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    Spot on plus Coaching and tackling. We need some changes at the break. Hawley nor E. Smith are the answers at Center; both get run over and there is no Logan Mankins to bail them out. Call up Gottachalk and let him start getting some experience. I know some of you think I’m nuts on this, but the core of the OL is weak.

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      I think you are right on Horse. We need some strength and muscle up the middle. Absolutely no push from the middle of the line.

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    I keep saying it. OLine. OLine. OLine.
    With all these injuries maybe we play 7 on 7.

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    Actually Horse, couldn’t agree more. While the Bucs are at it, start Barber at running back, Smith at safety, and give any players who haven’t been part of this mess some playing time. We’re already at that point thinking of next years draft. At some point guys like Conte, Sims, need to be benched. You don’t use 3rd round picks on one dimentional backs like Sims, drafted that high he needs to be more then a one trick pony. With so many holes on a team, trading up to draft a kicker in the 2nd round wasn’t the best use of the drat either.

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    There were a lot of disappointing performances. For me, the Most Disappointing are the season pass members who must buy their tickets for the sole purpose of selling them to the opponents fans. I’m also disappointed in myself. For the first time in 40 years, my wife and I left before the game ended. (many have been over before they ended). We stayed through all but the last 15 minutes of the lightning delay when the Broncos fans started cheering “Lets go Broncos” after taking over our “home” field. With under 7 minutes to go and behind by 3 scores, I realized my presence, along with only a handful of Bucs fans who remained, was not be the same as the week before. At my wife’s urging ( I know the look) I caved because I just didn’t want to “enjoy the in stadium experience” when it felt like I was in Mile High right here at sea level. I got home in time to watch the rest of the debacle when Winston was still asked to throw when all that would result was him getting beat up.

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      Scubog, I’m in shock you left.

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    This list should start and end with Jason Licht. He wanted sole responsibility for this teams roster and he has it. Well, he chose or re-signed every player and coach on the team (or he at least chose the coach that chose every other coach on the team) so he makes up my entire “Most disappointing List”.

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      Absolutely!!!!! Safeties on the board when we draft up for a kicker. Vonn Bell, Miles Killebrew in round 4, lost of guys in between. I would have taken Conor Barth one more season.

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    Jason Licht is the disappointment. In what world is Chris Conte better than Reggie Nelson? In what world is Roberto Aguayo more valuable than Vonn Bell? In what world is 34 year old Brent Grimes and 35 year old Darryl Smith part of the solution? In what world is adding another WR after watching what happened last year without Vincent(who is also trash) not a priority? We watch Verner get burned for 2 plus season but we decide to KEEP him while letting Sterling Moore,who actually played well, walk. I would be willing to bet my years salary I could put together a better team with the exact same budget. His FAs are awful and his draft picks, while not complete busts, are terribly overrated.

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    I truly expected a better performance yesterday … not a win per se, but a decent performance that would show growth and learning against a top tier team … but we didn’t get it.

    There’s just so many areas of the team that aren’t performing … there’s a tendency to put the quarterback at the top of every list of disappointing performances when we get a loss like that, but a lot of people contributed, not just Jameis Winston.

    I’m particularly disappointed that our defensive secondary is not getting any INTs … they’re getting a fair number of passes defensed (but not enough, considering the passer rating of opposing quarterbacks yesterday – 141.7 and 94.1, respectively for Siemian and Lynch) but they’re not ball-hawking like I expected.

    The front four managed to get on fairly decent pass rush yesterday, with four sacks, despite losing Gerald McCoy and Noah Spence to injury … thanks mostly to Clinton McDonald, with an assist by Kwon Alexander. But no help from the secondary.

    I’m not disappointed that the offense didn’t have a great day against one of the best defenses in the league and the defending Super Bowl champs … but I expected more than 7 points.

