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    I know the Kicker is going to catch hell, and I am certainly not going to let up on the guy, but this is what Preseason is for. To show your stuff, and prove to the Team they made the right choice. All I can think of is how much we could have improved this team had we taken a DT or Receiver. Using two picks on a kicker who is looking so shaky after two games is making me wretch. However, seeing how our first pick in the draft is playing, wow. I cannot see how he doesn’t move up to a starting position. Spence ? Did he even play ?

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      I disagree. the term It’s preseason doesn’t apply to Kickers. The reason we say it is because there is no real game plan for the team. you don’t use most of the plays you would normally use in a real game. And most of the time it’s back ups and starters. Kickers have one job. they do it all day in practice and it’s the same situation as a real game. Let’s stop making excuses. It was a bad pick. The reason they justified the pick is because he was the most accurate kicker in college history and he is automatic from inside the 40. Well he already has missed two and an extra point. Barth or anybody off the street can do that. Bad Pick

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      Do you think that the fact that his holder changes during the game might matter. Perhaps!

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    There’s little doubt that Roberto has been disappointing. He just needs to relax and do what he has done his whole career. He didn’t forget how to kick and didn’t lose his natural ability. He needs to stop thinking.

    After two games I’m not seeing a reason to keep Ryan Griffin as insurance if Glennon departs at the end of the season. Guys like # 4 are a dime a dozen. Nothing special yet.

    I know many were caught up in the hype over Cameron Brate and I do think he’s a pretty good player. Not a good night for him. Same with Vitale…………nothing special yet. Maybe destined for the Practice Squad.

    Another game and another Kenny Bell vanishing act. I really wish he would come around. Another Practice Squad candidate.

    I have to agree with being disappointed with the defensive line. After watching practices and seeing the relentless pass rush continue in the Eagles game I expected a little more. Maybe GMC really is important……….even when he smiles.

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    The first pass to Brate wasn’t a good one. It was behind him. The other two passes the defense was flagged for15 yards each for flagrant hits. Give the kid a break.

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    Trying so hard not to rehash this whole Auyao thing…I had my rant on draft day and then said “he’s our kicker now, like it or not, just accept it”. In reality, he’s pretty much the same he has been on over 40…a coin flip…but let’s hope he improves on the under 40s.

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    I expected to see Jameis on this list.

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      I expected him to be at the top of the list. Home cooking?

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    The issue is the back stabbing, job thieving coach Koetter’s evaluation of player talent that leads him to believe Brate is better than ASJ. The second problem is the Tampa sports media that does not see the absurdity of this thought. Brate has nice hands, I’m sure he looks great in thud and 7 on 7. But in a game, he cannot separate, has zero physicality to make contested catches and he got rag dolled all night as a blocker. I’m from NJ, but a life long Bucs fan. Up here, we don’t cry over tweets, or TD celebrations for that matter. We do cry over bad football, and Brate has me in tears. Jaboo was 3-10 last night, because he targeted Brate 3 times. Brate as a primary is a joke. Any play he’s ever made was as the number 2 TE being covered by an LB. Put a safety on him as he’s done. This site demanded that Lovie be fired after the Jags win last year. Time to step up again boys, let’s dump Coach Brutus and bring in a guy who understands who to play.

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      Agree on Brate, but Jaboo was 3-10 because he is not an accurate passer. Brate had 2 drops. JW 3 completions came against Jax second team. Man the guy just stunk the place up last night

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    I’m not surprised about the kicker. I said it was a dumb move draft day and I still think it was dumb. He likely will be ok,but to assume he will be same in NFL as he was in college? How often does that happen? Barth or an undrafted free agent could have ended up probably being as good as this guy will without wasting the pick. Done deal now so moving on and hope he doesn’t suck in regular season.

    I’m big Winston fan but he belongs on the list. His accuracy is scary at times. Reminds me of Freeman at times. Gets excited and doesn’t set his feet. He’s been a great leader, he is more mobile than advertised, but if he can’t calm down and start quicker it will cost us lot of close games.

