The Chat Session was held from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, April. 10.

Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds and editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is pewterreportsr and Flynn is pewterreportjf. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello room. Let the chat begin.
bluetick: Who do the bucs like more Brandon Jackson, Tony Hunt, or Lorenzo Booker?
pewterreportjf: bluetick – the Bucs like Brandon Jackson, Tony Hunt and Lorenzo Booker. Our Draft Preview tells Bucs fans which player the Bucs likely would draft if given the chance to select all three of them. That issue goes out this week.
guest: Hello gang. Jim and I have to leave at 11:30 p.m. sharp to go do interviews after the OTAs.
pewterreportsr: Hello gang. Jim and I have to leave at 11:30 p.m. sharp to go do interviews after the OTAs.
pewterreportjf: guest = pewterreportsr. He's having trouble logging in. He'll be in in a second.
jsirish: Will DB switch to SLB?
dm4bucs: sr/jf what made you guys decide on harris at 2b instead of a safety like rouse or another de like abiamiri?
bluetick: Anthony Spencer seems to be getting the tweener label, with Philip Chu…. Do we really need another tweener or can he be a fulltime 4-3 end?
pewterreportsr: I don't think too much of Abiamiri. I think he's compiled his stats vs. lower competition.
pewterreportjf: sirish – There's a chance Derrick Brooks could be moved from the weak side to the strong side. It all depends on whether he's still fast enough to play WLB and how well Cato June can play both positions.
pewterreportsr: Spencer can play DE in a 4-3 or OLB in a 3-4.
dbo2440: Hey guys when will the draft issue of the magazine be available to download online
pewterreportjf: bluetick – I think there's a good chance Anthony Spencer won't be there when the Bucs pick in the second round. His stock is rising.
bluetick: Have you viewed any tape on Tim Crowder, is he just another combine workout warrior or the real deal on gameday tape?
pewterreportsr: The PR Draft Preview will be going up Wednesday morning.
guest: If Anthony Spencer isn't there who is next on the Bucs list?
pewterreportsr: bluetick – I want to like Tim Crowder … he does some good things, but I happen to like Spencer and Woodley better.
pewterreportjf: guest – Michigan DE Lamar Woodley would be a possibility either late in the second round or possibly top of the third round.
pewterreportsr: The PR Draft Preview is 80 pages – it's our biggest Draft Preview ever.
dm4bucs: do you guys like DT harrell for us at 2a, i've seen him starting to jump into late 1st rounds of mocks
bluetick: If Woodley is drafted, I know why JG shut him down during the Senior Bowl Week…
pewterreportjf: dm4bucs – The Bucs will take a defensive tackle in this draft. They are looking for pass rushers.
pewterreportsr: I like Harrell as a run stuffer, but he doesn't offer much as a pass rusher. But given the fact this draft is light at DT, his stock will rise.
bluetick: Pat Kirwan suggested in his latest mock that Tampa would like to trade down with Houston. Any thing to this?
guest: What's the reasoning behind David Harris? Would we move Ruud to another spot, do the Bucs think he may be better suited for another position? Or dod they like Harris at another position other than MLB?
pewterreportsr: Woodley did have a legit injury. He was sent him after a day or two. If Jon wanted to stash him, the injury would have surfaced later in the week after they got to spend more time with him.
pewterreportjf: bluetick – Anything is possible. Two weeks ago the Bucs were rumored to be interested in trading up with the Lions. Now they want to trade down with Houston? This is what you call a smoke screen, and all 32 teams are using them this time of year.
guest: how can you say that we shouldn't take a QB in round 1 if JT and CJ are off the board…with how bad our QB play has been, we should, and secondly, we have quantity, not quality at the position
guest: a good pick in the secound round would be meaweather out of miami
pewterreportjf: guest – No, the Bucs wouldn't move Ruud. They've reaped the benefits of having quality depth at middle linebacker for several years, and if Shelton Quarles is not on the team this year, they'll have issues at MLB in terms of depth. Harris would be a good addition for the Bucs. He had a really good Senior Bowl.
