will pay to get briggs here???
pewterreportjf: 1luv1buc – Yes, Beekman is a guard, but he can play center, too. The Bucs gave him a good look at center at the Senior Bowl.
bluetick: When you score 30 points a game, who needs a def. Sincerely JG
dm4bucs: Do you see plummer maybe being traded draft day?
talbuc: JF – Can you assume that Deon Grant and Ken Hamlin are out of our price range? What do you think about bringing in Terrence Holt?
pewterreportjf: swolf – I don't know what the Bucs would pay to get Briggs to Tampa Bay, but I'm hearing the Bears want a lot.
bucwylde: last try… Is there any expressed interest in Plummer at this point from any other teams?
pewterreportjf: dm4bucs – I could see Plummer getting traded, but the only way to trade him this offseason is if he decides to play.
1luv1buc: If Briggs did come here what about brooks??
guest: So you gonna stay an hour to make up for SR skipping out?
guest: how likely is it that shelton quarles will retire?
guest: Brooks becomes SLB
option: Will Askew start over Alstott? Or is it another year with a crappy A-Train?
onebucfn: do you think for the price we wouold have to pay to bring briggs here it would be worth it???
drewgrif: good question about Quarles.
pewterreportjf: guest – I think it's very likely that Shelton Quarles will retire.
1luv1buc: are the bucs interested in trading for LB Vilma for the Jets???
theshaz: Great article by Scott today
bucfanskiz: is SR hiding out or is he about to break a big story?
guest: any chance Brooks being part of a deal for Briggs ?
pewterreportjf: option – No, I don't think Askew will start over Alstott, but I do think he'll get a lot of playing time, and Alstott's will be even more limited.
guest: how likely is it that we will obtain napoleon harris?
keeponbucn: SR – Was there anything underneath the surface on the Galloway restructure?
option: wow…i won't shoot the messanger but i hate Alstott now
pewterreportjf: guest – No, I don't think Brooks would be part of the deal for Briggs, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jamie Winborn was.
pipelayer8: Duemig says that Barber, Brooks, and Alstott prevented a player mutiny against Gruden, is that true?
dm4bucs: Has n. harris already come in for a visit? and are we interested in any middle linebackers incase quarles does retire?
guest: whats the likelihood a deal gets done for Briggs
guest: whats going to happen with wyms and spires?
onebucfn: dumbdog is a idiot
boe: we brought in gramaticas buddy for a tryout last year,,,,are they trying to replace bidwell this offseason?
1luv1buc: Vilma why dont we trade for him??
pewterreportjf: keeponbucn – We're looking into that. Our initial feeling is that Joey Galloway felt underpaid, which he was, and feels like this could be his last year, so the Bucs worked with him and gave him a fair deal.
bucfanskiz: Good for the Bucs on the Galloway deal
pewterreportjf: guest – Wyms and/or Spires could be cut or traded. However, the Bucs can afford both players, so they don't have to make any decisions right now. They might wait until the draft to look into that.
keeponbucn: thanks JF, there have been rumors of a 4 team trade and thought that might have been the reason.
bucfanskiz: so you never answered my question about SR some the big about to break?
pewterreportjf: dm4bucs – yes, Napoleon Harris already visited the Bucs. Tampa Bay is very interested in him, but he hasn't signed.
keeponbucn: JF – are you sayign there could be a chance Briggs comes to Tampa?
dm4bucs: thx jf
bucfanskiz: something
guest: how high is a michael griffin or a brandon meriweather on the bucs draftboard?
theshaz: Will the Bucs ever get a Offense that's ranked in the top half of the NFL before I die? Not asking for Top 10, that would be nice. but I'm still waiting to see this "Guru" action.
guest: can you shoot down this rumor of a 4 team trade?
pewterreportjf: pipelayer – I haven't talked to a single player that suggested there was going to be a mutiny against Gruden. However, I do agree that veterans like Alstott, Brooks and Barber helped keep the locker room together and kept the fingerpointing from happening.
talbuc: JF – would the Bucs give Tanard Jackson consideration with pick 2b if he's there?
guest: we w're ranked in the top 10 in 04
option: well alstott should retire…anyways
koolherc: last try… Petitgout and Black — would the Bucs sign both of them if possible or is it one or the other
1luv1buc: JF are the bucs interested in TE McMichael???
pewterreportjf: theshaz – Boy, that's a good question. Tampa Bay's offense ranked No. 10 overall in 2003. But their win-loss record wasn't so great that year.
pipelayer8: Thanks JF- Would Napolean Harris push Nece at the sam?
theshaz: Points
pewterreportjf: 1luv1buc – we have call into McMichael's agent, but we have not heard anything yet.