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    Erick325, ASJ deserved to be down the TE lineup a game or two for not knowing the plays and being an immature idiot. Do you really think if he is two or three on the depth chart this early in pre season Koeter will start Brate over him in reg. Season? Of course not. This was to motivate and looks like it worked. He likely be first from here on out unless he does something completely idiotic again.

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    erick325, are you a relative of Lovie Smith? If not, you surely aren’t a season ticket holder who has to plunk down close to $1K a year of hard earned money to watch that mess of what Lovie Smith put together and coached the last two years.
    Scudog, that was a good assessment of Aguayo’s troubles. he is thinking to much.
    FG kickers have a lot on common with golfers. When you see a kicker shank a shot like Aguayo did last night, you know he is thinking about it way to much and his mentality is getting in the way of his fundamental swing. I should know, I have shanked enough shots on the course to make Tin Cup cringe.

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    To me Winston sucked the most…period. The Freeman comparison was more accurate then his throws!!!.

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    O-line play and a lack of WR depth will be our down fall this year, would have been nice if we spent those picks on an o-line or wr but its done now we all need to just move on and accept the move. Hopefully it will only be a small blemish on Licht’s draft record.

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    Disagree with Brate choice; Kenny Bell, Vitale, Glennon who was up & down, ASJ provided little blocking, Noah Spence disappeared same for J. Smith, Ayers was talking more and performaing less, could have all made the disappointing list.

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    Hope you guys are right on Brate vs ASJ. Again, I like Brate, but his flaws are shockingly obvious. As for Lovie, if I was a relative, I would have been coaching last year, so clearly I’m not. I just struggle with the limited logic that says Lovie had the 26th (scoring) D, he’s a bum and Snake Koetter had the 20th scoring O, give him the keys. When I factor in the fact that Snake’s stats are inflated by special teams and defense scores, and the 10 to 12 times that Snake’s offense got the ball in scoring range and didn’t score, there’s something wrong. To those who think that when the Bucs were 6-6, they were scoring 30 points a game and the D was giving up 31, check again. Snake’s O was garbage down the stretch. There was clearly a plan to build the D, then the O. Say what you want about Lovie and his many flaws, but Koetter is a low character guy, that can only be tolerated at the highest level of performance. We are very far from that right now. In fact, two teams that the Bucs beat up on last year just kicked us in the teeth starter vs starter. Who else can spell regression?

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      Pretty harsh post based on two preseason games with little/no game-planning for a specific opponent. They are deciding which players to keep, cut, and their rankings on the depth chart. For both games, several starters didn’t play and those who did played sparingly. I’m not happy about their continued slow starts. But, I’m not seeing any evidence that Koetter is a “low character guy, ether. Basing any conclusion on a head coach over two preseason games is assine. (Besides, as you pointed out, if you were related to Lovie, you would have been a Buc coach. And he would have refused to fire you no matter how poor a coach you would have been. Not the best example of character or coaching.) Down the stretch the D was awful, as well. Kwon was out, injuries were adding up, rook as a QB, etc. In short, the entire team slipped and fell the final four games. Spelling regression is a fine skill. Waiting for a few games that actually count (maybe even a whole season. GASP!) to pass judgment is an even better one.

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      Alldaway 2.0

      Yeah I am not ready to call it a regression but this team should play a lot better with the talent they do have even though they are lack talent wise compared to most other NFL teams.

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    Let’s take a quick breath here… it’s only the 2nd preseason game! Having said that, there are some troubling trends developing. Aguayo will be fine… I hope! You don’t have the career that this kid did, in terms of consistency and then forget how to kick. I believe he will it is mental and come regular season he will be fine.

    WR’s- I’m not impressed with the depth! Outside of starters, nothing exciting to see. Nobody has really stepped up at this point. I would look for Free Agent Veteran or two to help with depth. somebody needs to step up and take advantage of the poor WR play.

    TE- I think it comes down to production and this could change weekly until somebody makes a statement with their play. If game 1 was tomorrow, I’d start ASG!

