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    I am beginning to believe that the Bucs taking Noah Spence at 9 may be more of a possibility than I thought. Matt Miller, a respected draft guru, says that Spence is now a legitimate top ten candidate. This morning I see where Luke Easterling of B/R is slotting Spence at 9 to the Bucs. Now Scott Reynolds has joined the bandwagon. Looking further, I see a B/R mock with the Dolphins taking him at 8.

    I always do a mock for fun this time of year and while I picked Spence as the Bucs 1st pick, I thought trading down would be the best option and Spence would still be there somewhere before 20 or so. It seems I may have to rethink that proposition!

    Good mock Scott, but lots will change following the Combine and team visits. Go Bucs……whatever they may do!

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      same “respected guru” that said cam newton was gonna be a bust? LOL

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        What’s your opinion of Spence? Would you draft him in the 1st round?

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      I agree with macbee- in spence he reminds myself of another Warren Sapp. If he is not there than I would
      think about another DL player like De Shaq Lawson, DT Shelton Rankins,Edga Leonard Floyd,Dt Kenny Clark,DL Jonathan Bullard or Dt Jarred Reed. That is what I would do. Go Bucs

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    Love this draft. Would be very happy. Very trench oriented which is where I think Smith will likely go. Tripple dipping on the D line could address alot of our ineptitude, especially if Smith really feels Banks and Verner are better than their play last year suggests.

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    I really like the Spence pick in the first round… Hargreave III as alternate. Would like to see S Jeremy Cash as the second round pick.

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      I agree with draft selection Spence reminds me of warren sapp. I t would be great to see if these players to fall into the bucs lap-Go Bucs

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    Draft Strategy: The Rams are QB needy and have 2 2nd round picks. Attempt to trade down in the first round and pick up another 2nd round pick. If the Bucs trade with the Rams, they would pick 15. Get 1 proven DE pass rusher, an outside cover CB, a backup Offensive Tackle and a rangy FS in FA. Next year target DEs Myles Garrett/TexA&M and Devonte Fields/Louisville in the draft!

    RD1 DE Noah Spence/Eastern Kentucky 6-3 254 4.68
    Spence’s talent as a pass rusher is unquestioned, but his judgment off the field will be foremost on the minds of Bucs scouts. NFL scouts call him an intelligent person and player and his former coach Urban Meyer believes he is past his problems. I believe the reward is worth the risk here!

    RD2 CB Eli Apple/Ohio State 6-1 200 4.52
    Eli Apple may have more upside than any CB in the draft. Apple is an in-your-face cornerback who loves to play tight man coverage. Ohio State often left him on an island in single coverage (shutdown CB). Apple doesn’t possesses great speed, but has great instincts, ball skills, and isn’t afraid to play an aggressive brand of football. If you do not know Apple now, you will after the combine!
    RD2 WR Tyler Boyd/Pitt 6-2 200 4.47
    Tyler Boyd is the versatile slot/speed WR that can stretch the field. He is an excellent route runner in the vein of Deandre Hopkins and has excellent body control.

    RD3 CB Deiondre’ Hall/No. Iowa 6-1 190 4.41
    Deiondre Hall may be the most versatile CB in the draft because he can play CB, FS, and is a ST master. Has great length and above average speed.
    RD4 RB Jordan Howard/IU 6-1 225 4.57
    I like big backs and I cannot lie. This is the Bucs version of Frank Gore or David Johnson/Cardinals. We do not need a FB. Stocker is TE/FB. We’re going to run the ball. Howard was given a 3rd round grade by the NFL, if he is not there the alternative pick is RB Kenyan Drake/Bama.
    RD5 OLB Victor Ochi/Stony Brook 6-1 244 4.74
    This high motor guy is too small to handle pro OTs as a DE, but he could be the small school version of Vonn Miller from the 4-3 SLB position and sometimes used as a situational pass rusher. Move Danny Lansannah to MLB to backup Kwon Alexander.
    RD6 SS Tevin Carter/Utah 6-1 215 4.48
    Carter had an outstanding end of season this year. Was originally recruited as a WR, but switched to safety in mid-season and has excelled. He is still learning, but has great instincts and drive on the ball. Good speed for a big man and is a fierce tackler.
    RD6 KR/PR Deandre Reaves/Marshall 5-10 180 4.38
    See the Youtube highlights. All I can say is with this guy the ball will be coming out of the end-zone. No more Bobby Rainey kneel downs.

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      I’m right along with you Mac on the trade with the Rams but I bet we can squeeze both 2nd rounders out of the Rams. I believe Goff and Wentz go 2 and 4, leaving Paxton as the only QB with enough upside anyone should be willing to gamble with. For Snead and Fisher it’s a must that they get a QB or they will be looking for jobs this time next year. So…back to us getting their 2nd rounders…With the pick at…
      15.DE Emmanuel Ogbah
      39.CB Kendall Fuller
      43.OT Jason Spriggs
      45.DT Vernon Butler or S Darian Thompson

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    This would be a helluva draft if it happened. I think Grant from Texas Tech is gonna be a little ball of fire once he gets acclimated to the NFL game. When I say once I mean as in training camp – there’s something about that kid that just jumps off the screen when he’s playing even when he doesn’t have the ball.

