The Chat Session was held from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, April. 24.

Pewter Report editor-in-chief Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Let the Pewter Report Draft Chat begin.
guest: is everyone else as tired as i am with all the rumors flying
gator thumper: Whats the chances we make player trades?
psymun: If by tired you mean sick and tired… yes
pewterreportjf: By the way, this chat session is for Pewter Insider subscribers only. It has been username and password protected (same UN and PW as your Pewter Insider membership).
guest: is that all you are going to say jf
gator thumper: lol
pewterreportjf: gator thumper – There's a chance the Bucs could shop one of more players this weekend. Simeon Rice's name obviously came up.
kodiak: Would the Bucs be shopping to move up or get more picks?
gator thumper: do you think we make a trade to bring some other teams players here? or just trading for other teams picks?
pewterreportjf: kodiak – The Bucs are open to all possibilities. They are willing to acquire more picks or players. It just has to be the right deal.
jaybuc: whats your gut feeling, do the bucs stay at four.
pewterreportjf: gator thumper – That's a good question. I addressed the Lance Briggs rumor/report in our Bucs Update: LBs. It will be posted later today, but I don't think the Bucs will trade for Briggs. I think they're just doing their homework.
gator thumper: Anything new about plummer?
gator thumper: ok interesting
gator thumper: could he be deal on draft day…plummer that is?
fiftyfive: any news about
pewterreportjf: gator thumper – No. No new news on Jake Plummer. I suspect we'll start hearing more when Tampa Bay holds more OTAs and its mandatory mini-camp in June. The Bucs are willing to be patient and give Plummer the time he needs to possibly decide to play football again.
kodiak: There has been a lot of talk about Washington lately wanting to trade up. I didn't think that Atlanta or Miami would have the ammo to get up to #2…I still don't think there's a realistic chance anyone can trade up that high
fiftyfive: hmmm…I missed the shift key! any news on Grant
pewterreportjf: gator thumper – I don't see how the Bucs could trade Jake Plummer this weekend unless Plummer agrees to play football for that team. Believe it or not, the Bucs want Plummer to play for them. If Plummer does decide to play for Tampa Bay, I believe Chris Simms could be the player that gets shopped around.
gator thumper: Are the Buc honestly interested in Thomas (dt Florida) or is that just someones speculation/hopes
pewterreportjf: fiftyfive – There's nothing new to report on Charles Grant. It should be interesting to see if the Saints are willing to take something for him this weekend though. I wouldn't be surprised if Tampa Bay offered one of their second-round picks to New Orleans for Grant.
gator thumper: that would be ideal
originalbucfan: Do you have any idea to the reason for the Buccaneers holding a press conference before the draft?
kodiak: what's the latest on Quarles?
pewterreportjf: gator thumper – The Bucs like DT Marcus Thomas, but they don't like the baggage he comes with. It would be risky pick, but this guy would be a first-rounder had he not got himself into trouble and kicked off his team.
mullin0216: Are the Bucs seriously thinking about trading up?
pewterreportjf: originalbucfan – Don't read too much into the Dennis Hickey press conference. This happens every year. The Bucs make their director of college scouting available to us (the media) the week of the draft. No big deal.
originalbucfan: seems like a boring interview.
pewterreportjf: kodiak – The Bucs have until May 1 to decide what to do with Shelton Quarles. He's due a $1 million roster bonus on that date. I think Quarles' fate will be decided before this weekend. If the Bucs draft a middle linebacker high, I think Quarles will be released or asked to retire for sure.
pewterreportjf: originalbucfan – Dennis Hickey, who is Tampa Bay's director of college scouting, is great to talk to, but not this week. He will be as vague as possible today. The Bucs don't want to tip their hand.
gator thumper: Do you still believe Figures has any chance at being there in the 5th round…would we consider using the 4th on him?
kodiak: I think we all feel CJ is the man for us if the Raiders draft Russell…there's a lot of talk that with Miami maybe getting Green that Oakland might draft CJ hoping they can sign Culpepper…if for some reason Oakland drafts CJ…what's your opinion on how the top 4 will unfold?
gator thumper: good one
pewterreportjf: gatorthumper – Yes, I do believe Figurs could be there at the top of the fifth round. There's also a chance a team could take him in the fourth, but he's a raw receiver, so I think he could fall to the Bucs.
pewterreportjf: kodiak – Good question. I really don't see Oakland taking Calvin Johnson, although the Raiders want everyone to believe they could. There's a reason why the Bucs have felt good about drafting No. 4 overall. They've felt all along that either Calvin Johnson or Joe Thomas would fall to them at No. 4. They also like Gaines Adams. No matter how it shakes out, the Bucs will wind up with a good player.
gator thumper: Do they value adams higher thay okeye, or however its spelled sorry
jaybuc: so are you of the opinion the bucs stay at 4 or trade down? no real shot of trading up.
pewterreportjf: gatorthumper – That's a good question. Defensive tackle is the more pressing need, but I do believe the Bucs like Adams more than Amobi Okoye. That doesn't mean the Bucs wouldn't take Okoye over Adams, though. It is the more pressing need.
pewterreportjf: jaybuc – I've said all along that I do not believe the Bucs will trade up in the first round of this draft. I still feel the same way. The only way the Bucs trade up is if a team like Detroit is so desparate to get out of No. 2 that they give the Bucs an offer they can't refuse.
mullin0216: If they wind up with Adams would they draft a guy like DE Spencer in round 2 or would they go offense?
pewterreportjf: platano – I still believe Calvin Johnson will fall to Tampa Bay at No. 4.
gator thumper: If the bucs did draft Adams in a suprise move of sorts…would that automatically put rice out the door?
