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    I would take Hargreaves off the list and place LB Daryl Smith who was slow to move and to react. He surely doesn’t deserve to be a starter and quite frankly not on this team either. Move a faster LB to his position before we lose a game because of him. We almost did today as he couldn’t cover anybody.

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      Eric Horchy

      He went on here begrudgingly, I’ll say that. Smith’s name was in the discussion, too.

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    Hargreaves will be fine. First game in the NFL that counts for the rookie. He will bounce back.

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    Keith F

    I know you had to put someone but at least mention how Hawley hustled and was going down field and cleaning up piles! I just don’t ever remembering a Bucs OL hustling so much. I call it the Bucs OL being nasty and forcing their will. I will say there was one play in particular that SMH. The Bucs last possession, 3rd and 5…Winston instinctively sees Sheppard get impeded for the flip so he starts running, Kevin Pamphile runs right past two defenders that tackled Winston to make it 4th and 2! Keep your head on a swivel!!

    Overall, the Bucs look so much better!

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    I was wondering if VH3 blew those assignments, or someone else did. Either way, not worried about the kid. Have to agree with Horse about Smith tho, he looked old, and slow.

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    Gholston stinks. Wonder how bad Smiths injury was?

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      yes gholston is situational at best hope to see more out of howard jones– i give both hargreaves and spence a pass as they are rookies and have a long learning curve at tough positions to learn to begin with they will catch on in time and i agree about daryl smith lets see him and bond rotate give the rookie some work it can only be beneficial lining up next to kwon and lavonte

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    The Jones TD looked like a couple of players didn’t know what was going on in coverage. Hopefully as the season goes on communication will improve. I would replace Hawley with McDougald who got bowled over trying to make a tackle which should have been a stop but resulted in a first down. The rest of his play was pedestrian at best.
    Hawley just needs to control his inner beast. I wouldn’t throw him in the doghouse for one play.
    Penalties on a whole were down.

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      im deeply surprised no analyst has mentioned the fact that we look night and day more prepared and disciplined and it showed with less penalty draws and wow it was a real treat to see for once the opposing team drawing bonehead flags that benefitted us not the other way around as its usually been and those few bonehead penalties the falcons made without a doubt contributed some to this win as at least one or two of those flags if had not been called would have killed the drive and we go 4 & out- nice to be on the right side of the tracks for now lets hope for consistency and growth each week as the season progresses!

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      As usual, good observation Dr. D.

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    I did not see any glaring bad play among those you listed. Now I know you have to pick out someone but, overall I think everyone played pretty good. The choreographed celebration was BS. I saw it again in another game. Is this a new BS rule?
    I’d like to include the NFL network in most disappointing also. While the ceremonies were being conducted at the NY/Cowboys game the commenter pointed out some people standing around, soldiers, police and the like. Standing right in front of them all was President G.W. Bush and he wasn’t even mentioned.
    Now I’m not soliciting any responses our inviting controversy, But when a President of the USA shows up at a football game show the man the respect he is due. And I mean any President.
    Then latter some bozo commentator Referred to him as just W. And this all occurred on 9-11. Shame on them.
    Show some respect.

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      I could not agree more!

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    I didn’t vote for President G.W. Bush either time chetehevette but I agree with you.
    It now seems it’s more important to see a second string millionaire QB sit on a bench during the national anthem than to mention the ex leader of the free world.
    Maybe we need to get the band that played, “The World Turned Upside Down,” at Yorktown to play around the clock these days.

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      drd, I’m an avid history buff and still had to wiki up that reference.
      Good one.
      GO BUCS

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    Believe it or not, I was “learned” that in elementary school history in a public Florida school system.
    I’m sure they have moved on nowadays and teach better things like how to improve their self esteem because they can’t read even since the parents never sat down with them to ever read a book with them.
    What in the heck is a public library?
    My nephews on my wife’s side of the family actually asked me that question.
    My kids knew how to read before they got to kindergarten.
    Hope that wasn’t political.

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      Not at all, In my profession there is some considerable down time waiting for something to happen. For years everyone picked up a book and read to kill the time. A lot of the down time comes with no access to internet of telephone service. Now that the work force around me gets younger it seems that these young men are just miserable without their precious smart phones. When I suggest reading a book it’s like I ask them to gargle bleach.
      Sometimes I actually give them a book to read, Lonesome Dove usually.
      This book is generally beyond them. Such a shame too, great book.
      GO BUCS

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      I am with you on everything you say above drdneast. Some of my students in college cannot read. With the exception of some wealthy neighborhood schools, our public school system is a disgrace. However, much of the blame lies with the parents. Go Bucs!

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    The only glaring disappointment was that BS celebration penalty. Hawley needs to get his emotions in check but great performance across the board. Maybe Evans can get with him on the anger management

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    I have no complaints I agree with everything said. What a great game and time. My 20 yr old son will rarely will watch a game with me he’s not into football that much. Before the game I told him we would win and put a beat down on them. I told him the final score would be 31-24 and at the end he asked me if the game was fixed and how did I know. You can believe what ya want but that score hit me in the head about 1hr before the game. My wife clames I have ESP as things sometimes come to me .

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