pewterreportsr: If Shelton Quarles retires or gets cut, the Bucs will need another MLB. They like Ruud and see the potential, but he hasn't really proven himself yet. They want to draft a MLB this year to push Ruud and compete with him. Why not have that guy be Harris, a guy they scouted and liked from Senior Bowl?
mbf: SR/JF do you see the team picking a CB such as Daymeion Hughes high?
guest: i have heard the shelton is not hurt they want him to retire is that true
guest: Because it's a second round pick and they can get a long term starter with that pick. Instead of duplicating what we have.
pewterreportjf: guest – the Bucs have other pressing needs. They attempted to address the quarterback position through free agency. Not only that, but you're assuming the Bucs like the top two quarterbacks in this draft. That's not a safe assumption.
guest: no, but we have crap QBs, that is a safe assumption…i think you guys are assuming too much as well
pewterreportjf: mbf – I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs didn't even take a cornerback in this draft unless he has great return ability. The Bucs feel good about what they did at the cornerback spot in free agency.
pewterreportsr: As for the QBs, I'm not sold on either one of them. I like Russell more than I do Quinn. If these guys came out last year, both would be ranked behind Matt Leinart, who was drafted 10th (I believe) by Arizona. I just don't think either one of the QBs is as bulletproof as some other players in this draft.
mbf: thanks JF
guest: "we need a dominant QB" -Jon Gruden where do you find those? top 5 picks are the place
pewterreportsr: We're not exactly sure what is up with Quarles. I do think he has played his last down as a Buccaneer, though.
pewterreportjf: guest – We're not assuming anything. We have sources that have given us pretty good information that has helped us form our opinions on the quarterback situation.
guest: i understand that, however, the reality is that it is being downplayed majorly…plummer may not even play
pewterreportsr: The top five picks are also where you find David Carr, Tim Couch, Joey Harrington and Akili Smith.
captain buc: Ouch
guest: even so, you find franchise QBs there and not so much elsewhere
bluetick: This year is not as deep at qb as others have been, I think DE is deep, and the pass rush is more of a pressing need? Pardon the pun
pewterreportjf: guest – I think you can make a case for the Bucs drafting Brady Quinn or JaMarcus Russell, but we don't think they will.
buck it: The jury's still out on Harrington…
captain buc: JF – Any news from the offseason workouts? how are the new Buccaneers getting along?
opt: i understand that…
edwamil83: Jury just ruled he's a career backup
pewterreportsr: I think Hughes may fall into the second round. If so, the Bucs will be interested.
opt: you don't go out and draft a QB in this draft unless CJ and JT are gone
guest: is it true that the bucs would get 7 million from jack if he dont play
buck it: Harrington visited the Falcons this week…I think he could start in Atl
opt: but at that point, i'm sorry…we're weak there
pewterreportjf: captainbuc – Tampa Bay will hold its first organized team activity today. Scott Reynolds and I must leave no later than 11:30 a.m. to head over to One Buc Place to conduct some interviews.
pewterreportsr: Harrington is on this third team (Detroit, Miami, Atlanta).
captain buc: JF/SR – Keep us posted!!
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, the Bucs can go after as much as $7 million in bonuses if Jake Plummer officially retires and does not report to training camp.
buck it: He's a better passer than
buck it: Vick,
buck it: and with continous ankle injuries, how long will Vick be able to scramble?
pewterreportjf: captain buc – We will keep Bucs fans updated on the latest news as we get it.
guest: do you think the bucs should be defense heavy in the draft
buck it: Yes
pewterreportjf: FYI – the NFL is scheduled to release the 2007 regular season schedule tomorrow (Wednesday).
pewterreportsr: I agree that I don't think Tampa Bay's QB situation is ideal, but I'm just not sold on either Russell or Quinn. If I had to pick one of them, I'm going with Russell.
bluetick: How sure are you that the FO will pull the trigger on Marcus Thomas, did he interview with bucs or have a private workout?
pewterreportsr: I think the Bucs will draft heavy on defense in this draft.
buck it: I agree. Russell has the best potential
opt: the dirty P word
edwamil83: They have to
opt: i have some reservations about the QBs too
pewterreportsr: I'm not sure the Bucs will pull the trigger on Marcus Thomas.
