Bucs HC Jon Gruden on OT Kenyatta Walker’s penalties:
“Obviously, we have to be able to change the snap count against a team that rushes the passer like this. Using a different snap count sometimes is the only way, it is the only way you can do that. I am very disappointed obviously in that series. It’s a 10-7 game; we do have good field position, but what can I say, it happened and my response obviously was probably what most Buccaneers fans response was, it wasn’t good.”

Gruden on the turnovers committed:
“Turnovers certainly did. I think the fumble early in the game set up Carolina for a score. The interception to start the second half, we had a good drive going. Those are big plays in the game. Once again, we don’t get a turnover ourselves. I think two weeks in a row we have been unable to get a turnover. That combined is a huge factor in winning and losing. We didn’t start very well defensively. We picked it up a bit in the second half. Offensively, we’ve got to do a much better job; create running lanes to run through and pass protection. That goes without saying.”

Gruden on the rushing attack:
“Obviously, we are not blocking well enough. We’re not calling the right plays. We are trying three tight ends, two tight ends. We are trying draws and traps. We’re just not getting it done right now running the football and clearly that is a big reason why we are behind in the down-and-distance, and when you get way behind in the down-and-distance it is tough sledding for any quarterback, let alone a young one.”

Gruden on QB Chris Simms’ play:
“I thought he did a better job. I thought he started quite well. He was eight-and-10 out of his first thirteen throws and had a couple of pretty good drives, stopped one with a fumble and one with successive penalties. He had our team in the half. We had a good drive to start the third quarter until the interception and I thought he did some good things. He showed growth today. It is not going to be an easy process, but there is going to be some things he did learn from. He took a lot of hits today; a lot of hits today and that is not good.”

Bucs QB Chris Simms on the game overall:
“We just got beat by a better football team. We actually moved the ball decently on offense throughout the day and made it a 10-7 game. We kind of hurt ourselves with some penalties and then I’d say again we came out in the second (half), we start downing the ball, I throw the pick for a touchdown and that put our team in a real tough position right from that spot.”

Simms on how he felt compared to last week:
“I felt a lot better this week. Again like I said, throwing the ball we had some success early, we just hurt ourselves. Then again, with a great defensive line like that, you get down 34-7 or 24-7, it’s going to be tough.”

Simms on the Panthers defense:
“They were pretty good. I don’t know how many sacks we ended up with. I thought the offensive line pass protected really well, I really did. I felt like I had good lines to throw the ball. Like I said, when you are down 24-7 and they know we’re not going to be running the ball a whole lot, they can tee off and get some cheap ones I guess.”

Bucs RB Cadillac Williams comparing this point of the season to early in the season:
“It’s hard to say. I mean, teams are better prepared. They’re walking an extra safety down and as an offense we just aren’t getting it done, as a whole. (Running backs) aren’t making the right reads and people aren’t staying on their blocks, different little things like that. We’re in a slump right now and we are definitely going to come out of this.”

Williams on team confidence in Chris Simms:
“We definitely still have that confidence. We know the kind of talent we have, for one. As a whole, we just have to give [Simms] more time and just rally around him. We know he’s a young guy and, you know, we just have to give the guy more time.”

Bucs WR Joey Galloway on his 50-yard touchdown:
“I think everyone would like to see more of that. Sometimes those plays are there, sometimes they are not. It’s really a better throw by him than anything else. He out-threw the safety and we were able to get behind him and score.”

Galloway on the team’s losses:
“I feel like we just lost to Carolina and we have a lot of mistakes to correct and that’s it. We’ll come in tomorrow and try to get better and we’ll prepare better than we’ve prepared before for this next game.”

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