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Bucs LB Derrick Brooks on the season:
“We didn’t get the goals we wanted this year as far as having a winning season and a winning record at home, all those things we did when we won the Super Bowl. We have to go out and face Arizona and try to get our sixth win of the year.”

Brooks on Carolina winning four straight games against the Bucs:
“I know man. There hasn’t been a team that’s done that to us. We just gotta stop shooting ourselves in the foot. I know it sounds like a broken record, but you never get tired of hearing it because we keep doing it to ourselves. It’s very disappointing to see that.”

Brooks on the defensive breakdowns:
“All of them I don’t know until I watch the tape. We didn’t get the turnovers that we needed, didn’t tackle as well as we wanted at times. Right now it’s just hard to assess everything that happened. Whatever it was added up to a loss.”

Brooks on the penalties coming in untimely manners:
“Like I said, its not a broken record because we keep doing it (shooting themselves in the foot). It’s not helping us win games.”

Bucs DL Greg Spires on the Panthers having more to play for:
“Still, we play for pride. They outplayed us today. We got to take our hats off to those guys. We couldn’t stop them, they kept scoring.”

Spires on where the team goes from here:
“Monday, we come in to watch the film, work out and we start from there. We’ll try to end on a good note. If we can get a win in Arizona… that makes the trip a little shorter coming back. We’re gonna play hard.”

Bucs WR Joe Jurevicius on the loss to the Panthers:
“It’s unfortunate. Our record indicates how bad of a football team we are right now. Do I believe we’re a bad team? No, I know there’s a lot of talent here. There’s a lot of hard work, a lot of will. We can sit here and pinpoint and start complaining. The fact of the matter is we’re 5-10 right now and we’re a team struggling… and our season ends next week.”

Jurevicius on his mindset going into the game:
“To win. If you go out there with the thought of losing, then you probably shouldn’t be playing. Our whole demeanor this week was nothing but hard work and preparation, to go out there to win a football game. We didn’t do that.”

Bucs RB Michael Pittman on facing the Panthers:
“It’s always a tough hard-fought game. It seems like we always lose at the last minute or the last second. They’re a good team, they have one of the better defensive fronts in the game. We just as a team have to execute our assignments and we didn’t do that tonight.”

Pittman on not trying to get the running game started:
“We plan on having a balanced offense. We were down in the game and the coach wanted to get back in the game as fast as we could. He thought we should throw the ball the majority of the game. As a player, you don’t complain, you just go out there and do what the coach asks to do. We got away from the running game, and that’s understandable when you’re down. I wish it was a balanced offense today, I wish we would have won the game, but it just didn’t happen today.”

Bucs QB Brian Griese on his day personally:
“It’s tough. I give everything I have as a football player, and it wasn’t enough. I just have to learn from it, try to stay strong, finish this season the right way, come back and work hard in the offseason and see what happens.”

Griese on throwing the ball most of the game:
“I felt we did move the ball pretty well. I made a mistake, other than that I thought we did pretty well in the passing game. It takes its toll on a quarterback. I feel beat up right now. At the end of the day we just didn’t make enough plays.”

Griese on getting back to Super Bowl form:
“I can’t answer that right now. We have to take some time and evaluate the whole season and see what we need to do to get better. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna look at every play that I’ve played this year and see what I can do better and what I can build on. As an athlete and a competitor that’s all you can really do.”

Griese on the interception at the end of the game:
“It’s one of those days. I threw a quick little circle route to our back and the guy just stunted right into the path of the ball. Those things are gonna happen.”

Griese on the ups and downs of the season:
“I came into this season as a 3rd string quarterback and just trying to learn a system and trying to contribute to the team any way I could. Circumstances changed and I was called upon. I was grateful for the opportunity to play with these guys and I’m still grateful. We’ve played well at times, we’ve played pretty bad at times. It has been difficult. I’m not gonna be pessimistic, I’m not gonna sit here and cry about anything. We’ve had our opportunities to win games and make plays, but I’m going to continue to be optimistic and get better as a football player and use this year as a learning situation for myself and this offense and hopefully I can be that much better in the future.”

Griese on the outlook for the next week:
“There’s a lot to play for. We have to find out what kind of team we’re going to want to be in the future. We haven’t gotten it done this year, everybody knows that. You really find out the character of the guys you have in situations like this, and we will.”

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