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs need to address the safety, defensive tackle and defensive end positions in the draft. I think they will attempt to do this.
buck it: Quinn has a great arm, but lacks good decision making ability on many occasions. I worry about his mental game
edwamil83: If CJ and JT are gone with the first will this draft bring in only defensive players?
buck it: opt–in the draft all you can really do is measure potential
bluetick: Isn't the mental game for a qb, the most important?
buck it: If CJ is gone, I'd go with Gaines Adams
edwamil83: me too buck it
opt: if you are talking Joe Thomas, how does he compare to Robert Gallery? both big 10 LTs, both being drafted high is there any chance he is more gallery than ogden?
edwamil83: then trade SIm
pewterreportsr: buck it – I disagree. Quinn does not have a great arm. Track his accuracy on intermediate and downfield throws. He's average at best.
pewterreportjf: edwam83 – If Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson are both off the board when the Bucs pick at No. 4, look for the Bucs to attempt to trade down.
buck it: JT could or could not be great…and the Bucs do have some solid talent on the line. However, what they do not have is a star WR and a pass rush
mbf: any chance the bucs take jamaal anderson?-he hasnt really been talked about as a possible pick
bluetick: Yes, if the both gone, trading down would the most logical choice
buc4life: Is anyone here?
opt: logical if somebody else wants to go up…that's the trick
pewterreportjf: mbf – We've received very little information that suggests the Bucs would draft Jamaal Anderson.
pewterreportsr: I'd compare Joe Thomas more to D'Brickashaw Ferguson than I would Robert Gallery. Actually, Thomas reminds me a lot of Paul Gruber – and not just the fact that they both played at Wisconsin.
edwamil83: Who would trade up if those two are gone? Given the shift in theory that RBs are interchangeable I don't think anyone would be willing to trade up for Peterson. Does that match what you are hearing?
dm4bucs: do you guys think the bucs will pass on adams if cj and jt are gone and the chances of trading down aren't there?
buck it: Why trade down? Take the guy you want with you pick. Screw what the fans/media have to say about it. lock your guy up.
buck it: I want Adams and Buster Davis
guest: adams a good pick buster to much baggage
opt: trading down sounds good in theory but we have the ability to get a game changing type player at #4…JT, CJ, Russell, Quinn, Adams, AP – two of those guys are going to be there
opt: i don't advocate trading down, especially since it probably won't happen
pewterreportjf: edwam – if Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson are both off the board, that means Adrian Peterson and one or both quarterbacks likely will have fallen to the Bucs. I'm not sure if the Bucs could find a trading partner, but the Bucs would be looking to trade out of No. 4 if Thomas and Johnson are off the board.
pewterreportsr: If the Bucs drafted Peterson at number 4 that would be a clear signal that they don't think Caddy is a feature back. It's different from Bush-McAllister in N.O. There's a big age difference there. Not with Caddy and AP.
mbf: the question is how far the team would want to go down
opt: ok, so if they can't who do they take? any chance they go peterson over adams? i know that sounds silly
buck it: Personally I like a 2 back backfield
pewterreportjf: dm4bucs – The Bucs like Gaines Adams and Amobi Okoye, but they don't necessarily think they're worth taking at No. 4, which is why they'd be looking to trade down if Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson are off the board.
opt: so do i but not a 2 top 5 backfield per se
pewterreportsr: I'm not that enamored by Buster Davis. I think he had a poor Senior Bowl. He's too short and too stocky.
buck it: I love to have a brusier and a scat back
mbf: i'd rather have a 2 back backfield with caddy and someone like lorenzo booker
opt: how is peterson catching the football?
buck it: Booker and Caddy are the same kinda back
guest: i would move to number 7 and take the safty out of texas
mbf: same flaws as caddy, opt
opt: well that's just peachy
pewterreportjf: I wouldn't like the Bucs' chances of trading down. You have to have a dancing partner, and there's a big drop off in talent once Thomas and Johnson are off the board.
edwamil83: What's with this stuff saying Alan Branch still colors in coloring books and watches cartoons all day? THe Bucs concerned with that?
