Kwon Alexander is so excited to be back in the building and learning the new defense that he can barely contain himself.

That was at least the message on Wednesday from Lavonte David, who took the podium for the first time this offseason at One Buc Place. The Pro Bowl linebacker told reporters that he’s had to calm his 21-year old mentee down on occasion, as his enthusiasm has made it a little difficult to pay attention to new coordinator Mike Smith in the defensive meetings.

Bucs LBs Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David - Photo by Cliff Welch/PR

Bucs LBs Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David – Photo by Cliff Welch/PR

“You can’t get him to shut up,” David said of Alexander, drawing laughs. “He’s talking all day. We’re always around each other so I got him talking all day and sometimes I got to tell him, ‘Man, you got to chill, I’m tired of you talking. You’re talking too much.’ ”

The background noise might hinder early offseason gatherings, but David knows Alexander’s excitement is great in the long run, adding, “That’s just how he is.” David, who will be playing for his third defensive coordinator in five seasons, also understands where Alexander is coming from as he, too, is anxious to learn the system and hit the ground running.

“I’m sure he feels the same way about me,” David said. “That’s just the excitement that we have. The sky’s the limit for us this year.”

The eagerness to get back to work doesn’t end with the players, either. David explained that even the new coach has to curb his enthusiasm at times.

“Mike is just as excited as the players,” David said, calling Smith a great guy and great coach. “Every time we get into meetings, he’s just rattling off stuff. Sometimes you got to tell him to calm down, and he’s like, ‘I’m just excited, it’s going to be fun.’ He sees it. He sees the talent we have but it’s our first time in (his defense) so we have to tell him to calm down, we’re trying to learn it.”

David, the Bucs’ leading tackler by a mile since 2012, didn’t go into too many details regarding the new scheme, but expects a little bit of everything when it comes to his own responsibilities, something he’s ready to tackle in order to put his team in the best position to win.

“Sometimes attacking, sometimes being in coverage,” David said. “Right now I’m very comfortable with what my role is and every time we go over something I come up with a smile on my face because it’s something that I really like to do.

“(Adjusting) is not hard for me at all, because every year I put another goal out there for me and this year, it’s really a whole different thing. I just want to go out there and do what I do – have fun and play football. The accolades come after. They just come. But the main thing for me is to help this team be where they want to be, and if it takes me to do whatever I can do, that’s what I want to do.”

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5 years ago

This is my most interesting thing to look forward to. Lovies defense was just abysmal on all fronts and I’m sure these players are excited to get into a defense that doesn’t rely on fucking soft coverage every play.
Can’t wait to see Lavonte and Alexander blitzing more. It worked last year and then they just wouldn’t go back to it for quarters at a time.

5 years ago

lavonte played at a near-MVP level in his second year to follow up a stellar rookie campaign, largely due to great instincts when attacking the line of scrimmage. the last coach eliminated all of that from his game and tried to turn him into a guy he coached 20 years ago. Lavonte still made some plays but overall it was a huge mistake. mike smith was coaching in the division when lavonte first lit up the league, he knows what the guy can do and he should be excited to inherit a sleeping giant like LD54

5 years ago

I hope the new defense is aggressive, punishing, and gives away nothing easy or without a price to be paid by the opposing offensive player. You know, kind of like Schiano’s defenses were. I find it interesting that Ohio State and Schiano’s defense will probably have DE Joey Bosa, CB Eli Apple, and LB Darron Lee all get draftd in the first round. S Vonn Bell will likely go in the second. The guy wasn’t liked by the media or fans in Tampa, but he knows how to coach defenses.