    I hope this draft is close to reality because I love the Bucs drafting trenches and not the fancy picks on the outside. I like the 2nd round pick as well.

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    too risky for my bllod to take Spence at the 9th spot. I would be more incline to do a BPA or trade down. I’m not in love with Spence size either. Only one guy made it with us at at 6′ 3″ and that was LeeRoy Selmon. I don’t like most of the draft picks at all; you’re assuming we need a lot of help on Defense, but the scheme was more of the problem than the players.

    1. 6.1


      I agree with you Horse. I think the secondary will be better with Maxie reuniting with Verner and I like Banks who I think will be better in the more aggressive scheme. The Bucs need a playmaker at #9. Spence seems risky at #9. Bucs should take BPA and not reach on Spence at 9.

      1. 6.1.1


        Horse….I am feeling the sameas you. No way I pick Spence with his backround. DL and OL need more help. I think FA will remove some of these picks from consideration.

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    I like many of the picks. Although the secondary was the worst part of our defense, adding D-line help will have an impact on the secondary. I do not watch a lot of college football, so I usually don’t have much of a true opinion on players to draft. Mainly just go off what I read. Based on my reading, the DT that is really standing out is Shelden Rankins form Lousiville. Many people are comparing him to Aaron Donald and Kawan Short. Also, he hurt his knee and had to leave the senior bowl early, so he may slip if the knee scares some teams off. I have heard that as the draft process progresses he will climb the boards and may end up as a 1st round pick. That is too high for the Bucs to take him, but if he falls, it sure would be nice to pick him up in the late second or early third.

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    I haven’t evaluated any of the guys in this mock in a game so I don’t have an opinion on this one. I had at least seen Ogbah play once and that’s not enough to make a real evaluation. I did see N. Spence play in the Senior Bowl on Saturday and although the schemes and familiarity with teammates are scaled down he did look good out there. I read elsewhere however that Spence did not interview well, but it seems to be agreed upon by all that he practiced well last week.

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    Horse, no matter what scheme this team has played for the last seven years they haven’t had a solid consistent pass rush.
    There wasn’t one under Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano or Lovie Smith.
    in fact, the whole defensive line was beginning to wane under Jon Gruden or do you forget the way the Bucs defense folded in the last four games under Gruden.

    1. 9.1


      drdneast; I’m not disagreeing with you because we need a DE; I just don’t like Spence size especially at the 9th Spot. I would perfer to trade down similiar to Macabee’s thoughts.

  10. 10


    I just love the off-season Draft debates. Thank goodness we are finished with the one involving the two QB’s last off season that dominated the discussions.

    Did you folks see the piece about Mariotta being in the Pro Bowl like our Jameis? Yes, he too was there as the drum major, leading his HS band onto the field.

    1. 10.1


      Scubog- I love how you keep putting Mariota down to make Winston somehow better, yr one we are declaring ourselves the winner? ok, hope your right, but when evaluating qb’s its a marathon race not a sprint, Mariota had a similar yr as Winston with 5 less games played, yes he had a knee injury so it has nothing to do with his size, lol Jared Goff might be a top ten pick but he is smaller than Mariota so I would pass on him ha

      1. 10.1.1


        I said nothing bad about Mariota. I merely pointed out the fact that he, in fact, did participate in the Pro Bowl exhibition. I didn’t make it up. If you give MM a pass for being injured and unable to play, perhaps ASJ could be given the same pardon for his time in the infirmary.



          NO, What I said was “Mariota had similar stats and that’s after missing 5 games” To deny Mariota had a good rookie season would be either stupid on your part or bias, in fact earlier this yr you already said “Mariota has surprised you and he is better than you thought” don’t recant now, ha



            FYI Mariota 19tds, 10 int’s 91 QBR 10 games played Winston 22 td’s 15 int’s 84 QBR



            Let’s not forget mariota had 6 fumbles lost to winstons 2 and for some reason that doesn’t count against a qbr so I say those stats are squewed.

  11. 11


    I really hope the Bucs get Dillon… He makes play after play and is great in Run defense…

  12. 12


    On the surface I could get behind Spence. But two things: it’s not fair to compare Jameis’ baggage and a guy like Spence, and while he’s a machine he’d enter the league in the substance abuse program. So unless Licht is extremely comfortable with his background, it’s risky as hell with dude being one nights mistake away from a suspension.

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    I would draft the highest rated corner with 1st round pick then Carl Nassib the DE from Penn St who won the Nagurski Award for best defensive player led FBS with 15.5 sacks, he stands at 6’7 270 and has tremendous speed for a big man

  14. 14


    You may have something there jongruden.

  15. 15


    This is george hicks again. I think this is a great draft lineup if Tampa can get them. But I believe that if Tampa looks at the other players Tampa is looking at. I think Tampa could swing a deal in trading doen for a lower Rd-1 pick-Then get another 2nd or 3rd rd. Tampa may get a couple of steels.Go Bucs

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