buck it: All you could really do would be to spell Caddy with Booker once in a while. A 3-4 would eat them up
pewterreportsr: Lorenzo Booker or Brandon Jackson are possibilities in this draft at RB in rounds 3-4.
opt: how about taking peterson and then holding him ransom? i think GB would love to have him
buck it: what's wrong with cartoons?
opt: *holding him hostage
mbf: buck it, booker is a much better receiver than caddy
guest: I think Petersen has durabilty questions, and will fall down to Minnesota or later
guest: JF/SR, I was watching a highlight reel of Sabby Piscitelli….I absolutely love the way this kid plays. Do you think the Bucs will have a shot at him at the top of the fourth round?
pewterreportsr: If the Bucs don't trade up with Detroit, I think they stay put and make the pick at No. 4.
guest: our safetys are the weakest link on d
pewterreportjf: I like Adrian Peterson, but I'm not sure how many teams would be willing to trade a lot to get him.
pewterreportsr: I think Piscitelli could be there at the top of the fourth.
buck it: so you put booker in when you're gonna flair him out? Wouldn't the defense pick up on that pretty quick?
guest: and we need major help there
buck it: Peterson is injury prone
edwamil83: not if caddy stays in the backfield
guest: JF, its EAK…Petersen has a great upside, but if Quinn and Petersen are both there at #3, who does cleveland take?
buck it: Caddy isn't a great blocker. Leaving him in is not wise.
pewterreportsr: Peterson's collarbone injury scares me. That can be a recurring injury (see Charles Rogers), and with him being a punishing, upright runner, I bet that thing gets broken again in the NFL. Then he starts becoming a timid RB.
opt: didn't you guys say that the Bucs liked their chances of getting somebody at #4 and that trading up was very unlikely?
guest: caddy is not a feather back and we need one
dm4bucs: miami had seemed to be in love with quinn and since they haven't addressed the qb spot do you see them trading up with us and yes we would drop quite a bit but could get carriker?
boe: is there a possibility of cato june playing safety or will he stay a lb?
pewterreportjf: guest – that's a great question. Cleveland needs a quarterback and a running back. Word out of Cleveland is Quinn has really impressed the Browns. However, you can't always believe what you hear this time of year.
buck it: Peterson has at best 3 good seasons in him, IMO
pewterreportsr: I love AP as a pure runner. I think he could be better than Caddy, but that collarbone injury worries me.
originalbucfan: If Thomas and Johnson are gone and the Bucs stay put, would the pick be DT and would it be Branch or Okoye
guest: miami is going after trent green
guest: Quinn would sell a lot of jerseys and tix in Cleeland
rayjayintbay: Even though Purdue's Spencer only had two sacks, do you really think the Bucs will have a great amount of interest in him? I understand he is an animal since he led the nation in tackles for loss, but the fact that he produced so few sacks is a reserve for me.
pewterreportjf: boe – I think Cato June will initially start off at linebacker. That's the plan. However, the Bucs like June's flexibility and would play him at safety if they had to.
guest: cato is the heir apparent to brooks right?
guest: no way to scroll up for missed convo?
guest: ( whats the breaking news )
mbf: scroll down
pewterreportjf: guest – Not necessarily. June has to prove himself first. Plus, Jamie Winborn will attempt to prove he's worthy of being Brooks' successor.
guest: is it true brooks is going to be relased
pewterreportsr: We have to cut this short to get to One Buc Place on time. Thanks for chatting with us. The Draft Preview will be mailed out tomorrow and the PDFs will be going up tomorrow, too. Tell your friends about
buck it: If June can play backer and saftey, he could be a Polomolu type…very dangerous
guest: The more I read from Oakland, they are jazzed about the idea of landing CJ
guest: yes i know
guest: peace out guys, see you later this week
originalbucfan: Good on the preview pdf
buck it: CJ, Moss, and Porter…but no QB?
guest: i have heard they want dautee
guest: Trading with Detroit for McCown.
buck it: Wont happen. The New GM there LOVES QB's
pewterreportjf: Thanks for participating in today's chat session. Call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) to order your Pewter Report subscription today! You don't want to miss our 80-page Draft Preview.

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