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    I totally agree with the assessment that drafting for need instead of value is a mistake. But I don’t agree that there are no DE’s available at the 9th pick worth taking. We need to concentrate on the DL and the secondary. Throw in a offensive lineman somewhere in there and maybe another receiver and a Running back if we lose Martin.

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    Interesting. I guess this might mean that we try to sign a big named DE like Williams or Peppers in Free Agency? If not then it would mean all is well with our DE’s? I’m not comfortable going after small DE’s, but hey this is PR Mock Draft, not mine.

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    I’m leaning more to Hargreaves now. So, I’m guessing that Ronde Barber could not play corner for the Bucs. This is pretty skimpy logic. He is a smart, tough, well rounded player that has the drive to be the best. Yes, he’s cocky (and that’s almost prerequisite these days), but to me, he show those same intangibles that Jameis has. I think this kid will be a Pro Bowl corner and no one will want to throw to “Fantasy Island.” I hope to Boss, Boss Meathead, it’s plain to see, that this “short” guy is going to be a star. Tattoo probably won’t even be there at #9. Speaking of not drafting for need; Because we play a couple of tall receivers, we should draft Manute Bol at CB? Please. I also like that this kid has the character to compliment some of his biggest heated competitors, Amari Cooper & Laquan Treadwell (and Treadwell would be a gem in the 2nd).

    1. 3.1


      Totally agree with passing on the Gator player at 9 . I have watched him a few times and he wasn’t the best corner in their defense in a game or two. He was clearly the best corner in a few games but I would pass.What a great year to be at nine , may get a few strong offers to move back several positions. I could see picking up a third to move two or three spots.

    2. 3.2


      I agree. Hargreaves is elite. He has instincts that can’t be taught. He reminds me of a more physical and faster Barber. Play him normally the first 2 downs and switch him to slot for 3rd and long. He will be in the pro bowl year 2.

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    A mock is called a mock, well….because it’s a mock – not real. But change is real and it’s a sign of good mental health when you change your mind.
    “I feel I change my mind all the time. And I sort of feel that’s your responsibility as a person, as a human being – to constantly be updating your positions on as many things as possible. And if you don’t contradict yourself on a regular basis, then you’re not thinking.”
    ― Malcolm Gladwell
    Good advice! Proud to say that PR is my home website for a reason! Go Bucs!

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    Id be down with this. I agree that the available DEs just aren’t that great. Hell, I don’t even think Bosa would stack up with real DE talent that’s been around in the past. I hadn’t considered Rankins, but if he is BPA at 9, you take him. Id still lean towards VH3 personally, but I wouldn’t be mad at upgrading the DL with rankins if the Bucs have concerns with Vernons size. While talented, its hard to argue that he’s gonna be losing out on deep balls in this division.

    Just say no to underwhelming DEs.

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    When I said I saw players that I didn’t even know about at the Combine, one of the players that caught my attention was OLB/DE Leonard Floyd/UGA. Floyd added his name to the group of combine standouts, recording a vertical jump of 39 1/2 inches, the second-best among linebackers, and a 10-foot, 7-inch broad jump, third-best among linebackers, and a 4.60 40-yard dash, fifth-best among the linebackers. Floyd measured in at 6-foot-5 and 5/8, 244 pounds, two inches taller and 12 pounds heavier than any of the linebackers that tested better than him in the 40-yard dash, broad jump or vertical jump.
    That’s a frame that can easily take another 15/20lbs of muscle without losing any speed to be a rush RDE in a 4-3 scheme. This kid reminds me of OLB/DE Aldon Smith coming out of Mizzou in 2011. I would prefer to take Floyd in the 2nd round if he’s there. But I’m probably not the only one that noticed his athleticism, so he will probably be gone. If the Bucs consider trading down in the 1st for extra picks, IMO Floyd should be in the conversation.
    You see, I believe the Bucs need an edge rusher in the vein of Simeon Rice and secondly, they have so many needs they need more draft picks. Trading down for Leonard Floyd gets you both!

