Bucs DE/DT Greg Spires on the defensive breakdown:
“It’s very frustrating, but you know what? We gotta keep pounding, we got two games left, we just gotta keep going.”

Spires on the fourth-and-12 play:
“Unbelievable. The guy (Saints QB Aaron Brooks) is an athlete. When the lanes opened up in the middle, he got in the middle, got the first down. That won the game for them.”

Spires on symbolizing the season:
“It seems we always find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot doesn’t it? We just have to not worry about it, go in on Monday, look at the film and move on. It hurts, it hurts.”

Bucs WR Joey Galloway on losing the game after other NFC teams lost this week:
“They’re all tough. This one hurts because we had it at the end. We come back tomorrow, watch the film, correct our mistakes, and get ready for Carolina.”

Bucs S Dwight Smith on if the outcome is shocking:
“Horrific. When you see how much better of a team you are than another team, and you really have a chance to finish them and you don’t take that opportunity, I mean… it’s gotta be horrific.”

Smith on what happens to cost the Bucs a game:
“We don’t have the type of team to where we can make mistakes and really overcome them at this point. That’s what we keep doing. We keep having mistakes.”

Bucs QB Brian Griese on how frustrating the game was:
“It’s very frustrating. It’s one of the toughest losses I’ve been associated with and we just found a way to lose. It’s disappointing, especially with the opportunities that we did have. I felt like we had the game wrapped up in the fourth quarter.”

Griese on his interception in the end zone:
“I was actually trying to throw it away and I got hit at the moment that I threw it. It just didn’t get far enough out.”

Griese on the running game:
“I felt we moved the ball well in the first half running the football and throwing it as well. We could have been better on third downs. We came out in the second half running the ball really well and felt like we were in a situation where we could run out the clock so we weren’t trying to do a whole lot on offense other than just ball control and it came back to bite us.”

Griese on RB Michael Pittman’s self blame:
“We wouldn’t be where we are without Michael Pittman. He’s a tremendous player. More importantly for me and the rest of my team, he’s a tremendous person. It’s not Michael Pittman’s fault its all of our faults. Collectively as a team, we lost today and each and every guy has to be accountable.”

Griese on being in control of the situation and to lose:
“I’ve never been in this situation before. We had a tremendous opportunity to keep our playoff alive and we thought that’s what we were doing. In the fourth quarter they get a punt return and a turnover and it’s very tough. I don’t know what to say.”

Griese on the conservative offense at the end of the game:
“It’s easy to second guess at the end of the day when you lose a game. Bottom line is if we run the clock out, run the ball, and don’t turn it over we win the football game and we aren’t having this discussion. It’s universal throughout the league. When you’re in the four minute drill you run the football, stay inbounds, and don’t turn the ball over. If we would have done that, the game would have been over, we would have won, and I wouldn’t be answering these questions. It’s not conservative, it is just smart football. We thought we had the game wrapped up. It’s disappointing. I don’t know how I can say it 25 different ways.”

Griese on if he thought Pittman was down before the fumble:
“I did, I really did. I’m not one to complain about officiating. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t, but you know, I don’t blame him.”

Bucs RB Michael Pittman on the right ruling:
“I don’t know, I thought I was down. It’s really irrelevant. They (the referees) said I wasn’t, and they (New Orleans) got the ball back, they scored. I know one player can’t lose a game but right now, that’s how it feels, like I lost the game. I guess replays showed my butt wasn’t down, but I swore up and down it was sitting on the ground. I should have held onto the ball regardless.

Pittman on if the team is better than the record shows:
“We’re better than what our record shows. Like I said we’re not a bad football team, you never see us getting blown out. We have two games left, I don’t know about the playoffs. I’m just gonna keep pushing, and doing what I can to secure the ball better.”

Pittman on explaining his fumbling funk:
“It’s hard to explain. Everyone knew Gramatica was a great field goal kicker but he was in a funk. You just gotta get over it and boom it’s gone. Look at (Giants RB) Tiki Barber. He was in a funk and now he’s doing an excellent job securing the football. This year I guess the fumblitis hit me. I don’t fumble, but this year I have. In practice I have guys stripping at me. I feel like I let a lot of people down. The fans, my teammates, my coaches. I didn’t come through for everybody today.”

Pittman on what’s going to get the team through the next two games:
“A lot of pride. I’m gonna bounce back. Hopefully my teammates still can depend on me. I work my butt of for them. Right now, if they can’t, I understand that because I’ve lost five fumbles this year. The most in my career since I’ve been in the league. I’m just gonna keep fighting. I don’t know what’s going to happen or what Coach Gruden is gonna do but I’m just going to stay positive.”

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