(Opening statement)
"I guess I can say that was a big win for our football team. We made it a little interesting; I really felt there were obviously some plays we needed to make and some we shouldn't have made down the stretch. I was very pleased with the way our team stepped up. A number of guys went in and out of the lineup today. It was a big win for us."

(On putting this win in perspective)
"It's a big win to be in the race. It's important that you win when you play. It doesn't matter how you win sometimes; it's important that you win. It's a big reason that we're happy we won because we're hanging around still and that's exciting."

(On RB Earnest Graham rushing for over 100 yards)
"We had a great drive to start the game and they were blitzing and we hurt them. After that we didn't see a lot of blitz, we saw some three-man rushes, multiple maximum zones. We felt at halftime we have to run the football and Earnest, you got to do it. And do it, he did. He made some great traffic runs, he didn't fumble, he had a couple of really good receptions, one on third down. It's a credit to him. He's exhausted. Michael Pittman wasn't quite ready today. Michael Bennett is still a work in progress but he did assist in a couple of ways. I thought the second half, the opening drive was superb. The next series was as good a drive as I've ever been associated with. But you've got to make the plays and finish he drive; that's ridiculous."

(On dropped passes)
"Well, we had a guy wide open last week and we didn't convert it. To be a great team we're going to have to make all the plays all the time. I'm not going to be negative or anything like that, but this is the National Football League and to win games you have to make the plays when they're there to be made. That's something we have to keep working at. We have to play better, we have to play better, we have to play, better in all three phases."

(On making it tough on Cardinals QB Kurt Warner)
"We had Deacon Jones come in, he delivered a fire and brimstone speech. He was still giving the brimstone at about 9:30 last night. We challenged our defensive line; we were missing Greg Spires, and it was Gaines Adams' first start today. I don't know how it all went but there were some flashes there, certainly. We knew we had to get pressure on him otherwise it was going to be a long day with the bevy of receivers they have here. We're really pleased with the way we rushed. We played defense in a total effort today, I felt."

(On some of the hard hits made by the Bucs safeties)
"Those safeties are really playing well. Tanard Jackson is all over the place. Jermaine Phillips had two or three really big plays during the game and he closes it out with a sideline hit to win the game basically. I'm really happy for those guys. They've worked so hard and it's a credit certainly to [defensive coordinator] Monte Kiffin], [defensive backs coach] Raheem [Morris], and [assistant defensive backs coach] Jimmy Lake."

(On the upcoming bye week)
"Well I may not come back from the bye week (laughs). I need a bye. It's surely been, it's been absurd – that's the best word I can use in terms of the number of guys that have come and gone in the first half of the season. [Tackle Jeremy] Trueblood went down. [Tight end] Alex Smith went down. [Running back] Earnest [Graham] comes out of the game. [Wide receiver] Micheal Spurlock came in, returned a couple kickoffs today, he did a nice job. [Wide receiver] Maurice Stovall was a pro bowler today on the coverage teams – he was outstanding. A lot of the guys haven't done this really – they've been second or third team. It's a credit to [special teams coordinator] Rich Bisaccia]. He's going to get a game ball for sure."

(On the team's plans for the bye week)
Well [in] the off week you like to use it as we have in the past – to preview the upcoming opponent and to get some young guys some reps, whether it be the backup quarterback or some of the players that need it. But given our situation – we'll announce the schedule later – they're going to  have some time to get well. We've got [wide receiver] Ike Hilliard, we've got I don't know how many guys that could use a couple days extra rest before we kick it off again for the following game."


(On a win going into the bye)
"We would have liked it to be a little easier at the end. Offensively, we didn't score in the second half like we should have. We hate for it to come down to a one score game, but to get away with a win versus a tough defense is important for us."

(On if this game was a must win)
"We felt like it was our last game going into the bye weekend; it's a home game for us and we are in a battle in our division right now, so it feels pretty good to get this one."

(On having a bye week with the team being banged up)
"Definitely a good time, hopefully when we come back, we will have three or four of our guys back [and] ready to go, ready for the stretch run."

(On getting momentum early on)
"Our defense played well and we got some points early in the game and then our defense held them down for such a long time. It gave the offense a chance to get a few more points to win the game."

(On his touchdown catch)
"I have to look at it on film, everything happened so fast. I saw the guy go by and then the next thing I know, touchdown."


(On how it feels to get a win headed into the bye week)
"It felt very important just to get our momentum turned around, to get it headed back in a positive direction. It was a tough game today, but a great way to finish off this little stretch right before our bye. I think it will leave everybody with good spirits, positive spirits and hopefully guys will take advantage of the week off and some rest, do what they have to do for their bodies and get back ready to just do the right things and come back to play."