    1. 6.1


      Mac- I like Floyd but he doesn’t fit our scheme, he is more of a 3-4 stand up outside LB than a hand in the dirt DE, check out Ogbah combine numbers now those were even more impressive than Floyds

      1. 6.1.1


        Gotta keep up to date with your reading, my friend. What is “our” scheme? Add 15/20lbs to his 6-6 frame, Floyd fits!



          Macabee- Let me get you up to date, Floyd is a LB that rushes from a 3-4 alignment, Geaorgia uses 3 big personnel up from with two edge rushers off the edge hence why Floyd is listed at LB, he also played some inside LB too, He is very light in stature to be a down lineman in our defensive scheme its why we have William Gholdston playing left end at right end J Smith who is slight of build comes in during passing downs and is a liability vs the run, its exactly why we went and signed George Johnson who is bigger and can be more effective vs the run. So scheme wise fits our our scheme better. We want guys with more of a DE 290lb stature that plays with their hand in the dirt type of DE for the traditional 4-3 DE mode. You assume he can add 20 lbs what if he can’t and he is still at the 265 range? Than he will be a liability much like our own J Smith is vs the run, we already have Smith why go get his copy cat? Oh, and hanks for keeping me “up to date” as you so kindly put it, but I too know what I’m talking about



            auto correct sucks on phones, hence the bad grammar errors



            This the second time you’re wrong today. First, the Bucs will not be in a traditional 4-3 scheme. They will use a hybrid scheme. I linked to the article so you could read for yourself which proves my second point – you do not know what you’re talking about! Reading is fundamental. Levar Burton and I recommend Reading Rainbow and the RIF Program lol.

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    DT is a pressing need in a draft where DT can be addressed in later rounds?, This is so off the cuff of what we need I am speechless, I can’t even have an opinion

  8. 8


    Personally would rather trade back and get Robinson or Billings, rack up 2 seconds and get Ogbah and Jackson 3.

    1. 8.1


      Ogbah won’t be there in the second. Not happening at this point, after the combine he had. He’ll go somewhere in the first. Getting him in the second round is officially a pipe dream.

      1. 8.1.1


        Spence might be there in the second though.

  9. 9


    I absolutely LOVE the Justin Simmons pick. Yes, he is not the fastest S in the draft, but he is extremely quick and agile! Love his size at 6’2”also. Just check out his combine numbers: A 3.85 in the 20 yard shuttle, most S clocking in at 4.20!! A 10.84 in the 60yard shuttle, most other S in at mid or upper 11’s!! And a 6.58 in the 3cone, I believe the next best time was a 6.86! After that, J Ramsey(a CB), had a 6.94. Everyone else was in the 7’s. Most of these times anywhere from a quarter of a second to a full half second faster than anyone else. Just get him in, put him on ST while he learns the NFL game and coach him up!!

  10. 10


    I am also not really thrilled with the Jackson pick. Even though he is a little slower, I like Canaday. He is also 6’1 and much stronger and quicker. I think he is also a much better tackler than Jackson. 10 reps on the bench really scares me even for a CB.

  11. 11


    I’d like to have William Jackson III in the 2nd round if he’s still there. Again, none of these players really caught my attention during the season so I don’t know anything about them beyond what I’m reading everywhere. I got a lot of YouTubing to do over the next two months watching full games. I don’t have a problem with Rankins if he is the best player available. The only guy I would blow a gasket if we drafted at #9 overall would be Ronnie Stanley.

    1. 11.1


      If Licht wants an OT that badly he should take J. Conklin, he’s better.

      1. 11.1.1


        I really like Conklin from Michigan State too. He dominated all the top DE’s last year. A bit of a nasty attitude in the rush game would be great. I put up a bunch of links to his games vs top teams in a monday mailbag a few weeks back.

  12. 12


    Draft Strategy: The Rams are QB needy and have 2 2nd round picks. Attempt to trade down in the first round and pick up another 2nd round pick. If the Bucs trade with the Rams, they would pick 15. Get a proven DE pass rusher in FA. Next year target DEs Myles Garrett/TexA&M and Devonte Fields/Louisville in the draft!

