Bucs QB Brian Griese on the game:
“We didn’t play our best game obviously. I give credit to the Jets. Their backs were against the wall. They came out, played hard. I thought we played hard, just didn’t have enough at the end.”

Griese on the second half:
“They came out and controlled the clock. When we did get our chances in the fourth quarter, we moved the ball down there. We got a field goal out of it, we were confident we could get the ball back with enough time to get the field goal to win.”

Griese on re-focusing for Miami:
“I think we have the right guys in the locker room. We understand this is the first time we’ve lost this year. During the season you’re going to have time when you’re going to face adversity, I think we have the type of guys that are going to respond well next week.”

Bucs CB Ronde Barber on the loss:
“We didn’t play particularly well. I think in the first half the defense stepped up and made some plays but we didn’t get anything going on offense. It felt like a little bit of a reverse in the second half. We couldn’t stop many of their drives. They didn’t come away with points on all of them, but they ate up a lot of time. The more we’re on the field, the less our offense has a chance to make the game interesting. We just didn’t play well.”

Barber of the Jets adjustments in the second half:
“We knew they were going to try and run the ball. I felt we did a pretty adequate job. I think if you look at anything in the second half it’s probably going to be the third down conversions. They got a couple of them to keep those drives moving and those are killers for us on defense.

Barber on his interception:
“It was actually on a play they ran earlier. I tipped it away going the other way. I think he thought he was going to get me. Fool me once, it’s on you, fool me twice, it’s on me. I just had to make a play.”

Barber on the final drive for the Bucs offense:
“We didn’t have enough timeouts. They’re a smart defense. They set their bend but don’t break mentality, the same thing we would have done. They never really lose games like this.”

Barber on regrouping for the Miami Dolphins:
“We’re going to work just like if we won this game. We know we have things to improve in. A loss on our record doesn’t change our overall goal.

Bucs HC Jon Gruden on the game:
“Well obviously we’re very disappointed. Credit the New York Jets. They played very hard and we had a big turnover that really impacted this game, we can’t look past that. I think the Jets came out offensively and made a lot of plays in the third quarter, and took command of the game. We had our chances. We had some penalties, some dropped passes, and critical errors at critical times.”

Gruden on what adjustments the Jets made in the second half:
“I just think they made a couple plays. Third-and-one, we feel like we have the coverage. Vinny (Testaverde) makes a great throw and Doug Jolley gets the corner on us. They go down and capture a fourth-and-one play on the goal line. The game wasn’t over, we still had plenty of time, and we just weren’t able to take advantage of our opportunities offensively.”

Gruden on trying for a touchdown near the end of the game:
“We had a third-and-ten, we felt like the Jets were going to rush three and play everybody in coverage and that’s what they did. We dropped it underneath which is the thing to do and (Ike) Hilliard, we were hoping… would make a 7, 8, or 9 yard gain and make it a fourth-and-short. We’d consider going for it there, but not on fourth-and-four. With 4:50 to go, given the fact that Matt Bryant is kicking the ball well, we felt we’d give our team a chance to win it that way.”

Bucs RB Michael Pittman’s reflections on the game:
“It was a very hard-fought football game. I’ve got to give my hat off to the New York Jets, they played hard today. At the same time, we have to come out of the locker room and play harder. We made mistakes, made penalties. We broke off a 20-yard run and it got called back. We lose momentum. They gain confidence. Penalties are going to kill us in the long run, and it killed us today. We played hard, we didn’t give up, but the New York Jets were the better team today.”

Pittman on scoring field goals:
“Not enough to help us. It’s all about momentum. We had penalties here, turnovers there. Matt (Bryant) kept us in the game by kicking field goals, but field goals weren’t good enough for us today. New York played great. Eliminate penalties and turnovers, I think you’ll see a much better team out there.”

Pittman on the second half:
“In the second half, it was kind of hard. They controlled the whole third quarter. We only had one series. We can’t score if we’re not on the field of course. We had a great run outside, but it got called back and we lost momentum. They stayed on the field the rest of the time. We just have to get the ball back, eliminate penalties and eliminate turnovers. That’s why we lost today.”

Some quotes courtesy of Bucs game day radio broadcast.

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