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    I noticed Dotson not playing long, but didn’t think the O-line player poorly as is being inferred. Evan Smith was playing multiple positions and it looked like every one of the biggies got in the game. ASJ and Brate weren’t targeted much which seemed odd to me. I have been waiting to see “Superback” Vitale do something super. He did have an unnecessary hold that brought back a nice run. He may be destined for the Practice Squad.

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    Back up WR’s very poor too. Hopefully we are looking for RB and WR depth on the waiver wire.

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    What about Capt Checkdown, Glennon? Guy ever throw past the sticks? Thought Mike would dominate second teamers this preseason, no wonder no one came calling.

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    Surferdudes, Browns had lot of starters in still for defense against Glennon. Still I agree with you he has stunk all pre season. I have said from day one I don’t buy Glennon is starter material. For who? Nobody wanted him. Dallas? Yea right rookie Prescott better than him. Lol. Kenny Bell and lot of backup WR’s stunk too.
    I thought O line was ok given injuries. Winston had a lot of very clean pockets to throw from. Yea he scrambled some but you have to occasionally.

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    Haven’t seen Bell all preseason. Can’t see him sticking except for his higher draft position last year.

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    To be fair to Grimes, that play by Gordon for the TD was incredible. Grimes was right there but Gordon was just too big and made the play. It’s why he’s one of the top three WO’s in the NFL when he’s got his head on straight.

    BTW, did Mike Evans look good or WHAT? Fast too! Watch out, good things are coming from 13.

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    Grimes had a poor day for sure. I thought Donovan Smith was made to look silly by Ogbah (a rookie) a time or two…that’s the inconsistency that needs to be fixed asap. Overall, hard to judge too much on this game as Clev looked as bad as advertised…that team may not win a game this year…poor Clev fans, at least they have the Cavs.

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    I would be more focused on Evan Smith at RG than Dotson in blame. Both guards were weak. Glennon was awful and has been. I see no reason to keep him or Griffin; I would cut them both. Neither one of these guys can do it if Winston goes down because they will blitz the snot out of them. We need to find a scramling kind of QB to back up Winston.

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    I agree Horse, Glennon and the other guy, QB ( I know his name) have looked terrible. Some young QB who can at least run around would be better than either one of them two. Glennon is suppose to be such a smart QB, well he never looks it. It’s year two in the same offense for Glennon and it doesn’t even look like it. This is his fourth year and he looks like a rookie almost in pre season. smh

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    Glennon should know this offense as well as Jameis after two off season’s. He’s been getting rep’s everyday in camp. I don’t get it. He gives me no confidence if Jameis cant play in a game. Gulp!

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    As far as Glennon, I think the play book is opening up in year two and he’s having trouble…not to mention our O-line hasn’t been exactly stellar. I’m not giving him excuses, just stating some facts. He looks decent in practice but that’s practice.

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    I think it’s pretty clear that Glennon is a career back-up. I expected him to stand out against the Browns 2nd teamers. I agree, neither Glennon nor Griffin has impressed. Maybe one of them will show a little something against the Redskins.

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    They should cut Griffin and free up a roster spot for defense. Maybe can pick up Someone off waivers or something for safety depth or another position. since we are stuck with Glennon this season and he gets paid regardless be stupid to cut him but he does stink. Let’s just hope Winston stays healthy.

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    Wow, some of you guys need to put the sharp objects away and remember both QB’s are playing with second and third tier players.
    Glennon looked “okay” against Jax but not so good last night or in the first game either. I actually think Griffin has had better games than Glennon has.
    For the life of me I can’t figure out what kind of WR’s you guys think the Bucs are going to find on the waiver wire. Most teams are lucky to have one top tier receiver, let alone two. If they are damn lucky, they have three (New England). After that, most teams are scratching around looking for quality depth at the position like the Bucs.
    As for the RB’s, these guys need to realize they aren’t auditioning for an episode of Friday Night Lights. All that juking they are trying to do may work great in high school and college but all it does in the NFL is give the defense time to catch up with you because you aren’t going anywhere doing the Teasbury Suffle.
    Even Sims has a problem with juking to much and he should no better. It’s one cut and go in the NFL.

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    And against second and third team players. “Teaberry Shuffle”. That’s funny, but I suspect the younger posters are wondering about that one. You’re absolutely right about some of these young RB’s trying to bob and weave while still in the backfield.

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    Yur right Scubog, the Teasbury Shuffle certainly dates me doesn’t it.

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