(On the difficulty of facing an unorthodox defense)
"It's somewhat difficult. They are very unorthodox with how they move around when they bring in their three-down front. They basically move guys all over the field, disguising coverages. I really give credit to John Wade, our center, for the calls that he makes during the game, for the recognition that he was able to have on the field to get into the right protection. He is really controlling that offensive line. We have a young offensive line around him and he does a great job of getting guys going where they need to go. It is a difficult defense to play against, some good athletes on that side of the ball, some good pass rushers. They definitely come after the quarterback and they got to us a few times today, but I give credit to our offensive line and how they played. We were able to run the football and make the plays when we needed to make them."

(On RB Earnest Graham)
"Earnest is just a guy who is taking advantage of an opportunity. He is player who has paid his dues. He has the ability to be a very solid running back. He does a great job, not only running the football, but catching the ball out of the backfield when he has opportunities. He is just one of those guys that is so steady. He always falls forward. He never seems to take a tackle for a loss. He finds ways to eek out extra yardage and he's just doing a great job for this team. His is battling through some physical difficulties and he is playing as tough as anybody."

(On what is says about the team to be in first place despite all of the injuries on offense)
"It definitely says a lot about this team and what we are fighting through. Defensively, they have been doing an outstanding job for us. Offensively, we have definitely had to battle through some injuries. It's not like we're looking at what we've lost and hanging our heads. Everybody gets paid to play this game. We are very fortunate to be here playing this game. When new players get opportunities to play, that's really when they are able to show what they are all about. We have had a lot of resolve this year. I think the resiliency of this team is spectacular and we just keep fighting and finding ways to do it. It doesn't look pretty. I wish that this game could have been more dominant on our behalf, but this is the NFL and nothing comes easy. We are going to take excitement out of this win. We are going to appreciate it. We are going to realize what has gone on in the first nine weeks of the season. We are going to appreciate the break that we have. We are going to come back hungry and fighting for the next seven weeks of this season."


(On the win before the bye week)
"That was a big deal. We dropped the last two, and we felt like we should have won those games. Good teams don't lose three games in a row and we wanted to come out here before the off week, get this victory, get everybody back healthy and finish the season off strong."

(On having more than 43 minutes in time of possession)
"That's a lot. Heck, that's the way you have to play in the NFL. The ground game got in there and took time off the clock, let the defense stay fresh and you usually get a victory when you do that. With 43 minutes, it's hard not to win, so we were able to do that tonight and it was a good victory for us."

(On the opening drives for touchdowns)
"It's all about the way you start at the beginning of the game and how you come out at halftime. That first series at the beginning of the game where we first got the ball we scored, and in the second half we were able to put a long drive together and score a touchdown there so that was big at two very crucial points in the game. But we're not happy, we left a lot out on the field, we missed a field goal there, some drives were halted that we felt like we should have been able to finish, but ultimately we got the W and that's hard to come by in the NFL, and we got one."


(On the momentum going into the bye week)
"That's definitely what we wanted to do, come out and win a ball game after the last couple weeks and not playing as well as we wanted to play. The only thing that is disheartening is that we got sloppy late, but we still found a way to get a win."

(On having success on third down)
"I just happened to be in the situation where I wasn't a primary guy. Jeff [Garcia] is just going through his progressions or he's running for his life and I happened to find a soft spot and he felt comfortable throwing it, so it's good to be a part of a few plays and keep some drives going."


(On making hard hits during the game)
"Anytime you're playing against a great group of receivers like Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, you have to play physical to match their intensity. That's basically what we tried to come out here and do today."

(On Arizona's receivers running in the middle of the field)
"Definitely, no one wants to run down the middle of the field and get hit by two safeties. Especially with the reputation that [Jermaine] Phillips has and that's what we have been trying to do. Force our will on our opponent. That's what we did today."

(On his interception)
"I knew coming in that Warner liked to stare down his receivers. That particular play he did stare down his receivers; I just read his eyes exactly."


(On today's win)
"It was definitely a big win for us. Especially losing the past two weeks, especially in games that we thought we should have won. So we just wanted to come out here and get away with a win going into the bye week."

(On finding the running game today)
"The offense today was definitely our best defensive player today. We stayed off the field, stayed fresh, while Arizona's defense was tired and worn down. We thank our offense for the ball control and helping the defense."


(On if it was tough developing a rhythm)
"Not at all. We ran the ball enough so where as an offensive lineman, it's really easy to get into a rhythm."

(On the 5-4 record going into the bye week)
"It's really big to have a winning record going into the bye week and that's what we shot for and so far we've done it and we'll continue to build on this."

Some trascribed quotes courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers public relations staff.
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