    As far as Jamesis goes, I’d like to see him start imposing his will and making more plays. I think that by having him hit some slants and RB’s in the flat to gain confidence might help. I know he is our Starter, no doubt. I must say that Glennon throws a nice ball. At times he even looks better than Jamesis as far as being fluid. I have to say, I do like the feel of the Offense when Glennon is in there, and then something bad usually happens. Of course, this is not comparing apples with apples as the lineups are constantly changing in preseason with players in and out. Have we even considered making an offer to Glennon for 2 years to keep him around just a tad longer? I think with the proper number he might sign. Ryan needs work, and I’m still not sure if he is the answer at backup should Glennon leave next year.

    Lastly, I keep hearing about DE Spence and his potential. I cant recall seeing him make a play yet? At least 1 or 2 splash plays! Nothing! I know, he’s young. But. lets get to it already skippy. All in all, I believe Defense will be ok. Seem to have a liitle depth there. Realistically, an 8-8 record seems about right to me. What says you… Go Bucs!

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    All we heard all through the off-season and training camp was how JW was working on mechanics. It’s not working out. He doesn’t set, doesn’t step into throws, when he does he short steps causing high throws and is not releasing quickly. These issues can be fixed, but why weren’t they already?
    I’m concerned about a sophomore slump.

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    Just noticed something interesting, If I asked you to tell me which QB threw for more yards last year, Cam Newton or Jamesis most would probably pick Newton. Jamesis threw for more yards, but Cam threw for more TD’s! Not for nothing, but I would never have guessed this. Time for Jamesis to show more consistency as the game SHOULD begin to slow down for him!

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    Bucballer that Newton stat doesn’t surprise me at all. We moved the ball all up and down field last year easily for most part, but we were near last in red zone and scoring offense so why is it surprising Winston threw for more yards but not TD’s?

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    Not over reacting here IMO, I see lot of positives too with run game, O line run blocking etc., but to say it’s pre season don’t worry about some of these issues is BS. If you can’t make kicks,or can’t hit wide open WR’s that is a big problem and has nothing to do with “game planning” right?!!! It doesn’t matter who wins or the score, etc but to say doesn’t matter what happens really annoys me to no end!

    I remember couple years ago in Lovies first season after 2 or 3 pre season games when I said we are in big trouble, the O line is worst I’ve seen people said same thing. Oh calm down its pre season, it doesn’t matter etc. like magically they couldn’t block anyone period and then when it’s reg. Season all the sudden they would be able to. Lol.

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    I’m also very pleased with the CB play and our secondary. There is another positive. Lol. Night and day better than last year.

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    It’s pre-season. Winston needs to work out some bugs, he wasn’t looking all that great early last night. ASJ looked better, but Cameron Brate had a drop. For some reason Glennon is trying to kill every receiver he throws to (no touch on ball). The traditional 3rd game season tune up when all the best will line-up and hopefully James, Doug, Mike, and VJ will make one of our reserves look like a slot receiver. Shepherd and Humphries will be big factors. Hell Bell may decide to play to expectations. Now after the Browns game if there is no improvement at #3 I would advise checking out the waiver wire. I am worried about Aguayo. This kid has kicked at major college venue’s and should not be missing in the 30 to 40 yard range in preseason games. I can buy first kick jitters but he is acting like a PTSD candidate. Noah Spence and Ayers will do well win McCoy returns. Entire defense seemed a little anemic at times. Hargreaves can make great catches and Grimes is in mid season form. Maybe we could play Hargreaves both ways, Nickel and Slot.

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    The only glaring concern I have right now is Aguayo. Like others have said, the “preseason” excuse doesn’t fly for kickers. They have one job and they can either hit the FG or not…so far he’s WAY too inconsistent. That said, when he’s on he’s ON which shows that he has the skill, just needs to work on his mental game a bit and he should prove his worth.

    The backup QB situation doesn’t worry my YET but it will if we don’t keep Glennon next year. Griffin doesn’t seem capable of carrying this offense in Winston’s place.

    Everything else can be fixed in the regular season with more gameplanning and opening up the playbook. It should be a promising season

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    I read that there has been two different holders (punters) for our kicker. I think that might cause a problem.

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    The Bengals just cut Brandon Tate. Not a bad return man to consider.

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