    RD1 OLB/DE Leonard Floyd/UGA 6-6, 244, 4.60
    RD2 CB William Jackson III/Houston 6-0, 201, 4.37
    RD2 OT/OG Germain Ifedi/TxA&M 6-6, 324, 5.27
    RD3 SS Miles Killebrew/So. Utah 6-2, 217, 4.65
    RD4 RB C.J. Prosise/Notre Dame 6-0, 220, 4.48
    RD5 DE Alex McCalister/UF 6-6, 240, 4.79
    RD6 FS Justin Simmons/Boston College 6-3, 201, 4.56
    RD6 WR Demarcus Robinson/UF 6-1, 203, 4.59
    The NFL has changed people! The days of the big boat anchor DEs are over. By the time the power rush gets them there the ball is gone. Anybody who watched what is to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL, Von Miller, can see how productive speed can be. Notice that all the 15-20 sack guys are all OLB/DEs that have speed and power. The NFL learns quickly and so will the Bucs!

    1. 12.1


      We can argue over Floyd till the cows come home its all for nothing as their is no way hell that Floyd will ever be a Buc, so I will not keep this frivolous convo about it going any furthur

    2. 12.2


      Mac….I like your draft better. See no reason not to trade back in first if we find a partner. As for Floyd…..His size and speed are becoming the norm in the NFL now. Jongruden is always the negative in these posts and all of us know nothing and he knows all!

  13. 13


    Wells mocks are fun, but definitely get more accurate (and so, more fun) after Free Agency. Free Agency will change a lot of team(s) needs and thus their draft picks making different players available than expected at present.

  14. 14


    Not really sure on a bunch of these guys as I haven’t heard of many of them. I like the first pick , but only if we trade back. No need to take him at 9 when you could probably get him 5 picks later and get another pick, which we need.
    I don’t see William J. the 3rd making it to the second round after the combine. As for the rest of the guys, never seen any ofthem play so I can’t say one way or the other.
    On a side note, I did see the Panthers also released Charles Johnson. Maybe we could get him a little cheaper. We NEED to spend some in free agency. This whole idea we will fill all the things we need through the draft is absurd.

  15. 15


    Charles Johnson is better than anything we have on the roster at DE why not sign him for a few million maybe he will be motivated to play against his former team twice a year

    1. 15.1


      I don’t mind paying the guy myself. He is absolutely better than anything we have on our roster. Takes care of a need as well, and like you said, I’m sure he would love to sack Cam a few times.

    2. 15.2


      I think you are correct on Johnson. You know he would be up for Carolina games.

  16. 16


    Now all you bucs fans. This year it is deep in certain position. I like this 7 picks but If for example.I believe if Tampa would trade down with Rams at no#15. Then Shelton would be a good pick at #15 not #9.But Rams has to give up at least a no#2 and their #15 and at lest another pick in this draft and a future pick.

  17. 17


    Really like the Rankins, Jackson, Houston-Carson and Simmons picks. Was hoping we drafted Donald in ’14, though Evans has been a solid pick. Getting Rankins makes up for that. Not sure if Houston-Carson makes it to the 4th the way he performed and interviewed at the combine. Still believe Glennon has a chance to be dealt prior to or at the draft, regardless of Licht’s posturing, which would only increase the teams flexibility to maneuver the draft board.

    1. 17.1


      FLBoy84:I too preferred Aaron Donald, but have no problem with Mike Evans. I also think trading Mike Glennon is a possibility. There’s a reason we kept Ryan Griffin on the roster all year.

  18. 18


    i have seen some say elliot is the best playeer in the draft and he might be no one knows who the best player in the draft will be, maybe sign williams and johnson, let martin walk and get the best player in the draft, the defense is going to be better just off coaching alone

  19. 19


    I’m really beginning to like the idea of trading out of the 9th pick. Hargreaves is a really good talent but I’m not completely sold on him just yet (Eli Apple is just big school hype IMO and don’t really care for loud mouth Mackensie). I do like the idea of Rankins (if we trade down) but at 9, I’m just not too sure. But I truly believe there is no way William Jackson will be there in the 2nd round. If we want him, he’ll have to be chosen in the first. Although he didn’t come from a major conference, he may very well be the next best defensive back after Ramsey. Has the length, speed and ball hawking skills, gave Florida State fits in his past bowl game. Pretty much was a nuisance against whomever dared to throw at him all season.