jaybuc: i think that offer would have to be a pick on day 2 or a certain player. I find it hard to believe the bucs want to part ways with any first day picks.
kodiak: I know you guys have the Bucs going safety in your mock in round 3, who are some other safeties that might be options in roudns 2-4
pewterreportjf: mullin0216 – If the Bucs drafted Gaines Adams in the first round, I believe they'd maybe go with center Ryan Kalil in the second round. If MLB Davis Harris falls into the second round, the Bucs would seriously consider taking him as well.
pewterreportjf: kodiak – The Bucs would be pleased if Brandon Meriweather fell to them in the second round. I really like Virginia Tech's Aaron Rouse, and so do the Bucs. Utah's Eric Weddle would be a goog pick in round 4 or 5.
pewterreportjf: I don't think Kansas City and Miami will finalize that trade (if it even happens) until after Oakland makes its first-round selection. That would force the Raiders to take Russell.
kodiak: I really want Kalil, but a lot of mocks have him moving up now into the bottom of round one. If Kalil is gone, do you (even with the guys we signed and Buenning moving to C) think that the G/C (Beekman I think the name is) is still an option in rounds 3/4?
jaybuc: to follow kodiak, do you think buenning can even play center.
kodiak: I guess…how pressing of a need do the Bucs think getting a young center is
pewterreportjf: Kodiak – Yes, I think Josh Beekman would be an option for the Bucs in the third round. If Kalil makes it out of the first round, I think the Bucs will take him in the second round. That's one of the reasons why the Bucs were happy to lose the coin flip with the Browns. They now pick ahead of Cleveland in the second round, and the Browns also need a center. Kalil would be a great pick for the Bucs in the second round.
platano: wow i cant wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im going nuts sat cant come soon enouph
kodiak: I took a vacation day to have Saturday off…I now have a 3 day weekend (thurs – Sat)
pewterreportjf: kodiak – Well, they have Dan Buenning playing at center, but I'm not sold on him there. The Bucs have not shown the ability to move players around on the offensive line with success. I'd rather draft a player that is proven at his position, and Ryan Kalil is. Not only that, but he's the best center coming out of this draft.
pewterreportjf: Who is coming to the Pewter Report Draft Day Party at Champps on Saturday?
kodiak: Also USC used the shotgun…I played a little center and it's not easy to just say ok now your going to have to snap it back 7 yards
platano: i dunno i might grill at home and get plastered lol o im going to the draft dash whos going ?
pewterreportjf: kodiak – that's a great point. From what I was told a few years ago, John Wade is not that comfortable with the shotgun snap. That's distubring. If Kalil is there in the second round, I think the Bucs have to take him.
platano: i wonder if the filed is spongy ?? lol
jaybuc: I think if thomas had stayed out of trouble we may have been taking him at 4, is it a stretch for them to take him at 2b or 3?
kodiak: I want to go, but a bunch of people from work are having a huge party so I think I might go there…one of them has a 50 inch HD TV…hehe
pewterreportjf: kodiak – Have you ever seen Champps before? I think they have a 80-inch TV on wall along with a bunch of flat screens. Either way, it sounds like you'll have a great seat for the draft.
pewterreportjf: Any last questions? I've got to head over to One Buc Place at 11:30 a.m. for the press conference.
gator thumper: It is was closer to orlando I would be there
gator thumper: if
jaybuc: I think if thomas had stayed out of trouble we may have been taking him at 4, is it a stretch for them to take him at 2b or 3?
gator thumper: thanks for your time
pewterreportjf: Okay, room. Who do you predict will be Tampa Bay's first-round pick?
gator thumper: CJ
jaybuc: cj
mullin0216: thanks, hope the Bucs get CJ or Adams
pewterreportjf: jaybuc – I think Marcus Thomas could fall into the fourth round, and I expect the Bucs to seriously consider taking him.
guest: why do the bucs find it nessesary to address all their needs in one draft by doing that don't you think they will have to reach too often
guest: I would love CJ, just don't think it will happen.
fiftyfive: in this order–calvin johnson, joe thomas, or amobi okoye
pewterreportjf: guest – Free agency is pretty much over, so this is Tampa Bay's last chance to address some needs. I agree with you that you don't want to see a team reach too much or too often in the draft, but the Bucs likely will draft for need after the first round.
kodiak: I really want the Bucs to take Kalil, but I also really want the Bucs to draft a DE at that first pick in the draft. I am not sold on Rice at all and I think he's gone after this year. If the bucs could trade him for another 2nd round pick, we could land both Kalil and a really good DE
pewterreportjf: kodiak – That's an interesting scenario. Perhaps the Bucs would consider it if Detroit passes on Gaines Adams in the first round. The Bucs trade Simeon Rice in exchange for Detroit's second-round pick. That sounds interesting.
kodiak: I know people say that Rice is our best pass rusher but he was bad last year…we don't know what he will do this year…and can he stay healthy…and he is in his last year anyway. Why not get something for him while we can.
pewterreportjf: kodiak – if the Bucs were to pull off that trade, they could actually trade back up into the first round and select DEs Adam Carriker or Anthony Spencer.
guest: Don't make the same mistake with Rice as we did with Sapp and Lynch!!!
guest: trade down w/ Miami…grab Carricker @ 10, Kalil at 35 and Merriweather at 40
pewterreportjf: Okay group. I've got to get going.
fiftyfive: alright jim, thanks for your time!
kodiak: If CJ and Thomas are gone…that's what I want the Bucs to do…trade down and get either Okoye or Carricker
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the chat session today. We will provide a chat transcript tomorrow (Wednesday). Enjoy the 2007 NFL Draft. It will be interesting. I believe Scott Reynolds and I will be popping into the chat room on Saturday and Sunday. Take care.

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