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Bucs WR Michael Clayton on the 28-21 loss to the Rams:
“We’ve got to find a way to execute down the stretch. We had a lot of mistakes — we hurt ourselves. There’s nothing they threw at us that we weren’t ready for. We put the burden on ourselves tonight and we’ve just got to learn how to execute and make those plays.”

Clayton on how frustrating Tampa Bay’s mistakes were:
“It’s frustrating during the game, but when you look at it you just have to learn from it, and you can’t get down because of it. We’re just fighting through it. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win this game. Even after all of the mistakes, we still gave ourselves a chance to win the game. We just have to learn how to execute better.”

Clayton on his eight-catch, 142-yard performance:
“I was just doing what I was supposed to be doing. I can’t really be happy with my performance because we lost. If I could’ve done anything more to help our team win the game, like pull a few more catches in, maybe we get the victory.”

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on Tampa Bay’s loss to St. Louis:
“They’re a fine offensive team, but so are we. Hell, we missed two field goals, fumbled the ball twice in the red zone and we fumbled the ball backed up. I’m fully responsible for this and what we did tonight in terms of the turnovers. I’m very disappointed. I certainly thought we came ready to play and we wasted some fine efforts.”

Gruden on what he told the Bucs after the game:
“I told them that we might be the best 1-5 team in history. We’ve got to take a good look at Chicago this week, keep working and keep believing. Guys are playing their hearts out and we’ve lost five very tough games. Four out of our first six were on the road, we lost some more players tonight due to injury — we might lead the league in that category. We’ve got to make good on our scoring opportunities. Fumbling at the 8-yard line, fumbling at the 12-yard line and missing two field goals is certainly no way to beat the Rams.”

Gruden on WR Michael Clayton:
“I’ve never seen a young wide receiver walk inside One Buccaneer Place with these kind of credentials. I think if you stayed up and watched the game you saw some star power and firepower here in our team that’s good to see.”

Gruden on DE Greg Spires’ two sacks:
“There were some great individual efforts. It was a tough place to play in tonight. It was loud, but Greg Spires was a warrior like he always is. I thought our football team played extremely hard, but it’s just too bad.”

Gruden on if the Bucs will get Joe Jurevicius and Joey Galloway back this week:
“That’s what I hear. We’ve been hoping for those guys to be ready for some time now. We ran out of guys tonight — we lost Dave Moore, we lost Greg Comella for I don’t know how long. We had a shortage of backs that ripped us out of our two-tight-end sets, and certainly our short yardage and goal line sets. Damian Gregory is probably out for the season with a torn patella tendon. It’s a lot of injuries, but we do hope to see Joe Jurevicius against Chicago and Joey Galloway shortly after that.”

Bucs S Jermaine Phillips on the team’s four turnovers:
“Turnovers are always hard to overcome. We wanted to come in here and win the turnover battle, but we didn’t get that done today. Any loss is tough, but this one really hurts. It puts us at 1-5, so we’re really going to have to dig deep.”

Phillips on St. Louis’ two deep touchdown strikes:
“I put the first one on myself. It was just a really good play by them. They ran a good route against the defense we were running and it worked.”

Bucs defensive end Greg Spires on his two-sack performance:
“I just wish we could’ve found a way to come out of here with a win. Coming into this game we knew (Marc) Bulger was going to sit back there and throw it and it was up to us to put pressure on him.”

Spires on losing to the Rams on Monday night:
“It hurts. It really hurts. We’ve got to put it behind us. We’ve got Chicago next week, and we’ve got to get that one. We’ve got to get that one.”

Bucs quarterback Brian Griese on his performance against the Rams:
“We didn’t win the game. This was a tough loss for us. We tried to keep ourselves in the game, but then we turned the ball over too many times. Against a team like the Rams in their home stadium, you can’t do that.”

Griese on Tampa Bay’s offense producing 332 total yards:
“We felt pretty good offensively. We had some nice drives, but we didn’t capitalize on every drive we had down in the red zone. We had the confidence, and I think we continued to have that confidence throughout the game. We continued to move the ball and they never really stopped us. We kept stopping ourselves. We’ve got to find a way to push through that.”

Griese on his interception in the fourth quarter:
“I saw Mike (Clayton) open in the back of the end zone and I just didn’t get it back there enough. At that point in the game, I felt we needed to take a shot to tie the game up. We just came up short. I was proud of the fact that we fought back and we got a chance to get down there again and had a chance to tie the game up again, but unfortunately we fumbled the ball.”

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