Bucs RB Carnell Williams on the game overall:
“First of all I just want to praise glory to the Lord. Second, I want to thank my offensive line for doing a great job. Receivers, full backs, supporting cast, they’ve made my transition into the league much easier.”

Williams on his late game big run:
“Once again, great job up front. I saw a little crease and anytime I get behind that second level, the linebackers and safety it’s my job to make those guys miss and make something happen. But once again, great job up front.”

Williams on his record setting performance:
“That’s amazing man. This is past my wildest dreams. I never thought things would come like this. I’m just so fortunate and blessed. But it’s just the third week, it’s a long season. We have to keep producing.”

Williams on winning on the road for the second time in as many games:
“I think anytime you show that you can win on the road, that is signs of a great team. There’s something special on this team.”

Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks on the victory:
“It feels good, it feels good. I look forward to going to eat a brat after this win.”

Brooks on the turnovers:
“We did a good job of responding. We didn’t play our best football, but we played enough to win. When you get turnovers and give our offense another chance at the other team’s defense, they’re going to make it work.”

Brooks on the play of Bucs offensive line:
“My hat goes off to the offensive line today. Our offensive line really came off the ball in the 2nd half and I think they made a statement.”

Brooks on stopping Favre late in the game:
“Just do our job. When he gives you an opportunity to make a play, make a play. We just knew the opportunity to make a play was going to come.”

Brooks on RB Carnell Williams performance:
“He’s doing a tremendous job finding the holes that our offensive line is creating. He’s getting a lot of yards after contact, and our offensive line sees this. When they know they have a guy back there fighting as hard as he’s fighting, it makes the line come off the ball harder.”

Bucs QB Brian Griese on the win:
“This team fought hard all day. It’s not an easy place to come in and get a victory. With all the things that have been going on with the Buccaneers and the Packers, we’re very happy.”

Griese on his touchdowns to WR Joey Galloway:
“The first one was just kind of a busted play and I rolled out and Joey (Galloway) did a great job. He was going to block for me then the defender came off of him and came toward me. He made a good play on the second one, he just made a good move on their linebacker.”

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden with his thoughts on the game:
“Well we’re very excited. I’m very proud of our football team. There were a lot of key plays in this game. There were a lot of stars today.”

Gruden on RB Carnell Williams:
“I’ve been criticized for giving him the ball too much but let me say this, you’re never going to find out how great this guy is until you give him the ball and max him out. He’s only getting started. He’s off to an unbelievable start as a pro football player. He’s got a long way to go, and we’re here to help him.”

Gruden on the Will Allen’s interceptions:
“Will Allen has worked his butt off to become a better hands guy. With two picks today, it’s a tribute to him and (defensive back coach) Mike Tomlin. ”

Bucs safety Will Allen on his second interception:
“I just saw the ball thrown. They went to Juran (Bolden). I was just running to the ball and saw it tipped. I thank my teammates for encouraging me, helping me and the defensive coaches for having the confidence in me to be out there.”

Allen on the big win:
“This is tremendous for our franchise. We fought. You had Cadillac running big time for us, we had Ike Hilliard making great third down catches for us, and everybody came together collectively and played hard. That’s what we focus on during the week. Play hard and get a W.”

Some quotes courtesy of Bucs game day radio.

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