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    this is just a thought. Would Clevelandtrade down with Tampa if Mike Glennon was avialble. Tampa would give up the #9 pick and next yr #2 pick, ND SWAP NO#3 PICK PLUS GIVE UP A NO# 6 ROUND. tAMPA WOULD HAVE THE NO#1 S/CB IN tAMPA. THEN tAMPA BAY COULD GET THE best dl in draft left. plus they would still have some good picks.I would. draft tek has Ramsley falling to no#9.Go Bucs

  2. 2


    I do hope we get Rankins. Him next to McCoy has the potential to be quite awesome!

  3. 3


    If I were a betting man, I would bet that the Top Ten draft order does not hold. There are going to be trades and more than likely spurred by a run on the top 3 QBs in the draft. This is going to have an effect on who is available at 9.

    Because of our free agency, I would guess the Bucs are just as likely to trade down as stay put at 9. I think this draft is now wide open and BPA is in play for the Bucs in all rounds.

    I saw WalterFootball today and so far the Bucs have scheduled 3 private visits. Three of them are LBs and 1 DE. LB Myles Jack, a 1st rounder is one of the LBs and DE Emmanue Ogbahl, another 1st rounder, is scheduled for an up close and personal.

    Why would the Bucs be interested in taking a close look at Jack? Because they’re looking at best player and I will not be surprised at who they take whether it’s at 9 or later in the round! I simply imply, feel free to infer!

    1. 3.1


      corrections: In paragraph 3, make that 4 scheduled private visits and DE Emmanuel Ogbah.

  4. 4


    Since Denver may take a Qb in Rd-1. How about Tampa trade Mike Glennon in Rd-2 or Rd-3. Espically Rd-3. Tampa could trade Mike Glennon In Rd-3. pick up clev #3 pick and Tampa gives up one of there’s No#6 Pick. I think with Cleveland getting their rookie Qb, Veterans Mike Glennon would be the perfect fit for Cleveland. Mike Glennon would be th starter and Carson Wentz would be the understudy untill he is ready. I figure Tampa couls thro in a No#3 or #4 in 2017. I think both parties would be ok with that! Go Bucs

  5. 5


    No trading down! We need Rankins more!!!

  6. 6


    Count me as a “believer” that adding a great DT makes everybody else better on Defense. Hope it happens.

  7. 7


    Given the scenario for the first 8 picks I don’t see the Bucs passing on Myles Jack for Rankins. His versatility would be such a bonus for Smith’s suggested change-up defense.

    I still like the idea behind finding a DT to take some of the load off McCoy.
    Go Bucs!!!

    1. 7.1


      I was thinking the same thing. If Healthy Miles Jack could be the best player in the draft. Now seeing as how he would be strong side lb , which isn’t on the field very much at all, it would depend on if the bucs want to use him at end as well. I don’t see us running a ton of 3-4 just yet. We don’t have the personnel for that. I would take him if he was there though as he looked good at his pro day.

  8. 8


    I like Rankins at the 9 Spot. I’m not willing to trade up. Ramsey is good, but not great. I would be fine to trade way down in the first round for an additional 2nd this draft and a 3rd next year.

  9. 9


    As good as any right now Mark – but I can’t see Jack falling that far…suggests to me that one of VHIII, Stanley or Buckner likely to be there at 9. Personally, I look at a guy like Nkemdiche and I am reminded of another high ranking DT that slid due to concerns over pot….we took a chance on Mr Sapp….could we try the same with Mr Nkemdiche?

    1. 9.1


      I love him as well but if we really wanted him, we could probably trade back about 5 or 6 spots and still get him. I think his physical talent just needs some better coaching, which Hayes could give him. And with his size and athleticism, he could move from the middle to an end in any set. Just got to make sure he’s off of the pot as the NFL doesn’t play around with that stuff, regardless of how stupid the time warranted is.

  10. 10


    Four less than sure thing QB’s taken in the first round? Shows how desperate teams are for a signal caller. Maybe the time is right to put Mike Glennon on the trading block. Seeing Josh Freeman, Johnny Football, RGIII and other first round flops on the street (or in the club) after these one-time hot prospects have gone right down the toilet, should make every team a bit cautious when considering this year’s prospects. Sure glad now that we sucked so bad in 2014 and tanked the game against the Saints to get Winston.

    1. 10.1


      I don’t know why Glennon isn’t on the block. I see Licht’s point about having a slid backup, but getting him for a 3rd is what you’
      ll probably get form him., But if you get offered a second , you jump out of the chair and take it. This QB isn’t very good, no matter how much they try to talk it up.

  11. 11


    Looking at this years Q.B. crop, Glennon is worth at least a high #2. Some G.M. will see that.

    1. 11.1


      Doubt it….If a team was interested in Glennon and willing to give up a second he would already be gone. Funny how now Buc’s fans see him have so much value yet when he was out there he was ripped by fans as to slow, awkward and stiff. If we got the 3 we spent on him we would be lucky. OK as a backup.

      1. 11.1.1


        Word on the street is that Licht was already offered a 2nd rounder for Glennon and turned it down. He even said recently that he would turn down a 1st rounder. Now, while I find that hard to believe (turning down a 1st rounder), it does seem that Licht values a good backup QB more than he values a possibility in round 2 (I can’t recall the math – it’s been done lately – but something like 10% chance of success in round 2). If he doesn’t trust his ability to consistently find that 10%er, then having the best backup QB in the league is maybe worth it in his mind. He always has in his back pocket the fact that he’ll get a 3rd rounder as a compensatory pick next year when Glennon leaves as a FA anyway.

  12. 12


    In general, you guys are spot on. But I don’t see Houston drafting a RB after they signed Lamar Miller last week….but I like your picks in general.

    1. 12.1


      I agree on both counts: Good picks but Houston won’t draft Elliott. Elliott won’t even make it to our pick at #9.

      1. 12.1.1


        If anything the Eagles take him at 8 I would think. He won’t fall any further than that I would believe.

      2. 12.1.2


        I agree with CGmaster27, the eagles will prob take him. If he falls past then he wont get by the Giants or Miami

  13. 13


    I have a feeling we will trade back again into the lower first round and get another defense player that the team covets and that has slipped to bottom of first. I think they will roll the dice this year to get to playoff’s NOW!!

  14. 14


    I agree with Macabee, I think this will be a trade crazy draft, and I hope the Bucs trade down for more picks. I trust Licht and giving him more picks for a team with many needs is smart. A very deep draft for the defensive line with good quality throughout. I don’t see a place for Jack with the Bucs, SAM LB only plays 40% of the snaps. Interesting that PR mock draft have the bucs taking Fuller in round 2, but their 1st round mock has him gone at 23.

    1. 14.1


      Knight, Sam LBs only play 40% of the snaps because most Sam LBs lack good cover skills. Jack is the best cover LB to come out of college in a long time. He would see more action than normal Sam LBs due to his great cover skills. Not only can he cover but he is a top 3 athlete in this draft. We need to take BPA and at 9 he is def BPA. Would love to have him on our team. We would have one of the best and youngest LB core in the league.

  15. 15


    A Bum knee and he isn’t going to cover a slot WR in the nickel, sorry. He is great & would be a DB mold at WILL LB, but we have David. A waste at SAM. That is called a luxury pick for a talent starved team.

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