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    I like Jameis, but how do you not have him on this list? What the hoo ha was he doing on that final play? (And I’m ignoring the strip fumble TD.)

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      Agree. Typical young QB mistakes. Hot doging?

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      On what curve are you judging Jameis Winston?

      He overall played well, with some areas he needs to get better. Career day in yards (405), 3TD/1 INT, 62% completion rate, passer rating of 93. Managed to drive his team down to the red zone in the 2-minute drill, and the clock management that killed his wasn’t his deal, nor was the play calling. Some are blaming him for not running the ball into the end zone on the last play, but there were plenty of Ram defenders (8) waiting there in the end zone ready to come up and stop him, so running it in was almost certainly going to fail.

      He made plenty of errors, of course. His accuracy of ball placement needs to get better. He still needs to focus on developing a quick twitch release, as his long windups are an open invitation for aggressive DEs and DTs to force strip-sacks, as happened yesterday.

      But JW was not among the most disappointing players.

      In fact, considering everything, I would have drawn up a list exclusively from our defenders. They gave up 30 points to one of the weakest, most predictable offenses in the league, playing at home, and gave up big plays to Case Keenum, of all people!

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    I am not giving up yet, but this is a disappointing loss. Our Defense has to get to the QB or even the best secondary in the league would stuggle if the opposing QB has all day to throw.

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    -Koetter is channeling his inner Lovie Smith when it come to clock management. Dirk get better or you’ll be gone!
    -Vjax has retired. He just hasn’t announced it yet. Be gone with him.
    -When we drafted a kicker after trading up into the 2nd round I was one of the first to scream bloody murder. Sometimes I hate being right. I am labeling him a bust because that is what he is. At least bring in another kicker to compete in practice for the job!
    -Sims will never be Martin. Get over it.
    -With all the stars on this defense (I know a couple are hurt) we give up 37 to the Lambs who haven’t scored a touchdown all year?!. They are now the worst show on turf. Smells like coaching and scheme. I almost want to go back to cover 2 (did I really say that?!).

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    Sometimes I wonder what QB and O-line you people are even watching.

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    Winston wasn’t the problem, 32 points, 4 T.D.’s should win most games. Smith, and Dotson both struggled. I wouldn’t be opposed to using a high pick on a L.T., and moving Smith to guard. If Sweezy ever plays I’d stick him in at R.G., and move Marpet to center. Philly has a new coach, rookie Q.B., and they just punked Pitt. Their offense was good, but wow their D shut down Ben, and company. Why can’t that be us? Unless this defense get’s it’s act together we’re doomed. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me.

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      I don’t care what our offense is doing …. if your defense is ranked dead last in the league in points allowed, you’re not going to win many games. Our defense got totally smoked yesterday. I don’t know what the fix is, but Mike Smith better figure it out PDQ or he’ll be looking at retirement come January. He was brought in to build and operate a top 10 defense, after Lovie Smith tried and failed. If our offense simply stayed where it is today – 16th in scoring and 7th in total offense – we’d be ecstatic, and a top 10 defense would have us undefeated and in sole possession of first place in the South Div.

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    Hold on to your hats. This ride is going to get bumpier and the rhetoric is going to get uglier. Trying my best to stay out of it. Not going to needlessly demonize or excoriate my team. But is not comfortable covering over their faults either – and there are many.

    Obviously, this is not new experience for me. So I’m going to stay positive and hope for the best. #itsabucslife

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    It’s just a game and we can beat Denver if we choose to. There were many mistakes, but there are always mistakes in any game. We had them gassed out at the 2 minute warning then Intervention came; why, I have no clue. I knew we were going to lose then. I hope out of all of this we get tougher, stronger, faster. Go Bucs!

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    That was almost as disgusting a home opener loss as getting crushed by the garbage Titans last year and Mariota. I was very optimistic about Buc’s if they stayed healthy. I knew the wheels could come off quick with just a key injury or two. Most teams can keep playing better than this with 2 or 3 injuries but I knew we were razor thin and this was possible. The sad reality is this team isn’t there still and they still suck after 10 years of waiting. Sorry but that’s the truth. They aren’t going anywhere this year and they aren’t going to beat the Beoncos or Panthers. Go ahead and get your hopes up if you want to be disappointed.
    I’m going to Deal with it. Try to enjoy some of the games with the realization it’s not happening his year. It’s still a very poor defense. Pathetic really. They blow that big lead at halftime and let stupid Keenum beat you and throw all over field to wide open receivers? I could have thrown to those uncovered guys with no pressure on me!
    Plenty of issues on offense too. No RB that can carry any kind of load behind Martin. 2nd reciever that’s already thinking about what he will do retired in a few months. Etc. Don’t even get me started on that stupid kicker. Too early to call a bust? I’m calling him a bust right now so go ahead tell me how I’m wrong. just like wasn’t wrong to waste a second round pick on this clown? Guy is completely choking under pressure. He’s trying to guide the ball now like a bad golfer who doesn’t follow through his swing and babies a shot. Wasted draft pick on a guy that will be at best as good as an drafted free agent kicker.

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      big serious

      wasted 2 draft picks to be exact…remember we gave up the 4th round pick that we picked up for moving down in round one to move up

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      If Keenum played the Bucs every game he would end up in the HoF.

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    Undrafted free agent. Stupid auto complete

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    I also don’t want to give up on the season just yet…so these comments are specific to this game:

    1) Eric – your list is probably defensible…we got beat by an inferior team so really anyone was probably fair game.

