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    Abysmal night by almost all the receivers.

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    This football team has absolutely no depth! Especially on the OL,DL, QB, and WR. We better pray for no injuries. I don’t know what’s happened to Glennon. He never was Patton Manning, but he was acceptable. Now he’s worse than his backup. We are sol if Winston goes down. We would have to mail it in. Every player on this team should be on this list except the kicker and the punter. Did you see ASJ? Pathetic.
    I say put Ryan on the taxi squad or what ever they call it now, deal Glennon for a 6th or 7th (if he has any value). Then go out and sign a journeyman QB who has had a little success but is old. Only chance to salvage the QB situation.

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    After sitting in the rain watching one of the most uninspired games I have ever witnessed, I came to the conclusion that when we have to cut down to the mandated 53 players on Saturday, Licht should cut to 35. Few wanted to play. As John McKay once said, “We couldn’t tackle but made up for it by not blocking”. Tackle attempts looked more like the doziedoe dance step at my friend’s Round-Up nightclub. Blocking for the run was equally pathetic and gave our young backs no chance.

    Thankfully the exhibition games are over.

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    We probably should trade Glennon if someone ever offers us a fifth round for him since his play seems to be regressing, not progressing.
    For those who thought the Bucs should have given Glennon more of a chance to be the starting QB a couple of years ago the reason they didn’t was on display last night.
    A good QB is supposed to raise the level of play of his teammates. Glennon has never really done that and didn’t last night.
    After his lackluster preseason, Glennon might be wise to accept an offer to be the Bucs backup QB if the team is so inclined to offer him a deal because he hasn’t looked like a so called NFL starter this preseason. What GM in their right mind would offer a No. 3 or even 4 pick for him after watching his film this preseason.
    As for ASJ, I believe your personal prejudices are blinding you to his performance last night 76Buc. Despite his emotional outburst, ASJ had a good game and caught every ball thrown to him that was catchable while taking a couple of wicked hits.
    If you can cite any particular play where you saw no effort or lackluster play, I might reconsider.
    In order to make a statement like “ASJ is pathetic” you might want to give a specific reason why you think that way and back it up with facts rather than just throwing some mud against the wall like Donald Trump.

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      @76buc @drdneast I have to agree with @drdneast on ASJ…every time I see him on the field (including last night) I think he’s doing a good job. Against the Browns he was pass blocking DEs 1-on-1 and holding his own (better than D Smith I might add). Last night he was left to play two QBs that were trying to get him killed, and he still made a couple of catches.

      I think people are really being hard on this kid…I guess because they don’t like that he’s been injured a fair bit so far in his career. On the field though, he’s been a very good TE for us.

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      drdneast I should have been more clear. It was his attitude I was referring to. I could probably find examples of his uninspired play, but I do not want to rewatch that game. I am not sure what you mean by “personal prejudices”, but you may be correct. However, if you are calling me a racist, nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not certain how Donald Trump came into a football posting, but he is a highly successful man, warts and all. You seem very quick with the slur. Perhaps you should pause before you insult people you don’t know.

      1. 4.2.1


        drdneast is just trying to get anyone into his political cesspool.

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    The Glennon experiment has passed its plateau and is in clear nose-dive territory…

    another Licht blunder….holding out for hope that was never coming (that Denver 3rd round pick looks pretty good right about now).

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      And just what inside knowledge do you have that can confirm Denver, or anyone else, offer a 3rd for Glennon?

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    76Buc I agree. Pray for no injuries because depth is a real issue here. More so than most teams I’ve seen this pre season.
    Drd ASJ didn’t catch much because our QBs stunk. His attitude was pathetic on the sideline and he’s a diaper load for backing up Kaepernitwit. No Maturity and poor judgement. Still we need his dumbass to perform because our other TE’s aren’t scaring anyone.
    Also love your constant stupid Trump analogies. You just can’t keep your political crap out of his board can you? Perhaps instead of trying to “make something stick to the wall” 76Buc should just outright lie like Hillary does about anything and everything?

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    I’m like Scubog; I would seriously only keep 40-45 of these guys. Glennon, Griffin, Bell, Vitale, Banks; heck forget it, so many don’t deserve to make this team. Once again Gottschalk played good enough to make this team; he also played the whole game. I would keep him over E. Smith or J Allen. The heck with this back up stuff. if they aren’t able to be starting by year 2 or 3 at the most they need to be gone. Based on this thought I’d keep all the rookies over some of these 3 year players and on that will only start when someone else is injured.

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      Horse, I don’t know if you and scubog are joking, but I think you’re making a good point. I think you’re calling for a redoing of the back 1/3 of our final 53 players, and I agree.

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        Yes, 76 I was joking a bit, but after sitting through that display last night maybe it’s not such a stretch.

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    I was absolutely not referring to you as a racist Buc76. We all carry personal prejudices about certain players that have nothing to do with race and I don’t feel like your feelings about ASJ are affected by his race.
    As for Trump being a successful businessman, I can only barf out loud with laughter.
    He has filed for bankruptcy four or five times and has cheated thousands of people out of money.
    The only really successful endeavor he has ever run was his gambling casinos and many of those have filed bankruptcy as well. The proven fact that casinos and gambling take advantage of the poor and uneducated shouldn’t surprise anyone as far as any endeavor Trump is involved in.
    In regards to slinging mud against the wall, the reference is a favorite tactic pf Trump’s or have you forgotten about all of the secret operatives Trump said he had working in Hawaii that were discovering alarming information about President Obama’s birth certificate or the wild story he made up about Sen. Ted Cruz’s father.
    It’s a shame the Republican Party can’t find one decent party member to look The Dumbald in the the eye like Paul Welch did to Sen. Joe McCarthy when he said, “At long last, have you left no sense of decency.”
    “Crooked Hillary?” That man has lied and cheated everyone he has ever dealt with.
    If you want to see life copy art, watch, “A Face in the Crowd,” with Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal. You might detect a correlation.

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    Excuse me, the individual I should have attributed that quote to was Joseph N. Welch, chief counsel of the Army during the McCarthy hearings.
    Welch also played a judge in he movie, “Anatomy of A Murder,” with James Stewart, Lee Remick and George C. Scott. Nice movie with great acting. Especially Scott.

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