Bucs S Dwight Smith on his forced fumble against the Chiefs:
“The play isn’t over until it’s over. I just ran and had a chance to get the ball out and that is what I did.”

Smith on his interception:
“We were playing zone coverage. We knew that they liked to run the deep-out, so we had zone defenders try to get underneath them and it just so happened that [Trent Green] threw the ball where I could get to it.”

Smith on making defensive adjustments at halftime:
“We wanted to focus more on Tony Gonzalez. We knew that they were trying to get the ball to him and we tried to leave our free safety help a little more on him. If Tony Gonzalez isn’t the best tight end, he is one of the best, I will tell you that.”

Bucs RB Michael Pittman on outscoring the NFL’s No. 3 ranked offense:
“All week no one has really talked about our offense, it has mostly been about our defense. We just kept quiet as an offense and came out here and moved the ball. We are for real, too, just like Kansas City was. They have a great offense and we have a great defense at the same time, but our offense was forgotten.”

Pittman on his 3 TD day against Kansas City:
“It feels great, but I have to thank my offensive linemen, my fullbacks and my tight ends. Those guys that are out there in the trenches, but don’t get the credit. I wouldn’t have any yards without them.”

Pittman on the offense’s performance:
“We just wanted to come out there and do what we do on offense. Coach [Jon] Gruden told us to just keep quiet and go out there and play the game and that is what we did. Brian Griese played great and the offensive line did a great job of protecting Brian and myself when I was running the football.”

Bucs DE Greg Spires on the play of the defense:
“We needed those three takeaways. We just keep pounding and pounding until the last play.”

Spires on Tampa Bay’s offensive performance:
“The offense did a great job. They put a lot of points on the board. They were able to keep our defense off the field and well-rested so we could come up and make some big plays.”

Bucs HC Jon Gruden on K Martin Gramatica’s missed field goal:
“We have to make the field goals. We have to make the kicks. We missed an extra point with a high snap. We missed a field goal, I think, at the end of [the half] in St. Louis. It’s a downer. It’s a downer when you got a guy with the capability to make them. We’re just going to keep working and keep pushing. No, I’m not bringing in a kicker. No. No.”

Gruden on Smith’s forced fumble:
“The play of the game was Dwight Smith. It was a miraculous effort on a chase play. It saved a touchdown. I’m as proud of that play as any play I’ve been associated with in terms of effort. That’s something I’ve been trying to say all along about this team. Although we’ve lost some games, these guys are working their hearts out. It was a great play that he made today.”

Gruden on Pittman’s big day:
“He had a great day with three touchdowns. I think that all the credit going to Priest Holmes and all the talk about their rushing touchdowns, and well deserved, kind of fueled our energy a little bit. Let’s get going ourselves and Mike Pittman, both rushing and receiver, was close to 200 yards again. Without Alstott and without Garner, we’ve had to lean on him. I’m proud of him.”

Gruden on the performance of QB Brian Griese:
“I don’t want to sound like a broken record but, for people who have been in the league, I think they respect Griese as a really good quarterback. I realize that the last couple of seasons that he may not have had his best stuff but he’s been outstanding. He’s a really good player. Really a good one.”

Gruden on the importance of being turnover-free on defense:
“Well, it’s big. If you study football we’ve pointed out that in the last ten years Kansas City leads the NFL in turnovers. With Marty Shottenheim and Dick Vermeil and Gunther Cunningham, all of those people in Kansas City have emphasized getting turnovers. That was a goal during the bye week and it was a goal today. It’s not easy to do with the nature of their defense. It’s a credit to our team. We came off the bye and were ready to roll. It’s a big win for us.”

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