Bucs QB Chris Simms on the performance of the offense:
“We had good points and bad points. We just didn’t play real well offensively. We didn’t run well. I could have made some better throws. They’re a good defense.”

Simms on his second interception:
“I just got hit; I had Joey Galloway on the back side screaming for maybe a touchdown. I just never saw the guy coming. I didn’t know the ball hit the umpire.”

Simms on his 78-yard touchdown to Galloway:
“Joey’s the fastest guy in the NFL. We got the same coverage earlier in the game. Basically, he made a safety miss and outran everybody else.”

Simms on the last series of the game:
“There wasn’t much there in the last series. I tried to check the ball down to (Michael) Pittman, and there wasn’t much down the field. I didn’t want to just throw one up to the defense and let them get a pick.”

Bucs LB Derrick Brooks on the game:
“Defensively we didn’t tackle well enough to win; we didn’t come up with turnovers. They won the turnover battle and did just enough to win today.”

Bucs WR Joey Galloway on his touchdown:
“I had a little inside hitch route. Simms put it on me and after that all I saw was the safety. I knew if I outran the safety I would have a chance to score.”

Galloway on getting momentum:
“We needed a play. Fortunately, I was able to make one. We hoped it would turn it around and get us in the right direction. It didn’t work out, and we have to play much better on the road to win games. We didn’t do that and we lost.”

Galloway on QB Chris Simms:
“It’s tough to make an assessment after a game. Of course, everybody knows there were some good things done and some bad things done. I think you can say that about the offense as a whole. We didn’t play well as a collective group on offense. Each man, all of us, including him and myself, have got to play better to beat Carolina next week.”

Bucs HC Jon Gruden on the game:
“Tough (loss) is an understatement. We didn’t play very well at all offensively, and that’s also an understatement. In this league, if you’re not ready to play, you’re going down and going down hard. We weren’t ready to play, the guys didn’t give effort. San Francisco was a better football team on defense than we were on offense.”

Gruden on the offensive gameplan:
“We tried running the ball different ways. We tried the inside, the outside, misdirection plays, different personnel groupings. They knocked us off the football and made it very difficult to run. Our young quarterback stood in there and made some plays. He did make a few, but not enough.”

Gruden on Simms’ performance:
“We have a long way to go. It’s a very difficult gauge, given the fact that this guy has not played actively in some time. Just disappointed in our inability to recognize some things and hit some throws he normally hits. Obviously ball security, that was a killer.”

Gruden on Galloway’s touchdown:
“You know, when you see the blitz, you sometimes have to throw the ball quickly to beat the blitz. When you do see blitz after blitz, there are going to be some zones, some vacated areas in there. Guys that can run after the catch can exploit that. Galloway’s a great player, he might be as good a receiver as there is in football. We just have to do a better job sustaining drives.”

Gruden on RB Carnell Williams:
“I think he’s ok physically. I don’t care if we had Jim Brown playing today, it’s going to be tough for him, too. We got knocked off the ball repeatedly today. It’s unacceptable really, but that’s where we are, we’re 5-2.”

Gruden on sending DE Simeon Rice home:
“We sent Simeon Rice home for this game for a team matter. We expect him back next week. It’s a very hard situation for us, but after meeting with the coaches we felt it was the thing to do. We all learn from our mistakes in life. Hopefully he looks at it that way and comes back ready to roll next week.”

Some quotes courtesy of Bucs game day radio.

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