Bucs QB Brian Griese on the game:
“We can play better offensively, I can play better. Our defense really gave us a chance to win the game and in the fourth quarter they’re beginning to dominate games. For us offensively, we had a hard time running the football today. They’re a pretty good defense up front and it kind of neutralized our running game initially. I made a mistake earlier in the game going head first on a scramble I had and took a pretty good shot on my head. I don’t remember a little bit of the first half. I figured I had to come back and help the team.”

Griese on the 80-yard touchdown:
“I didn’t get to see what happened. I just let the ball go and I don’t know how close of a play it was but I know that once he gets the ball in his hands, nobody is going to catch him.”

Griese on being 4-0:
“Yeah, 4-0 is great. It’s a testament to every guy in this locker room that worked hard throughout the offseason and training camp. The key for us now is not to get a big head and I know from our standpoint, we have a lot of humble guys in this locker room, myself included, that’s going to continue to work hard to get better each and every week.”

Griese on having four turnovers:
“You’re not going to win many games with that many turnovers. I thought we fought hard. I think at the end of the day our effort overcame them.”

Bucs rookie WR Joey Galloway’s reflections on the game:
“Offensively we did enough to win. There are some opportunities that I was able to make plays. There’s a very tough defense. We had to take whatever they could give us. We capitalized and came away with a win.”

Galloway on the 80 yard touchdown:
“Really more than anything it’s a nice play call and a nice throw by Griese. My job was easy. Just run, catch it, and run to the end zone.”

Galloway on his rapport with Griese:
“We work extremely hard every day in practice. We know we have to get a lot better. Me, him, the rest of the receivers and the offense. We did enough to win today.”

Galloway on having four turnovers:
“We talk a lot about turnovers. We were lucky to come away with a win today. That’s hats off to our defense to hold us up like that. It’s rare that a team has four turnovers and can get a win, but when our defense is playing the way they are, then they make it possible.”

Bucs RB Michael Pittman on playing in place of RB Carnell Williams:
“It’s my opportunity to step up and make plays. I prepare myself as I’m going to be the starter every single week. In the game they were shutting us down, and I kept telling coach that every third down they were running man-coverage. I told coach I can their linebackers. Next opportunity on third down he called the rail (route) and hit it for a touchdown.”

Pittman on the play call when he scored a touchdown:
“Coach Gruden told me last Thursday that if I see something on the field I like, or that we could take to them, let him know. I went to him and said ‘Hey coach, I’m not trying to tell you what plays to call but I see something that I know would work.’ I told him the rail. He called it next play and it hit, it hit big.”

Pittman on showing the league that the team has multiple weapons:
“It’s big. We have all kinds of weapons. Cadillac started off great the first three games. He was hurt today, he really wasn’t 100% but he still tried to play. Just to show all the weapons you really have, your whole arsenal of players, is big. I’m one of them, I got my opportunity today. I just try to make the most of it when I can.”

Pittman on starting 4-0:
“Oh 4-0 feels great. I’ve never been 4-0 in my life except in Pop Warner. It feels good and hopefully we go to New York and pull out a victory and be 5-0 next week.”

Bucs LB Derrick Brooks on the game:
“I feel grateful, to be honest with you. Thank God for the effort out there, on both sides of the ball. Detroit gave us everything we could handle. Thank God we made enough plays down the stretch to win. Thank God the replay official saw it as we did in our locker room and changed that call. Things like that go your way, you have a ballgame sometimes. We have been pretty fortunate this year, at the end of games to make plays to win games.”

Brooks on his thoughts near the end of the game:
“One, don’t panic, we have two time outs. If anything was unsure, I would call a time out. Secondly, everybody keep the ball in front. They need a touchdown to beat us. So, don’t give up anything cheap and make sure we communicate. At home, when the crowd is loud, a lot (of communication is) hand signals. So, every snap I’m looking at guys making sure they get the signals because that was a problem last year. Late in ballgames a guy would miss a call and they would hit us for a big score and we’d lose. So, today things went our way and thank God for a win.”

Brooks on his feelings after the game:
“I’m like a kid at this game. People can tell you if you play in the league as long as I have, or even longer, at the end of the day we are just like rookies. We get very excited about this game, it’s an emotional game. Again, I’ve only had five of these last year and that’s wins. And to get number four, that’s just real special for us. We’re 4-0, now just enjoy it for the next 12 hours, and look forward to going to New York.”

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on the game:
“It was a very great win for us. We beat a team that we have a lot of respect for. Coming off of a bye week, we knew Steve (Mariucci) would have his team prepared and they were indeed very well-prepared and physical. A credit to our team, we lost “Cadillac” (Carnell Williams) to a hamstring; Galloway and Clayton both missed time. Anthony Davis got a stinger in the shoulder and Griese was obviously woozy early in the game and though he made some mistakes, he made some big plays today and when it came right down to it, our defense got off the field. Thank God for instant replay.” .”

Gruden on the 4-0 start:
“I told our team, yesterday, I am just one person, but having been in the NFL for 15 years and having been on some pretty good teams, the 49ers, Oakland and Green Bay, I have never been 4-0 to start a season. That is a heck of a start for our team. Granted, we have a long way to go. It wasn’t pretty at times today, but winning in this league is a great accomplishment because there are a lot of good football teams out there.”

Gruden on being a multi-dimensional offense
“We feel like if we can build the team around some of these young players [Michael] Clayton, Carnell “Cadillac” Williams, Alex Smith and others, we will become a balanced team. If we need to run it 40 times in a game to win, we feel like we can do that. Unfortunately, today we were unable to get it going and we had to throw the ball. It was the big plays in the passing game from an offensive standpoint that helped us win today.”

Bucs LT Anthony Davis on his shoulder injury on the last play of the second half:

“I got blasted (on my shoulder). It was a great hit, whoever got me. It was something I would do to somebody.”

Davis on whether he could have returned in the second half if he had to:

“If I needed to go back in, I would have. But us having (Todd) Steussie, Coach (Bill) Muir and the trainers said, ‘If you are not 100 percent, then we have Steussie.'”

Davis on the play of Todd Steussie in the second half and the play of right tackle Kenyatta Walker:

“Steussie went out and played a hell of a game. He’s one of the heroes – him and Kenyatta. Especially Kenyatta, chasing down that play. Steussie stepped up real big. He’s a hell of a guy. All of the stuff he’s been through. Pittman stepped in and did a hell of a job. I just can’t compliment Todd Steussie enough. For a guy like him to bounce back with all he’s been through by getting bashed by the media and the fans – he just comes in and does his job. It was like the Todd Steussie of old when he was a Pro Bowl player. That’s what he looked like today.”

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