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    Landing nassib in the 4th would be a steal in my opinion. I can’t see him falling that far with his production. Experience? Dude was productive against big time competition. I’d love to see him in Tampa

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    When there are a half dozen DE’s mentioned as possible top ten picks it makes me wonder if they are all that good or is it a collection of similarly average players. It’s clear to me that we don’t need to take one at #9 unless he is worthy.

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      Agree. Would grab Bosa if he fell otherwise interior DL.

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      Pretty sure they mean that it’s a list of the top ten DEs in the draft. Not that they’re all considered top ten worthy picks.

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    Grab the best DL out there in the first round unless a top 5 pick somehow falls to No. 9.
    Bosa’s speed causes me concern but he doesn’t lack for hustle or heart.
    Am curious how his times stack up against against JJ Watss who had a similar knock on him.
    Quality NFL QB’s don’t make mistake unless they get pressure. It’s time this team started putting more pressure on them so they make some.
    I like Smith and Jones but I fear they are situational pass rushers. They are a tad to light to be a force against the run.
    Besides. both of them need to learn more pass rush moves to be more effective. Just having outside speed won’t cut it in the NFL.
    If another good DE is available in the second, draft him as well.
    It is paramount that to be more successful, this team puts more pressure on the QB.

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    I think both Nassib and Judon will go much earlier than you are projecting, but we’ll see.

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    If we go DE early I’d still rather have Ogbah.

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      I’m with you pink. I think Ogbah will end up being the best of the bunch. But I do trust this staff to make the right pick, which is the first time I can say that in as long as I can remember. It’s been almost foolish to trust them in the past.

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