    2) However, we got the score run-up on us by Case Keenum, Kenny Britt, Brian Quick and Tavon Austin (who I accept is fast, and a descent kick returner, but he’s like 5′ 2″). Our defense should be all over this Most Disappointing list.

    3) I’ll give you a hand here: Every DLineman not named GMC. The Rams OLine is not the Cowboys. We had 1 Sack and 2 QB hits…again WE HAD 1 SACK AND 2 QB HITS…not in the first quarter, that’s the whole game folks!

    4) Need some more ideas: every DB not named…anything. While Keenum’s stat line looks pedestrian, he made it count when he needed to make it count. There are plays, and then there are plays that matter. 3rd down and 17, 3rd down and 18…it’s like our DBs forgot that this wasn’t the CFL.

    5) how about Jason Licht for this list too – his decision to have Sims be our backup RB (12 carries for 32 yards – and yes 1 for 23….the true stat line of a 3rd down back….not a prime RB). Sims is proving to be a nice 3rd down back for us, but asking him to be our primary RB is like asking Clint McDonald to play DE…he might make a single nice play but it’s the wrong position. His decision to pass on all of the eligible Safeties, WR and OL to trade-up and select a kicker…when we already had a perfectly fine kicker is a fireable offense. I have said this many times, Aguyao may well turn out to be an even above average NFL kicker – but that’s not materially different than Barth, and we have sooooo many needs. His decision to draft and ride with Smith at LT despite all of the warnings that the kid would struggle at LT in the NFL. And finally, ASJ….now a hole that we do not have filled and felt significantly on that last drive…

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    Same glaring problem as last year with the defense. No pressure on the QB gives him time to find his receivers after busted coverages.
    I’m beginning to dislike Licht and his 2nd round draft busts. He is an improvement over Dominick but moving from an F to a c minus doesn’t make you immune from firing.
    Unless their is a 180 degree turnaround with Arroyo in the next game or two, then it’s time to cut bait. Yesterday’s game was the exact reason why he was drafted so high.
    After he missed his FG the Rams gained momentum and marched down the field for a TD, mainly behind the running of the Todd Gurley.
    This would have been an excellent time for the defense to show some backbone and stop them on a three and out but apparently the defense lacks that character and fortitude.
    Until that is corrected, this team will continue to lose high scoring games and it doesn’t matter if Winston hangs a 40 burger on the other team.
    mgl_8, if you really think Winston deserves to be on this list you need to seriously think about your perspective in viewing plays and events.
    Yes, he made a mistake not getting rid of the ball at the end, but it may have been the only mental mistake he made in the game.
    I was at the game and Winston had the dirtiest, most worn uniform out there at the end of the game.
    When he scored the last TD to draw the game close I said to a friend next to me, “this guy doesn’t know how to quit and won’t let these bums quit either.”
    I we had one Winston on the defensive side of the ball, the Rams would never had scored 37 points on us.
    Did you hear that Gerald McCoy.

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      McCoy Kwon and David played their hearts out…Secondary looked like last year…have no problem with the offense we have scored more than enough to be 3-0…but we have allowed 101 points in 3 games…nobody wins with numbers like that!

    2. 11.2


      Drd, you nailed it all on that one. Could literary not agree more with what you just said.

    3. 11.3


      McCoy is still disruptive … but he’s not getting any support from his fellow teammates while drawing consistent double teams. Until the others step up, he can’t be a one-man pass rush. We need what the Rams have, a 1-2 punch with Donald at tackle and Quinn at the end – two guys that have averaged double digit sacks in their career to date. We’ve got the near equal of a Donald, but we don’t have the Quinn (who got one of 2 Rams sacks yesterday against a pretty productive Bucs offense). No Ayers or Smith to line up alongside Gerald, and Noah Spence played but didn’t do anything yesterday.

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    Eric Buckner

    Seriously, Quizz needs to get more playing time. That kid has great hands out of the backfield (eliminate the Sims tip/interceptions) and he is a tackle breaking machine after the catch. Not saying that Sims shouldn’t be on the field but mix it up with Quizz more and I think the run game improves a lot, opening up the big end of the field for Winston as well as keeping the D out of his face for a while.

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    Saying Winston should be on “the most disappointing list” doesn’t mean you think he was awful or caused the defeat. The fact is even with all the adversity and stupid plays of the previous 59+ minutes he had the ball in his hands and the team on the march. And he didn’t deliver missing two key open receivers. That’s a fact. You can make all the excuses you want for him, but he choked. He said as much himself. Listen to him. This is what you have to love about the guy. No sugar coating. He has to win the game when it’s on the line. But hey, this ain’t the ACC.

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      I disagree that Winston choked. He said so because he puts himself at the top of any blame, it’s just what he is. Winston didn’t have any receivers open in the end zone, and he did not have a clear path to run it in with those 8 Rams just sitting down in the end zone waiting for him. He didn’t call the plays, he didn’t manage the clock and calling time-outs, he didn’t fail to run out of bounds with the ball.

      In other words, Jameis Winston was definitely NOT the reason the Bucs lost yesterday.

      1. 13.1.1


        Far and away the biggest reason the Bucs lost yesterday was the near total failure of our defense … which has been the story all season so far, as evidenced by our defense being ranked dead last in the league in scoring defense.

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