guest: do u expect the bucs to go heavily on the defensive side of the ball this draft?
keeponbucn: JF – excellent PI article today.
theshaz: Still waiting to see the scoreboard light up :-)
pewterreportjf: keepobucn – For any of the non-Pewter Insider subscribers in the room, I highly recommend you read the latest PI article on the front page that explains all of the moves the Bucs have made thus far.
theshaz: I 2nd that – Great Article today
1luv1buc: Is Rice or Kelly still on the trading block JF???
onebucfn: i agree keep on ,great article today
bucsgirl-dk: Napoleon Harris has just signed with the Chiefs
buccaddy80: JF, give me your opinion on the QB depth chart. Who's left out?
gator thumper: Is newberry going to be looking for big time money or would he be affordable for us?
guest: Can you tell m,e why all our options have to do with ex-Raiders? or Jets?
bluetick: JF you appear right again, the left side of OLINE will be different this year
keeponbucn: JF – why should Buc fans be excited about a LT in Petigot who got canned from the Giants?
gator thumper: also if signed newberry would be the starter straight out right?
pewterreportjf: 1luv1buc – Put it this way. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard the word trade mentioned in relation to the Bucs through our sources, I'd be a very rich man. I think it's possible Rice or Kelly could be traded, but I also can see them playing in Tampa Bay next year.
koolherc: keeponbucn — because our LT is ANTHONY DAVIS
pipelayer8: Jets drafted players for Herm Edwards and Paul Hackett, thus fit the Bucs. Raiders players were drafted by Allen.
1luv1buc: wow
theshaz: JF – How much of a factor is the new One Buc Palace to landing Free Agents? Is it still all about "Show me the money"?
guest: Is Gruden officially on the hot seat because of his lousy record since the Superbowl?
pewterreportjf: bluetick – we try to be right. We do our homework. Hopefully that's clear to everyone, including all of our subscribers. If you have been a subscriber this offseason, there shouldn't be a lot of moves that have surprised you thus far as they relate to the Bucs.
bucfanskiz: Anything going on behind the scences at one buc place you can fill us in on JF
keeponbucn: kool – I get that, AD needs to be replaced.
gator thumper: if signed would Newberry be the starter right off?
pewterreportjf: guest – Jon Gruden needs to improve to 8-8 and possibly make the playoffs in order to remain the head coach in Tampa Bay. He is on the hot seat.
bluetick: That is why I have subscibed and plan to continue
koolherc: id like to see us bring in both Petitgout and Black and have Trueblood fight it out but I cant imagine thats possible with the money thats getting thrown around
keeponbucn: Thanks for the time JF!
guest: do u see monte kiffen sticking around past this year?
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – I can tell you that there likely have been more visitors at One Buc Place over the past few days than there have been at Disney World in Orlando. :)
guest: How come pewter report builds up all these guys then trashes them when they dont become Bucs?..seems like your trying toi save face for the team
bucfanskiz: thats what like to hear leave no stone unturned
pipelayer8: Guest- you're dillusional
pewterreportjf: guest – Monte Kiffin is in the final year of his contract with the Bucs. He'll be here in 2007, but I don't know about 2008. We'll have to see.
1luv1buc: hopefully he is
bucfanskiz: are you guys working a big story or anymore insider stories coming out today!
guest: pipelayer- you must not read
guest: do you think we will take a balanced approach to the draft (offense/defense) or do you think we will lean more defensively?
gator thumper: Newberry….would he start over wade is signed?
1luv1buc: when is the next podcast next tuesday??
gator thumper: if not is
bucwylde: kiffin's getting old… he may not be back in 08 (my $0.02)
imabucnut: JF, will you read over the transcripts of chat and answer some of these questions in a PI article?
boe: does bj askew play more of a role in the offense this year than alstott ?
bucfanskiz: I have to try and get some work done today!
pewterreportjf: bucfanskiz – We've posted close to 30 stories on since Mar. 1. That said, I highly recommend Bucs fans keep checking out the site. We try to break the news as it happens.
bucwylde: JF: ya'll do a damn fine job of it too
quezilla: When does the 1st FA period end?
pewterreportjf: 1luv1buc – we should have a Podcast next Tuesday, but if time doesn't permit, we will have another chat.
bucfanskiz: Damn I guess ill have to take the rest of the day off and watch the boards my boss is gonna be pissed
1luv1buc: nice
jsirish: Who are we looking at for safety??
guest: did we even communicate with Leonard Davis?
pewterreportjf: Okay, group. I've got to get back to work. :) Lots of agents and sources to call. Keep checking back in with for the latest breaking news on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Take care.


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