  20. 20


    5’11 (which is Hargreaves height) is too short to play in the nfl

    signed–Darrelle Revis

    1. 20.1


      Not to mention our own Ronde Barber at 5’10, people on this site and their misguided opinions, sigh

    2. 20.2


      Hargreaves will not be confused with Darrelle Revis by opposing NFL offenses. He sure wasn’t in college. And Ronde Barber was a great SECOND round pick at CB for the Tampa 2 system. The game has changed since then. If the Bucs can get Hargreaves in the 2nd round like Ronde, I am all for it, otherwise I hope they pass on him like opposing offenses did/will!

      1. 20.2.1


        Joe Haden 5’11 I can use about a dozen guys under 6′ but why bother there will always be a misguided person who thinks that corners have to be Sherman or Norman height now



          Jon Joe Haden is terrible, bad comparison. Qb’s were 24-31 with 380 yards and 4 TD’s last year throwing at him in his limited action. That would’ve fit perfectly in Lovies scheme. And please guys , stop comparing Hargreaves to two future hall of famers.
          Look at the great corners in our league and most if not all are over 6′.
          Patrick Peterson, Norman, Sherman, Trufant, Talib, Chris Harris,Trumaine Johnson, and I could go on and on. Size matters, especially when you only run a 4.5 like Hargreaves.



            Well I’m not gonna give you my opinion on the man I’ll just let you google what everyone says who the best corners in the league are and you will see where Hayden ranks which is usually top 5, I’m guessing as a Noles Fan you hate the Gators? just a haunch



            Patrick Peterson two yrs ago got smoked by Julio Jones for 200 yds plus and two td’s, Chris Harris was smoked in the Playoff game vs Pitts everyone has a bad game, Revis was smoked against Desean Jackson in Tampa 3 yrs ago I can go on and on



            My point you don’t need corners over 6′ to be successful, Do you know how tall Verett is for San Diego?

    3. 20.3


      Im not bothered by Hargreaves size or the fact that he is a Gator. I am bothered by his inability to shut down opposing WR1 or WR2. As a top ten pick, he should be able to make an immediate impact. He was burned a lot this year. I think he has talent, just not worthy at #9.

  21. 21


    Love the Rankins pick at 9. And don’t be surprised if Tampa uses its 4th round pick on a certain Florida State special teamer. Sad to see Patrick Murray and Connor Barth go, but a clutch performer from inside 50 is a must.

    1. 21.1


      I’ve seen in many mocks (yes I know they’re just mocks) Rankins has gone no higher that 15. What if we traded down just a few picks, grab Rankins while stacking up a little ammo and then jump back into the bottom of the first for let’s say a William Jackson or Hargreaves if they’re there. Much more comfortable with that just to make sure we get who we want.

    2. 21.2


      The thing is, I don’t see Aguyo lasting that long. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him gone in the third. The most accurate kicker in history would be a nice weapon to have though.

      1. 21.2.1


        I wouldn’t be mad if Tampa went as high as a 3rd rounder for Aguayo. He is special and could be for 15 years. Gostkowski is the only guy that compares in my opinion. As many have suggested, if the Bucs can trade back and pick up a 3rd rounder along the way that would be ideal but even if they don’t I would still support the pick.

  22. 22


    I like the Rankins pick at 9 also. Of course it would be great to trade down and still get him. I like the thinking here, Scott, as well as for the overall combination of picks. —
    Another intriguing possibility for a DE in the 3rd round would be Charles Tapper of Oklahoma. What do you think? (Check out comments on February 29th and March 4th by Justis Mosqueda , Featured Columnist,at Bleacher Report)
    Go Bucs!!!

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