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Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on injuries:
“I am really proud of our team. That was a very physical game on a short week. That was a great victory by our team. We lost Mike Alstott. We don’t know the exact severity of the injury, but it is an MCL injury. We will update you tomorrow. Michael Pittman, his injury is more back related than knee related. We are going to be optimistic, but we will know more tomorrow. I thought that the victory today showed a lot of character from our football team. More than anything, I am more excited and proud for them.”

Gruden on the effectiveness of the running game and the line:
“They are getting better. The running game was pretty good today. We were a bit lopsided towards the run. Chicago plays a lot of coverage at times, much like we do here, two deep. They do a great job with their rotations and their disguises. They are a very violent, very fast, physical crowd. We made an attempt to run the ball. We made that our theme all week. It’s a credit to Mike Pittman, who didn’t feel good from the beginning, coming back, out of the showers and helping us to a victory. The line deserves credit. We’re proud of those guys.”

Gruden on the downs leading to the first touchdown:
“We weren’t pleased with our first and second down plays that put us in that situation. We felt we had a shot to Jurevicius down the middle on second down. Brian got hit as he was throwing it. We expected to see a lot of two-deep and some run-out situations from the Bears. We just got a great play from Mike Pittman, honestly. It wasn’t play selection or anything like that. It was a great run and it was well blocked. Certainly, it was a big play in this game.”

Gruden on how tough it is to see Alstott go out with an injury:
“I can’t put that into words. The amount of effort by this guy. It’s tough.”

Gruden on whether he fears the worst on Alstott:
“I am not going to fear anything, other than the next day. It is obviously very disappointing. We just hope it is not a severe injury.”

Gruden on QB Brian Griese:
“He’s a great quarterback. He’s got a chance to be outstanding. In three starts, he’s thrown for over 70%. Limited reps in training camp, coming off of the bench. This guy is pretty damn good. I think he is doing a great job for us.”

Gruden on RB Michael Pittman’s fumbling and the extent of his concern:
“It’s a guy that historically has not had a problem. The last week’s play against St. Louis, you might never see that play again. He has been very good with the football. He had a key reception tonight to ignite us. We were backed up twice and had to come 90-yards to score. I don’t like him fumbling the ball, but he has twice in the last two games and we have to correct that.”

Bucs QB Brian Griese on getting his second win of the season:
“We’re elated. It was a big game for us. I don’t care what anybody says about these two teams coming in only winning one game each, this was a big game for us. We needed to have this win to go into the bye week with some momentum.”

Griese on RB Michael Pittman’s big game running the ball:
“Mike played an unbelievable game. He had some back spasms that were going on throughout the game and I think he made more plays today for us than he has all year. It’s a credit to him because he was in pain.”

Griese on Tampa Bay’s two 93-yard drives:
“I think we were building on what we did in St. Louis. But you got to score touchdowns in this league. This game should have been over earlier. I’m proud of the way the guys played, we fought really hard and that’s something we can build on.”

Bucs RB Michael Pittman on his 46-yard reception:
“It was just my speed versus their linebacker’s speed. Coach [Jon] Gruden thought it was a mismatch all week and we practiced it all week. We hit it all week and it looked good in practice. Coach Gruden called it in the game. It was me and Brian Urlacher. Brian [Griese] made a great throw and we made a big play.”

Pittman on his back spasms and knee injury:
“It’s okay. It’s still a little bit tight right now. I needed to be in the game, so I just kept going back in. It was hurting bad, but I felt my team needed me. I sprained my knee a little but

, but we’ve got a bye week so I should be back and okay.”

Pittman on the knee injury to FB Mike Alstott:
“It’s just sad to see. Mike got hurt last year, too. He’s a big part of this offense. His presence is big on this team. I don’t know what happened, I just know it was his knee. Hopefully, it’s not serious. I’ll be praying for Mike. If he is gone for the rest of the year, of course we’ll miss him.”

WR Joe Jurevicius on the welcome he received from the fans:
“I saw welcome back banners, it was great. I enjoyed it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to that. I know the people here like me. I love this community, its given me an opportunity to win a Super Bowl.”

Jurevicius on the best part of him winning upon his return from injury:
“I just took a picture with my daughter after the game on the football field. That was the highlight of my day today. The whole day. That was my highlight too, the whole day. I’m living, I’m walking, I’m not in the training room right now, and we got a win.”

LB Derrick Brooks on finally getting some sacks and turnovers:
“Sacks and turnovers – they come in bunches. For the past two weeks, our defensive line has rushed well and we’ve been able to get turnovers. We answered the bell in the turnover game. That’s something we’ve been stressing. When we get them, they come in bunches. That’s something to build on as momentum going down the stretch. Win the turnover battle. I think when you win the turnover battle, that correlates into wins.”

Brooks on getting Jurevicius back from injury:
“It means a lot, man. We appreciate what he’s been doing behind the scenes to get to this point. The ovation he received from the fans in the stands, man … it sent tears to my eyes.”

Griese on his comfort level after a couple of starts:
“I feel real comfortable. I feel comfortable in the system and the way that the plays are called. I feel more comfortable with the players. It was great to have Joe (Jurevicius) back. He brings a lot of life to our team. We’ll have to gear up a bit and come back strong.”

Jurevicius on what has changed since he was last on the field:
“Well, your teammates. We started out pretty strong last year, right now some people say we’re struggling, but I still think we still have a legitimate football team here. Right now we’re trying to find our way through some injuries.”

Jurevecius on the difference between QBs Brian Griese and Brad Johnson:
“They’re both great quarterbacks. I think one of the strongest parts of our football team right now is the quarterback situation. Brad Johnson, to be honest with you, put me on the map. I’ve had nothing but great things to say about Brad Johnson. Brian Griese is in there right now, Brian Griese is my starter. I followed him throughout college, played with him in the Hula Bowl, and wish the guy nothing but success. This is football, there is change and there is change again. Brad Johnson will probably be called on one more time… that’s how this game goes.”

Jurevicius on his first game playing with Michael Clayton:
“It’s great. The guy has a lot of energy. He’s kind of a younger version of myself. He’s getting after people, he doesn’t take anything, he brings a little fire to our offense.”

Brooks on former Bucs RB Thomas Jones:
“Outside of that first play, we didn’t give up the big and I think was key for us today. But again, one drive tackle well, Thomas hurt us. He ran hard, scored a touchdown. bounced back from rest ballgame.”>

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