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    Our last two G.M.’s Dom, and Jason, both got their jobs without prior experience. With plenty of high picks, salary cap room to spare, both of these men have had plenty of time, and tools to build the Bucs into a winner. Maybe the failures lie at the feet of twiddle dee, and twiddle dum Glazer. After Dom’s dismal shot at being a G.M. failed, they hire another guy with no track record. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. How many of us for years have wanted the Glazers to hire a Bill Pollian type to over see hiring G.M.’s, and coaches? If this season doesn’t end on an up tick, if a 2nd round kicker misses anything, Jason Licht will be on a very hot seat.

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    Have to agree with you surferdudes. Licht is definitely on the hot seat and the clock is ticking.
    ASJ pick big mistake and the Arroyo pick is looming in the background.
    But Licht actually has had hands on experience in personnel and scouting surferdudes whereas the pretty boy Dominick didn’t.
    There are very few Bill Polian’s around though and he has retired. I’d like to see them get the Seahawks GM who has done a great job of both drafting and finding FA’s but I think he just had his contract renewed.
    Do you have any suggestions as far as a replacement for Licht.
    Simms lacks the mental fortitude to run inside on a regular basis which was the same problem Reggie Bush had. All this stuttering and juking he does in the backfield just give the defense more time to catch up and clog the lanes. Put Rogers or Barber in for full time duty.
    I actually think the defense played a much better game yesterday except for Grimes whose legs and feet seem to keep giving out on him (old age). I know it’s an excuse, but the DL was down to only one starter from the beginning of the year.
    I have now stopped defending McCoy. He is either to brittle or has a low pain threshold as he is always injured. If we could get a No. 1 for him I would trade him now. He has never been a difference maker in any defense he has played in.
    Sorry, but if Conte doesn’t horse tackle the RB he is gone for a TD run so good play. Also, on his PI call, the pass was way high and not even close to being catchable so how is it PI. Finally, I have no idea why he is being put into one on one positions with WR’s. That rarely works out for any safety.
    Scubog, I agree with you, too. I am a season pass holder and when I don’t go to a game, I find a Buc fan to give my ticket to or just eat it.
    Any season ticket holders who call themselves fans and then sell them to other teams fans are no better than Edward Snowden. To do it to make a profit makes you a parasite and a friend of Donald’s, “I’m smarter than you stupid people because I don’t pay taxes.”

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    About what I expected overall. Winston was horrendous and worse than I expected. Defense actually played little better than I expected 1st half and collapsed on the first drive of second qtr against a guy starting his first NFL game!!!! What a joke. No blitzes or gambles to come after him? What did we have to lose? So many wide open guys it’s maddening.
    I left as the dark clouds were approaching and I feel no shame or disappointment about it. The dark clouds seemed to be signaling more than bad storm approaching. Lol. Still enjoyed the game and my friends company. I went into the game with low expectations and I wasn’t disappointed.
    O line is in need of overhaul,WR,TE,Safety,RB. Other than that we are in great shape! Lol. I used to get angry now it’s just a game and I have come to expect this.
    Also agree with some of above comments. I told my buddy during game why not run Barber or really any clown from the practice squad at this point? Sims sucks and is a dancing turnover machine. He looks like a total spas dancing around. He is responsible for 3 turnovers in 2 weeks with his butter fingers too. This guy needs to ride the pine. At this point I would start putting people in like Surferdudes said and see what happens. Grimes is garbage. His stupid wife doesn’t have anything to say now does she? I think Jude or any of our other CB’s are better than him at this point in his career.

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    Let’s be honest, no one expected us to win this game. It was actually a little better than I expected. The defense played pretty decently and actually did better than last week. Like always though, when one side of the ball plays decently, the other struggles. This week was the offense’s turn. Against the best defense in the NFL, we should’ve all expected to see Jameis running for his life all night. That’s exactly what we got.

    Keep things in perspective, we played the best team in the league from last year and clearly the best defense we’ve been up against in recent memory. On the bright side, we’re still tied for second place in the division and hold a win over the Falcons. More than that, our QB took a beating and is still going. Which is more than can be said for many teams this year.

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