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    IF they go after a FB it will be late in the Draft. THey have too many needs on Defense.

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    Just finished looking at a story that said U of F lead all colleges in No. 1 draft pick busts.
    With that in mind, I hope the Bucs stay away from the Gator CB and get themselves the best available DL.

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      Was that a Tallahassee based publication?

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        LOL scubog…good one!

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    With just 7 picks and needs for a safety, a DE, DT, CB, WR, OL, LB; well do the math. We’re going to have to luck out with some free agents after the draft.

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    CJ Prosise is going to be a superstar. I have not seen him rising on any of the draft boards I have checked lately. Hopefully he has risen on the Bucs big board. Prosise played RB and CB in high school so he should not be too ‘raw’ at all.

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    Wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucs take a flyer on Lasco in the fourth or fifth round, then sign a promising UDFA. As for blocking in the run game we already have jongruden’s nemesis Luke Stocker filling that role quite well.

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    Without having a 7th round choice, I suspect Licht will have to take a FB with one of the 6th rounders or wait until after the Draft in hopes of landing an undrafted player. How about Gronk’s brother?

    Eric: Lane suffered a severe, probably career ending, injury. The Bucs didn’t “get rid of him.”

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    GM like to move around in the draft so we could end up with a 7th round pick. I think that’s where you take a flyer on a FB.

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    I think they could get a FB in UDFA. Saved a pick on defense or another offensive linemen

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    Here’s a sleeper back I just found, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d11ojAC8Cw

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    If that full back can block and thats it he will have a 5 yr career here

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