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    Gerald McCoy was the man today! Two sacks, two tips, and was putting the pressure on the QB the whole game.

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      Agreed, and I’ve been a critic of his in the past. Not only was he disruptive, he was making the big plays late in the game when we needed them. He played fantastic yesterday.

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    Alexander is a beast. He has to be NFC Defensive player of the week. This guy is going to be the greatest LB this team has ever had. And that is saying a lot with David right next to him and the long list of great linebackers this team has had over the decades. Last year’s draft was amazing, but he is the gem of the all of them.

    1. 2.1


      I love Kwon and I believe he will be a great linebacker but are you saying he will be better than Brooks?

      1. 2.1.1


        I will bet on it. Actually I think David will too. That is how good I think these guys are. I think by far it is our strongest position.



          Let’s not give them gold jackets just yet.



          Its by far one of the thinnest positions. David and Alexander are very good. They aint DB 55 good yet. I don’t know if they ever will be. That’s a real long row to hoe.



            I’ll let you know in 10 years if Kwon and Lavonte measure up to DB55.

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    McCoy’s celebration penalty was because it was two members of the Buc’s doing a choreographed celebration. It was McCoy’s sack…blame the other guy. You get to dance when you make the play.

    1. 3.1


      The other guy was Kwon… who, after today, deserves to dance until next week.

      1. 3.1.1


        Kwon did have plenty of other opportunities to host his own tea parties today–but not on that play. If it’s true, he should be getting called out for this and not McCoy.

        This board has jumped on ASJ for not knowing when to celebrate (and rightly so). There should be similar treatment for Kwon now.

    2. 3.2


      That was the dunbest thing I’ve ever seen. McCoy needs to act like a pro and not taunt the opponent to draw a 15 yard penalty. Dancing? After a simple tackle? Act like you’ve been there before, chief.

      1. 3.2.1


        You clearly don’t watch a lot of football then, chief. Everybody across the league celebrates when they get a sack. Even 36 year old Dwight Freeney still celebrates. Not to mention after getting a sack when you’re double teamed every damn play. It shouldn’t have been a flag but the only reason it was is because Kwon did the same dance making it “choreographed.” McCoy acted plenty like a pro.

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    I don’t believe the sack was negated. it occurred after the play was over and marked off where it occurred and was ruled an automatic first down.
    Pretty silly petty penalty but this is the No Fun League.
    Cam Newton can do all his theatrics that point to him and not the team and he never draws a flag for excessive celebration.

    1. 4.1


      Saw this stupid BS penalty called twice today. 10 seconds max was all they celebrated, what a load of horse hockey.
      But I am going to say that I really enjoyed the game. That catch by ASJ might have been the best catch by a Bucs TE ever. Very sweet. Evans catch was pretty too. But the topper was Sims catch and run, he just wanted to score. Extra sweet.
      I believe Winston has a firm grasp on the offense and can only get better.
      Kwon and David looked very good. You’ll see Davids tackle numbers go down because he actually has some help.
      Also I’ll include the punter in this most impressive. Anger managed some decent kicks.
      Watching the Cardinals as I’m writing this, man I think we can those guy also.
      GO BUCS

      1. 4.1.1


        Glad someone else noticed Anger’s stellar day.

    2. 4.2


      drdneast, I could not possible agree with you more. GMC was not mocking another player.

  5. 5


    Good point dr.d. Cams celebrations and stupid ass superman crap is ok but they celebrate for two seconds after a sack and 15 yard penalty? The NFL is so idiotic at times with the rules.

  6. 6


    Winston completed 69% of his passes for 281 yards and threw 4 TDs in a road game to open the season. I see no reason to dog him on the one interception. I thought he was outstanding. It was particularly impressive because we did not run the ball well. We were one dimensional and he still pulled it off.

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    Don’t forget Punter, Bryan Anger. With the Bucs being backed up inside the 10 yard line, I think 3 or 4 times, his booming kicks kept the Falcons at bay.

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    Pleased with the FG kicker and the punter both having solid days and contributing to the win. Would like to see the team keep the foot on the gas when ahead bc we made a blowout a ballgame by letting up a bit, hopefully that changes. Also I think the defense was solid, hopefully they can clean up the busted coverages but starting a rook and it being a new scheme some of that is to be expected. With more discipline and better tackling a win in AZ isn’t out of the question. Don’t read the newspapers and let’s focus on Week 2! Good win and keep building!

  9. 9


    As an ex newspaperman chethevette, that hurt. But the truth.
    Such a shame, too. Another reason people are growing up so ignorant.

  10. 10


    Glad Humphries’ run out of bounds late didnt cost us. Not mentioned by broadcasters.

  11. 11


    Great game on offense. Jameis was on fire out there, unsurprisingly making BucNut unavailable for comment this week.
    The pic looked like he was clearly expecting Vincent to go in. Missed on a few deep balls early or the day could’ve been even better.
    ASJ’s catch was incredible and a showcase for what he’s capable of. I thought Mikes TD catch was even more difficult as it was coming over his back shoulder with a guy hanging on him. Incredible catch. This offense will be explosive and my 30 TD prediction is a possibility.
    The special Teams deserves a nod and our punter Anger was booming those kicks. For our field position on a lot of those drives was terrible and he flipped the field back , big weapon to have. Robert has been rolling all of his kicks, glad he got the critics off of his back for the moment.
    Humphries is looking like a very suitable slot guy as well.
    Let’s get that secondary communication down and this team will be special. I mean we geld Julio to 4 catches and 66 yards with a TD. And most of that on a blown coverage. That’s damn good.
    Great start to the season!

  12. 12


    Very impressive performance all around! Aside from a few miscues and Winston’s trademark shaky start, I didn’t see much to complain about. Winston’s miscommunication with VJax that resulted in an INT was the only bad play I can recall on offense. A few high passes early on seems to be the norm for Winston, but once he settled in he was a clear QB1.

    On defense I think I saw VH3 bite on play action and release Sanu on that deep bomb but other than that I didn’t see a whole lot of rookie mistakes. Grimes got beat on the touchdown pass but was right there to contest it and just got beat. Can’t really expect them to win every battle, especially against the receivers they battled yesterday. Julio Jones was kept in check the whole game so great job by the secondary.

    The stat sheet doesn’t do the Dline justice at all. They didn’t record many sacks but were in Ryan’s face all game…especially GMC. That celebration penalty was the only negative I saw from them and it was a ticky tack call anyway.

    Things are looking promising if we can keep performing like this all season. Playoffs seem like a realistic goal!

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