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    Rico Gathers is an interesting TE project out of Baylor that is a basketball player turn TE… Worth think about in the later rounds.

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    Reason for Fuller’s drops are small hands. PASS.
    Braxton Miller types hardly ever pan out. PASS.
    Somehow 6-3 with 4.40 in the 4th round sounds like a value pick in Keyarris Garrett

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    Lets just stick to defensive draft. Maybe one of the 6yh rounders on a speedy returner.

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    Coleman over Fuller all day long. Fuller has blazing speed and zero toughness. Coleman has both and better hands. Fuller lacks physicality.

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    Don’t see us going for WR in this draft and we’ll rely on free agents after the draft. TE is a different story and I could see us picking one in the later rounds.

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    I don’t see a big need in either of these departments for the team to waste a 1 thru 4 draft pick on unless someone slips back in a big way.
    The team is packed with TE talent, especially with Stocker the blocker being like a tackle.
    The Buc also have some TE from Florida who is supposed to be a diamond in the rough.
    If Brate come in at 10 pounds more and Jenkins can stay healthy for a whole season the team is set at this position.
    The Bucs have Kenny Bell waiting in wings and Humphries showed great hands and field presence last year on the short and intermediate routes.
    if Murphy returns healthy and hasn’t lost more than a step due to his knee injury, the team is desperate for WR’s either.
    Like I said, unless someone slips in either of these categories like Alexander did last year, there is no reason to waste a 1 thru 4 on these positions.

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      I agree with you completely. Since I’m a BPA proponent, I typically would want to consider all positions options except QB since thankfully we finally have one. This year I don’t see any WR or TE prospects that are any better than the collection of each already on the roster. There’s always priority free agents and veteran free agents to consider. Next year a wide receiver to replace VJax might be a target.

      The Gator TE you mentioned is Tevin Westbrook.

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